The Best Kiss


Dear Sarah,

I am doing fine. I hope you are well. I hope your Ma and Pa and cousins are well too. I miss you very much, but the work here is hard and the days are long, and so I am keeping busy and that helps. We’ve been working from right at sunup to about supper time, then we eat, but then we have to work again until it is full dark, so the project can stay on track and get me back to you that much the sooner.

I hope you miss me too, I think about you all the time, especially when I bunk down, and close my eyes, and start to fall asleep. I almost always think about that kiss you gave me that night, right after we both turned twenty-one, down by the lake, after the fireworks had all gone off, and everyone’s eyes were dazzled, and I looked down at you, and you were laughing, and smiling, and I looked down into your beautiful eyes, and down at your beautiful mouth, and I just couldn’t help it, and I didn’t want to help it either, and I just lowered my face to yours, and you kept smiling, and were still smiling when you kissed me, your warm, soft lips pressing against mine, and I could taste strawberries, and that was about the best kiss I could imagine. Do you think about that kiss too? I can’t wait to kiss you again. I hope you want to.

I also think about the time you let me touch your bosoms. I hope you do not mind me writing about this, or that I’m being forward, but it’s just that I do think about it a lot, and how excited I was, and how lovely your perky little bosoms felt in my hands. I remember how you caught your breath, and gasped a little, and that made my heart just beat like crazy, and my stomach clench up, and my, well, my thing, you know, get big and hard. I was embarrassed, but you were very nice about it, and let me palm your, well, the boys here call them titties, I hope you don’t mind me using that word, because I don’t mean to be crude, but it’s kind of exciting to say to you; titties, you let me palm your bouncy little titties, and I could feel the hard little points pressing into my palms, and I think that meant you were excited too.

You are such a great girl for letting me do that, and I think about it a lot. I also think about how surprised I was when you lay your hand on my thing, when I was excited from touching your titties, gosh, I’m embarrassed just to write that, but you did, you lay your hand on my thing, and I thought I’d just about pass out when you gave it a squeeze through my pants. I know you could feel how excited I was, and I hoped you knew it was from touching you. I’m sure you did. I have to confess something to you; I was really hoping you’d take it out of my pants. I knew I’d be way too shy to do it, and I’d never ask you in a million, million years, but I really hoped you would, because I really wanted to feel you touch me, touch my thing I should say, with your bare hand. I knew it was too much to hope for, even when you were squeezing my rod, and pulling it a little while I rubbed your bosoms and your nipples and you were gasping. Even then, when I knew you were excited, I knew it was too much to ask.

That’s why I was SO surprised when you did it! It was very shocking, but I was very VERY excited when you unfastened my pants, and got my rod right out of there with your hand, and wrapped your soft little hand right around my thing. Your hand felt so good, I could actually feel my rod swell up and pulse as you gripped it. When you kind of pulled it back and forth, it felt so good I though I was going to just about faint! Do you remember that Sarah? I sure do. The second time I was embarrassed that night was when that clear liquid that was really slippery started leaking from the head of my thing, (people sometimes call it the cock, did you know that?) anyway, I was very embarrassed, but lord Sarah, when you put your hand right on the end of my thing, my cock, and got that slippery stuff on your palm? Lord! Then started stroking your hand up and down my cock, letting your hand slide along, gripping and stroking? I’m telling you Sarah, that was about the best think I’d ever, EVER felt. I’m not kidding you!

Wow, I hope this isn’t too personal, or that you think I’m being crude, but my thing is getting hard right now, just writing this to you. Can you imagine? How embarrassing!

I’ll always remember that night, and how good it felt when you were stroking my cock with your bare hand. I think I could let you do that any time you like, so just let me know! (Just teasing you Sarah!) Anyway, it felt so good, and it was feeling better and better all the time. I really liked having your breasts in my hand while you were doing it too, and it seemed to me that you were getting excited too, because you were squeezing your eyes shut, and gasping a little, and squirming around, but you never let go of my rod, my cock, and you were tugging on it and your hand was slipping because I was so excited and there was that slippery stuff leaking out of my rod. I know I already said this, but lord that felt good. I felt like I could just explode, especially when you started jerking my rod, moving your hand up and down harder and squeezing.

