tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Bedroom in Benny's Basement

The Bedroom in Benny's Basement


When I was young and naive, I did a lot of stupid things, the stupidest of which was to run off with a much older man. His name was Gerry, a former marine with a serious booze problem who was fast losing his grip on reality.

Within a month, we'd been evicted from our fleapit apartment and were living in his car. Gerry tried desperately to pimp me out to make ends meet, but he couldn't even do that right! Then he got arrested and all of a sudden, I found myself on the streets of London with just a suitcase to my name.

It was a cold afternoon in late autumn. I was sitting by myself on a bench in Leicester Square wondering where I'd spend the night, when a kind looking gentleman came and sat beside me...

"You look lost!" he said softly.

"I am!" I sobbed. I welled up, and mascara ran down my cheeks as I made a pathetic attempt to smile.

"Nowhere to go?"


He pondered awhile, looking upon me with obvious sympathy. A slight, balding figure, his circular spectacles magnified his eyes, making him look ever so warm and homely. When he finally spoke again, he sounded quietly determined, like people do when they won't take no for an answer...

"Well, we can't have you sleeping on the streets in this weather! Why not come home with me?"

In reply I merely nodded, and soon found myself following him through the streets of Soho, my suitcase trundling sluggishly behind. I am not especially tall but I towered over my new friend, whose tweed suit I noticed was markedly threadbare, especially at the elbows. I also spotted an ugly scar on the top of his head, poorly concealed beneath thinning grey hair.

We walked a couple of blocks, passing several of the seedier sex shops, before he stopped outside a house with a peeling green door. There were a dozen doorbells, each bearing a girl's name scrawled in felt-tip.

"We're in the basement!" he explained cheerfully, rummaging for his keys.

Struggling with my heavy suitcase, I followed him precariously down a flight of slippery stone steps into a courtyard clogged with litter.

"It's the wind," he explained apologetically. "Blows all kinds of crap down here!"

To prove him right a cold, brisk gust whistled through the courtyard and it began to drizzle, so I was mightily relieved to step through the door into the relative warmth of a deceptively modest living room. "I think a nice cup of tea's in order?" he suggested. "Take a seat while I put the kettle on."

As my saviour clattered about in the kitchen, I took in my surroundings, which reeked of genteel poverty. I was perched on one end of a worn leather sofa, part of a suite that must have cost a small fortune new, but not in decimal currency! The glass coffee table had an ugly crack in it, while the volume knob was missing from the TV. A faded carpet didn't quite stretch into the corners, while a hole in the skirting-board warned of mice.

He returned with a broad smile and a tray containing tea and biscuits. "Before I sit down, can I hang up your coat?" he suggested. "I'm Benny, by the way."

"Carrie," I replied, smiling sweetly.

After giving Benny my pink raincoat, a strange feeling took hold. Perhaps I was overly conscious of not having washed or changed my outfit for a couple of days, but I was quietly relieved when he offered me a bath.

But first he showed me to my room, a cosy cubicle with just enough space for a double bed and dresser. The only remarkable features were the mirrors; one whole wall was fitted with a bespoke mirrored wardrobe, and there were further large mirrors hanging behind the headboard and mounted on the unusually low ceiling, which also contained an impressive array of sunken spotlights. The effect was to make the room dazzlingly bright!

"How do I switch a few of them off?" I enquired, squinting from a nascent headache.

"I'm afraid you can't, they're all on the same circuit!" Benny sighed. "But don't worry, we'll sort something out."

The bathroom was next to my room, so I ran a nice hot tub then stripped by my bed before treating myself to a long, luxurious soak. Arriving back in my room wrapped in just a towel, I was perturbed to find my clothes had gone missing and there was no sign of my suitcase! I thought perhaps Benny had moved my stuff into the wardrobe, but when I tried to check, I couldn't get the doors open for love nor money!


"Yes, Carrie?" He answered promptly, though it took him longer than I expected to show up and when he did, he seemed strangely out of breath.

"Where are my clothes and case?"

"Sorry dear, but I thought I'd already explained! Everything's gone to the laundry, except your shoes and make-up, of course."

