The Bet Ch. 03: End Game


Jason and I looked at each other, he shrugged and continued to watch Eva.

I closed my mouth as she walked between us, turned on a shower head and started to rinse.

Turning to face me, "You boys want to lather me up?"

Jason and I looked at one another, I gave him a quick nod and then we washed her body. I rubbed the soap into her arms and chest as she closed her eyes and relaxed. Jason moved his fingers into her back and gradually worked his way down. When he washed her ass, she looked down and to the side. I got the impression that she was waiting to see if he'd cross a line and she'd have to tell him to stop but my friend just soaped her up and bent down to one knee to wash the back of her legs.

After finishing washing her tits and stomach, I moved lower to wash her pussy. Closing her eyes, she let out a soft sigh as I cupped her mound moving back and forth, stroking her gently I spent extra time cleaning her. Jason finally finished her legs and stood, I noticed he was washing her butt again, she gave a small smile and looked over her shoulder.

"Guess you better make sure I'm really clean right?"

"Just thinking of you chica," he said with a smirk.

I went to one knee to wash the front of her legs as she turned back to me. With a wink she turned around switching sides for us. Jason paused and glanced at me but I nodded and washed the back of her legs. He soaped up her front and we were quiet the next few minutes as we washed and rinsed her. Jason wasn't shy as he soaped her front and I saw him cup and slowly lather her pussy as I moved up to wash her back. He didn't spend as much time as I did but he thoroughly washed her front.

As we finished, she looked directly at Jason, "Thank you for that."

Some unspoken communication passed between them for a second then he nodded his head, handed her the soap and stepped back.

Turning back to me, "Want me to do you now?"

Clearing his throat Jason said, "I'm going to go get dressed, I'll let you two finish."

Eva and I ignored him as he left the shower but the second, he was gone I pulled her to me and kissed her.

She molded her body to mine as the shower played over us. I felt the rivulets of warm water wash over our skin. Our tongues met and teased each other and my erection formed between us, pressing against her sex. Her hands grabbed me by the back of the head to keep me from breaking the kiss and my hands roamed over her back, moving down to cup her ass and pull her against me. She finally let my head go and moved her own hands to cup my ass and her kiss became frenzied, passionate. I pushed her against the cold tile of the wall and she hiked her right leg up and wrapped it around me while digging her nails in my ass. I was losing all semblance of control.

I broke the kiss and she frowned at me, her teeth showing in a snarl as her hands moved from my ass to my back and she dug her nails in raking them down my back.

I arched and growled, "You win. You win, I relent, you're stronger than me."

Her smile deepened and she pulled me toward her, "Never forget, I own you," she whispered before biting my ear.

I groaned and she pulled her head back with a look of triumph. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them off my butt and pinned them to the wall above her head. Glancing up at her hands she gave me a wicked grin then lifted her other leg and wrapped it around me as we stared at each other through the steam and water.

Still holding her arms against the wall, I shifted my waist until the head of my cock was pressing against her entrance. Her sneer changed to a gasp as I smoothly entered her and she was so wet that I instantly slipped fully inside her, closing her eyes I impaled my full length inside her. Holding her against the wall she kept herself supported by her legs wrapped around me.

Carefully I flexed against her, slow measured thrusts that picked up speed. She used her legs to pull me deep with each stroke, quickly we were slamming against each other as she cried out with each stroke.

"Yes, yes, oh my god yes."

Our need for each other was vicious as I kept her trapped and we took from each other. I plunged into her until I felt myself ready to burst. Recognizing my need she pressed harder and harder against me on each plunge of my cock. We were both at the edge and the exact moment I burst she cried out and her body spasmed and locked. Paralyzed with pleasure I emptied myself deep inside her as her legs tightened around me and she shuddered in ecstasy.

Time eventually moved forward as we caught our breath from the intensity of our climax. I let her hands go and she wrapped them around my neck while holding on to keep herself upright. I cupped her ass to support her as we leaned against the wall. I felt the tremors in her body like little aftershocks matching my heartbeat.

Finally, we looked into each other's eyes and she gave me a smug smile.

"Now we know," she said.

Narrowing my eyes, I pushed inside of her again making her cry out.

"Don't ever think that means I'm weak," I said.

