tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Big Rape Ch. 2

The Big Rape Ch. 2


I know it's been a very long time since I wrote the continuation to this story and I did receive a lot of emails asking me to continue it so here it goes. I'm sorry if this installment is disappointing compared to the last installment but I lost all the notes that I wrote for part 2. Enjoy!

"Please just let us go!" Joanne cried to her captors in a near sob, trying not to look over at her tied-up boyfriend who had a silent look of rage in his handsome blue eyes.

Her two captors laughed, and hearing those words, one black man moved up to her and slapped her sharply across the face, causing her ears to ring. His voice was hard and cold as he said, "Look here guys, if it isn't the honky wanting to be freed. Who wants to go next?"

TJ came up, his very muscular body partially nude, his cock hanging from his jeans and a cruel smile on his thick Afro lips. "I think I'd like to be alone with this bitch. Jerome don't forget to call our homies so they can hone in on the action," he said with an evil smirk, adding as an after thought, "Don't forget to take that white piece of shit out of this room but leave him in the door way so he can hear every little thing that happens. I wouldn't want him to miss all of the action!"

Jerome laughed loudly at that and simply shook his head, "You are one sick and twisted mother fucker, TJ. The gang will probably be here in no time to tap this bitch."

Alex groaned loudly in protest as Jerome dragged him out into the hallway, his eyes pleading with his girlfriend and letting her know that he would find a way out of this jam one way or another.

Joanne felt fear creep up her spine at TJ's presence. He really was big and mean-looking, and his cock was actually bigger than Jerome's even flaccid. She knew in a primal sort of way that TJ was a stone cold killer without a concern for her safety, and it wouldn't take much for him to simply kill her without a second glance.

"Open your fucking legs and show me your pussy now!" TJ said suddenly in a voice filled with such raw force that Joanne had no choice but to obey.

His order still throbbed silently in her ears, and a part of her wished she could rebel against this more powerful man even as she knew that it was helpless. She moved into the missionary position and opened her legs with a slight sob. Joanne wished it were her boyfriend that had taken her virginity, not that savage black gang member, and still simply couldn't understand what made her give in like she had. Maybe it was the way she was raised by her parents? She'd always been taught that black people were not really human and were actually an inferior race, but at the sight of their huge dicks, she couldn't help but think that maybe her parents were wrong. Alex was very average but his cock still excited her whenever she played with it. Yet, it was minor in comparison to how that black cock had felt inside her.

"Now, why don't you slowly part your little pussy lips?"

Shuddering, Joanne parted her pussy for him, surprised at how wet she was.

TJ couldn't take it anymore. Jerking his jeans off, he kneeled down and placed his now fully erect black cock against her little white pussy. Silently, he marveled at the contrast before pushing slightly, her beautiful folds slowly parting and accepting all of his glorious cock. Man, she felt tight despite the fact that Jerome had already broken her in.

"Oh god, you're hurting me!" Joanne cried, wincing painfully, her hands instinctively trying to push him off her now.

"Shut the fuck up and lay quietly. Make one sound and your boyfriend's a dead man," TJ snarled angrily, thrusting even deeper into her fiery depths.

Joanne desperately bit her lip until she tasted blood, closing her beautiful eyes tightly as TJ's ball sack slapped against her. She couldn't help it. She groaned loudly in a desperate pleasure that she tried to deny with every fiber of her being. TJ's body was heavy, and she could barely breathe as he held himself imbedded in her once-upon-a-time virgin pussy.

"Open your mouth, bitch. I want to kiss you," TJ whispered harshly, feeling a desire to take this woman in heart, body, and soul. Perhaps it was because her boyfriend was in the next room, and TJ enjoyed the idea of taking his girl while he could hear.

Joanne didn't know what came over her when she wrapped her arms around him and gave him one of the wettest kisses she'd ever given anyone. His mouth felt foreign and exciting, much more exciting than her boyfriend's had ever felt. A feeling of guilt mixed with remorse came over her as she knew that Alex was never going to feel this good, and with that thought, a firm realization surfaced in her mind. She was not going to so much as touch her boyfriend for the next month after this was over, if he and she were still alive, of course.