"But what am I going to wear?" I enquired tersely.

"Oh, that's not a problem! There's loads of stuff in the dresser you can borrow."

Warily, I checked the drawers. There were plenty of clothes all right, but only skimpy, revealing outfits and sexy lingerie!

"I can't wear any of these!" I exclaimed. "People will think I'm a hooker!"

"Really Carrie!" he protested, "Who's going to see you? Anyway, it's only for a couple of days till your stuff comes back. But if you insist, we'll sort something out..."

Reluctantly, I agreed to make do for a couple of days. I tried not to think ill of Benny, because but for him I'd have been sleeping on the streets. So I checked out the lingerie and selected a frilly black bra and matching panties. I also found some black, seamed hold-up stockings which I wore under a gold plastic miniskirt with a leopard print top.

On the dresser beside my make-up, I found a jewellery box full of cheap earrings, from which I borrowed a pair of large silver hoops. I also found a pretty clasp to pin back my long, strawberry blonde hair.

After putting on a little eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, I slipped on a pair of kitten mules and retired to the living room to watch TV. Benny soon joined me, strangely breathless again, though he was charming and complimentary and soon put me at my ease. We shared a pizza and a bottle of wine, and when it was getting late, I pointed out there are no free rides and that I expected to have to pay in kind for his generous hospitality...

But Benny wasn't interested!

"Thanks for the offer Carrie dear, but I'm afraid I'm far too old for that kind of thing! No, you go to bed and get a good night's sleep; I can promise you'll not be disturbed by me!"

Alone in my bedroom, I realized the wine had made me giddy. The bright lights overhead drew my attention to my own reflection in the large mirrored wardrobe, and I began to feel incredibly horny.

Wherever I happened to gaze, I saw myself dressed like a cheap whore and it made me ever so randy! I Soon couldn't resist stripping off my skirt and top and facing the wardrobe mirror in just my lingerie and heels. I unhooked the frilly black bra and played with my pert little breasts, which I was ever so proud of. I'd swallowed tons of contraceptive pills and employed every quack remedy in the book to tease them to grow, and now they could easily fill an A cup bra without padding. And my nipples had become highly stimulated, so that simply stroking them sent shivers of sheer pleasure shooting up and down my spine!

I gently rubbed each in turn till I could feel a stirring in my frilly panties. Putting one hand on my crotch, I felt the cherry on my boy-bits straining to pop out, so I freed it with a solitary finger, then began stroking the stem as it gradually expanded.

For several minutes I massaged myself in this manner, all the while leaning against the wardrobe mirror and licking my lipstick off, one layer at a time, till several drops of warm pre-cum warned that my cherry was about to explode.

I have always adored the feel of nylon on my skin; it's at the heart of my obsession with all things feminine! As soon as my stalk was fully extended, I slipped off my panties, removed one of my stockings and began stroking my boy-bits with it. As usual, I stood with my legs as far apart as I could balance in heels and gave myself long, thrusting strokes, groaning with pleasure till relief came at last, as several strong spurts of creamy cum spattered onto the mirror.

I was still in the throes of post-coital bliss when a strange bump caught my ear. Abruptly, I stopped panting and listened as carefully as I could, until there could be no doubt, something was alive and kicking inside the wardrobe!

In a blind panic, I ran to the door and cried for Benny, but he didn't respond. I even knocked on his bedroom door, but that too was fruitless. Suddenly, the basement felt like a mausoleum! It was cold and dark and eerily quiet. I considered hammering on Benny's door until I woke him up, but thought better of it. He'd been kind to me so far, but how would he feel if I repaid him by waking him up wearing only a single black stocking and a pair of kitten heels?!

Eventually, I calmed down and returned to my bedroom, where sheer exhaustion got the better of me and I fell asleep. But I was up bright and early, ready to discuss the matter with Benny over breakfast...

"It must have been a mouse!" he insisted. "I can't apologise enough, they're a blasted nuisance. But not to worry, we'll sort something out..."

"I hope you will," I replied earnestly. "I'm terrified of mice!"

