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The Best Day


My wife and I have a great sex-life, but I have always been interested in more than just sex. I love the view of a cream pie. Every time I cum in my wife's pussy, I make her spread her legs so I can watch it dribble out of her snatch. I also eat her out if she has not yet had an orgasm. I love to lap every last drop of my love juice out of my wife's hotbox. I usually fantasize about my wife fucking another guy. The thought of her riding another guy's cock drives me insane. I always tell her about my fantasies, but she said she will never fuck another man.

I travel a lot for work, and my wife often accompanies me. Although she says she will never fuck another guy, she does try to somewhat satisfy my desires. When we go to clubs out of town, she never wears panties. She'll lift her dress or skirt for unsuspecting men to see her snatch. My wife never shaves her pussy, so it is a wonderful view. She shaves her legs and pits, so she is not a granola or hippie or anything, but I just love the sight of her hairy pussy. Her hair is very long and thick, but not curly. It reaches all the way from her belly button to around her asshole, and about two inches down her legs.

Sometimes we will even enter a club separately, and she'll seduce men that she thinks are sexy. She'll talk to them and show them her pussy. Sometimes, if she has had enough to drink, she'll even let them finger bang her. However, at the end of the evening, she'll never go home with the guy. All of this is an incredible turn on, but I really want her to fuck another guy. My wife is exceptional at fucking, and I would love to see her please another man. She says that she feels like that would be cheating, and she will never fuck another guy.

The more I mention this fantasy, the more frustrated she became. A couple of months ago, she stopped showing her pussy at the bars, wouldn't talk to other guys, and got pissed every time I mentioned it.

Last week, I finished up work before five o'clock, so decided to go home early. When I arrived at home, my wife was in her nightie, and was acting very strange. She said that she had just masturbated and took a shower. I noticed that her hair was not wet, but did not think much of it. I went to the bedroom to undress and take a shower, and get ready for a relaxing evening at home. Just as I got naked, my wife came in and told me to sit on the chair next to the bed. I thought that I was in for a tremendous blowjob. My wife gets really hot and horny after finger fucking herself. As I sat down, she cuffed my wrists to the back of the chair, and tied my ankles to the legs of the chair. At first, I did not think anything of it, until she stood up from tying my legs, and I saw a drip of something white come out of her snatch. Before I could think of anything to say, she had me gagged.

She laid down on the bed and started to finger her hairy cunt. As she spread her legs, I about blew my load as I saw a huge load of cum begin to drip out of her pussy. Before I could figure out what was going on, a guy walked into the room, naked. He was not anybody I knew, but my wife obviously recognized him. Neither of them spoke a word, my wife just pulled him close to the bed, and started to kiss the tip of his huge cock.

I was in total awe, and flooded with emotions. I did not know what to think, but I had an erection harder than I had ever had before. She slowly started to suck his cock, and eventually started to deep throat all nine inches of the beast. She continued to fingerfuck her hairy snatch harder and harder while this guy's last load of cum coated her fingers and dripped all over the bed. She got herself off in no time, while the guy started to moan louder. I was certain he was about to cum. Just as he arched his back, my wife yanked his cock out of her mouth, and beat his cock juice all over her tits.

My wife finally made eye contact with me, and stood up. This guy shot such a load, As she walked towards me, his cum dripped off her tits, down her stomach, all over her pussy hair, down her legs, and onto the floor. To add to that, his last load was still dribbling out of her snatch. As she leaned over to whisper something in my ear, his cum dripped all over me. Then she simply whispered, "Don't say a fucking word." Then she took the gag out of my mouth and started to kiss me. I was surprised to find that she had a tiny drop of cum in her mouth, in addition to the huge load that was dripping off of her tits. Then she broke the kiss and said; "Now I really need to get fucked." My cock was so hard, I couldn't wait. Then she said "Too bad he doesn't have an erection." I was confused for a second, and then looked at the other guy's flaccid cock. Then she looked straight at me and said "You're just going to have to suck his cock 'til he gets an erection."

Just as I began to protest, "No fuckin' w…" she slapped me so hard across the face I thought I saw stars. Before I could even think about trying to say anything else, this guy's cock was pressed against my lips. I thought about the ass whippin' I just received from my wife, and slowly opened my mouth. He was surprisingly gentle, and slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth, until he had an erection again. I could taste his cum, my wife's pussy, and God knows what else, but it stiffened my erection even further. Just as he began to enjoy it, my wife pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved the gag back in.

My wife laid back on the bed, with her legs spread towards me. Then this guy climbed on top of her and began to slowly slide his cock into my wife's hairy pussy. As he inched his cock in, cum globbed out of the bottom of my wife's pussy and dripped down her crack. Soon they were fucking hard, and my wife was going crazy. I know that she came three or four times while he was slamming her pussy, and each time I could see their mixed juices flooding out of her snatch. Suddenly, the guy arched his back and shuttered while his cock spewed in my wife's pussy for at least two minutes. It was amazing.

Finally, he rolled off of her and left the room. My wife just laid there for several minutes, fingering her cum filled snatch for me to watch. Finally, she came towards me, told me to remember what happens when I talk, and removed the gag. Then my wife climbed backwards onto the chair on top of me, and shoved her cum filled pussy right in my face as she began to lick the tip of my cock. I was again about ready to explode as I started shoving my tongue as deep into her snatch as I could. Man could this guy shoot a load. It dripped out of her snatch so fast, I couldn't keep up. Then she stopped, climbed off of me, and blindfolded me.

Several minutes later, she returned to the same position and started sucking my cock as I licked all of the cum out of her pussy. Seconds later, I felt pressure against my asshole. I loved it when my wife stuck her dildo up my ass. It wasn't long before I heard moaning, like that of a guy. I quickly realized that this guy was back in the room, and fucking my ass. Just then, he thrust hard, and I could feel his cock spasming inside of my ass. My wife obviously enjoyed watching this, and began to cum like crazy. I was shocked when even more of this guy's cum started flooding out of her snatch. I couldn't hold it any longer, and began shooting my load down my wives throat. I felt like I came for hours, it was the best orgasm I have ever had. My wife climbed back off of me, took off the blindfold, and said "Remember, don't say a fuckin' word."

The guy was already gone, and she walked out of the room. She returned later that evening, untied me from the chair, and went to bed. She didn't smile or say a word. We have not spoken of the incident since, but I am anxiously waiting to see if it happens again.

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