tagBDSMThe Belated New Years Resolution

The Belated New Years Resolution


Jordan walked into the kitchen and started cleaning the few dishes that were in the sink. Jordan thought back the fight her and Chris had the previous evening, they had argued over something rather insignificant, and as usual the argument didn't last long and they had made up shortly thereafter. They argued from time to time, but it never seemed to last long, or spill over into multiple days.

Jordan had the day off from work because she worked for one of those fancy corporations that took off as many holidays as possible, even ones most people didn't have off. Chris however was a police officer, and though it was one of his days off, he had to go into the department for a few hours for a monthly training session. He had missed the first one, because he was in the middle of a shift on a call. He had gone in early this morning around 7 am for the training, and said he would be home about noon. When Jordan had woken up this morning there was a message from Chris on her phone.

"I'll be home about noon baby, when I get home there is something I need to discuss with you. See you in a bit. Love you." Jordan thought to herself. "I wonder what he wants to talk about? I wonder if it had to do with last night?" Chris had a habit of overthinking things, and bringing things up even after they had gotten over an argument. Either because he was confused or cause he thought he had done something.

The thought stuck with Jordan as she went about her morning. Through her cup of coffee, and while she did her yoga routine. About ten after twelve Chris pulled into the driveway, Jordan saw him getting out of the car as she walked into the bedroom from just finishing taking a shower. She quickly dried off as best she could, then wrapped the towel around her tightly.

Tucking the end of the towel into a layer below it, she could feel the tightness of the soft fluffy towel squeezing against her firm breasts. As she started to head out of the bedroom, she could here Chris coming through the front door, with his work bag. "Hi honey!" she announced as she saw Chris, when she was coming down the staircase. "Hi baby." Chris replied, giving Jordan a big kiss.

"What did you want to talk about baby?" Jordan asked eagerly, she hated surprises. "In a moment sweetie. Go up and finish drying off, I'll be right up to talk. Let me put my stuff away." Chris said, gesturing back up to the bedroom. Jordan made a slight pout about having to wait longer, but she turned around and went back upstairs to finish drying off.

About ten minutes had passed when Jordan heard Chris coming up the stairs to the bedroom. Jordan was in the process of brushing her hair out in the bathroom when Chris came into the bedroom. "Sweetheart, come on in and have a seat." Jordan replied, "Hang on a moment, and let me finish my hair real quick." So Chris sat and waited patiently. Little did Jordan know, that it probably wasn't a good idea to make Chris wait.

About five minutes later Jordan came out of the bathroom, with her hair tied back with a bright red scrunchy. "Have a seat baby." Chris directed towards the bed beside him. "What did you want to talk about baby?" Jordan asked as she sat down.

"First off, you know I love you very deeply, right?" Chris asked. Jordan nodded, "of course I do honey. Why do you ask?" "I just want to make sure you know that. That is all." Chris replied. "Ok then, what did you want to talk about then?" Jordan asked confused.

"We are going to talk about something I said I would do for us a well ago, but never actually got to accomplish it. Well, I am going to talk and you will listen. Alright?" Chris started. Jordan nodded, even more confused than a moment before. Chris continued, "There is going to be some big changes around here, and they are going to start now." Jordan started, "huh? What change..." but was quickly cut off by Chris "Quiet!" he announced. This startled Jordan, because Chris had never raised his voice ever to her.

He didn't sound angry, but very firm that she was supposed to be quiet. "Did it sound like I was finished talking?" Chris asked. Jordan shook her head "no". "Then you shouldn't be speaking." Chris stated frankly. Jordan was kind of put off at this point, Chris hadn't ever talked to her like that before. "I'll continue now...I have finally realized that making a decision is very hard for you. I have tried a lot to ask you, your opinion on things, to make sure that we do things that you enjoy too.

You however can never seem to give me an answer. But from now on, you don't have to. I will make all the decisions." Jordan thought for a second, remembering back a couple days when she was being rather stubborn and not wanting to decide anything. "I wonder if that is what he is talking about?" thought Jordan.

"Now..." Chris said, looking Jordan up and down. "...we need to get you dressed. Go out into the hall and bring in the bag sitting by the door." "What bag sitting by the door?" that Jordan, she hadn't seen on sitting by the door when she had come up to finish drying off, nor Chris with a bag when he came in the house.

