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The Big Bang Theory: The Nerds Invade The Big Easy


Christmas had come early for the nerd world. The second week of June, to be exact. As they might have put it: the stars had aligned perfectly. The National Academy of Science had scheduled their annual physics symposium for the New Orleans civic center during the same week that a huge comic book/ science fiction convention was taking place at the SuperDome.

Sheldon, the self-proclaimed "king of the nerds", had been babbling continuously about the keynote speaker; some brainiac named Hawking. The remaining trio of nerds; Leonard, Raj, and Howard had driven Penny to exasperation with their praise about the special guest at the comic book convention; a writer named Stan Lee. Penny thought he had something to do with Batman or Spiderman...she wasn't sure and she didn't really care. Leonard, her boyfriend, had exchanged his first-class airline ticket for two coach seats, and invited her to come with them. She had always wanted to see New Orleans, and accepted immediately.

Her friends still made fun of her for dating a nerd; and they were still surprised every time she told them she would much rather be treated with respect by a nerd, than used by a jock. All the jocks she had ever dated had taken her for granted...acted like they were doing her a favor by dating her. Truth be told; Leonard treated her like a queen. He appreciated her, and respected her. Even though he was light-years smarter than Penny; he never talked down to her. He didn't feel the need to explain everything to her. If she wanted to know more about what he was talking about; she asked...if not, she just let it go. Actually she was in love with Leonard; and if he asked her again when she was ready to settle down, she would probably agree to marry him. For now, they were both satisfied with their relationship.

They were the ultimate "odd couple." He was a short, glasses-wearing, ordinary looking nerd; and she was the beautiful, buxom, blonde cheerleader of every boys dream. Her wonderful breasts were a full 36C, and she was not afraid to feature them in her attire. Leonard was always so proud of showing her off when they were out together, that it made her feel even better about herself. She didn't even mind so much that her acting career was stuck in neutral , and she was still waitressing; when she saw how much she meant to Leonard. Now here she was en-route to one of the most exciting cities in the world; yes, she would take a nerd any day.

On the plane; she and Leonard tried to plan an itinerary for her on the days he would be busy at the physics gathering. She was totally intrigued with the voodoo theme of New Orleans and expressed a desire to maybe take a voodoo-themed tour. She had tried to keep the subject quiet, between her and Leonard, but Sheldon had of course overheard their conversation. Months ago, when she had let slip that she believed in psychics; Sheldon (the ever tolerant one) had made fun of her mercilessly. She had learned to try to keep her beliefs to herself. As Sheldon proclaimed, "there is no such thing as a rational discussion of something as farcical as voodoo." The same man who would play Dungeons & Dragons for literally days without stopping, could not even entertain the possibility of voodoo having any validity.

Penny didn't even bother to compare the belief in voodoo to his comic book fetish. Like she told an understanding Leonard, it wasn't that she believed in voodoo; she was just curious about the history and culture (and the thought of all the mystery and darkness gave her goose bumps). Leonard suggested they inquire about the tours when they got to the hotel; and also suggested a tour of the French Quarter together. He explained a little voodoo history (was there anything he didn't know a little bit about) that the religion had made its way to the United States with African slaves and Haitian immigrants. The religion was adopted by the Creole people, who were part of Louisiana before it became part of the U.S. in 1803. It had become popular because of its lack of hierarchy and the fact that even the most common person could perform its simple rituals, or make up rituals to fit their individual needs. As the plane landed in the Big Easy, and Howard and Sheldon were arguing about the virtues of Batman vs Superman; Penny took Leonard's hand and just felt content with her life.

Penny had suggested they book rooms in the Bourbon Street historical district but Sheldon had, of course, vetoed that idea. He wouldn't hear of staying in some ancient, "decrepit," old flophouse; not when you could stay in the newest, shiniest hotels in town. He had heard a rumor that the Hawking fellow was staying in the same hotel. Leonard thought it would be more convenient if they stayed in the same place since the foursome would be traveling to the symposium together.

