tagLesbian SexThe Bet Ch. 01

The Bet Ch. 01


The moment I walked in, I could tell from the look on her face that something had happened. Her smile stretched from ear to ear, and she was beaming at me expectantly, her eyes sparkling wildly with mischief.

"Well?" I asked.

"Well what?" she replied, still grinning, and I could tell that she was going to make me work to get it out of her.

"Well, what happened?"

"Happened? What makes you think anything happened?"

I sighed. "Well, the fact that you're grinning like an idiot, for one. And for two, the fact that you're answering all of my questions with questions."


"So what happened?" I asked again.


I frowned and rolled my eyes, and seeing that I was starting to get annoyed, she finally answered. "Oh all right," she said petulantly, like I was ruining all of her fun. But then she looked up at me and grinned again, and stated, "I won."

"Won? Won what?" I asked confused.

"The bet."

"The bet?"

"Yeah, the bet," and the way she said it this time, it finally occurred to me what bet she was talking about.

I felt my eyes grow big, (and my cock twitch in my pants), as I stared at her. "Get the fuck out!"

She just continued to smile widely at me, while somehow blushing red at the same time, and pulled something out from behind her back where she'd been holding it. I saw that it was a pair of white, lacy panties.

"You didn't!" I said, knowing instinctively by her behavior that she had, but still unable to quite believe it.

"Oh, I did," she said seductively, moving close to me and lifting the panties to my face. I could clearly detect the faint, musky aroma of pussy on them. She rubbed the smooth silk across my cheek, sending shivers up and down my spine and making my cock throb powerfully within my jeans. "Yes I did," she whispered, "I fucked your mom."

I knew it was coming, but even so, when she uttered those four words, they sent a jolt through my entire body. I thought for a moment that I was having an orgasm the sensation was so strong. My cock began to twitch, and my brain felt like it was on overload.

"I don't believe it," I muttered. But I did! I knew that she was telling the truth, everything about her behavior indicated that this was no lie.

"Oh, it's true," she whispered, pressing the panties firmly against my nose, "Can't you smell your Mom's pussy on these?"

A low guttural moan escaped my throat as I inhaled deeply of the panties' scent. They smelled strongly of pussy, and my cock started jerking wildly at the thought of me sniffing my own mother's sweet juices. My hand reached for my cock, but was intercepted by Cassie's other hand.

"Oh no you don't," she said, "Not yet."

I inhaled again, trying desperately to draw the smell out of the soiled crotch and permanently into my nostrils. My mind was reeling. This was so incredibly crazy! My girlfriend had fucked my mom and was now teasing me with her dirty panties. I was shocked beyond belief.

Sure, I had bet her that she couldn't seduce my mom, but I had never expected her to follow through with it. It had seemed innocent at the time. Well, okay, not innocent, but more like a joke than a real bet; it wasn't like I thought she'd actually act on it. We'd been screwing around, participating in a little bit of kinky sex, when she asked me what my ultimate fantasy was. I told her it was to fuck her and my mom together (it wasn't the first time that incest had come up between us). So we continued to fuck, with her telling me to pretend that she was my mom, and we both came to amazing orgasms soon afterwards. It was a couple minutes later, during our comedown, when she asked, "What if I could make it happen?"

"Make what happen?" I'd replied, not following her.

"Your ultimate fantasy," she said, in a dead serious voice.

I kind of laughed and said, "Yeah right," but she responded, "No. Dead serious, what if I can make it happen?"

"And how are you going to do that?" I asked.

"By seducing your mom," she replied matter-of-fact.

"You? Seduce my mom? Yeah right. Like you know how to seduce a woman. And besides, I don't think she goes that way, if you know what I mean."

"Wanna bet?" she asked so casually, that I didn't even think about it but replied, "Sure."

"Okay, what are the stakes?"

"I'll tell you what," I replied laughing, "If you win, you can name the stakes."

Now, three months later, I was about to find out.

"So," she said, pulling the panties away from my face and bringing me back to the present, "do you want to hear about it or not?"

"Of course!"