Shuddering she nodded as she clung to me.

"Hurry up you two," I heard a voice say. "I need to go home and jerk off after hearing that."

We broke apart then quickly rinsed and got dressed.

After we got home, she went to her room.

"I think I need to take another shower and change," she said. "Showering then putting on sweaty clothes is kind of disgusting.

Once she was gone Jason turned to me, "Damn, you two are loud."

I laughed, "Don't look at me, it was all her."

"That was the coolest thing ever."

I looked sideways at him, "I admit I thought it was pretty hot, but I'm not sure of that thing between you two. Should I be worried?"

Jason waved a hand, "Naw, she was testing me, not you."

Rolling my eyes and holding up my hands questioningly, "Alright, let's hear more of your wisdom."

"You already told me she's a showoff, that's all it is. She was testing to see if I'd be cool or a jerk, it had nothing to do with you. If I had tried something, she'd have just stopped it and then she'd never do anything around me again. Now she knows I won't act dumb or take advantage of her. It was a trust thing. She wants to be with you and now she's knows she can trust that I'm your friend."

I nodded, that made sense from what I knew of her personality.

"And I guess that means I can trust you around her too," I said.

"Always brother, I'll look all day long but I don't touch what isn't mine."

"Well, you did touch her," I pointed out.

Laughing, "True, but not disrespectfully or sexually, yeah, I soaped her up but I didn't do anything she wasn't cool with and I'd never do something while you two were together."

"She's one of a kind, isn't she?"

"I'd kill to find a girl like that," Jason agreed.

"Why don't you go home and change and then come back around six. I'm going to take her out to dinner, you can join us, dress nice."

He looked at his phone and did some quick mental calculations.

"Sounds good, I'll text you when I leave my house."

"Great, see you in a bit."


After Jason left, I walked into her room and lay on the bed. I'd changed at the gym to a clean pair of jeans and dark blue t-shirt with the word 'Bazinga!' on the front. I didn't have to wait long before Eva entered wearing a towel.

"Aren't we getting squeaky clean today?"

"After putting those dirty gym clothes back on I kind of needed another shower."

I nodded understanding.

"I guess you won," I said.

"I guess I did," she said sighing with exaggerated innocence she shook her head while looking up at the ceiling. "And here I thought you were tough. I guess it was all talk about how badass you are. In the end you're just like all the rest, you couldn't resist me."

Rolling my eyes, I buried my face in the pillow.

"You're never going to let me live this down, are you?"


"You have to admit that I lasted longer than anybody else would have."

"I maaaaaay be slightly impressed, I really didn't think you'd hang as long as you did."

Walking to the edge of the bed she reached out and used her fingers to lift up my face.

"But in the end, just like we knew it would be... you... are... mine!"

As she said those last words, she undid the towel and let it drop to her feet.

Her body was magnificent standing there in front of me, her smooth tanned skin with light bikini tan lines, lean muscular definition, and wavy dark hair still damp from the shower. I reached out to run my finger up the outside of her thigh.

"Of course, now you belong to me too," I said looking into her eyes. "Your words, not mine."

She gave one small nod of her head and I took her hand, swallowing, she entwined her fingers with mine.

Suddenly I pulled her on top of me, she lost her balance and fell forward but went with it to straddle me with our face's inches from each other.

"One of us is a little overdressed," she said huskily.

"So fix it."

She leaned back and I pulled up to a semi sitting position as she helped me tug my shirt off quickly throwing it to the side. Wasting no time, she undid my pants and tugged them down while moving with them. Pulling off my jeans they went flying across the room. She slowed down as she reached for the waistband of my black sport shorts and tugged it down a couple of inches then stopped when she saw the head of my growing erection. She didn't pull my shorts down farther but just kept me exposed. Looking at me hungrily she moved between my legs, positioning herself till I felt her breath on my dick. Without any hesitation she licked the head of my cock, teasing me, swirling her tongue around the head. I moaned and she grew excited, taking me into her mouth and sucking. I pushed my hips but she matched me and never let me thrust deeper into her mouth. She drove me crazy as she played with me, licking, teasing, bringing me to edge and back.

I reached my hands out to guide her but she slapped them away.

