The Bet


"Isn't there a game tonight?"

Why yes there is. Has it started? I have no idea the time.

It dawns on me what a true football fan my little girl is. I have no idea what time it is and turn on the TV, it is third quarter.

The Patriots, looks like a good game. Sara lays lengthways on my bed, letting her jersey ride high, feet to the pillows facing the screen. She lays with her legs splayed open and I can see the cleft of her delicious pussy down the center of her thighs, a curl of flesh pressed out from the line. Her pussy lips, its shiny wetness. I can tell she is aroused and so very wet!

She lays watching the game and I settle onto the bed beside her in only my T shirt.

Looking at her beautiful body, her lithe frame, formed to the bed, lifted up on her elbows. And I reach out a hand and stroke her thighs, their back and then inside her thighs. My cock is already getting hard again, god she is so fucking hot. I want to make love to her, and it feels right. Will she let me?

She waggles her butt again to my touch, and I flip her jersey up over her ass giving me the most perfect image of her tight little ass. She waggles around, turns and says "Hey!" But leaves it there. While staring at that perfect naked pussy, I lay myself so I am curled around her feet and at my side up by her hips. I begin to run my fingers between her legs, and higher until my hand is right between her legs feeling her wetness slipping my fingers along the slit of her puss.

"Mmmmm." Her head goes down. She says, "Are you watching the game?"


I give my cock a few firm strokes, and move myself on the bed. She keeps watching and does not even look back. I lift my leg over her thighs and get onto my knees, and then she does look back. Me on my knees up behind her and my cock sticking straight out. She looks me in the eyes, and without saying anything turns back around.


I spread her legs wider apart, she moving however I position her; I bend low across her back, nuzzling my cock up between her thighs until my face is right at her ear. She looks at me again, our lips an inch apart. "David?" Her warm breath. This lilt in her voice, the most fucking female voice I have ever heard. "You really going to do what I think you are?"

"You look too good. I can't resist."

She looks back to the TV. "You going to go deep?"

"Something like that." and push my cock right up inside.

Sara moans so long and good, "Oh, Penetration!" She says.

I lay myself down on her and rock my abdomen over her ass, feeling myself tipping inside, she was so fucking tight. She pulls her thighs together making it even tighter. She was meeting my thrusts, and giving these cute moans. I start rocking into her a little faster and her ass begins to rise from the mattress. Her knees lifting up bringing her ass up and I follow her up. She is spreading her knees now, opening up and her ass is sticking up meeting my thrusts.

Taking me, and I press in deep, fucking her holding her hips to me. Thrusting and feeling her pulling at my cock, stroking myself off with her pussy. I could tell her focus was breaking, and she presses her face into the bed, turning her head to the side and lifting her ass up like a crouching cat with her hands on the mattress pushing herself hard against me.

"Oh, god David, you feel so fucking good. It's been so long. Fuck! Fuck me."

Her hands went down between her legs and began to rub her puss, and I can feel her fingers probing at my cock. I pound her into the mattress and watch as she undulates around my cock. At one point, I am getting close and wondering if I should pull out and spray her back. She detects me, and says, "Cum in. You can cum in me. It's alright. I want you inside me."

I didn't last long after, a ribbon of cum filling her and she began to push back hard rubbing herself furiously, until she falls down into the mattress and began panting and crying out. "Oh, god David I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Yes." I held myself to her, pushing deep inside.

Her hands rose up and she clutched at the cover pulling it around her, as her body relaxed, I was still buried in her, and I slid back a little between her legs.

Then we both heard from the TV "Touchdown!!"

Sara says, "Fuck yeah.!"


I slipped out of my little girl and held myself to her. She looked like she was about to cry. I say, "You alright?" We kissed for the first time. Her eyes were sparkles.

She touches my nose and says, "Oh, what do I do now? Since you own me?"


We slept in his bed, both of us soft and warm and naked. My arms lay across his naked stomach, my breasts pressed into his chest. That is what we did.

Next morning David says he has me all day, and I am laying beneath a single white sheet in his bed, sunlight shining through the window, feeling utterly decadent and wicked.

My god, what have we done? I look beneath the sheet. I am a mess, a cum stained, sticky naked mess.

He tells me I get no clothes for the day. That I am his.

"If my little girl is good I'll give them back to you. You PROMISE to be good."