"Don't make me repeat myself!" announced Chris. This startled Jordan and made her jump a little, she didn't realize she had just been sitting there thinking about there being a bag in the hall. Jordan hopped up, towel and all, and headed to the door, and opened it. Sitting in the hall by the corner of the door, was a medium sized black plastic shopping bag. Jordan bent over and picked it up. "Bring it over here to the bed." she heard Chris say before she could open the bag and look in. Jordan brought the bag back over to the bed and sat down beside Chris again. "I'll give you 15 minutes to change and get ready to go out. Come downstairs when you are already." Chris said, as he stood up before heading out of the bedroom and closing the door behind him.

Jordan was confused again, but focused her attention back on to e shopping back she had just retrieved from the hall. She opened the bag and started pulling the items out. First to come out of the bag, was a bright neon pink bra. "That's a cute color." Jordan thought. Following the bra, was a black racer back tank top with a wide, low-cut front. Jordan looked back into the bag to see what else was run it. Next came a bright pink skimpy panty, the same color as the bra. On the back of them Jordan noticed the words, "Let's Play!" in big black letters.

"Oh that's naughty!" thought Jordan. Putting the undies down she dove back into the bag to pull out a dark denim miniskirt. "Wow! That's short." Thought Jordan. She had worn skirts a few times, but they were always longer, now to the ankles or just. Below the knees. This one however came down halfway down her thighs. Much shorter than anything she had worn before. "I don't know about that." she thought, setting it down and going back to the black bag.

Next to come out of the never ending black bag was a box that looked like it had shoes in it. Jordan opened the box to find a pair of wedges with skin toned cotton straps. "Oh, those are cute." Jordan thought. Jordan had a small addiction for shoes. Carefully setting the shoes onto the floor, she went back to the bag, to find one last item. Again Jordan's confusion came back, Jordan pulled out a jet black silk nightie. She wasn't sure what to do with it, so she set it on the Ed with the other items.

Jordan then proceeded to dress herself in the items from the bag. She slipped into the panties, and put the bra on. Jordan was surprised how much the bra pushed her breasts up and together. Then into the miniskirt, and on with the tank top. After everything was on, Jordan went into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

She walked in and flicked on the light switch. The lights over the sink and mirror blinked on, and there she was in the mirror. Jordan looked herself over, she was used to wearing sweats or jeans and a hoodie. This was a completely different look for her, she felt almost naked with how much skin she was showing. From almost her entire legs, to her whole arms, and quite a bit of cleavage thanks to the bra. She felt very girl all dressed up like this.

Scanning down her body she noticed her bra straps where brightly standing out against her skin and the black tank top. "That looks kind of trashy." Jordan thought, as she reached back to undo the bra and take it off. A moment later, she fastened a racer back bra and went back to the mirror. She continued scanning down till she came to the bottom hem of the miniskirt. "Wow! That is really short! I'll probably be able to see my entire ass if I bend over."

Jordan turned around and bent over a bit. And as expected, there were her bright pink panties showing themselves off.

"Wow, I can't go out wearing this, everyone will be able to see up my skirt." she thought as she walked back to the bed and looked at the shoes. They were cute shoes, but she had to change out of the stuff she was wearing before she put them on. Just as she began to undo the little zipper to the miniskirt, she heard the doorknob to the bedroom turn. As she turned around, she saw Chris walking into the bedroom. "Alright, let's get going." he said. Jordan stammered in reply, "I can't go out in this, its way too short!"

Chris's expression changed to a frown at that point, "I didn't ask if you wanted to go out or not in that. And where is your bra?" Jordan replied, "The straps were showing from underneath the shirt, I thought it looked trashy, so I put a different one on." Chris' frown grew even more. "I didn't say you could put a different one on. Go put the one from the bag by back on. Now! You didn't want to make decisions, so now I get to decide on what you wear.

I'll give you a moment to change out bras and put your shoes on, then you had better have you cute butt down stairs." Jordan frowned slightly; she didn't want to go out in the outfit, she felt very vulnerable in it, and thought she looked like those 21 year old sluts that she see going to the local clubs and bars all the time. Chris turned and left the room, closing the door behind him with a commanding thud.

