tagRomanceThe Beginning of My Story Ch. 02

The Beginning of My Story Ch. 02


The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Life seemed to be at an all time high outside my window.

I grabbed my pillow and flung it towards the offending noise. I slowly climbed out of my bed and dragged myself to close the shades. I was not ready to tackle whatever this day would bring. I crawled back into my king sized bed, as I was closing my eyes, my phone rang.

"Just my luck" I mumbled into my bedsheet.

"Hello, you better have a damn good reason for calling me this early." I said.

"Hey Liana this is Amanda."

I instantly sat up on my bed. I haven't heard from Amanda in years.

"Amanda." was all I could manage to say.

"I got your phone number from Erica. I ran into her at the grocery store two days ago. I asked how you were doing, she gave me your phone number. She told me to find out for myself. Shes always been a bitch if you ask me!"

I had to smile at that one. Erica was anything but a bitch. She just didn't take any crap from anyone.

" I'm doing great Mandie. Just living life as best as I can." I mumbled.

My heart felt heavy now. Old memories flooding back. Mandie my best friend, my sister from another mother. I thought the world of her in high school. My admiration continued when we went off to college. That was until Mandie picked an older man to engage with. I thought he was good for her. She seemed extremely happy considering her own life challenges.

I remember the day her boyfriend asked me to have a few drinks with them. I felt honored that he wanted me to spend time with them. The drinks kept coming. They were so easy to swallow. The liquor couldn't even be tasted. Before I knew it, I was tipsy. My face felt numb, I could feel myself laughing, but for the life of me, I did not know why. I remember Mandies boyfriend sending her out to make a phone call. Of course she listened to him. She would have jumped off a cliff if he asked her to. She loved him that much.

I was laying on the floor talking to myself. I was totally disgusted that I managed to blow the only chance I've gotten lately, to hang out with my best friend. Before I knew what was happening Mandies boyfriend was on top of me. He was grabbing at my legs. Spreading them apart while he placed himself in between them. At first I thought I was imagining everything. I could see his mouth moving. The grin he had on his face chilled every bone in my body. He ripped my shirt open, tearing off my bra in the process. By then I was kicking and screaming. I felt him bite into my arm. The pain went through me in waves. I cried out and managed to free myself from his hold. By then Mandie was standing by the door staring at everything that was going on. I was crawling towards her. The look on her face stopped me. Disgust was plain to see. She was angry with me. I grabbed what was left of my shirt and ran out of their building. She didn't come after me. I haven't seen her since that night.

"Listen Lilly, I need to talk to you. Is there any way we can get together tonight?" she asked.

There was only silence on my part. How could I manage to bring up the past.

"Uh sure, where would you like to go?" If anything, what has gone on between us needs to be fixed. We were inseparable in the past.

"Lets meet at The Bar and Grill on 21st street at 7. Is that fine with you?"

"Yes thats good. See you then." As I hung up the phone, I was shocked to feel tears hitting my hand.


"I won't be able to stay late tonight boss. I made plans with a friend I haven't seen in years. Please understand my situation. You didn't give me enough notice. I didn't expect to be here later than usual."

Amanda Johnson has worked for Eli for 2 years now. She has never asked for anything. Yet it was hard for him to give her the time she needed. They were swamped with packages that needed to be processed and shipped. Amandas job being the one to process everything that came into the office.

"Of all days to ask for a few hours Amanda this is not it. We are swamped with work. I need you here. You will be here til at least 11 tonight. Change you plans. Make it for another time." He said.

"I understand Mr. Gracia. I'll call Liana right now."

As soon as she turned to leave, Eli couldn't help but wonder if it was the same Liana that he has been thinking about since he met her. He could hear Amanda talking. He knew it wasn't right to listen, but he couldn't help himself.

"I'm sorry Liana, we have to change our plans. I have to work late today. I'm usually off by 6, but my dip shit of a boss is making me work late." she said.

Hearing his own employees call him names should have angered him, but instead it made him smile. He could only imagine what Liana was thinking on the other side of that phone.

