The Basement


I'm slaving away in my office basement, where I happen to work, my own office having flooded 2 weeks ago and everyone knows repairmen are only myths and don't actually repair anything. Suddenly, the lights go off...I curse under my breath, stupid old building...crappy repairmen myths, might as well call Harry potter to fix the piece of crap brownstone.

I blindly use my hands to guide myself towards the exit, guiding myself by the bookshelves on either side of me. Hands, strong hands, clamp over mine, a warm body pushes me against the bookshelf, hard.

I freeze, it must be Jeremy, he's always pulling lame pranks like this... Jeremy, if you want me to suck you off say it, don't make me stumble in the dark... I could hurt myself.

The person behind me doesn't speak, he presses me harder against the bookshelves and whispers, scream and you're dead. I'm scared now, too afraid to even move as I feel warm, moist lips move to my neck and begin to kiss it, reaching in front to grab my breasts, squeezing them hard, so hard it hurts. I let out a small whimper. Shut up! I close my mouth as his continues to kiss my neck, my back, squeezing my nipples and twisting them until they stick out. I know it's a him now, and I know it isn't Jeremy. I can feel his pulsating member sticking into my lower back, he is huge.

He is rubbing my inner thigh, pulling up my skirt. He rips off my flimsy thong (a gift from Jeremy) and grabs my dry... wait a's wet...I am practically being raped here and it's wet?? Pussy. Flicking a finger across my clit until I feel it swell, he slowly inserts a finger into my throbbing hole making me gasp as my body pushes back against his finger. I quickly make amends by pretending it didn't happen and flatten myself against the shelf. I close my eyes and enjoy it for a brief second before trying to get him off. He doesn't speak, but I hear a zipper open and can feel the skin of his bare cock pressing against me, I whimper and try to duck under one of his arms but he grabs me and slams me at the opposite wall. My head is spinning and I am disoriented, suddenly I feel hands parting my legs and before I can do anything a huge cock is rammed into my pussy.

Crying out in pain I close my eyes and steady myself against the wall as he hammers his massive dick into me. He grabs my head roughly and spins it around, straining my neck as he kisses my mouth roughly, preventing me from screaming any more. A tear rolls down my cheek from the initial pain as I feel him maneuvering me away from the wall. His dick pops out of my throbbing pussy with a wet sound and I find myself wishing it were inside again, I move towards him blindly before I feel myself being pushed backwards onto a chair.

I try to get up but my legs are spread as I feel a tongue on my swollen clit, flicking across it I shudder and open my legs wider, closing my eyes as the tip probes my hole. Going in circles around my tiny asshole. The tongue stops and my pussy is cold, I feel something hit my face and reach up, realizing it's the monster cock. A hand grabs the back of my head and pulls my hair, suck it. I reach out with my tongue and gently flick it across the tip, then I take the head and slowly slide it into my mouth, sucking on it like hard candy, rolling my tongue around it in circles before the hand pushes my head so the cock goes into my mouth as deep as it will go. I gag before letting my throat open, the cock slides in another two inches before I feel the balls on my chin, breathing through my nose I let Him, whoever him is, move my head back and for the like a blow up doll.

My head is released and I am lifted from the chair, just to find myself on the desk on my back. My legs are thrust open as the huge cock once again penetrates deep into my middle, I can feel every inch of it in my tight pussy as I lift my hips to meet his eager thrusts, I can't control myself and let moan after moan escape my lips before I feel his hungrily kissing mine. I cum as his tongue wraps around mine, as he nibbles on my lower lip, my screams of ecstasy drowning in his mouth. And yet he continues to thrust into me, harder and faster than before, rubbing my soaking clit as he does, bringing me to the brink again before I feel him shudder as he cums inside me, his hot cum exploding in my middle is enough to make me cum again, screaming into his mouth.

We stay like that for a few minutes, just breathing into each others mouths before he steps away, popping out of me and leaving me with an empty feeling.

I'll be back tomorrow he whispers as he leaves me on my desk, legs spread wide with my juices and his cum beginning to drip out of me.

Before the lights come back on, I rub my pussy, full of all that delicious wetness and make myself cum once again. I can't wait until tomorrow.

this is my first story, please comment.

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