The kiss seemed to last an eternity, and then she felt it, breaking the kiss she screeched at the top of her lungs, "OH GOD YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD! I'M CUMMING YOU FUCKING BASTARD!"

It was truly the greatest orgasm she'd ever felt in her life, and Joanne knew that TJ was going to cum in her pussy so she brought her legs fully around his buttocks to make him go deeper inside her. She kissed him deeply again, her body heat rushing to her face as she heard TJ groan loudly and felt him give her the final fatal thrust. He came and she was gratified that it was finally over.

Joanne could feel the first jet of his cum hitting her cervix. Her legs felt numb and a guilty feeling overwhelmed her at how good it felt and how much she hated these black bastards for violating her innocence.

For a moment, TJ just laid on her, relishing the feeling of his cock fully imbedded in this beautiful white woman before roughly pushing himself off her. His cock came out with a loud slurping sound causing TJ to chuckle loudly.

"Hey TJ, get out here, the party has arrived!"

Joanne felt a pang of fear shoot up her spine at those words knowing that her ordeal was far from over; she shot TJ a desperate look. TJ simply gave her a cold leer and got up, his muscular ebony body glistening with sweat from the fucking he just gave her. Pulling his pants on, he moved out the door, his cock still aching from the workout he'd just given it.

Joanne sobbed loudly and closed her eyes in shame as TJ finally left the room. She couldn't believe how she gave herself away like some cheap whore while her fiancé who has never had sex with her was tied up just outside the door. Joanne could only imagine what was going through poor Alex's head as he was forced to hear his extremely chaste girlfriend having sex with another man.

It turned out that Joanne didn't have to wait very long for the gang to arrive with her once handsome and dignified fiancé in tow, no longer tied up. Two powerful looking black girls held him with his arm painfully held behind his back, his face scrunched in an expression of total agony. The rest of the gang were all black as spades and extremely violent looking brutes.

One black man looking extremely crazed smiled at the sight of the beautiful red head before him and slowly began to take off his clothes, as did everyone else in the room. The two girls stripped Alex completely, both laughing aloud at the sight of his white penis shrunken from the cold.

"Look at this little white piece of shit, Laurie!" The larger of the girls exclaimed with a very cold chuckle, "What should we do with this white boy's poor little dicky?"

"Hold him for me, and I'll be right back, Cynthia. I brought everything that we needed before we came, since Jerome told us that they had a white boy with them!" Laurie left the room.

For a moment, Joanne was more scared for her fiancé than she was for herself, but when she turned over to regard the all black gang that stood before her she nearly fainted in fear. They were all big, extremely black and, what was worse, hung like donkeys!

"Get over here and suck my cock, bitch!" The crazed-looking man snarled, without any compassion in his dark brown eyes.

Getting on her knees, fear in her beautiful hazel eyes, she slowly crawled to this evil-looking black man and took his eight and a half inch cock hesitantly in her little white hand. All Joanne could do was simply look at the crazed black man with a pleading expression on her angelic face, but there was no mercy to be had by this crazy man, just a cold sneer on his lips.

Closing her eyes tightly, trying to block away the tears, she bent to her task and did not see Laurie come in the room with a brown grocery bag in hand. Joanne was mesmerized by the thickness of this black cock, thicker than TJ's to the point that she couldn't even put her mouth all the way around it!

"Look at what I got here, girlfriend." Laurie said with a frightening smile, pulling out a very odd-looking bent tube with a shiny metal belt attached to it.

"Laurie, is that what I think it is?" Cynthia had an odd catch to her voice that was part surprised and part aroused.

"This is a chastity belt. I found it on ebay for a decent price." Laurie said brightly.

Alex felt anger surfacing as he watched his girlfriend giving into these black savage gang members. At the sight of the chastity belt and the way that Laurie was looking at him, he felt the sharpness of fear replacing his anger.

"There is no way you're going to put that thing on me!" Alex snarled, trying to break free from this powerful female, but it was helpless.

"Oh yes you will, white boy!" Cynthia snarled angrily, "Or we're going to cut that little white piece of shit off!"

