tagErotic HorrorThe Beast Within

The Beast Within


Laura Morris is an attractive 29-year-old professional woman who has only recently rediscovered her independence after ending her nine-year marriage to Richard. Richard was everything she could have ever hoped for. He was Strong, Thoughtful, Caring, and oh so sexy in the marital bed. That was until the drinking started two years ago. Two years of sheer hell followed for Laura. The drunken rows, the violence and the illness that would always follow, had all become just too much to tolerate and Laura divorced Richard just eight weeks before the accident.

That fateful night in question Richard had been drinking most of the day. By 7.30 in the evening he had become the Monster that Laura had seen all too often. They had arranged to meet up that evening, just for a chat and perhaps to reminisce on better times. When Laura spoke to Richard at 7.30 on his mobile it was obvious he was in no fit state to meet with anyone and she called off their meeting.

At one minute to eight a huge bang followed by an even louder explosion was heard just outside Laura's house. Rushing to the window she saw Richards car wrapped around the railings at the end of the garden. Laura’s heart died that day along with Richard. He had clearly died a horrific death. On impact he was burnt to a cinder. Laura recalled the very last words she had yelled through the phone earlier that evening, to the man she once loved so very much, and those words were to come back and haunt her many times over. Laura had screamed at him to "Go To Hell".

Now six months later Laura was starting to live her own life again. She had been out for a pleasant evening with two girlfriends from work. They had laughed and flirted and Laura felt good as she laid in bed drifting off into a peaceful slumber. Suddenly she awoke with a start. The illuminated clock told her it was 2:30am. The room was icy cold. As Laura strained her eyes to see in the dark she had an overpowering feeling that she was not alone.

Then in the corner of the room, something was moved. Laura’s feelings turned to sheer terror. The hairs on her neck became erect, her spine became taught as she tried to reach for the light, but she could not move a muscle. Gripped in fear she just looked to the corner. A shape emerged before her, dark, shadowlike, grotesque. It moved closer to the bed, its penetrating eyes staring down at her. Deep set, bloodshot and filled with rage. Even in the horror of the moment Laura knew she had seen those eyes before. The eyes that hurt her so, that came before the punch, which inevitably would follow from Richard.

Suddenly Laura felt herself pinned down to the bed. Invisible hands ripped the duvet, her only comfort and protection, from her. Then her nightgown silky red, a present from better days, started sliding up her legs. Up higher still, over Laura’s smooth tanned thighs folding back over her face. Stealing her breath away as it wrapped around Laura’s mouth. She screamed out as loud as she could but little more than a muffled cry escaped her lips. The creature was disfigured, hairy, huddling over her; it's eyes raping her.

Though obscured by the nightgown Laura stared up at the Demon before her, transfixed by this creature from Hell. Then without warning she felt its touch on her thighs, opening her up, invading her. Something Hard, Pulsating, covered in bristly hair, penetrated her, time and time again. Each thrust taking her breath away. Laura became lost in oblivion only willing it to end. Time itself seemed to stop. Its eyes were mocking her with each lunge.

Though Laura closed her eyes tightly the tears ran freely down her face staining the pillow beside her. Her pillow was so soft, inviting, homely, everything that this Demon was not. But as the minutes seemed like hours, Laura found her senses on full alert. Tingling sensations were shooting up and down her spine. Oh God No this could not be. This thing was making her Orgasm. The very thought repulsed her when her every sinew tightened and gripped her in the throws of what seemed a never-ending orgasmic pleasure.

Suddenly a Roar echoed around the room from the invading being.

Then nothing, it had gone. Soaked in sweat, filled with total exhaustion Laura collapsed into a deep sleep, only awaking at lunchtime later that day. She rubbed her eyes and looked searchingly from wall to wall. She was alone, confused. Her mind was filled with thoughts of her husband. What had happened the night before? Laura had never before experienced a nightmare and was sure that is what it must have been.

Looking down the bed, the duvet kicked off, or so she told herself, the sheets were stained and still wet. Too many questions, Laura ripped off all the bedding and headed for the shower. She trembled as she lathered the soap, trying to think straight.

Why had she felt so good last night? Why was Richard so strong in her mind again? The words, "Go To Hell," reverberated in her head. Images of demonic creatures plagued her mind. It was all too much for her just now. She didn't need any of this at this time and would go see her friend Gemma the psychic, as she was known, just as soon as she had downed some sweet black coffee.

Much as Laura would have liked this to be the end of this story it is not to be and we will return to the Laura Morris House as things develop.

May Your Gods be with You Dear Reader


Many thanks to Angel Love for the editing of this story.

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