tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Best Summer of My Life Ch. 01

The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 01


The following story was cobbled together from some of my experiences and those of a close friend. For my part there was indeed a Magda in my life who taught me the wonders of oral sex. The rest of our relationship is based on an experience my friend had with his physiotherapist. Both experiences have generously benefited from our collective imaginations and desires.

The overriding theme of all my stories is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Please be aware though, that I will touch a lot of other bases as well, as this story runs its course. If you are offended by explicit, overt sex, sex between family members, bi or lesbian sex, then maybe it's best you move on. Lastly, there are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the character declare his or her age in the dialogue. I have a number of chapters already written that I am currently revising, so you won't have to wait too long for new installments. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it.


School was out and I was finally done with it, at least until the fall when I would start university. Sadly though, there would be no lazing around for me this summer. The fact was, I needed a summer job.

My parents were very protective of me, especially my mother and they kept me working hard to get top grades and consistently make the honor role each year. This left me little time for socializing because, even in summer, they'd have me in geek camps and enriched summer school. Meeting girls, even though it was a priority for me, hardly ever happened. To make things worse, I was paralyzed with shyness around them and so I was usually out of luck when I did meet someone. I did manage to date a few girls as a teenager but I never made it too far in the love department.

My mother, father, twin sister and I all lived in a nice part of town. Our home was a good size in an older urban area that was quiet but still close enough to downtown. Most of our neighbours were professionals or business types that tended to keep to themselves. Either that, or they were just too busy I supposed.

It was a terrific area to live in, the place where I would forge my few lifelong friendships. More importantly, I would learn more about sex and women there than any other place in my life. It was Monday morning and already my mom was in my room shaking my foot to wake me up.

"What are you doing?" I moaned half asleep. "It's Monday and school's out, this should be my day off. Can't I sleep in a bit for a change?"

"Nice try kiddo," she laughed, "there will be time enough to sleep in on the weekend, that is if you're not working weekends. Right now you need to get up and start looking for a job."

I knew better than to argue with her, there was no way I was ever going to win. Besides, if I pushed back too hard she'd only bring my dad down on me. In those days you did as you were told or you got the business end of a belt.

Dragging myself out of bed, I stumbled to the bathroom to take a shower. I soaped myself all over, taking the necessary time to stroke my always-stiff cock until I came. It was a good, strong orgasm and I watched my cum hit the shower door and drooled downward, mingling with the soapsuds.

Feeling relieved, at least for another few hours, I cleaned up and went back into my room to get dressed. It seemed I was constantly horny in those days and I would masturbate four to six times daily, sometimes more.

As I descended the stairs to the kitchen I wondered to myself just how I was going to find a job. I had never worked a day in my life, for a salary that is. My whole life up to then had been extreme academia and this would be my first summer off. My breakfast of bacon and eggs lay waiting as I sat down at the kitchen table. My sister Jan was already there eating and she watched as I wolfed my food down.

"So what are your plans?" Mom asked.

"I thought I'd make the rounds of all the stores and restaurants around here and see if anyone is hiring," I answered.

"Good luck with that," my sister interrupted, "you should have done that a month ago like I did, there won't be any jobs left now."

"OK, you try that then," Mom said to me, "I might have something for you to do at Magda's house but you'll still need a job to fall back on after that's done."

I left the house and headed to the commercial district in our area. Jan's remark was still on my mind and it really pissed me off. Her so-called job was just an internship in some dumb marketing office. We were twins and although she was thirty minutes older than me, her life had taken the same path, education, education and more education. She had been cloistered into academia by our parents just like me.

She was a little less inept than me at the social graces though, since she did have a few close friends. But she was much more naïve than I about the opposite sex, if that were possible.

As I walked, I thought about how Mom mentioned some work for me at Magda's. Magda Poulski was our next-door neighbour and a friend of my mother's. Her husband had died of a heart attack a few years earlier, so she now lived alone. She was nice and always treated the neighbourhood kids well. There were times when I felt she had a special smile, just for me. I didn't know what she did for a living but there were always people coming and going from her house.