Alex sobbed but hung his head low as Cynthia put the chastity device around him, fitting his penis inside the tube in which there was a ring behind the tube that made it stay in place. The lock was easy to get to from behind, which made it extremely hard to pick.

"Ahh, doesn't it look cute all locked up!" Cynthia said with a loud giggle.

It had to be the most painful and humiliating thing that Alex had to endure in his entire life. His cock now looked like a shrunken prune with the metal cage wrapped around it, preventing any form of erection and maintaining his inability to have sex with Joanne.

Joanne didn't know what was happening to her fiancé, but at this point she was just trying to focus on pleasing these men so they would finally leave them alone. She was on her hands and knees, her ass sticking out so more than a few blacks would go up and rub it affectionately or give it a rough slap. All Joanne could do was wiggle her ass, desperately trying to discourage this the only way she knew how.

One of the gang members announced, "I think it's time that we break in this bitch! What do you all say? Do you all think that I should stick my cock up her ass?"

Joanne sobbed loudly, breaking away from the deep throating that she was giving to one of these nameless black guys.

"You're not going to touch this ass, you fucking niggers!" Joanne spat out these words with pure venom, surprised at all the hate that came out.

Joanne felt her head snap back and stars appear as one of the guys slapped her sharply across the face. Tears ran down her face as she looked around at these thugs that had ruined her life as she knew it, a life that was pleasant and loving with the promise of Alex's sweet cock taking her virginity. Thinking about him, Joanne searched for Alex and felt her jaw drop in surprise, not noticing that a black man was getting ready to take her roughly from behind.

Alex had a helpless expression on his face that would have been comical if it wasn't for the situation, but that wasn't what drew her attention. He had a metal device around his privates! She also couldn't help but notice that her boyfriend's penis was so small and pathetic looking compared to these black men's.

Joanne couldn't help but feel a towering sense of contempt towards her boyfriend. Here she was helpless, and there he was doing absolutely nothing about it except having the most contemptible expression that only served to make her even angrier.

Joanne's contempt didn't last very long for she felt the biggest cock she had felt yet brush against her ass cheek, and she nearly screamed in fright as she tried to desperately escape her tormentor's rough hands to no avail. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed that it was one of the ugliest black men she had ever seen, and he looked like he was at least thirteen inches! Far from being aroused, Joanne wanted to run and never look back, but all she could do was whimper loudly in protest.

Smiling grimly, the stranger pushed forward, trying to enter her asshole, but all his cock did was bend slightly. Angry now, he tried a few more times to no avail before giving up. "Hey Derrick, get your black ass over here and break this ho for me!"

A smaller black man came forward, his cock shiny with lube, and smiled grimly, Joanne just turned around and bowed her head in submission but not for long. The black man that had tried to anally violate her was on the floor. His cock was sticking straight out and his eyes were filled with animal lust.

"Bitch, get your little white pussy over here!" he snarled with animalistic rage.

Crying harder than ever before, she scooted over to the black man and took his huge rod in her tiny, feminine hand. Joanne could feel the black man behind her begin to slip his cock head into her asshole as she slipped the other man's giant cock head into her pussy, sliding down very slowly and hesitantly. She could feel every vein in each cock, especially the one beneath her, and marveled at how thick it was, scared that this giant of a man might make her bleed again.

"Oh God, you're hurting me!" Joanne gasped as she closed her eyes, afraid at how much pleasure and pain these black men were giving her.

It felt as if the one under her was splitting her apart, he was so big, and Joanne knew with certain sadness that she would never be able to feel her boyfriend if they ever made love. A sense of regret overwhelmed her that she had never allowed her boyfriend to take her virginity. Thinking of him made Joanne snap her eyes open to regard her now helpless fiancé

Alex was openly crying as he watched Joanne slide inch by inch down this man's huge cock. At the same time, the other man was slowly pushing forward till all of his cock fully stretched her beautiful asshole. Humiliation flushed her pale cheeks at the way her fiancé was staring at her, as if she was some form of dirty whore.

Looking down at the cock that was piercing her once virgin white pussy, she couldn't help but reach down and feel part of the strong male organ that wasn't inside her, surprised that she felt like riding it for all it was worth. Without thinking, she looked away from the black cock that was stretching her and gave Alex an almost taunting gaze before bending down to give this black man a deep, tongue-filled kiss.