I don’t know what made me put my hand up your skirt right then, but all I can say was that I wasn’t thinking clearly. I guess you can imagine I just wasn’t! I just really needed to touch your skin some more, and it seemed right that I do it. I think at first you didn’t realize it, because my hand was all the way up above your knee, and I was touching the skin on the inside of your leg, pretty high up when you kind of clamped your knees together. I think you were as surprised as me! Do you remember? You were kind of sitting next to me, and we could hear the little waves lapping in the lake, and the night birds making their little sounds, and other than that just the sound of your hands moving on my rod, up and down, and the sounds I was making of course! Well, clamping your knees together couldn’t really stop me then, because I was already past your knees, and I have to tell you Sarah, that the skin on the inside of your legs, and, I know this is an indelicate word, your thighs, high up, was about the softest silkiest thing I have ever felt. It was just lovely. I really liked it, and it made me really excited. You are such a great girl.

I don’t know who was more surprised, you or me, when my hand made it all the way up and pressed against your panties. Do you think it was you? Probably. I sure never thought that would happen! I remember you gave a little moan (that moan made me more excited!) and tried to scoot back from my hand a little, but I just turned my hand so my palm was facing you, and pressed my palm right up between your legs, right over your panties. I want to tell you a word I learned Sarah, and please don’t get mad, but it’s pussy. I know it sounds disrespectful, and I hope you know I don’t mean it that way, I really don’t, but it seems like an exciting word to say, especially when I think about touching your pussy. Anyway, I put my hand, my palm, right over your pussy, and you looked up at me, and I just had to kiss you then, it seemed so perfect, so I just put my mouth right on yours, and licked your bottom lip, and I was groaning and moving my body because you were still just jerking my cock like anything, and it felt so goddam good I though I would just die, and you kissed me back, and I felt your tongue touch mine, and right then was when I finally found the edge of your panties and got my hand inside, and pressed against your secret soft self, seeking and stroking, and then my two middle fingers found your careful little slit, all wet and sleek, and you were so slippery between your legs, and you opened your legs a little wider, I think that meant that you were very excited, and my two middle fingers just slid right up inside you, you were so soft and slick and open like a flower.

Wow. I remember that right then, when my fingers went up into your pussy, you squeezed my cock really hard, it almost hurt, but it felt good, and you gave your hips a little thrust, a little roll, then you started stroking my rod again, and I was moving my fingers in your pussy kind of slow, kind of exploring around, and slipping my two fingers in and out a little, and around your slit, and you jumped every time I touched the little button at the top of your slit, and made a sound, so I kind of concentrated on that until you were really gasping and could hardly kiss me, and your hands kind of slowed down on my rod where you were stroking me. I didn’t mind Sarah, because I knew it was feeling good for you, and I liked making you feel that way, because you’re such a great girl, and your hands were feeling so good on my cock.

I don’t know if you know this, but I was watching your face while I was doing that to you, and I was really enjoying it. Your eyes were closed, and you were kind of making an expression like I was hurting you, or like you were really concentrating, but I knew it was just because it felt so good. At least I hoped it did. I finally found a way that seemed like it looked like it felt the best way for you, with my palm turned towards you, and my middle fingers stroking that little button in a circle, and sometimes running those fingers right up into your pussy and pressing that little button with my palm. It must have felt good, because you were pressing your hips against my hand, and kind of pumping them back and forth, and you were breathing kind of fast and hard. You looked really beautiful Sarah.

I wish you would write to me, and tell me about how that night felt to you Sarah, I would love to hear about how you liked that as much as I did, if you did. You really seemed to, especially when after a little while, I started doing it a little harder, and really concentrating on that spot at the top of your slit, which, I have to say it was really exciting, was really wet and slippery, and, jeez Sarah, this is the most embarrassing thing I’ve said so far, I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this, but I wanted to just turn you over, and get you on your hands and knees, and spread your legs apart and put my rod right up into your wet little slit and do you like that. I could really picture how your tight little pussy would grip and slide on my cock, and I would push my fingers in to feel you, and you would squirm, and your pussy would grip on my fingers, and I was thinking about my cock up inside you and how that would feel and how that would make you moan.