I pull back the sheets and lay there, my nasty little mess of a pussy. My dark hairs are damp twisting in a wild mat, and spread my knees, let him watch my pussy lips part, let him see my gaping cunt. While opening my legs I say "Anything you say." And cup my little ravaged little pussy and squeeze. God I am sore.

His eyes on me, he crawls back into the bed.

"Such a good little girl."

And we repeat, feeding each other, first I suck his cock and then he eats me out. Breakfast. Hah!!

Lapping the juices out of my puss, finding my clit, which is so fucking sensitive. We rock over the top of each other in a 69, and my cunny is getting so hungry and wild. I lean down and take his cock in my mouth, before turning around and sitting down, trapping his hard cock to his abdomen. God I am so hungry.

"You taste so good. I love breakfast with you. Like the way I taste?"

"Salty, sweet, spicy, hot," He says. He is so fucking sweet.

More rewards.

And I lift up on my knees and work him between my legs and settle back down. So now I am sitting on top, settling myself down, and god as he slips inside, god, I'm kind of sore.

How could I not be?

David settles his hands down on my hips feeling me rise and fall. So I sit there for a minute feeling all full of him, so hard, so deep inside, his beautiful cock, waiting for my body to calm down, adjust. Stop being sore. Such an exquisite ache.

I lean forward, stretch my legs out along his, and kiss his beautiful mouth again, once on the lips and trail line down his neck. Stretch myself down along his whole length trying to press our skin together, trying to feel as much as I can. I love his low groan. It is so nice to just lay here with him inside of me.

I begin to rock my hips just a little, this little shock wave of pleasure runs through me. I rock a little harder, feeling him meet me. Still just pleasure, no pain. I pull my head back to look into his eyes, and smile.

"This is fucking crazy you know?"

His eyes are just looking at me, the pleasure is vibrating from him.

"I stayed the night you know? We're lovers."

"Yes." And he laughs, that shit eating grin.

And I wrap my arms around David and pull us both up into a sitting position, keeping him still deep inside of me. I curl my legs around his hips and settle down close.

"I'm serious. I don't want to fuck things up. You're still my brother."

He kisses me, and his motion causes me to slip and my clit catches, Oh fucking god! THAT is sore, and the ache almost makes me cum.

"Fuck!! That was good."

And I start rocking again, slow, soft movements, slippery and warm, tightening my pussy around this beautiful cock that is up inside me. "God, you feel so fucking good." And he is kissing my breasts as we fuck.

"We going to fuck all day?"

"I may just tie you up."

My eyes go wide.


He slides his hand down over my ass, down to where I am all stretched out by his cock and runs his fingers over where we're connected.

"Feel this," he says, taking my hand and pulling it back. I reach around, arching my back a little and causing him to slide out of me a bit. I let out a little whimper at the movement, the feeling on my clit being crushed, everything is so heightened, so soft, so slow.

I slip my fingers down there, feel it all slick and hot, that silky skin of my cunt wrapped tightly around cock. "Mmmmmmm"

I moan, rocking my hips again, feeling with my fingers as he slides out, then in.

He breathes in my ear. "Maybe I'll tie you up and take a look at you, everything, everywhere. Do whatever I want. You want that?"

I'm rubbing the underside of his cock with my finger tips as it heads back into me. A shiver runs up my spine and I move faster. Feel with my fingers, rocking my hips. Feeling myself fucking him.

"Can I fuck you again?"

"If you are good." His voice is low and he is so hungry, aroused. We are rocking hard together. And it is turning me on, I am crazy. Tie me the fuck up. Twisted. I really start to whimper, rest my forehead down on His chest.

"Tie me." I say, and moan into his ear my warm breath, "Tie me," these soft, quiet little whimpers between quick breaths.

I can feel us fucking with my fingers, feel it in my cunt.

He cups his hands over my ass, squeezing, moaning back at me. "Open your legs wide and look at your cunt. You like that?" I stay tightened against his strong body, he is holding me at the middle of my back, and I can feel everything, getting off on the feeling from my fingertips, the way we fit together.

"Touch me?"

"If I want."

Faster I'm moving, tingles running through my body. I can feel it, that moment just before my orgasm. Thinking about being his, OWNED, inspected, the wildness of my pussy being looked at, opened up. Nothing I can do about it. His pet. His fuck toy. And I am going abso-fucking wild.