It was a hard thing to explain exactly why Joanne gave into her tormentors at that exact minute – perhaps it was the fact that these men managed to dominate her and her fiancé so easily. Perhaps it was the feeling of this powerful black cock splitting her open, hurting her but in a good way. Nevertheless, something within Joanne changed, and whatever it was had nothing to do with how she was before this evil ordeal.

"How could you do this to us, you fucking niggers!" Alex cried out in hopeless desperation, knowing by the expression on her face that he'd lost his love to these awful gangsters.

Those words cost him dearly, for Cynthia slapped him so hard across the face that his ears rang and instinctive tears started to fall. The cries of his beautiful pale-skinned fiancé were almost too much to bear, as was the sight of her white pussy and ass being stretched by these rough black men. Anger tightened his muscles, as he desperately wanted to be free from the torment this evil gang had inflicted upon his life and, more importantly, the life that he'd cherished for so long.

Joanne's cries of ecstasy could be heard throughout the room, cries that he would remember until the day he died. They tore his heart apart knowing that he would never be able to cause her the same pleasure that she was obviously feeling right now. Although his cock strained in its cage, he was unable to attain an erection, and it soon became unbearable.

Joanne was happily ignoring Alex; it was as if she and the black guys that were fucking her were the only people in the room. Up and down she went without a care. She was never able to get that giant cock completely lodged in her pussy but close to eight inches of it. It felt like a huge thick snake was trying to take over her nether regions. She could feel every vein of this man's cock. How it fit so awkwardly yet also how it brought so much pleasure to the young white woman was startling.

Never in all her young life did she imagine that such a huge cock would feel so good inside her. Joanne couldn't believe that she had denied her fiancé this simple pleasure for so long. Gently placing her small white hands on the black man's muscular body, she squeezed her eyes shut in pain as she tried to bring him all the way inside her.

She felt the black man behind her now happily humping her ass, something she swore that she would never let anyone so much as touch. Now it felt pleasant and only served to add to her pleasure. A relief along with a small orgasm shot through her as Joanne heard the man fucking her ass begin to groan and shoot the biggest load of cum into her tight behind.

"Please cum in me," Joanne moaned loudly so everyone could hear, urging the man fucking her pussy to shoot his black seed into her womb as well.

And came he did. It felt like a giant jet blast that filled every place in her tiny little pussy; she could feel it hitting her cervix and even beyond. Her eyes closed tightly, feeling that giant cock unload in her pussy. At this point, she truly wished that these black men would get her pregnant if only to serve as a reminder of this once evil night that had now become something of twisted beauty.

The man underneath her was replaced with another, this one significantly smaller by about five inches but who still felt great because he was a lot thicker. Also the man in her ass was replaced with a slightly larger cock that felt slightly more painful but tinged with a sweet pang of pleasure.

The gang rape lasted throughout the day and was filled with cries of pleasure and loud masculine groans that drowned out Alex's angry tears as he cried like a little baby. Both of the black girls continued to taunt Alex throughout the whole ordeal, and one black guy just went up with an evil smirk on his thick lips and proceeded to bitch slap the poor white man. If that wasn't bad enough, Joanne seemed to take on taunting her future husband with raw displays of passion that one only reads about in very steamy romance novels.

After they were done with the poor, once-innocent flower, the men would display their contempt by spitting in Alex's now very red face. Each one felt a particular vindictive pleasure in showing their dominance. Yet this wasn't the end of poor Alex and Joanne's torment.

After the last one was done with her, everyone, even the poor fiancé, examined the now cum-covered white woman. Both the black girls laughed loudly and said extremely cruelly, "Well it looks like the white bitch is fucked pretty good. You want to lick her now, honky?"

Alex was filled with disgust at his once virginal fiancés behavior, and anger that was mixed with the bitterness of arousal. It was something he couldn't completely help; the voyeur in him was taking over. All he could do was numbly sob as they carried him over to where his beautiful fiancé lay.

"I want you to clean all that fucking cum out of her, honky." Cynthia said while Laurie laughed openly.

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