Whew! Well, that was what I was thinking about while I was stroking your slit, going faster and pressing your little button and kissing you sometimes, and looking down at your beautiful face, and your beautiful hair shining in the moonlight, when you gave a bigger gasp than before, and your thighs clamped together on my hand, and your whole body jerked and, like, spasmed, and you even stopped breathing for a few seconds and you made a string of little sounds like, uh! uh! uhhh! and at first I thought I was hurting you, but then I realize that it felt so good you were just taken over. That, I don’t know, wave of pleasure seemed to wash over you for a little while and I was still stroking your pussy when you finally stopped me with a little laugh, and kind of relaxed and collapsed a little, do you remember? Your tummy was still giving little jerks, and your hips too, but you were starting to relax too. It was really something, and you looked so beautiful, all...blissful I guess would be the word.

Your hand was still holding my cock, but not really moving anymore, which I hadn’t really noticed because I was watching your face as the pleasure overcame you, but then I realized that my cock was super hard, and my, okay, here’s another embarrassing thing, my balls, (is there any way to talk about this that’s not embarrassing?) my balls were kind of aching and drawn up and tight and I really wanted you to keep going. I kind of took your wrist, and moved it a little and moved my hips so my cock would move in your hand, remember? I was still leaking that fluid from the head of my cock and your hand was moving a little, but not as much as I needed right then, and I’m sorry if I seemed impatient, it’s just that I was so, so excited that I wasn’t really thinking clearly.

You were kind of wobbly, and wrung-out from the shocks of pleasure still zipping through your body, and I guess that’s why you kind of slipped to the ground when I stood up. Remember that? I didn’t mean for you to fall, I was just trying to re-arrange myself and get a little more comfortable.

Okay, I have to admit, that’s not entirely true; I wanted to get up so I could get my rod all the way out of my pants, so you could, um, finish touching me. It felt so good, your hand on me, I really wanted you to keep going, but I didn’t mean for you to slip to the ground! Promise! If you remember, I kind of stood up, to help you up; you were sitting on the ground with your elbow on the bench, kind of leaning, and my dick was still out, all hard, and still leaking, and kind of bobbing there, which is really embarrassing, and you kind of laughed, and reached out and wrapped your hand around me, around my shaft, and man, that felt good, so I just kind of stopped and stood up, and looked down at you, and you started stroking your hand up and down my rod again, looking at my face, and sometimes looking at your hand on my rod.

I don’t know if you believe this Sarah, but I really didn’t mean for that next thing to happen. I think it was just because you were down there in front of me, and looking up at me, with your hand stroking me, and your cheeks flushed, your mouth kind of open, and your beautiful face just near my cock, and it just seemed right, and that’s why I said “suck it Sarah” in that kind of low and thick voice, because I could hardly speak, my heart was hammering so hard, and you looked up at me kind of shocked, but I really needed you to, so I said “suck my cock, Sarah, do it, suck me,” and even though you looked kind of uncertain, you fucking well did it, you kept your grip on my shaft and licked your lips, and just leaned in and closed your warm wet mouth, your beautiful lips, around the swollen head of my cock, and held me there, your hand squeezing a little, your mouth stretched around me because I was so hard my cock actually hurt.

God Sarah, that felt so fucking good you can’t even know. And I was so turned on watching you sucking my cock that I just had to move, which is why I pushed my hips forward, and pushed my dick further into your mouth, further than you were ready for I guess, because you choked a little, and your eyes filled with water, all brimming and bright, and you looked up at me, kind of pleading, but -- and I’m sorry about this Sarah -- at that moment I didn’t care; in fact, I liked it. Anyway, so I pushed my hips forward to get more of my cock into your hot little mouth, and even though you had a grip on my shaft, your fingers were kind of slippery and slidey by then, of course, so it didn’t really stop me, and your fingers just slid up my shaft as my cock slipped into your mouth and touched the back of your throat. You looked so beautiful there baby, and so sexy, sucking my cock, that I couldn’t help myself, and even though your mouth felt so, so good, I needed more, and when I started moving my hips back and forth, pushing my cock into your mouth on each thrust, slow at first, your hand slipping up and down the whole length of my shaft each time, pressing deep into your mouth each time, and you were squeezing me, and trying to keep up, and it felt so fucking good, sucking my cock so sexy, such a good girl, trying so hard, a tear slipping down your cheek, and finally I had to reach and cup my hand behind your head, so I could control you better, keep your mouth there so I could fuck your beautiful mouth, make you suck me like I needed you to, even the sound of my cock driving in and out of your mouth, and the sounds you were making, little gasps and chokes and squeals, all muffled by my cock filling your mouth, and touching the back of your throat -- that always made you buck a little, and your tummy tighten up, remember?