Days can be long when you can't get out and about, and I couldn't go far until my clothes came back from the laundry. So Benny arranged for one of the working girls who lived upstairs to come down and do my hair.

Between the three of us, we drank a bottle of vodka before lunchtime, by which time I'd been transformed into a platinum blonde!

"It really suits you!" Benny enthused.

"I know!" I confessed. "Except that, with this hairdo and these clothes (I was wearing a black faux leather miniskirt with a pink camisole top and red fishnet tights) people will think I'm on the game!"

"And is that so bad?" he asked earnestly.

"Yes, because I'm not!"

He gave me a curious glance, then quickly changed the subject.

"A man will be coming tomorrow to deal with the mice," he said. "If I'm out, please be sure to let him in!"

"Of course!"

The rest of the day passed with little consequence. At suppertime, Benny made quite a nice omelette, which we once more ate with wine, which once more made me horny at bedtime. Only this time, I stayed away from the wardrobe!

Instead, I took all my clothes off except the red fishnet tights and admired myself in the mirror on the ceiling. Lying on the bed, I spread my legs wide apart and rubbed my nipples till they were hot and throbbing. Then I started on my boy-bits, stroking the stem through the tights till my cherry throbbed with anticipation.

Just before the inevitable cumfest, I raised my legs high into the air, stretching them as far and wide as they'd go. Then I held my cherry between a newly manicured thumb and forefinger and gently twisted it till cream spurted through my fingers while my legs quaked with sheer, exhilarating delight!

Feeling pleased and relieved I switched off the lights and soon drifted into a deep, relaxing sleep. When I woke up, it was still dark, and instinct told me it must be the middle of the night...

So what could have disturbed me?

Ever so slowly, I became aware of faint, flashing red lights pulsing around the room. They turned my mind to a car parked outside on the pavement with its hazard lights on, except my room had no window! For several nerve-racking minutes I lay in a state of nervous confusion, but as my eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, the sources of these bizarre illuminations gradually became clear...

They were coming from behind the mirrors!

Staring at the mirror on the ceiling, I realized a tiny LED was pulsing away behind it. Turning my attention to the mirror above the headboard, I soon spotted the same thing, and finally I detected an even fainter light flashing behind the wardrobe.

After this weird discovery, I struggled to get back to sleep. My mind was a maelstrom of odd ideas as I tried to figure out what could be happening, and how I could broach the subject with Benny. Eventually, all those confusing thoughts made me hopelessly muddled and I fell into a deep sleep which was unfortunate, because when I woke up it was late in the morning and Benny had already gone out!

On the coffee table I found a note reminding me to let the mouse man in. It reminded me I was all alone in the basement...

An excellent opportunity to find out what's going on, I figured!

Tentatively, I entered Benny's bedroom, an untidy hovel with piles of papers, books and video cassettes in every corner. The narrow single bed had clothes stacked all over it, while a small wardrobe with no doors was crammed full of suits and shirts that had all seen better days. The air was tainted with a mildly putrid odour that made me wonder how clean Benny really was!

I looked around for anything unusual, but apart from his questionable hygiene and compulsive hoarding, Benny seemed a typical, boring old guy. I had given up and was leaving when, tucked discreetly behind the door, I saw the entrance to a cubbyhole. Crouching down, I cautiously opened it...

And got quite a nasty shock!

Staring through the small opening, the first thing I saw was my own bed! Increasingly bewildered, I crept inside this creepy cubbyhole and found it to be a narrow, L-shaped recess, created by fitting false walls and a false ceiling to my room, which must originally have been rather spacious. In reality, I had no wardrobe! Like the other mirrors, it was simply a spy glass through which Benny had been watching my every move!

And he hadn't just been watching! There were camcorders behind every mirror; their flashing red LEDs were what I'd seen during the night. On a cluttered desk, monitors showed the different views of my room, while a mixing deck allowed him to copy and edit his illicit tapes.

Feeling decidedly unwell, I returned to the pile of cassettes in his room and perused them carefully.

On top of the pile, the first cassette was labelled 'Carrie Plays with herself in Bed.'