"Uh uh, no touchy or I stop," she murmured between licks and sucking.

I groaned in despair.

"Ughhh, you may be the devil."

She pushed my hands flat against the bed and held them there, then went back to sucking me. She finally pulled my shorts to mid-thigh but never took any more of me into her mouth, never letting her tongue or mouth go further than an inch or two beyond the head of my dick. No matter how I pushed my hips and shifted she flexed with my body and kept me on edge. I was growling nonstop as she tormented me.

"Oh come on, I gave in already! You can't keep doing this," I protested.

"I told you I was going to get even," she growled around the head of my cock. "You tied me down for two hours and drove me crazy so I don't want to hear your complaints."

"God damnit!"

Despite her words I think she liked hearing my complaints, knowing how worked up she was getting me. It seemed to excite her because she pulled my shorts down the rest of the way and gave one last swirl of her tongue around the head of my dick before she straddled me.

I felt the wetness of her slit as she pressed against me, I grabbed her hips but she pushed my hands away.

"Hands down," she commanded.

I knew I could take control but I also knew that I deserved a little payback. Like my friend told me, sometimes you have to give in a little. After this time though I promised myself I'd show her who owned who.

I gripped the sheets and she gave me that condescending look of hers.

Oh yeah, I thought, she is definitely going to get put in her place after this.

She let my frustration mount while I pushed against her, I kept trying to slide inside her while she rode me but she never let me penetrate. Finally, I got tired of her teasing and grabbed her hips as I thrust up and I held her there a second before she came down, shifting my hips she fell forward and I pushed inside her.

I froze as her warmth enveloped me, her eyes closed and her hands opened and closed into little fists against my chest. Opening her eyes, she looked at me as I drove upward, forgetting anymore teasing she slowly rode me.

Time lost all meaning as she relaxed and moved her body in passionate rhythms with mine. I kept my hands on her hips but let her control our movements. We took our time, letting our desire build into a wave. We each moaned and matched each other's pace. She put her hands over mine as we kept our movements perfectly synced. I pushed and she would ride each of my thrusts and roll her hips back at the top of our motion. Our lust grew but our motions never increased and the pressure came on suddenly, one second, we were moving slow and luxurious and the next she was trembling. Feeling her orgasm around my cock, the burning of her body, the quivering need inside her, instantly sent me into my own explosion. We continued to thrust against each other gently but fiercely as we rode a wave of ecstasy, our thrusting, giving and taking decreasing in ever smaller movements until completely spent she collapsed against my chest. I stroked her hair as we recovered.


A few hours later I woke up with Eva snuggled against me, messy haired, mouth open, drooling on me with one hand in a fist lying on my chest. I watched her for a few minutes thinking about the last week.

Gently I got out of bed without waking her, for a moment I was worried but she let out a loud snort and a grumble then grabbed a pillow and wrapped around it and quickly fell asleep again. Looking at the clock I saw we'd slept for a few hours, it was a little before five and Jason would be back over soon. Now was as good a time as any to wake her so I reached out and gently shook her shoulder. With a growl she threw her arm back and hit me in the face.



I stepped back and she looked around the room bleary eyed. It took a minute for her to come fully awake and she finally focused on me with half lidded eyes.

She grunted and flopped back down on her pillow.

"Time to wake up."

"Mrf razzh," she mumbled into her pillow.

I crawled on the bed to straddle her butt.

"I didn't hear you."

She lifted her head from the pillow, "GO AWAY."

Amused I told her, "We need to get ready for dinner."

She squirmed as I straddled her, so I ran my fingers up her side in a ticklish motion and she squealed and squirmed away forcing me to pin her down. She brought a hand behind her to swipe at me but I grabbed it and pinned it behind back. She swiped her free hand but I grabbed that too, sensing an opportunity I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed a pair of handcuffs and in seconds had them on her. She squirmed and bucked but couldn't get free. My closet door was fully mirrored so we were able to look each other in the eyes after she gave up.

Glaring and shaking her cuffs, "Going to be hard to get ready like this."

"Probably but you seem like you need a wakeup boost," I said as I tickled her sides.

She half-screamed and fought and thrashed while I ran my fingers up and down her sides. For a few minutes we tumbled on the bed as I tortured her.