She grinned and pushed me down on the couch, then straddled my lap. "Then pay attention, 'cuz I'm only going to tell you once."

I nodded my agreement and stared up at her, completely entranced as she began her story. Her eyes were sparkling more than I'd ever seen them, and I could tell that she was enjoying this just as much as I was – maybe more! "So I called your mom this morning and asked her if she wanted to go to the mall shopping. She was kind of hesitant at first, and I don't think she really wanted to go, but I talked her into it. So everything was going along pretty normal - I bought a couple dresses and a shirt, she got a few things. Then we had lunch in the food court. As we were standing in line, I caught myself staring at your mom's ass, and it was then that I remembered our little bet. The moment I started to think about it, all of the sudden I couldn't stop. My pussy got sooo wet right there standing in line!

"So we're eating, and I'm watching her and all I can think about is eating her out instead, and then her eating me. The thought was so vivid and nasty that I almost had an orgasm right there. By the time we were done eating, my panties were completely soaked! I had pussy juice running down my ass crack... so much so that I actually looked at my seat when I got up to see if I left a wet spot!

A little moan escaped me as she said this, and I found myself picturing it clearly in my mind. The thought of the two of them sitting there – Cassie squirming around in her wet panties, Mom totally oblivious. I was already worked up and we hadn't even gotten to any of the good stuff yet. "Go on," I grunted huskily, my hands wrapping around to lock onto Cassie's ass.

"Well, we're walking, on our way back toward the car, and I'm so horny that I can barely stand it. All I can think about is fucking her! She's talking and all I can do is nod and grunt, because I don't trust myself to speak right then. I'm afraid that if I open my mouth, I'll just blurt out, 'Cindy, I want to eat your pussy. I want you juices all over my face, I want to lick you until you cum in my mouth!' So I just say nothing, but the whole time I'm afraid that she's going to notice what's going on. I mean, Christ, I've got juice dripping down the inside of my thigh, my eyes feel like they're rolling back into my head, and I can swear that I smell the smell of my pussy just hovering around me."

Cassie paused here, throwing back her head and closing her eyes. She moaned a little as I continued to fondle her ass, and I figured that she was reliving the day's experience. I couldn't believe what I was hearing so far – Cassie was telling the story incredibly well, keeping me hanging on her every word – and I knew the best was yet to come.

Finally, she looked back down at me, her lust clearly evident in her eyes. She licked her lips once, and then continued, "I knew that if we got into the car right then, it would all be over. The two of us in a tight, confined space, my scent all around; there'd be no way I could control myself. And I knew I couldn't just attack her in the car, in the parking lot, she wouldn't go for that."

"So, we're walking towards the entrance where we came in, and I'm trying to get myself under control, when we walk past Frederick's of Hollywood. Suddenly, an idea pops into my mind. An idea just so sneaky and dirty that my pussy won't let me not try it. I grab your mom by the arm, 'com'n Cindy, let's go in here. I need to pick up a couple things,' I tell her. She doesn't really have any choice as I pull her in and start browsing through the racks. I grab a bunch of clothes, the sexiest and sluttiest stuff I can find, thinking the whole time about what I have planned. She's just kind of wandering around, not really looking at anything, so I start picking stuff out for her too. I'm grabbing tiny little skirts, pushup bras, sexy panties, see-through teddies. I start piling them in her arms; she tries to push them away, tries saying she doesn't need anything, but I play the dumb blonde and ignore her, just handing her more. She says she isn't going to try anything on, but I just physically push her towards the dressing rooms, telling her how good they'll all look on her."

"On the way, I grab a cute little salesgirl and tell her we need two dressing rooms. She leads us to the back and opens two stalls for us, despite your mom's protests. Eager for a sale, she goes along with me in convincing your mom to try things on. Says if we need help with anything to just let her know. She's all of 17, and if I didn't already have plans, I may have taken her up on that 'anything'. Still, I keep her in mind, wondering if I can maybe work her into them. She's probably never licked a pussy before, and my sick horny mind is already to work on how to remedy that."