A couple minutes later Jordan was walking down the stairs, wearing the cotton wedges, and had the bright pink bra straps showing from underneath her tank top. Chris was at the bottom of the staircase waiting, "there is my beautiful ill girl. Wow, don't you look sexy!" Chris's expression and mood seem to have completely changed since he was upstairs. Jordan blushed, she was used to Chris telling her she was beautiful or attractive, but she felt so silly looking in such a skimpy outfit, all she could do was blush.

"Let's get going, we have quite a bit to do. First off is the day spa." Chris said as he took her hand and walked to the door. "The spa?!" she stammered. "Honey, I can't go to the spa looking like this!"

Chris stopped as he walked out the door and turned to look at Jordan. "You obviously don't get it yet, you don't get a choice. You didn't want to choose before, so now I am making all the decisions, and I have decided you will be going to have a small spa day." Jordan started to protest, "But honey the spa is expensive..." He gave her another frown, "Shush! I did NOT ask if you wanted to or not." he pointed to the truck in the driveway, "Now, get in the truck." he said sternly.

A moment later the door to the house was locked and Chris was holding the door open for Jordan to get into the truck. Jordan did her best to make sure she didn't bend too much or allow too much to be seen, Chris closed the door once she was in.

As they were driving down the road to the day spa, Jordan asked, "what will we be doing at the spa?" to which Chris replied. "You. Will be getting a manicure and a pedicure, as well as a wax. But because that can be painful, you will also be getting a full body massage afterwards to relax a bit." Jordan was again confused with all that was happening. "What do you mean, me? And what is getting waxed?" Chris replied, "What I mean, is you will be in the spa, and I will be running some errands while you are there.

And for someone who didn't want to make decisions, you are sure getting uppity about what I have decided to do for you." he continued," what you will be getting done though, is a full leg wax along with a full Brazilian wax. If you want to know what all is done with a Brazilian wax, you have a smartphone, look it up."

Jordan, had heard of a Brazilian wax before, but she had forgotten what all it included, she thought it was similar to a bikini wax. She went to grab her phone, then realized in the hurry to change and get downstairs, she had forgot her purse and phone. "Baby we need to go back, I forgot my purse and phone." Chris didn't say something for a moment, then gestured to the back seat. "They are in the back seat. I figured you would forget because you seemed flustered."

Jordan reached back and grabbed her purse and pulled her phone out. She brought up the web browser and went to google.com, then punched in Brazilian wax into the search bar. A moment later it came back with a page of results and she clicked on the first link. She read through the Wikipedia page on Brazilian waxing. '...the hair is removed from the front area, the complete backside, and completely in between the two.' Jordan blushed heavily after she finished reading.

"Why are you blushing?" Chris asked. "I just read what a Brazilian wax involves. They are going to wax my ass too?" Chris laughed a little. "Well that is part of a Brazilian wax, so yes." Jordan blushed some more.

After a little bit, the truck pulled into the parking lot for the day spa. As they parked the truck, Chris turned to look at Jordan, "From now on, you will be a good girl and wait till I come around and open the door for you, just as you will be a good girl and wait till I open the to let you in too. Is that understood?" Jordan nodded slightly "Good." He said.

Chris went around and opened the door for Jordan, and again Jordan did her best to keep her legs together and not bending too much to show off anything. As she stepped out of the truck she asked Chris. "Why do I have to get a Brazilian wax? I keep it trimmed down there, is that not what you like?" He looked at her in reply, "you are getting a Brazilian because it is up to me to decide what kind of girl you will be now, as you don't like to decide things.

So you are going to be a girl who is completely hairless down there from now on." Jordan was speechless for a moment. "But I don't want to get a Brazilian?" Chris looked at her, "I didn't ask if you wanted to or not. Now let's go in they are expecting you." Chris took Jordan's hand and they walked into the day spa? They walked in, with the little bell on the door ringing, "Hello" said Chris to the woman behind the counter. "We are here for her 1 pm appointment." the lady looked through the computer schedule. "Jordan Fredrickson?" Jordan nodded that it was her, though still thoroughly embarrassed about what she was wearing.

