The Birth


It was yet to be known what the child was.

It had come this Christmas night of all nights.

The snow had fallen to the earth in frozen pictures of frilled lace.

The year unknown as earth had changed so much .

Christmas was no longer a sought after holiday. All hope and caring had seem to cease from the people who now hunted for food just to live everyday.

They had not wanted a child in this desperate world but it had come upon them from no where. Bruce and Shelia had not been the best people ,but yet not the worse.

Drinking and drugs ran rampant and they themselves had had their share of all. Even the sex.

Their lovemaking and her off and on praying for a better life drove them to survivals they knew had to be face daily to live in this extinct world.

He had been the caring man side of the affair. She the devoting woman. Their lovemaking superb nightly. But always careful to avoid a child.

Sheila knew not where this child had come from. She had been extra careful ,but now that it was to be they worked around the child inside to live.

The anti Christ now roamed and ruled the world as it was now. The cities destroyed . Life stood still for all. Medicines and hospitals no longer existed.

All hope gone. Prayers was said in hidden dark ways .

Bruce knew he and Shelia had to survive and make sure this child also survived in their world. Their love for each other in their eyes and everything they did.

The days were agonizing as they hunted for food to feed themselves and care for the coming of this child.

They hunted daily for all that they would need to deliver the child when it was ready to be born.

Their nights spent making passionate love and trying to sort out what next to do. But their nights heaven to them as they thankfully had a high rise dome apartment away from the world below.

No one could get at them and all they scavenged of the day.

The place held what wood they could find to burn for warmth and food they brought in .

Windows to see the stars and moon giving them some peace and comfort. The clouds always black and drifting across the sky.

Snow would soon be falling again. Black and desolate flakes as no one had witnessed before.

These had been all changes since the government had failed and the anti Christ had swooped in destroying the earth bit by bit.

The change had been fast and ferocious for all. Hands had been swiped with the mark of the devil . If not swiped then you foraged for food and prayed the Christ child would soon be here to save you.

Evil was in abundance and had sat up home. Tonight Shelia and he had had a long day and she told of an urgency to be home safe again. As they had climbed the steps to their apartment she had seemed more worn out .

Fixing their supper it had started to black snow and Sheila watched as the dark laces fell to the earth and below. She spoke of the snow and the prayers she had said that day to Bruce.

Eating they settled back and soon as always he was kissing her and seeking the release they both needed with their bodies. Sensually he traced her skin with his fingers as he deeply kissed her .

The night stood still as the lovers gave to each other the only thing that could not be taken away so easily . Their passion erupting into crescendos of heated fire as they fought for heights of unending pleasures.

After they watched the snow as it fell. Slipping off to sleep for a few hours Bruce was woken by Sheila's moans . Looking to the sky he silently prayed as he knew soon the child would arrive.

Gathering all the blankets they had he bent to cover her up. Her moans small yet ,he knew soon she would deliver. Moving quietly he made sure all was ready for the delivery. He prayed to God to help her and make all well as he set water to boil.

The windows beckoned him once more . The night different for some reason. He could feel something in the air. Above them the skies seemed to part on its own and the snow slipped to the side to open .

Sheila slept as Bruce got down and prayed for them and the child to come. Tears rolled down his eyes as he asked that all be well for her and the child. Hoping above all hope that his prayers would be answered this night.

The quiet night seemed to echo his prayers out loud. His heart beat with all its might and then total quietness as he watched over Sheila once more.

Her moans seem to be slowly growing again as he watched her toss and turn.

Her body now drenched in sweat, she opened her eyes and watched him .

With a smile she drifted back off once again. The snow fell and seemed to swallow them up to the world .

The sky seemed to turn a beautiful blue black and change as Bruce watched. Beauty was far and between in this world so cold and unnerving.

He senesced the change in his body as he watched.

Shelia awoke and this time she looked at him with eyes pleading and he knew it had begun. Wiping her face he talked to her gently and helped soothe her mind.

He looked to the sky and prayed as she moaned aloud. Her pains coming quicker he noticed the sky open up and a small star had appeared. It grew slowly as her pains grew. His eyes were torn between her and the sky.

No stars had he ever seen in his lifetime and here this one appeared from no where. It made him a little nervous and thought what great beauty it was and said so to Sheila . She looked and smiled and said nothing.

The star grew as Sheila started the birth. The sky's parted to let the light shine though the window and rest on the child he delivered.

A girl laid in his arms and he thought he heard music herald this child as he handed her into Shelia's arms as the light dazzled them both.

The Christ Child had arrived.

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