Cassie trailed off for a moment, and I could see in her eyes that her horny mind was still considering it. I could tell by the way she said it, that the girl hadn't ended up in the action, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Cassie was planning a return trip to the store; a new plan in mind.

"Anyway," she said, shaking her head and continuing on with her story, "I pushed your mom into one stall, and then took the one right next door. Quickly, I stripped down and sorted through the clothes I had. I chose the skimpiest ones I had and put them on – crotchless lace panties, garter belt and nylons, and a sheer teddy that barely contained my boobs and barely covered my ass. I checked myself out in the mirror, and I have to say I looked good!

"In fact, you can decide for yourself," she said, climbing off me temporarily. She pulled her sweater over her head, then unbuttoned and slipped out of her jeans. Damn! She was right – she looked not only good, but great! The black, half-cup push-up bra presented her already full breasts perfectly, barely holding them from over-spilling into view while showing a amazing valley of cleavage. She wasn't wearing the teddy, but the garters beautifully encased her long, muscular legs, and the matching black panties framed her wet, glowing sex. She looked incredible, and I told her so.

She smiled and hopped back into my lap. "So anyway, I looked down and could see her pants bunched up on the floor, so I knew she was trying some of the stuff on. The thought of her naked only a couple feet away got me going again, and I called out to her to unlock her door, I was coming over. She started to object, but I was already tapping on her door, saying, 'C'mon Cindy, don't leave me out in the hallway dressed like this. Besides I want to see what yours look like.' The lock clicked and then I was inside, relocking it behind me.

"We were now both confined in that small, little stall, both only half-dressed; and that's when it really hit me that something just might actually happen. We checked each other out for a second – she was wearing a lacy, matching bra and panty set that I had picked out – and I was like, 'Oh Cindy, wow, you look hot!' She blushed deeply and stammered out a 'thanks, you really think so?'

"'Oh god yes,' I told her, and I wasn't lying. She looked good! Her tits looked magnificent in this bra and I could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the fabric. I wanted to grab her right then and just start licking and kissing her all over. But I knew I had to do it right or else she might freak out, so I said to her, 'Really, you look amazing. Turn around, let me see it from the back.'

"She blushed again and turned around, and I gave her a low whistle. Oh God, her ass looked so hot in those thong panties, I felt like I was going to start drooling, and I could feel that my pussy already was. She quickly turned back around and I told her, 'Yeah those fit perfect and you look great. I mean I hope my ass looks nearly as good as yours when I'm your age.'

"I could tell my compliments were making her slightly uneasy 'cuz she blushed some more and just kind of waved her hand at me as if to say 'Oh, Cassie...' so I changed the subject and asked her what she thought of my outfit. Which was funny, 'cuz she blushed again and told me that it 'looked nice' then thinking of how I had complimented her, she add, 'I mean like sexy nice, you know.'

"I nodded, knowing what she really meant was slutty, but that's what I was trying for. So anyway, I kept at her. I was like, 'Yeah, but do you think Jack will like it. I mean, do you think it will turn him on?'

"She kind of gasped a little when I brought up your name and started to admonish me. She was like, 'Cassie, jeez, that's my son you're talking about.' And I was like, 'I know, but we live together, it's not like you don't know we fuck. I mean, I'm only asking if I'm going to look good if I wear this.'

"She quickly softened and said, 'Well alright, yeah, you look good. Actually you look kind of slutty, but good slutty,' and she giggled, then said, 'I mean, if I was a guy I'd think you looked real good.'

"'Good enough to fuck?' I asked her, and she laughed, saying, 'yeah, good enough to fuck.'

Cassie broke off the story then and leaned down to kiss me. Our tongues tangled for a while before she broke the kiss. "What do you think?" she asked, "Do I look good enough to fuck?"

"Hell yeah!" I replied, looking her up and down again, "And good enough to eat too!"

"Yeah, your mom thought so too," she countered with a laugh, "Now, you want to hear about it or just proceed straight to the finish line?"

"Oh, I want to hear about it," I answered, "I want to hear every little, glorious cunt-licking detail."

"And you shall," she said, "You shall."

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