"Ok Lilly tomorrow at noon. I'll meet you there." Amanda left for her office as soon as she got off her phone. In his own crazy mind he wanted to find out where Amanda was meeting Liana. Just so he could follow. He shook his head. He was starting to sound more like Melanie by the second.

Not only was the day eventful, he had more than 2 complaints about their packages. Having to hear people nag about a sticker not being in the exact place. Or a dent in a box that says fragile. He was on the verge of blowing up. To top it all off, he received a call from Melanie telling him that she made reservations at Le Beso at 9 tonight. He was more than happy to tell her that he had to work til midnight. Of course she nagged him about never spending enough time with her. He actually hung up on her. It felt good to do so. Maybe now she would leave him alone.

"Hey Eli, would you like to go with us downtown? Theres this new club that just opened up. You need a break man." he looked up to see that Felipe was talking to him. Felipe was one of Eli's closest friends.

Eli ran his fingers through his hair. They all would be done sooner than he expected. He was surprised at how much they all got done in such a short time.

"Ill think about it Felipe. We still have 2 hours here." he looked up just as Felipe was leaving his office.


There was this buzzing noise that just would not stop. I grabbed a pillow from the foot of my bed and put it over my head. The buzzing just seemed to get louder. To top it all off I had the worst headache.

"Ugh, people just don't know when to quit. " I dragged myself out of bed for the second time today.

"Lilly open the damn door its cold out here." She recognized that voice. It was none other than Erica.

"Lilly hun, let us in. Your neighbors are staring at us with hunger in their eyes." I had to laugh, Alandra was always the dramatic one.

I stopped to check my hair. Lord was it a mess. Pieces standing up. Other pieces stuck to my forehead. 'Thats what happens when you spend an entire day in bed Lilly.' I made my way to the restroom. They can wait. Brushing my teeth was more important at the moment. After all no one wants to smell death coming out of my mouth.

These girls were practically banging my door down now. At least they never give up on their goals. I slowly walked to the front door. I even took my time unlocking each of my locks.

"Move your ass Lilly. Your just being a pain now." came Erica's voice.

As soon as I opened the door the girls raced into my apartment. Alandra closed the door and locked it.

"You really need to move to a better neighborhood Lil. This is crazy." Alandra said.

"There is nothing wrong with this place Ala, everyone minds their own business. The only thing these people do is stare. So quit being a big baby." I said to her.

"What are you women doing here anyways?" I asked.

Erica poked her head out of my refrigerator.

"We came to pick you up. We are going out tonight." she said. That explains the slutty dresses they were both wearing.

"I'm not in the mood girls. I feel crappy."

Alandra walked over to me and lifted my shirt. I pushed her hand away and stepped back.

"You cut yourself again didn't you?" she asked.

I couldn't look at her. Its been so long since an episode hit me. Of course I had to go and tell my friends my little problem.

"Its just a small one this time. Mandie called me today." Like saying those few words would explain everything.

The girls just stared at me in silence. I walked into the livingroom. "So where are we going tonight." I figured saying I would go with them would keep them from asking more questions. They both looked at each other and threw themselves on my sofa.

"Its called La Casa. Its new just opened up a week ago."Alandra said.

"Go shower girl, you smell horrible. And find something sexy to wear. I'm tired of you looking like a damn bum." Erica said.

The feeling of warm water hitting my tense body felt wonderful. I could stay under here for hours if i could. Its too bad I need to get out quickly. Knowing my friends, they will be banging on my door asking me to hurry up. I can't blame them for trying with me. It goes to show that I actually do have friends that care. I stopped the water and stepped out. I wiped at my fog covered mirror and stared at myself. I'm not ugly, but I know for a damn fact I wasn't beautiful either. I stepped back from my mirror and dropped my towel. I stared at every inch of my body. Disgusted with my thighs and butt. At least I have these nice breasts to balance out my deformed butt and legs. I ran my hand down the side of my stomach. Touching each scar I had made on myself. There were at least 20 scars ranging in sizes. Scars from my childhood to now. Everytime something went wrong in my life I would cut, or just being in the mood to see blood, I would cut. There were even times I would do it and not even realize it until I had blood on my hand.

I snapped out of my own little pity party and grabbed at my towel. I could hear my friends arguing as soon as I walked out the door.

