The Beginning


Their time together had begun in turmoil. He had given in to the dark urge to own her, and she was determined to only become a part of him, not belong to him. A time was created for them, a time for them to join and be one unto another.

But, before this time was created, there were many wars, many battles fought between them, many times they struggled with and against each other. Each determined to have their own way. Each wondering who was the stronger. Who would control the other.

Until one day they realized to be the victor, both would have to win, and both would have to lose.

* * * * * * * * * *

She saw him in the distance and quickly hid. She knew it was him because of his bearing and the manner of his dress. He had taken her once and she was not willing to repeat the incident. He called himself the One True Darkness and that alone frightened her. His promise to take her into his darkness and never release her was even more terrifying. She watched him drawing closer on the lonely trail and tried to hide under an overhanging tree limb. Her somber gown blended with the shadows and she felt safe from discovery.

As he rode past her, his horse suddenly sidestepped and snorted. Her startled gasp, even soft as it was, gave her away. Reining in the stallion he turned and looked directly into her eyes and slowly smiled.

"Well, well, well - my pet has come to meet me." he said with a husky drawl.

She plunged from under the tree, slapping at the horse's head to spook him and ran down the trail. Darkfall struggled to get the high-spirited stallion under control and sent him galloping after her.

Cynna looked back and a sharp scream spilled from her throat at the closing sight behind her. He laughed at the look of fear on her face and leaned down to effortlessly grab her with an arm around her waist, dragging her across the saddle in front of him.

She began to kick wildly and thrash her arms around, hoping to slip from the saddle and hide again. His only response was to tighten his grip and pull her hard against his chest. The sound of his laughter in her ears angered her and she swung a hand to connect sharply with his cheek.

The laughter stopped - suddenly - and he snarled softly into her ear, "my kitten has become the vixen, and as with all wild things must be tamed properly.".

Her movements stopped abruptly and she went completely limp. Darkfall found this more difficult to deal with than her struggles and reined the horse to a halt. When they stopped, Cynna once more struggled violently and slid from underneath his arm.

As her bare feet hit the dirt of the path she broke for the underbrush on the side of the trail. The fear of becoming lost in the forest, only slightly less than what punishment this man might hold for her. She heard him cursing as he dismounted and followed her into the bushes and trees.

His crashing footsteps warned her that he was drawing steadily closer. As she broke into a fern covered clearing his body slammed into her and forced her to the ground. Screaming and kicking under him, she struggled to force his body from hers.

He looked down at the flushed cheeks, flashing green eyes and wildly streaming red curls, and was instantly aroused. He forced her legs wide and slid between them. His hands captured hers and he held both above her head with only one of his.

Holding her down with his knees planted on her skirt, her legs almost completely stilled. She began to arch and buck, trying to get away once again. With an almost, evil smile he traced the outline of her face as she snapped and bit at his fingers.

His laughter echoed in the forest around them, stilling the birdsong. He rubbed the soft skin of her neck and pushed his thumb against her chin. Her eyes widened as his hand slipped into the neckline of her gown and she gasped "NO!", as it cupped a breast.

"Oh, Yes!" he answered as his fingers began to twist and pull at her nipple. "Very nice." he whispered as he watched the rapidly swelling flesh. Sliding the hand to the neighboring breast, he began to tease the nipple found there.

Watching her with something like a smirk, he bent his head and bit the nipple left alone. She screamed and he began to suckle the hard nub through the softness of the fabric. She began to wiggle frantically. Suddenly he raised his head and with one swift swipe of his hand, ripped the gown from her shoulders, leaving her breasts naked in the dappled sunlight. His hand began to play from one breast to the other, back and forth until she was sobbing brokenly.

With a single nod of his head, he released her hands and stood, pulling her upright with him. He lead her stumbling back to where the stallion waited for them. Once mounted again he pulled her up in front of him, her legs astride the saddle, her ass nestled tightly against his crotch. With every gallop of the horse, she felt his swelling manhood rubbing against her.

His hand moved to cover her breast, stilling the jiggling bounce. She shuddered as she felt his mouth on her bare shoulder, the nipping bites, the hot wet tongue licking her skin. His hand began to gently knead the heavy flesh it held, and his finger once again found the nipple. She tried to lean away from the hand but only pressed harder against his chest, something that pleased him from the sound of the rumbling laugh she heard in her ear.

He looped the reins around the saddle horn and confused, she felt the skirt of her gown sliding from under her. Her attempting to struggle only made it easier to do, so she stopped. The warm leather under her bare bottom embarrassed her and she closed her eyes.

But, the movement of his hand between their bodies made them open again rather quickly. Hard, hot flesh against her ass made her whimper, she knew what he wanted. The stallion slowed to a walk and seemed to understand as well.

"Is my pet ready to please her Master?" he said as his hand cupped her mound and he leaned forward.

Lifting her a little, his manhood slid between her legs and he rubbed the tip along the slit. Straightening he held her down with the saddle horn pressing against her belly.

He pulled her back onto his throbbing shaft and groaned, "my pet is tight on her Master's cock.".

Cynna moaned weakly as he began to thrust slowly in and out, following the slow movements of the walking stallion under them. Grasping her long red hair, Darkfall pulled her back up against his chest.

His hands once again found her breasts, the reins forgotten. He scraped his teeth across the tender flesh under her ear, sucking bruises left in the wake of his kisses. She was too afraid to fight him and too stubborn to simply let him take her without at least a struggle. Her every movement against him only seemed to fuel his arousal.

Suddenly he forced a hand down between her legs and began a pinching, teasing torment of the tiny nub of flesh between her legs. She arched back against his shoulder, having lost the will to fight the sensations this sent through her body. Her cries of fear slowly melted into moans that he knew came from a woman fully aroused. A smile of pure evil crossed his face as he began to thrust hard into her body.

A strange feeling seemed to flow from hand to hand as he played with her body. She arched and whimpered as a hard knot formed in her belly. He heard her whispering, softly begging, or something she had missed feeling. Her feminine cries touched a place he had thought long dead and lost forever.

She began to grind her hips back onto his thrusting manhood and a sudden piercing scream erupted from her lips. He felt the muscles wrapped around his shaft, began to contract hard as, with a deep groan, his own orgasm hit. The scalding cum spewed into her pulsating womanhood. The flexing walls of her tunnel continued to milk his manhood, forcing him to cum longer than he ever had before.

Darkfall looked down at his little pet and decided to keep this one with him for awhile. The well trained stallion had stopped, patiently waiting for his master's command to continue. Nudging the horse with his still shaking knees, they moved off toward his castle.

He looked down at the woman and realized she was unconscious in his arms. He tightened his grip and held her against him. Her training would take time, but the benefits would make the work pleasurable.

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