tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Biker Gang

The Biker Gang

byTony King©

I was only 18 when I joined the Hells Angels. I was bike mad and the bad boy image really attracted me. I got into the gang through my friend Davy and after some pretty harrowing initiation ceremonies earned my red and white wings and was finally accepted as a fully fledged member.

There were fifteen members in my Chapter, all big burly guys with dubious criminal records and a couldn't give a shit about anything or anyone attitude. Most of the bikes were stolen Harleys, stripped down and re-built to make them untraceable, the only other form of transportation was a couple of flat beds, ideal for hauling things in the middle of the night if you know what I mean.

During my first week I joined the guys in 'pulling a train'. A lot of the guys had there own Moma's or girl friends and although they often shared them with the others, it was on a strictly invitation only basis, you didn't fuck with some else's Moma. The bitches on the other hand were just plain slags, hangers-on out for a bit of excitement. They would be treated as communal property and were freely available to anyone anytime to do what you liked with. On this occasion, a young 19 year was being initiated into the group by being gang banged - pulling a train.

Linda was a good looking chick, nice body, long blond hair and baby blue eyes. One of the Moma's had befriended her in a bar up town and after a few drinks persuaded her to visit the club. The poor bitch didn't stand a chance. No sooner had she stepped through the door she was grabbed, dragged screaming into the middle of the room and stripped naked. Wow, she had a great pair of tits. Sluggy, a large bearded giant of a man was the leader of the Chapter and he held her by the hair as he paraded her round. "Well now, looks like we got us a virgin wanabe biker babe." He licked up her neck causing her to grimace and pull away. "Girly, you're gonna find out just what we do to nice little bitches like you."

Every guy in the room took turns to fuck the poor bitch in just about every hole she had, even some of the other bitches joined the fun. The bad news is, she reported the rape to the police but could only identify two of the guys; they were arrested and convicted.

There's a certain code of honour within the Chapter so revenge for our fallen brothers was high on the list. During the court hearing Linda's name and address was read aloud and duly noted.

Over the next few weeks we joined forces with another Chapter and between us set up surveillance on the house. The family lived in an old farm building standing alone in a few acres of woodland. There was Linda, her Mother and what looked like older Brother and Sister. Either the old man worked away or they didn't have one. The set-up was perfect. It was ten o'clock on a Friday night when 32 leather clad Hells Angels broke in through the back door flying the colours.

They were all watching TV in front room. Looking through the crack in the door we could see Mom was curled up on the sofa wrapped in a white towelling gown, the two girls were sitting on the floor next to her and the boy was in the arm chair. They were engrossed in a film. Sluggy gave the signal and we pulled the ski masks over our heads and burst into the room. Before they knew what was happening they were lifted to their feet and their hands tied behind their backs. The boy tried to fight but he was no match for us and a few good punches knocked him senseless.

"Well, what have we here," said Sluggy pulling Linda by the hair, "now aren't you the little bitch that got our friends locked up?" Realising who we were brought a look of sheer terror to the girls face. "Please, leave us alone," mum pleaded, "haven't you done enough, just go now and we won't say anything I promise."

"Go, but we haven't been paid yet," Sluggy replied. "Look, please, just take what you want and go, there's some money in my handbag, there, look." She pointed towards the bag. "Sweetheart, we ARE going to take what we want but it ain't money."

"Oh God please no, MUM, there going to rape me again." Linda was screaming and fighting like mad but with two strong guys holding her she had no chance of escape. "Oh no, please, don't hurt my kids, not again, please, I'll do anything you want only please don't hurt my kids."

"Anything we want, you hear that guys, the bitch said anything we want, anyone think of anything?" One of the guys holding mum slid his hand into the top of her robe and roughly grabbed a tit. "Man, you want to see the tits on this slut." As he said it he pulled the robe open exposing two very large tits. "Leave her alone you bastards," it was the boy again. Having regained consciousness he was fighting to get to his feet and help his mother. "Strip him and shut him up," Sluggy commanded. "In fact, lets strip all of them."

The was a lot of whooping and hollering as the two teenage girls were stripped naked and passed from man to man, each one grabbing a handful of tit or pussy. The boy was stripped and tied to a chair. "OK Mummy, you got one chance to save your daughters here, I want you fuck every man in this room and act like he's the best fuck you've ever had. I get one complaint and we swap you for her," he pointed at Linda's sister, "and start all over again."

"I'm gonna have me some of that!" It was Gonzo, 6'6" of bald headed flab, covered in tattoos, missing front teeth and a massive beer gut. He must have been every woman's worse nightmare. "OK baby, show me what you got." Gonzo leant forward and grabbing both tits he pulled her towards him crushing his lips to hers. She started to flinch slightly. "Hey boss, looks like she don't like me kissing her, better pass the kid."