I start really moaning, louder, longer, my breath coming in gasps.

"I'm your little girl. David. You hear me? God take me. Do anything you want to me. Teach me. Bend me. Oh David. David."

He grabs my hips, pulls me down onto his cock harder, harder, and I am being fucked harder than I think possible, and I am thrown back onto the bed, his arms holding me up, fucking so hard, and then it hits, and I cry out, clamp my teeth, my cunt squeezing and releasing still being pounded. Fucking fucking god.

And this white light envelopes us, and all goes silent. Hot and sticky up inside of me, He is cumming, digging his nails into my ass.

We stay like that, wrapped around each other, catching our breaths.

My hair is all stuck to my neck and shoulders. I'm leaking cum all over the bed. Gonna have to change the sheets.

I press my forehead to his and smile, and he smiles back at me.

"Fuck," I say, "That was GOOD. I never."

Awhile later I say. "Do whatever you want to me. It's the only way I can get my clothes back right?"

"Maybe. Otherwise." He smiled and kissed me, "You might have to stay here forever."


Back to now.

My Master.

I pleaded with David with my eyes. I would do whatever he says, but that didn't mean I wouldn't beg.

"Please just let me clean up, I'm covered with cum."

"I know, I like it that way. Wait here."

He disappears and I wait.

I stand there shivering in the middle of the room, feeling a drip roll down my thigh, hugging my middle with my arms to stay warm. My hands have only just been untied.

I looked down at my breasts as I wait, pushing my arms in front squeeze them together, feeling a wave of admiration for them, pushed together. I look at my arms all pink from our fucking, my nipples swollen and begging for some attention.

David came back into the room carrying some fabric and a pair of boots. He holds the fabric out, my Jersey!. The boots are a pair of very long thigh highs with spiked heels.

"That's it??" I stare at him incredulously. "Where are we going?"

"Out," he says it with a grin, no explanation will be given.

He drops the heels to the floor. I stand still as he dresses me, carefully pulling my jersey over my head. My god, it is not a dress, there is nothing to it. It is too short, so fucking short, it barely covers my crotch. Next he has me sit with my legs spread exposing my ravaged puss and pulls on each boot rising up not more than three inches from my cunt, and zipping the long zipper up all the way. At least the boots covered the streaks of cum.

"It was the Friday before Thanksgiving, and I was thinking what would happen when we were all together. When the family gets together. This has been absolutely our secret. What will he make me do with the family all there, but right now I knew - we were going out.

Half an hour later we were standing in line in front of a restaurant which I knew had a little dance floor. It was a popular spot and right now very very busy. I felt so completely exposed, and I so obviously had that freshly fucked look. The place had lots of dark corners, and I was terrified of what he was going to do to me once we were inside. I shivered, more in anticipation, my pussy was creaming, seeping up between my naked thighs. I had a death grip on David who casually laid his hand over my ass, pressing his fingers into my crack. I knew better than to not let him, worried at one shift of his hand lifting the hem.

As we got near the velvet rope he pulled me close to his side in line and I stayed there, obedient, allowing myself to be nudged forward a few steps as the line grew closer to the door, even though inside I was screaming to be let out of the deal. His little pet, his little girl. He was my master now and I his sub. All around me were people dressed up, no one in a jersey which barely covered them, no one with uncombed hair, no one with thigh high leather boots in spiked heels. I was looking at the girls, thinking there is probably no one standing there with no bra and panties under their skirts. We reached the front of the line and I started trembling.

He led me through the doors and we were seated.

Part of me was loving this, the wicked anticipation, the wondering, knowing that no matter what he asked, I would do it. Another part of me was terrified, of not knowing. It was one thing to be in his apartment; but, to be in this situation.

He pulled me to his side of the table, and indicated for me to get in. It was a big cushioned seat about five feet deep. Red velvet. He had me slide all the way in, and I melted into the wall. My face was this white ghost floating in nothingness. He slid his hand inside my jersey and gave my puss a squeeze. He held his hand at the bare skin of my thigh, his hand slipping in the wetness and cum leaking from me, pulling my leg out and exposing me. The waitress would come and see me I thought, but it was dark, maybe maybe not. I could only imagine what it looked like to the people walking by, a man with his back to them, a long, leather wrapped leg pressed up on the back of the red velvet seat and my 'dress' risen high enough to expose the top three inches of white thigh. My tangle of puss visible if anyone cared to take the time to look. l was part of the attraction, and I thought I could see people stopping, slowing and trying to see. Did they get a feeling, an odd twinge at such a sensual sight. I couldn't stop trembling.