Having completed my rounds of all the businesses in the area I returned home just after lunchtime. My mother had set out a sandwich for me with some chips and a drink. I was famished and devoured it all in record time.

"So how did it go?" Mom asked.

"OK," I said, "I filled out six applications and a couple looked like they might be interested in hiring me as a stock boy or helper."

"Good. I'm proud of you. You handled that like a man."

Wow, I thought to myself, she never complemented me that way before. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

"So what about the work at Mrs Poulski's," I asked.

"Oh yeah," she said, "good thing you reminded me. You have to go to her house today at three and talk to her about it. I think she needs some painting done."

At three o'clock on the nose, I was at Mrs Poulski's door. I was about to knock when the door opened and out came a middle aged man in a suit followed by Mrs P. She was wearing a white two-piece uniform like a medical technician.

"Oh Rick," she said, catching sight of me, "you're very punctual, please come in."

I followed her into her home passing her living room to the left and what appeared to be an office like a doctor's examining room on the right. We continued straight into the kitchen where she stopped and turned to face me.

"So Rick, I have a lot of work for you if you're capable and available that is. First, I need my basement cleaned out and painted and then my back yard is a disaster; it needs a major cleanup as well as some garden work and re-turfing. Lastly, I have several pieces of furniture that I would like spruced up with some repairs and refinishing. Can you handle all that?"

"Holy cow," I said, "I didn't know you had that much work to be done, this could take me all summer. There isn't anything you mentioned, though, that I don't think I can handle. My dad prides himself on his ability to do handiwork, as he calls it and I've been helping him ever since I was big enough to hold tools. I don't think I'll have any trouble but you can bet my dad will steer me straight, if I do need help."

"That's great," she said with that special wide smile, "You can start by taking notes and talking over a price with your dad tonight. We can meet again tomorrow morning and come to terms, say around ten-thirty."

I agreed and after wandering around the basement and the back yard I took the kind of notes I new my dad would want and then I headed back home. That night I went over everything with my dad and we came to an amount of $1,200 plus materials, for everything but the furniture. I would have to figure those out when she knew more about what she wanted. Mrs P was getting one heck of a deal but she was a friend of the family and I was happy to help. Besides, I didn't need to look for a job any more.

The next morning I went over at ten-thirty sharp and pitched her the deal. She was delighted with my offer. She said that other contractors had been there earlier and quoted her as much as $5,500 without the furniture.

"I realize you're working for very little and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it," she said, "since my husband passed away it's been difficult getting by with only my physiotherapy practice. This will really help, thank you."

We agreed that I would begin the following morning by cleaning out the basement and the next day I was back over right after breakfast. Before I could knock, Mrs P opened the door and said good morning.

After I entered, she handed me a key. "This is the key to the back door, you'll need to be able to come and go as you require during the day. I won't always be available to let you in and sometimes I'm out on business."

"Thanks," I said, "that will be handy."

"Another thing," she added, "my name is Magda, please call me that. I hate being called Mrs Poulski or Mrs P. OK?"

"You got it Mrs... Magda," I responded."

The first day was a back breaker. There were dozens of heavy boxes to sort out, not to mention furniture to move out of the way or store elsewhere. I would need extra room to work in, during the prep and paint phase. The whole day I carried boxes and items up the long flight of stairs, through the house and out to the garage. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime and as I cleaned up in the basement Magda called down to me.

"Rick, I've put out a bowl of soup and a sandwich for you if that's OK?"

"I think my mom is expecting me home so I'll call just in case," I responded.

When I called, Mom she said it would be fine if I ate at Magda's since she hadn't started my lunch yet. I went upstairs into the kitchen where Magda sat at a glass breakfast table waiting for me.