"NO! please, I do like kissing you, let me try again." This time she closed her eyes tight and returned the kiss. Her whole body was rigid as Gonzo stuck his tongue in her mouth and slipped a hand down to her pussy.

Both girls were crying now and the boy was still trying to break free from his ropes. "Great kisser, lets see what else you can do with your mouth." He pushed her to her knees. With shaking hands she undid the belt buckle and slid his jeans down. Gonzo wasn't into personal hygiene and even from where I was standing the smell of piss filled the room. Mum turned her head away in disgust.

"It's either you or them baby," Gonzo said steering her head with his hands. Mum took a deep breath, opened her mouth and took his limp cock between her lips. "That's good, now suck it baby, make it nice and hard." She sucked, making his prick grow until it was fully erect. Gonzo was a big guy all over and his prick must have been a good nine inches long. Mum managed about half it's length, holding the base and slurping round the head. "C'mon baby, show your little girly how to deep throat." He held her head tight and savagely rammed his cock into her throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She tried to push him away, placing both hands on his meaty thighs and pushing hard, all the time making gurgling spluttering noises in the back of her throat. The harder she pushed the tighter he held.

Without air, her resistance got weaker and weaker, her arms falling by her side. Just when I thought she would pass out from lack of oxygen, he let her go. She fell to floor gasping for breath. "OK sweet thing, now you know how its done lets try again, or maybe the little bitch can show you." He took a step towards Linda. "NO!" shouted mum, "please, I can do it." She knelt in front of him again and took his hard cock into her mouth. Try as she might she gagged every time it reached the back of her throat. Raising his eyes to the heavens, Gonzo grabbed her head again and thrust forward. This time there was no mercy; he savagely fucked her mouth and throat letting her fight for air each time he pulled out. Eventually, with a roar like a bull he held her tight, her nose buried in his gut while he fired off down her throat.

Finally spent, he pushed her to the floor and did himself up. "I wanna fuck the little whore." It was Spike, a skinny guy with a pock marked face and more knife scars than I've ever seen. "Spread your legs bitch, this is gonna hurt." Mum did as she was told and lying back on the floor she spread her legs wide. Spike shoved three fingers straight up her cunt making her scream. He twisted them and poked them, all the time looking at her face, deliberately trying to hurt her. "Like it bitch, huh, do you like me fingering your slut of a pussy, tell me bitch."

"Yes, I like it," she said through gritted teeth. "Want me to fuck you bitch, tell me how much you want me."

"Please, I want you to fuck me, I really want you to fuck me." She was resigned to the fact that in order to save her daughters she would have to comply with every thing we wanted and was now laid back looking straight into the air repeating whatever we wanted to hear. Spike climbed on and started to fuck her with hard fast strokes. He didn't last long, filling her cunt with spunk before the next guy took his place. By the time number 9 had shot his load up her, her pussy was getting a little bit messy.

The boy was going berserk now struggling to free his bonds and rescue his mother. Sluggy whispered something to one of the others and they nodded agreement. "Hold up there boys, seems like all this excitement has got the lad hear agitated, cut him loose and bring him over." Secured in a painful armlock, the boy was brought over and made to stand in front of Sluggy. "Ginge, you ready?" Ginger grabbed Linda's sister and held a knife to her throat. "Ok sonny, here's the deal. Your gonna lick your momma clean or your little sister there gets hurt, now this can be easy or hard son, its up to you." The boy looked at his mum with fear in his eyes as Ginger held the knife to his sister's throat. "It's OK honey, just do as they say, honestly hon, it's all OK."

"Good boy, now lay on your back," commanded Sluggy. "You, sit on his face. I want every bit of mess cleared up, understand."

The boy lay on his back and we watched in silence as his mum straddled his face, her cunt dripping with spunk and looking red raw. The boy looked terrified as his mother slowly lowered herself down. "Lick boy," Davy yelled and we watched as his tongue came out and tentatively touched his mothers swollen cunt. "You drink every last drop boy or ......." He didn't need telling twice and started to lap away. Another guy stood in front of the mother and undid his fly. She knew exactly what he wanted and as her own son licked her out she took yet another dirty cock into her mouth.

"Hey look, the kids getting a hard on." It was true, the boy was getting hard licking his mums cunt. "Shame to waste it huh," said Sluggy, "bring her over, she can give him some head."

"What's your name bitch?"


"well now Susan, you ever sucked a cock before?" Susan nodded no, "well now's your chance baby, get down there." Susan was made to kneel between her brothers legs bend forward and take his cock into her mouth, her arse high in the air. "Well now, ain't this happy families," said Grovel, fingering Susan's cunt from behind.