David's hands slid between my legs again. "David, they are going to kick us out of here."

But I did not move, leaving my hands at my side, instinctively thinking he didn't want me to move unless he moved me. He took his hands away and began to run his warm fingertips down my body, starting at the dip between my collarbones, down over my breasts, over my stomach. The waitress arrived. My shaking increased. I was still so slick and sopping wet, a mixture of both of us, hot as hell, dripping down my thighs. She can smell sex.

I sat close to the table, he plunged two fingers inside of me and I yelped out before I could stop myself. He squeezed my puss, warning me to be quiet. "She will have a rum and coke, I'll have a gin and tonic. And we just want dessert tonight. Two cheesecakes."

My eyes went wide. My hero!!

"Thank you." She eyed us a moment and left.

No one was coming near, it was dark and noises were everywhere, a throbbing music. He finger fucked me slowly and I tried so hard not to moan, not to make a peep. I was trembling violently, my chin shook, my lips parted, my breath coming out all ragged and fast, rubbing faster inside of me, touching me the way he does. I was returning the favor, rubbing my hips into his hand making a bobbing motion I could not contain. I set there with my eyes staring ahead and my mouth lolled open, my tongue at my bottom lip. Oh god, making me melt. So good. Oh I was near, so near. Heat rushed through my body and I was so close, almost there, just at the edge, about to fall into orgasm and he stopped.



Make me cum!

He Slipped his fingers out carefully, held them to my lips, and I wanted to slap him, A moment where I could knee him in the balls, something, anything. I think he could see the defiance in my eyes, Smiling he said, "Lets eat."

The cheesecake arrived, and he fed me. My pussy was burning and I dug it into the seat. God I was on fire and I ached. I had to cum! God dammit, I could not stop squirming.

I took the cheesecake in my mouth, so good.

I simply said, "Orgasmic."

He smiled.

I said, "You are a shit."

"Behave." His face stern. I took a deep breath, shut my eyes. Opened them again and looked calmly around, became his obedient little girl once again. "My good little girl," he murmured and I smiled.

This was the craziest thing I had ever done.

He was looking at me again, and I knew.

"Get down on your knees."

I immediately dropped to my knees beneath the table there in the dark, then stared at him from beneath the table.

He had positioned me between his legs. I could feel the warmth of his body on my face as he tugged my head closer. I stared, took a breath, this wave of emotion coming over me.

A hard outline in his jeans. I unzipped the fly, pulled out his cock, and looked at it. This part of him, that length sticking straight out at me, this part that could truly be physically inside of me, possess me, fill me. I could take this part of him, envelope it inside of myself, how it could be part of me. One.

I could touch him here, right here right now. No one even knew I was under the table. I felt a sudden power, and pressing forward with my mouth. Without touching anything else, I knew I could make his whole body explode in blinding pleasure. Feel it pulse, alive, inside of me. My cunt was on fire. I had to cum, and set it on the cool bare floor, 'Ahhhhh.'

I sat there for a moment, lost in this thought, gazing worship-fully at this spot between his thighs, as he stayed completely silent. Waited patiently. Like he knew what I was thinking, could see it in my upturned face. My body swelled with love, lust, desire and for wanting it in me. Alive inside of me. I reached out finally, wrapping my mouth around its entire length. It was so hot to the touch, hard and heavy.

I brought my lips back close to the tip, Breathing, almost touching it, I swore I could feel it there, on the tips of my lips, even though it wasn't yet touching.

I looked up into my David's eyes, my master, and saw him gazing down intently at me, this glint in his eyes, an expression hard to read in the darkness. The narrow jaw, the eyes that show such love. I looked back at his cock, parted my lips, and softly, so softly, pulled the tip down until the underside of the head, that little sensitive flap of skin, it lightly touched that silky wet skin on the inside of my bottom lip. Ran it slowly across there. Looked up at again in the darkness, my heart in my eyes.

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