While the men were checking in at the hotel; Penny inquired at the concierge's desk about possible voodoo tours. She was informed that there was a scheduled tour of the city's famous cemetery and even a visit to the crypt of Madame Laveau; the most famous voodoo priestess. Leonard had explained to Penny how above ground crypts were used because New Orleans was actually below sea level. In the hot, humid Louisiana summers, the temperature in the crypts reaches 300 degrees; and the bodies entombed in plain wooden boxes simply disintegrate. After one year and a day; the crypt can be used again. The guys were still snooping around the lobby trying to find out any information on the comic book convention; so Penny said she would accompany the luggage up to their rooms.

While on the elevator; the quite handsome bellhop introduced himself to Penny as Antoine, and said he had overheard her inquire about the voodoo tours.

He said, "as it happens, my uncle is a voodoo 'houngan', which is the male equivalent of a 'mambo,' or priestess." "If you are interested, I could show you an actual ritual; rather than one of the tourist-trap shows," he informed her.

At first Penny had been slightly intimidated by Antoine. He was a very large man, probably at least six foot five inches tall; and his skin was so dark it almost made him seem sinister. He went on to explain that his ancestors had been slaves to the original French settlers of the area; and they had always been practitioners of voodoo. His deep voice was almost hypnotic and she became quite comfortable conversing with him. They agreed to meet in the hotel lobby the next evening for the private tour.

After Antoine had dropped off their bags and left the room, Penny realized they had not even discussed the price of the tour. She figured she wouldn't tell Leonard about the privately arranged tour until the last minute. She would just let him think she booked it through the concierge because Leonard was not exactly one to go off the beaten path, or take any chances.

When Leonard arrived in the room, Penny learned that Sheldon had the room on one side of them, and Howard and Raj were sharing the room on the other side. She excitedly told him of the tour she had arranged, and he despondently informed her that the keynote speaker was scheduled for the same night.

She knew he had anticipated hearing Hawking speak since learning of the symposium, so she replied, "don't worry Sweetie, if I have to I can go by myself...I'm a big girl. I'm sure there will be others on the tour."

He was so sincere in his regret that she told him she would try to reschedule the tour when she met the guide the next evening. An hour later the five friends met for a nice dinner in the hotel lounge, and then everyone adjourned to their respective rooms and collapsed from exhaustion into deep sleep.

The following morning, they all piled into a tour bus, arranged by the hotel for all its guests, and enjoyed a wonderful time in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. They lunched on Gumbo and ale; even Sheldon sampled the local cuisine. They returned to the hotel in the late afternoon, changed clothes, and prepared to leave for the convention center. After kissing Leonard goodbye, Penny decided to take a short nap before preparing for her excursion into the occult side of New Orleans.

When she awoke, she took a quick shower and tried to decide what to wear for the evening. "What does one wear to a voodoo ceremony," she asked herself. As she dried off, Penny found herself admiring her reflection in the mirror. That sweetheart Leonard often told her she had the face of an angel; and her perfectly firm and perky breasts were admired by all; but she couldn't help but be pleased with the body as a whole. Her belly was perfectly flat and tapered down to her pubic area. She kept her pussy as bald as the day she was born because it drove Leonard wild. Her cunt lips were quite prominent and gave her a very noticeable "camel-toe" when she wore tight pants. She remembered how incredibly hot and humid it was in New Orleans, so decided to wear as little as possible for the evenings festivities. She slipped on a barely-there yellow thong; decided to forego a bra; and topped the outfit with a flimsy yellow sun-dress that came to the top of her knees. She inspected herself in the mirror, and concluded she looked both cute and sexy. She left Leonard a suggestive note, in case he returned before her; and took the elevator down to the lobby.

It wasn't difficult to spot Antoine waiting by the front doors; he was the largest, darkest man in the lobby. He was wearing a long, colorful robe-like garment that almost resembled a dress. Penny had seen many of the men in the French Quarter wearing similar garments that afternoon, so she just assumed it was traditional Creole attire. His teeth seemed to gleam as he saw her approach him, and he extended his hand to grasp hers. As she took his hand and was thinking to herself how tiny her hand seemed compared to his; he opened the lobby door and the intense heat hit them like a wall. Even though the sun had gone down over an hour ago, the heat and humidity were as intense as if it were mid-day; and Penny was thankful for the outfit she had chosen to wear.