It sure was a great sight, sonny boy flat on his back licking his mums cunt for all he was worth, mum with cock after cock filling her mouth with spunk and little Susan on all fours sucking her brothers dick while Grovel finger fucked her cunt and arse.

Suddenly mum shuddered trough her first orgasm making her cry out and shake violently. "Fuck me, the kid made her cum," Davy said. He dragged her off the boy leaving her sprawled on her back gasping for breath. Her face and hair were covered in spunk. "Hey, I've got an idea, lets have a family show." There was much cheering round the room as the two teenage girls were dragged to the middle to join mum and brother on the carpet. The boy still had a hard on and with some prompting from Jasper, mum was made to play with it while the two girls were encourage to fuck each other.

"Hey boy, you ever fucked a woman before?" Jasper asked, "n-n-n-no," he stuttered. "Well now, looks like mum's been a bit remiss in your upbringing boy, huh Mum, so why don't you just go ahead now and show him how its done." The guys roared their approval. "It's alright Tim," mother said to her son, "just do as they say and we'll be alright." The shock of being made to fuck his own mum had made his dick go down so the two girls were dragged over and made to suck it back to life again. As soon as it was hard, mum lay back and guided him in. "Now you make sure he does a good job and makes you cum again or we'll just have to do it for him."

We watched cheering as young Tim humped his mother and the two girls formed a sixty nine, slurping noisily on each other cunts. Mum would occasionally look over at her daughters while whispering encouraging words to her son. "Oh yeah, that's right Timmy, fuck me hard, like that, oh yeah that's good Timmy, c'mon baby, you can do it, make mommy cum Timmy, make me cum." Timmy's arse was going up and down like a jack rabbit, his head buried in his moms shoulder, eyes shut tight. "Oh fuck, Timmy I'm coming, oh yes baby .......... Oh fuck." I guess we'll never know if she faked it or not but Timmy certainly didn't and shot wads of warm creamy spunk up his mum's abused hole.

By now it was a free for all and both girls had been dragged apart and were being fucked by the guys. Susan was laying across Linda, forming a cross shape on the floor, their tits crushed together with a cock in each end. We turned mum over and using her sons spunk lubed up her arse. "Oh no please, not there, please, I've never done that before." She screamed in pain as I inched my cock into her virgin arse and Tim had to be restrained again. Eventually I was fully home and started to fuck in and out. "Hey man, room for any more?" Davy boy asked. Between us he got underneath and slipped his cock up her cunt while I remained in her arse, another guy filled her mouth and that's how we stayed for a good half hour, fucking all three holes at once. Throughout the night, we fucked all three girls in every hole and Jacko, the animal in the group even fucked Tim's arse.

It was about 2am and we were all feeling the pace when, "Hey guys, we forgot a hole," said Jacko casually fingering Linda's cunt while she sucked his cock back to life. We all looked round the room, what could he possibly mean, the three girls had been fucked senseless in every hole possible. Sluggy caught on first. "Hey, right on man, lets do it." Before he realised what was happening Tim was grabbed and forced face down on the spunk stained carpet. "No!!!!," he yelled fighting like mad. It took five guys to hold him down. "Lets see just how good a mother you are, you make his arse nice and wet for Jacko here, the tighter and drier it is the worse it's gonna hurt, dig?"

The poor bitch must have thought the worst was over but now she had to lick her son's arse knowing that he was about to be gang rapped. She tried to spit into his hole but her mouth was dry so using her fingers and initiative, she scooped some spunk from her dripping cunt and massaged it into his brown eye. First one then two fingers worked there way in making him cry out in pain and humiliation. Jacko pulled her off and replaced her fingers with his cock. The two girls cradled each other as their brother cried out in pain as Jacko forced his large cock up his young arse. He pumped away for ages and eventually the boy's cries subsided. "Hey mum, why don't you come and suck his little dicky for him." Wearily, mum moved into position and took her sons cock in her mouth. "I ain't coming till he does so it's up to you girl," Jacko said slowing his pace. Mum sucked and licked her sons cock while Jacko gently fucked his arse. Another guy got down behind mum and slid his cock up her arse. "Hey Jacko man, looks like we got us a double burger here." No matter how hard mum tried she just couldn't get Timmy to cum. The guy fucking mum shot of in her arse and another one took his place. Jacko speeded up and with each forward thrust he forced the boys cock down his mothers throat until eventually with a deep groan the boy came, the suddenness causing his cock to fall from his mums mouth spraying jets of creamy white spunk every where. Jacko rammed home filling the boys arse with his own spunk as yet another guy took over fucking mum.

And so it went on, the boy was rapped several times more and the girls made to perform every deviant act you could think of including licking the spunk from their brothers arse.

At just before first light we left them cradled naked together on the couch, tired, wrecked, demoralised and totally degraded. They knew better than to call the cops this time.

No one fucks with an ANGEL.

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