That was so sexy Sarah -- even the sounds were turning me on, and it was really hard, really REALLY hard to not explode in your mouth; just push my dick into your mouth as deep as I could, into your throat, even if it made you choke, and pull your face into me, and hold my cock there, and just come in your beautiful mouth in jerks and spurts and make you take it like a good little cock-sucking girl, but I didn’t, even though I really wanted to, I didn’t because even though it felt so good, I was thinking about your tight little hole that I had been exploring with my fingers, and how you would feel when I slid my cock into your pussy, what sounds you would make then, and I really wanted to fuck you.

Finally I just had to stop, because I was getting really close to just giving up and coming in your mouth, and I was feeling kind of frantic then, like I was, I don’t know, losing control or something, and I really needed to fuck you then Sarah, I just really did, and you seemed kind of shaky when I reached down and lifted you to your feet, it seemed like your knees were buckling, and you were breathing kind of hard, like you’d been running; I guess it was because I was fucking your lovely mouth kind of hard, and not giving you a lot of time to breath, but fuck it felt so good baby, you’re such a great girl. So that’s why I might have seemed a little rough when I pushed you down over that picnic table onto your tummy, and kicked your feet apart like a cop show or something. Your feet were still on the ground remember? I just pushed you down and held my hand on your lower back to keep you there and flipped your skirt up. Your long legs were straight, and spread wide because of when I kicked your feet apart, and I didn’t mean to rip your panties when I pulled them down, well, jerked them down I guess, and I’m sorry about that; they just came off you completely, and here’s a secret I bet you didn’t know: I still have them!

Anyway, you looked so sexy there Sarah, facedown on the picnic table with your legs spread, and your perfect, bare little ass all defenseless and your inner thighs all tight and straining and just your toes touching the ground, and when I reached up between your legs, and cupped your precious little pussy in my hand you gave a jump, and made a little sound, but your pussy was wet and open and slick and when I slid two fingers inside you, you moaned, and it was so fucking sexy, and then I slid three fingers inside of you, and it was harder, because your cunt was so tight, even though you were so wet, and I could tell it hurt you a little, from the high-pitched little sounds you made, but you pushed back too, so you must have liked it too.

Well, that was about it, all that I could take; my hands were shaking, and my heart was beating so hard I thought I might have a heart attack, and my cock was so hard and straining, and my balls ached, so that’s when I slipped my fingers out of your pussy, and stroked them on my cock, to get my cock slippery -- well, slippery-ER -- and when I fit the head of my cock to your open little cunt, opened your slit a little by sliding the head up and down, and even though you were so wet, and my cockhead was slippery with your juices from my fingers that were in your pussy, it took quite a little push to get into your snug little cunt with my cock, and just when I started slipping up into you, fuck Sarah, that felt so good, you said “wait! wait!” but you have to understand Sarah, I was way past waiting, and you tried to get up, to push up from the table, but with your legs so wide apart, and my feet inside yours -- by the way, you looked so, so cute and sexy completely naked from the waist down, but your little socks and tennies still on -- anyway, with your feet trapped and my hand on your lower back and the head of my cock already penetrating your heated little wet slit, that you really couldn’t get away, and I really needed to fuck you then, and enough was enough, that was enough waiting and playing and I loved your mouth on my cock, but I needed this now, I had to, and I slid my cock up into your impossibly tight, slick little cunt as hard as I could, all at once, and just held it there; all the way up inside you, my beautiful girl, fuck, and you gave a big gasp, and cried out, and it fucking felt so fucking good Sarah, you can’t even know, I promise you that.

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