Antoine hurried her out of the hotel, confessing to her that the managers of the establishment kind of frowned at his running a tour business out of their hotel. The other tour companies gave a small percentage of their fee to the hotel; and since he didn't, he was afraid he could lose his bellhop position if they found out. Instead of a tour bus, he ushered her into an old, beat-up Cadillac that resembled ,to her, a car that you would find abandoned by the side of the road.

She inquired about others taking the tour, and Antoine jovially told her that she had the tour all to herself that night. Antoine was so charming and his voice so soothing, that Penny was completely at ease in his company. She never once thought about how she was going to an unknown destination in a strange city, with a complete stranger.

During the ride Antoine revealed that they were going to a private cemetery where the ceremony would take place. He explained to her that one of the attractive features of voodoo was that there was no central Loa, or deity. Each sect was free to adopt their own spirits and beliefs. He admitted that his uncle's sect was primarily devoted to enjoyment or pleasure, so she should feel free just to enjoy the evening. She learned that the famous "voodoo dolls," sold on every street corner in New Orleans were never part of the original beliefs; they were invented primarily for tourists. She should expect to share in the food and drink of the ceremony, and be invited to participate in the dancing . Drum music was a focal point of the rituals according to Antoine.

As they drove into the pitch dark cemetery driveway, Penny became aware for the first time that the windows of the Caddy were all down and there was no air-conditioning. The stifling heat had not even affected her because she had been so enthralled with Antoine's conversation She could see a dim light in the distance and already the loud thumping of the drums made her think of old Tarzan movies. The car finally came to a stop and Penny could see dancing bodies ,back lighted by what appeared to be candlelight, surrounding a central spot. The area was totally secluded by all the surrounding crypts and monuments.

As they approached the group, the drumming subsided and several of the dancers greeted Antoine warmly. He introduced Penny to the entire group and they each in turn shook her hand or hugged her. The men were all dressed in similar attire to Antoine, and the women wore colorful dresses of various lengths with most having scarves on their heads. There was a central stone altar that was lined with a vast array of candles and bowls. It was quite surprising how much light the candles were emanating.

Penny inquired as to the presence of Antoine's uncle, and he told her; "the houngan doesn't make his appearance until the main ritual takes place. Right now we all share in the ceremonial feast." Bowls of fruit and shrimp were taken from the altar and passed around for all to eat.

Penny found herself quite hungry and ate her share. Antoine himself poured her the first glass of ceremonial wine, which she drank straight down before asking for more. She knew the heat was probably responsible for her dehydration; but after the first glass, she started to feel lightheaded and almost giddy. As the empty bowls were placed on the ground beside the altar; the drum music began to get louder and everyone formed a circle and began to dance and sway to the beat. Penny found herself almost losing control as she twirled and swayed with the crowd. She thought to herself that she should have worn a bra because her breasts were swaying conspicuously in her sundress and her nipples protruded noticeably.

It was almost as if she were watching herself from outside her body, and she felt like she were floating above the ground. She turned to Antoine to ask him, and he just shrugged it off by saying, "you just drank a little potion to help you relax and enjoy yourself. You are with friends, and it will wear off soon."

Suddenly most of the drumming ceased, except for one continuous beat, and everyone except her and Antoine dropped to the ground. Antoine reached out his hand to Penny, and she extended hers for him to grasp ,as if she were in a trance. She was fully aware of everything going on around her, but powerless to refuse suggestions.

Antoine's hypnotic voice seemed to be in her head, as she heard him explain, " and now my pretty one, you will become the center of the ceremony." He led her to the stone altar, which was about waist high; turned her towards the crowd; bent down and removed her shoes. Then without hesitation, he slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and her garment floated to the ground and pooled at her feet. A mummer arose as her magnificent , pink-tipped breasts were revealed to the congregation. Antoine retrieved a dagger from the altar; proceeded to slice through the sides of her thong, and it too fell to the ground.