"Why are you guys at each others throats now." I asked as I entered the room. Erica turned to me and lifted up a red dress. I didn't even know I owned such an outfit.

"You are wearing this tonight." she said. I turned to Alandra for some kind of help. She just smiled at me.

"I don't have any shoes to go with that outfit. Throw it in the trash." I told them.

" These shoes will go with it just fine." I turned to Erica and she was holding up a pair of white sandals. Now were the hell did those come from? These women were finding clothes I didn't even know existed in my closet.

"Have fun changing hun." Alandra said.

The first thing I realized while I was putting on this red thing was that it seemed a little too snug. As I pulled it over my head it got stuck right around the top my breasts. I turned to my mirror. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. My arms were dangling above my head.

"Alandra come help me." I yelled out the door. As soon as Alandra walked in she started laughing at me.

"Just help me put this thing on." She walked over to me and pulled at my dress. After three attempts I was wearing what I would describe as a slut dress. I turned back to my mirror and stared at myself. I didn't look too bad after all. The dress seemed to hug around my waist and spread out to my knees. The perfect empire dress. I smiled at myself. I actually looked good.

"Come sit. Let me put some makeup on you while Erica works on that mob of tangles you got." she wrapped a towel around my shoulder and started working. I sat in silence waiting for my two friends to finish. It seemed like the entire night was being wasted until they were done.

"Ok Lil, take a look." Alandra stepped aside and I looked at myself in the mirror. I was shocked. I looked beautiful. Admiting it to myself was difficult, but I couldn't deny it. I looked good with my hair parted to one side while the rest was neatly put into a bun on top of my head. My make up was flawless. It made me look at least 4 years younger. My lashes were darkened and curled. My lips were bright red while my cheeks were tinted pink.

"You look beautiful my amazon princess." I turned to Erica and flipped her off. She knew I hated being called an amazon princess.

"I'd screw you if I were a man." I turned to look at Alandra and was shocked at the words that just came out of her so called innocent mouth.

"Did you just say something nasty Ala? Its going to rain." I said laughing. I grabbed my purse and made sure I had everything I needed. Phone, keys, and money for a cab. Nothing wrong with being prepared.


The music was annoying as fuck. The women all seemed to be desperate for attention. His so called friends just bailed on him for two blondes. He finished off his drink and was about to get up when he saw a flash of red near the entrance. He turned back and saw the face of the woman that has plagued his mind for days now. She was beautiful. Glamoured enough to over power the other two woman that were with her. He could already see the stares other men were giving her. Instantly he felt a hint of jealousy. He had no right to it. He knew what those men were thinking. They were undressing her with their eyes. Just like he was. Anger was boiling up inside of him.

He sat back down on his chair and watched her get a table near the entrance. Her face seemed to be full of worry. Like she didn't want to be there. Her friends were laughing and poking at each other while they sat and waited for their drinks. He saw her stare at the entrance to the club. She looked like she was ready to run out once she had the opportunity. This wasn't her scene. He picked up on that as soon as he saw her stressed out posture. He could relate to her. He was having a hard time pretending as well. He saw some short overconfident man walk up to her and ask her to dance. She shook her head no and the midget walked away with an anger written all over his face. He had to smile, she wasn't going to make it easy for any of these men. He liked that.

After what seemed like an eternity, he gathered up enough courage to send her a drink. He usually wasn't so nerves about trying to pick up a woman. It was different with this one. He wanted to impress her. He didn't want her to think of him as some man who was looking for a quickie. He wanted more from this woman. He felt it and couldn't even believe it himself. He watched the waiter walk up to her and put the drink down. She stared at the waiter, then turned her head to look in his direction. As soon as her eyes met his, his heart fluttered. She kept his gave until finally she broke it. He had to shift his position on his chair. He couldn't believe how this woman managed to give him the most uncomfortable erection in the 20 seconds that they held each others gaze. He wasn't going to leave early after all.


"Oh he is gorgeous Lilly." I looked over at Alandra.

Boy was she right! Eli was the most handsome man she has seen in a while. She looked down at her drink and smiled.