"My mom hadn't started my lunch yet so I can eat here," I said as I sat down and looked at her. "How long have you been doing physiotherapy?"

"Oh for a long time now," she answered, "I started as a massage therapist and graduated to full physio after I became certified eight years ago. Then, with the help of my late husband, I opened this shop three years later."

"So I guess you like it then."

"More than anything," she responded, "there's nothing like helping people by removing pain from their lives or helping an athlete exceed his or her goals."

"Wow that sounds great," I said. I winced as I shifted in my chair.

"What's wrong?" Magda asked.

"Oh just a few sore muscles from emptying the basement. I'll be fine after a nice hot shower tonight,"

"Come and see me before you leave," she said, "I can help you more than just a shower."

"Oh no, that's OK," I objected, "I'll be fine, it's just a few sore muscles."

"Just the same I want to talk to you before you leave today Rick, please," she insisted.

The rest of the afternoon was even more grueling than the morning and I had only cleared a fraction of the basement. I was dog tired and a bit depressed as I stopped by Magda's office to say good-bye.

"Well that's it for today Magda," I said, "there's still a mountain of work left down there, so I'll see you again in the morning."

"Wait right there young man," Magda called out as she made her way from her office.

"Is there something wrong Magda?"

"No, I just want to have another look at you before you leave," she replied. "You were in pain earlier and I want to check you out, make sure you're not overdoing it."

My shirt and shorts were soaked through with sweat and covered in dust. I stood still as she probed my back and shoulders and every so often she would hit a sore spot that would make me wince. She did a quick standing massage on my back, neck and shoulders. It made me feel fantastic. Then she told me to bring a change of clothes with me the next day and she would do more work on me before I left. I thanked her and headed home for that long awaited shower.

The next morning every muscle in my body hurt as I showered and dressed before heading to Magda's. This time I packed a fresh shirt and shorts as she had asked. When I arrived at the house there was no answer at the door so I used my key to get in and went straight to the basement. Again the work was backbreaking as I rearranged furniture and boxes into some semblance of order. Then I moved one heavy box at a time up to the temporary storage in the garage.

As lunchtime arrived there was still no Magda as I closed up and went home for lunch. Around one-thirty I returned to continue working and I saw Magda's car in the driveway. I entered through the back door again and went directly to the basement and continued working. All through the day I could hear movement upstairs and the sounds of people coming and going. Around two-thirty Magda came down to the basement to bring me a cold drink.

"Hi Rick," she said with her usual cheery smile, "wow, look at all the work you've done, I don't recognize the place. You know you've got to slow down a little, this is a lot of work for one person and I don't want you hurting yourself. You have the whole summer to get it done."

"Thanks, I appreciate that," I said, "to tell the truth, I can really feel it now. Maybe I'll take your advice and it in a little."

"Stop by and see me before you leave," she asked, "I want to check you out again."

By the end of the day it seemed like there was no end to the work, not to mention the pain and fatigue. For all my effort, to me the place still didn't look like I had made that much of a difference. I walked by Magda's office on my way out and this time she called me in.

"So how are you feeling this afternoon?" she asked as she got up and walked behind me to have a look.

"I'm still pretty sore," I said, "but I'll get over it."

She expertly probed my back, neck and shoulders again and the pain was almost unbearable.

"Oh no no no," she said softly under her breath, "did you bring that change of clothes I asked you to?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Good, you have been severely overtaxing your muscles and you need treatment if you're going to keep working for me. There will be no charge of course, call it payback for the great deal you're giving me. Now go through that door to the wet therapy room and take a long hot shower in the back, as hot as you can stand it. When you're done, wrap a dry towel around your waist and lie face-down on one of the massage tables then call me."

I found my way through to the shower as I passed all the water related equipment. There was a large metal whirlpool tub, a sauna and other deep tanks that I couldn't quite figure out. I had no idea she was so well set up.