Gasping, "Please baby..."

"Gonna kill you..."


"Fuck... Fuck... Let me go..." she panted.

Ughhh... I hate you."

I stopped teasing her and she lay red-faced, panting and glaring at me in the mirror. While still face down I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart, she was so exhausted she didn't put up a fight. She bit her lip when I shifted and stroked my fingers, teasing her pussy, rubbing up and down she moaned as I switched from one finger to two. Slick from arousal with her juices flowing I reached over with my freehand and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back slowly but firmly. Her mouth opened in a small O and a guttural noise escaped her, closing her eyes when I slipped my fingers inside her and teased her clit. I pulled her head back a little farther, just enough to see her nipples and she strained against me, her cuffed hands fluttering behind her back as she moaned in pleasure while I kept up the pressure. She looked sexy with her back arched, hands cuffed and struggling behind her, head pulled back, mouth open and eyes half closed. Her noises got louder as I kept fingering her and before I knew what was happening, I felt her body tremble, crying out as the orgasm took her and her hips pressed into the bed. She shivered as I held her tight until she finished her pleasure and I eased her head down while pulling my fingers out of her. She lay limp as I uncuffed her and hopped off the bed.

Rolling her head to look at me she never moved the rest of her body.

"I'm really getting into this whole bondage thing," she said.

"Careful, I'll have you tied up every night if you encourage me."

Closing her eyes, "Right now I wouldn't mind."

Taking advantage of her weakness I reached over and slapped her butt.

Her eyes flew open and she groaned but made no move to protect herself.

"Stop that or you'll get me all worked up again."

I leaned down till our faces were barely a foot apart, "Sounds fun, we could cancel dinner and stay here."

In a sudden change she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face toward her kissing me fiercely, I had to push my arms against the mattress to keep from falling over. Biting my lip, she abruptly broke and pushed me back.

"Now go away, I want to get ready in peace and you're going to distract me."

She hopped up and hurried to the master bathroom, seconds later I heard the shower.

"I'll join you," I said.

Her head popped into the doorway, "No you won't, go clean up in the other bathroom. You distract me too much. No more peeking before dinner," she said closing the door, I heard the lock click.

"Pushy brat," I said leaving the room to get ready.

"I heard that."

At 5:48 the doorbell rang.

"Jason's here," I called out, cuffing the sleeves up to my forearms I walked to the front door.

"Be out in a minute."

I opened the door and Jason followed me to the living room. We each wore black dress slacks and shoes, I chose a fitted dark red dress shirt while Jason had a sapphire blue dress shirt.

"She'll be down in a second."

"No problem, where you plan on taking us?"

"Nick and Stan's Steak House in downtown."

"Nice, I love that place."

"Me too."

"Any plans for us afterward?"

"Not really, why, you got something?"

"I figure we can go for a nice walk afterward since it's less than a block from the city square."

"Good idea."

"Well I...."

Jason froze and his jaw dropped, I knew what must have caused his sudden change. Slowly I turned around to face her and savor the moment. Nobody spoke as she paused in the entrance with a black elegant dress in each hand wearing only bra, panties and garters. Making an entrance her hair was done up and piled atop her head with a few strands framing her face. Her earrings dangling like streams of silver with a matching silver and sapphire necklace, her bra was a translucent black and her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material. She had another matching silver and sapphire ring piercing her navel with matching silver armband, she wore a sophisticated black garter attached to black stockings that matched her bra. Her black panties were made from the same material as her bra and clearly exhibited her shaved sex underneath. I did a double take, I knew she had a small racing stripe a while ago, I studied her panties to make sure they weren't illusory transparent but I saw her clearly. She had to have shaved in the shower. I swallowed as I looked into her eyes, she'd noticed my deduction and gave me a wink.




"Clever as always," she said rolling her eyes at our dual shock. "I need your help deciding which dress."

Tilting her head to the right, "This one has a stomach cutout and pretty daring side slits but it's kind of tight so I'm not sure if I can pull off the garters," she said. Tilting her head left, "This one is slightly more flowing and will hide the lingerie better but the front plunges to my belly button so I'd have to lose the bra and the side slits go pretty high and would definitely show off the fact I'm wearing garters."

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