"I dare you to go up to him Lilly. Give him a little show." Erica said

She had a point with that one. It wouldn't hurt anyone if she did a little flirting. I picked up my glass and swallowed my drink like a true champ. I grabbed my napkin and dabbed at my mouth. 'Ok Liana, lets do this.' As I got up I looked towards my friends.

"Do I look ok girls." I asked.

They giggled and said yes at the same time. They honestly don't think I'm going to do this. I'll prove these bitches wrong. I gave them a little smile and turned to walk towards my goal for the night.

My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I felt like I was walking towards my own execution. His stare did not help my confidence what so ever. I really should have thought this through more. I turned to look at my friends midway. They were just waiting. I could tell they thought i was going to chicken out. I looked back towards Eli and gave him a smile.

When I got to him I asked if I could sit down. He actually got up and pulled my chair out for me. That was not what I expected. This just added more to my nervousness.

"Liana, its so nice to see you again." he said.

It was the sound of his voice that always made me tonge tied. After almost choking on my own saliva I answered him.

"I wasn't expecting to see you here."

"It seems like we are always running into each other don't you think." He gave me a smile, which managed to make me tingle in all the right places.

"It must be a sign Liana. Maybe we are suppose to take these contacts a little further don't you think?"

He was making a move. I wasn't sure what to do. Its been years since i've slept with a man. I could feel my body flushing with heat. What the hell, he seems like a decent man.

" You don't have any diseases do you? I mean like aids, std's, anything like that?" I asked.

I couldn't believe what just came out of my mouth. What was I thinking?! His laugh took me out of my own mental slap. I looked at him. He was still smiling.

"No Liana, I'm clean. Since we are on this topic, how about yourself?" he asked

"I'm clean Eli. I don't think i've been with enough partners to worry about something like that." After the words left my mouth, I felt stupid. He didn't need to know about my sex life. I looked up at him, I was expecting to see pity, but instead I saw lust.

"Lets get out of here." he said.

A nod of my head was all the answer I could give him.

Please don't be a murderer. So many questions kept going through my head. I was in his car. Going to a place I wasn't sure of. What was I thinking? Thats just it. I wasn't! I just hope i'm not going to pay the price with my life for this little adventure. We've only been on the road for 5 minutes, but it seemed like hour to me. Before I could think of another bad scenerio we pulled into an apartment complex. I was too busy thinking about my stupidity that I completely forgot to remember signs and roads. I didn't even see the name to this complex. I was just screwing up left and right. I was about to completely break when I heard Eli ask me question.

"Can you repeat that." I asked.

"I said are you ready to go inside?" I asked.

No, i'm not ready. "Um yeah lets go." I opened the door and felt the cool breeze hit my face. I walked around to Eli and put my arm around his. We walked towards his apartment. He was on the bottom floor. Once we were inside, I felt my heart pick up its pace. He must make good money to live in a place like this. "Were is your bathroom?" I asked.

" Go down this hall here and turn to your right." he said.

The person that was staring back at me was completely unfamiliar. Maybe it was this makeup that gave me so much confidence. I couldn't bring myself to walk out of the safety of this room. Here I am 28 years old, and i'm terrified of the man thats waiting for me. I shook my head and looked at myself once more. As I opened the door I could hear music playing. I followed the sound into a nice little livingroom. For a bachelor, this man sure could decorate. Or maybe he wasn't a bachelor? I didn't bother to think about that detail when I decided to be spontaneous!

"Listen Eli, this might sound a bit off. I mean since i'm already here and all, but I have to know. Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married?" I asked.

He stopped working his stereo and turned to me.

"I am in no relationship what so ever." he answered.

As soon as I heard those words come out of his mouth I thought of the pretty little blonde he was with not too long ago. I instantly felt anger. I can't believe I managed to forget about such a woman. She was beautiful. Completely the opposite of her. I grabbed my purse from the counter. I opened it and reached for my cell phone.

"Listen Eli, this was a mistake. If you can tell me exactly where I am, I'd like to call a cab." The look of confusion on his face made her uncomfortable.

"What are you talking about Liana? you just got here and you want to leave. What changed your mind?" he asked.

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