Penny was now totally nude in front of many complete strangers,and she was powerless to stop it. Two members of the congregation stepped forward; lifted Penny by her arms onto the altar and lay her on her back. They then , swiftly but gently, secured her arms above her head with leather straps; then spread her legs as wide as possible and secured her legs in the same manner. Penny was now tied spread eagle on the stone altar , and totally vulnerable to whatever was planned for her. She didn't struggle, for reasons that were unclear to her now, but was fully aware that her cunt was spread wide open for all to see.

Antoine approached her with what appeared to be a chicken's claw in one hand and a bowl in the other. The drums increased in volume and the members of the sect began chanting in a language she couldn't understand. Antoine dipped the claw into the liquid in the bowl and began to draw symbols on Penny's stomach. The liquid was red and Penny guessed it was blood of some kind. The claw tickled her skin and gave her goose bumps. He then made circles around her tits, and she found herself becoming aroused at the sensation. He proceeded to draw other unfamiliar symbols on her thighs,and Penny could feel fluid involuntarily leaking out of her pussy. The drums had reached a crescendo and then abruptly stopped as Antoine announced, "behold the great one."

Everyone turned as a presence approached from beyond the circle of light cast by the candles. Penny raised her head ; looked down between her outstretched legs; and could see the shape of a very large man approaching the altar area. Her clouded mind quickly suggested to her that this must be Antoine's uncle; the houngan. As the man got closer, she was startled to realize he was completely naked. His shaved black head glistened in the moonlight, and as he passed by Antoine, Penny knew he must be almost seven feet tall because he made Antoine seem small.

Penny was aware that she had actually stopped breathing regularly as her gaze was drawn to the man's enormous cock. As he walked closer to the altar, it swung between his legs like an elephant's trunk. Her mind reeled as she thought that it couldn't be real...he could never contain that monster in a pair of pants. She smiled to herself as she remembered the popular dress-like attire that she had seen everywhere in New Orleans. She was from Nebraska, and this cock was larger than any she had ever seen on a horse. It was bigger than her arm...much bigger. The crown was larger than an orange; and this was flaccid. She knew her pussy was sopping wet with the feeling of anticipation; because she could see the direction this ceremony was taking.

She had always wondered what a huge cock would feel like; not that she had any complaints about Leonard's lovemaking. She had never been with a man who had tried so hard to pleasure her. Sometimes he tried so hard that his jaw was sore for days afterward. She surmised that some potion or concoction had been added to her wine because she seemed to have no will of her own. Even if her limbs had not been secured, she knew she would be helpless to defend herself; and yet she felt totally at ease with the proceedings..even anxious, to see what would happen next.

As the houngan got closer, she could actually see the veins pulsating along his monstrous weapon. The drums seemed to be almost deafening now as Antoine and another man approached on either side of the altar.

Antoine looked hungrily at the prone figure of their latest sacrifice. He knew no harm would befall her; just a seemingly endless night of ultimate passion. Her magnificent breasts heaved with her excited breathing; her already engorged nipples were the size of gumdrops and begged to se sucked. Her slightly parted pussy lips; a perfect target between her endlessly long legs; were a bright shade of pink in the candlelight. Her beautiful long blond hair spread out on the altar made him think of Fay Wray being sacrificed to King Kong. He smiled to himself when he thought that in his own right; his uncle was King Kong. He couldn't wait until his turn.

As the two men approached the altar, they retrieved bowls full of some sort of liquid that had been placed there earlier. They dribbled the oily liquid all along Penny's arms and then quickly and thoroughly massaged it into her skin. They did the same to her belly and chest, paying particular attention to her wonderful tits; being careful to avoid the actual nipples. They kneaded her breasts for what seemed like an eternity and her nipples grew even more prominent. They dripped the liquid all along her fantastic legs and rubbed their lengths from her feet to her crotch. Penny couldn't help herself from thrusting her crotch upwards, begging for attention; but they avoided her pubic area completely. Penny's skin now felt like it was alive...it tingled and grew warmer. She was completely aroused now and wanted release; in any way. She could feel her moisture dripping down between her ass cheeks.

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