"Very good!" said the lady behind the counter, as she grabbed a big fluffy robe from the rack. "Right this way Mrs. Fredrickson." as she held out the robe for Jordan to put her arms in. "Will you be coming back too, Sir." Chris shook his head, "No, I have some errands I will be running while she is having fun." with that, Jordan was taken back into the spa, and Chris left the day spa to run some errands.

*Two Hours Later*

Chris pulled back into the parking lot of the day spa and walked inside. "Hello again!" he said to the lady behind the counter. "Is my baby all done?" the lady looked at the computer, "It looks like she finished with the massage therapist about ten minutes ago, so she should be out any time now." Chris smiled and thanked the lady and took a seat to wait for Jordan.

About five minutes later Jordan came out, blushing very brightly. "Hi sweetheart." Chris said as he took Jordan's hand, and went out to the truck. He opened the door, and helped Jordan into the truck, then got in himself. "Did you have fun?" Jordan was still bushing, "The waxing was a very embarrassing experience, but the massage felt good." Chris smiled, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Now, off to the mall." Chris said, looking at the to-do list on his phone. "What! No!" Jordan exclaimed. She had been thoroughly embarrassed about having to get stark naked from the waist down and be so exposed with a strange lady as she removed her hair from her pussy and beyond. Just then Chris seem rather upset, "When I want your opinion, missy, I will ask you for it. If that is too hard, I'm sure a good spanking will get my points across. Do you understand?"

Jordan was shocked, she thought to herself, "wow, he seems serious, I know he jokes on occasion about spanking, but I always thought he was just playing." For the entire trip (although short) to the mall, Jordan was quiet and didn't say a word for fear of upsetting Chris. She didn't like to upset him, she tried her best to make him happy. But today she had been very confused on what to do through most of it, and. What she should do to make him happy.

They finally arrived at the mall, and Chris got out, opened her door and helped her out of the truck. "What are we going to do here?" she asked. "We are here to replace some things in your wardrobe. Some of the stuff you have in the closet no longer fits with the kind of girl you are now." Chris said casually. As they walked into the mall, Jordan wondered what he meant by that.

As they were walking through the main corridor of the mall Chris stated. "Well we should start from the ground up, so to the shoe store." Jordan looked at Chris, "shoes?" A moment later, they were standing in front of the shoe store. "Now we need to pick out 4 pairs of shoes for you; another pair of sandals, either wedges or some cute platform ones, a pair of strappy high heels, a pair of regular high heels, and a pair of flats." Chris said, reading off his list on his phone.

They went into the store and found the aisle with Jordan's shoe size and began looking. Chris was scanning the shelves and occasionally pulling a box down and looking at the shoes, sometimes putting them back, others holding onto the box. After a little bit, Chris called Jordan over to sit down on the bench. Jordan has gotten distracted looking at a pair of boots. Jordan sat down on the bench, and Chris handed her a box. "Try these on".

Jordan slipped on the wedges that Chris has handed her, they were cute, and fit good. Chris then took the box back and handed her another. After a few minutes of trying the shoes on, she had gone through all four boxes that Chris had. One of the high heels had been slightly uncomfortable, but they had a very steep heel and she wasn't used to walking in them.

Before Jordan knew they were at the checkout counter paying for the shoes she had tried on. Jordan was shocked at the price for all the shoes. She had tried to protest about getting them because they were expensive, but Chris wouldn't have it. Once they walked out of the store, Chris directed Jordan over to a chair in the open area in the hall, "wait here, I'm going to run these bags out to the car real quick."

he then slid his arm around her waist, and snuggled up to her ear, and whispered. "Remember, your hot, and you seem to be trying to be naughty all day, so if a guy whistles at you, or comments, I expect you to flirt with him". With that he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and he was off. Jordan didn't have any time to protest what he had said before he was out of earshot.

With Chris gone, Jordan didn't know what to do she felt like everyone was staring at her, and looking around, she noticed, more than one guy was checking her out. A few minutes had passed, and Jordan was trying her best to keep her legs crossed to not allow anyone to get a view of her undies or her now bare pussy. Jordan noticed that there was a Starbucks right across the way from where she was sitting.

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