After the shower I dried myself and wrapped a fresh towel around my waist. I went back into the other therapy room that looked like a gym with all the machines and I got up on to a table.

"Ready Magda," I called out.

I heard her voice answer from her office. "Oh good, be right there."

She came straight over to the table and had me lay down on my stomach. Then she set to work on my back, neck, shoulders and arms. Magda had a slight build and only stood around five foot two inches but there was no doubting the strength in her arms and hands. She skillfully massaged my muscles, releasing all the pent up tension and strain. Within fifteen minutes I was feeling measurably better.

"OK, that will do for the massage Rick, let's get you into the whirlpool now and seal the deal."

I followed her into the other room, as she stood by the tub and told me to get in.

"Hold on, I'm naked under this," I whined.

She smiled. "You know I work with athletes and gymnasts all day who never think twice about being unclothed around me. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking." She turned her back.

I felt childish and embarrassed now at how shy I had acted. I dropped my towel and almost wished she would turn back around but she didn't so I climbed into the tub. She flipped the switch beside her and the powerful jets came to life massaging me from neck to toe. She set the timer and after asking if I was all right she went back to her office.

For the next twenty minutes I basked in the sensation of the hot water and intense jets. Before I knew it, she was back in the room with fresh towels and this time I didn't hesitate; I got up straight out of the tub and stood facing her in the raw as she handed me the towels.

"Good, very good," she said, "never be ashamed of your body Rick. You're tall and you have a very lean, strong physique."

Then she blatantly stared down between my legs and she added, "Believe me, you have nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary."

I was almost six feet tall and one hundred and forty-five pounds. My cock was already as long as it would ever get at a little over six inches and pretty thick although it would thicken more in later years years. With wind-blown, dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes I could have probably passed for a surfer type I guess.

Magda leaned up against the tub and we talked as she watched me continue to dry myself off. "You know Rick I heard you were a real academic, genius level. Forgive me but you just don't look the part. You're strong with an athletic build and doing a man's labour. You couldn't seem any less like a bookworm."

I smiled, "Thanks, I guess. My parents are both fit and they believe a fit body suits a fit mind. Along with our constant studies my sister Jan and I have always exercised a lot. We cycle and hike everywhere we can plus we work out in our basement. Unfortunately though, with all the mental and physical training it left very little time in our lives for a social life.

As for the labour part, I believe you work with your brain and create with your hands. That's my dad's mantra and I've been building and fixing things with him for as long as I can remember.

"That's an interesting and philosophical thought," Magda observed.

"It is what it is and that is, what I am."

Her gaze deepened and I wasn't sure if she was impressed or just getting bored.

I had never been undressed in front of a woman before and I couldn't believe I was doing it now. Somehow I wasn't nervous or shy at all with Magda, she was different. As the nervousness wore off my excitement grew along with my cock. I felt my face flush and I tried to hide my erection behind the towel.

"Don't worry about that," Magda chuckled, "I've seen so many erections in my work that they don't even faze me any more."

I dropped the towel exposing my fully erect cock and she chuckled again.

"Well, maybe just a little sometimes." She admitted. "I believe everyone has some exhibitionist in them. We are born with it and like children, we want to run around freely in the buff."

"Even you?" I asked.

"Oh I think it's getting late my young friend and time you to got dressed. How are you feeling now?" she asked.

"Really good," I answered, "you're very good at what you do."

"Yes, I am." She said in a slow and sexy voice but at that point it was probably just my cock doing the listening.

I finished dressing and headed home to jerk off at least four more times that night. I had always seen Magda as an attractive woman but now it was as if she lit a bonfire in my stomach. As I stroked my cock that evening, all I could see and think about was her slight frame, tight shapely ass and plump tits. Her face had sharp features often found in European women and her face was framed with shoulder length black hair. Her features could make her seem so serious and almost threatening but when she would smile, everything changed in an instant. She had a smile that could light up a room.

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