I was nearly sick! Below this disturbing filth, I found 'Carrie Cums on the Wardrobe Mirror.'

Those tapes were the only ones about me, but I clearly wasn't his first victim, only the latest in a long line! Titles included...

'Stella Touches Herself in the Bath.'

'Debbie Inserts a Large Dildo.'

'Hilda has a Massive Hard-on.'

It was clear I was only the latest in a long line of my kind who Benny had offered to 'help out' and I began to wonder what fate had befallen my predecessors?

Where were they now? And then an awful thought occurred to me...

Could I be wearing their clothes?!

This last thought thoroughly revolted me. I was wearing denim hot pants over tan tights with a black bikini top, all from Benny's dresser! Even the shoes I had on, a pair of white stiletto mules, I'd found under the bed. I desperately wanted to strip off and have nothing to do with these garments until I knew where they'd come from, though that was of course impossible, because Benny had taken all my clothes to the laundry...

Or so he said!

My growing anger was interrupted by a loud knocking on the living room door. Belatedly remembering the mouse man, I hurried to answer it, leaving everything in Benny's bedroom more or less where I'd found it.

At the door, I found a large, surly brute in a crumpled leather jacket. He leered at me as though I'd broken some important commandment by keeping him waiting a few seconds, but I treated him with the contempt he deserved...

After all, what 'mice' was he going to catch?!

"You took your time didn't you!" he swore.

"You're lucky I bothered coming at all for the likes of you!" I replied.

"Don't speak to me like that!"

"I'll speak to you however I fucking well want!"

And before he could say any more, I stomped into my room and slumped onto the bed. I was steaming with anger, and needed to calm down so I could plan exactly what to do with Benny when that dirty little peeping Tom came back!

"Oh you will, will you?!"

The voice was angry and threatening and ever so close. Turning my head, I saw to my horror that the surly mouse man had somehow managed to enter my room! A glance at the open wardrobe showed me how; he'd come through the hidden recess!

"You k-know about that?" I stammered.

"Of course I do, I built it! And you'd best start showing me a little respect! I'm your landlord see, and you're late with the rent!"

"N-no, you don't understand!" I protested. "I'm not living here, I'm just Benny's guest!"

"This place isn't a hotel, it's a fucking brothel, and you'll earn your keep same as the other slags!"

"P-please! Just ask Benny!"

"Trash like you make me sick!" he sneered. "You wear my clothes, get your hair done on my ticket, then think you can stay for free without contributing?!"

"But it's not like that!" I pleaded tearfully.

"You're damn right it's not! You need to learn your place!"

He grabbed me round the ankles and, despite my noisy protestations, I soon found myself kneeling on the floor with his groin uncomfortably close to my face. His jeans were filthy with sweat and grime, and I could see the contours of his large, throbbing manhood, which culminated in an ominous damp patch.

"Come on then! Unzip me and get learning!"

His powerful hands were stroking my hair, a gentle reminder that he had absolute dominion over me and that disobedience would be futile, escape impossible. And so, with tears teeming down my cheeks, I reluctantly pulled down his fly, gasping slightly as his bulging cock popped out aggressively, right under my nose.

Reluctantly, I wrapped a couple of fingers gently round the rock solid stem and began guiding it towards my tongue. But just before I began my distasteful task, my spirits were raised by an unexpected interruption which I hoped and prayed would bring a last-second reprieve...


The voice was Benny's! Just moments earlier I'd been cursing him for a dirty voyeur and plotting revenge against him, but now he seemed once more my knight in shining armour! He had stopped this callous brute from having his way with me, and now no doubt he would explain that I was merely his guest, with no rent to pay and no work to do in the brothel.

But this was wishful thinking! Benny had other ideas...

"Okay dear, you can carry on now; I just needed to change the cassette in the overhead camcorder!" he clarified cheerfully.

"Oh, Benny! And I thought you liked me!"

"But I do, dear!" he insisted earnestly. "You're ever so photogenic; yours is gonna easily be the best video I've made so far!"

I could think of no further reply. He'd left me utterly speechless, and besides...

I had my mouth full!

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