tagInterracial LoveThe Black Rooster Resort Ch. 04

The Black Rooster Resort Ch. 04


(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history. Other stories in the series include Blackedmerica: A Love Story, Nerds of Hollyweather.)

Chapter 4

Down by the eastern wing of the hotel, a large doorway marked the entrance to the Ferris Hall.

"Here we are," Henrietta said as she looked out over the assembly hall.

A runway had been raised in the middle of the room. Beside it, several workers looked up at the voluptuous woman who was inspecting their work. The woman, Deborah Mckinney wore a snug red dress that accentuated her curvy and thick body. Her enormous breasts poured out of the rounded chest area of her dress.

Deborah was the owner of the Red Linen Boutique, a nationwide boutique and clothing brand that focused on lingerie and bikinis for the larger woman. This weekend she was holding a fashion show at the resort, promoting the upcoming line of clothes.

"It's perfect, Mr. Booker. It's just as I had envisioned it." Deborah's huge chest jiggled as she turned and faced the foreman of the workers, Clay Booker, who was a big bald black man. His lustful eyes had been following Deborah's every step up on the runway. The enormous bulge in his pants did little to hide his attraction to her.

"Thank you, Mrs. Mckinney." Clay Booker looked up at the sexy woman. His eyes wandered down and almost drowned in her impressive cleavage. His huge hardon ready to punch its way out of his pants.

"Oh, I've told you to call me Deborah, Mr. Booker." Deborah Mckinney smiled. She was so attracted to the handsome black foreman. Ever since she met him a couple of days ago, she has fantasized about him. She imagined him on top of her, looking down into her eyes as she plunged his big black cock inside of her.

"That wouldn't be proper Mrs. Mckinney, at least not until I know you a bit better." Clay gave her a hinting smile.

"Oh." Deborah let out a soft moan. She could feel her heart pound as she looked at the sexy black man.

Such a man...

"Mrs. Mckinney..." Henrietta called out to get Deborah's attention.

Deborah looked over and was glad to see the assistant manager of the resort. She had been such a help the last few stressful days, and Deborah had been meaning to thank her.

"Oh hey." Deborah waved over to Henrietta. Just before she was about to walk over to her, she turned to Clay.

"Mr. Booker, would you mind meeting me backstage later, I would really like to thank you personally for of your hard work." Deborah leaned over, her large floppy breasts almost fell out of her dress.

"Sure thing Mrs. Mckinney." Clay glanced down at her massive cleavage. He imagined himself grabbing those huge soft pillows, putting them around his fat black cock and titty fucking her.

Deborah smiled to herself as she walked over to Henrietta.

"Henrietta, I'm so glad you stopped by. I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you and the resort have given me," Deborah told her gratefully.

"Oh, don't mention it, we're honored that you chose to have your annual fashion show at the resort." Henrietta smiled.

"Oh, well I couldn't have asked for a better venue." Deborah smiled and glanced over at the women accompanying Henrietta. Danielle, she had seen before, but the other two she didn't recognize.

"Oh, right, this is Shelby Harrington and Jennie Park." Henrietta introduced the two women.

"Hi." "Hello." The women all smiled and nodded.

"Shelby and Jennie are actually here to do a feature on the resort for Molly magazine," Henrietta said proudly.

"Oh, I love Molly." Deborah lit up.

"I especially love Jennie Fuller's articles. The piece she wrote on why big women shouldn't be afraid to wear bikinis was so inspiring." Deborah knew first hand that the article published in Molly Magazine a couple of months back had helped so many bigger women to overcome their fear of the bikini.

Deborah fondly remembered this woman, Beatrice, who had come into her Red Linen Boutique with her sixteen and seventeen-year-old daughters, Lynn and Katie. Her daughters had come to her after having read the article and asked her for help in picking out their first bikinis. The two of them were so excited since they had been invited to their first pool party at a black boy's house.

Deborah remembered how proud Beatrice had looked when her daughters came out from the fitting room in their bikinis. The two girls who were both quite chubby, with large jiggly breasts, wide hips, and big bellies, looked beautiful.

A few days later, Deborah received an email from Beatrice, with a link to a post on her daughter Katie's facebook page. The post was a short video of Katie and Lynn, naked on their backs at the pool party. On top of them were two cute black guys, moving their hips, plunging their big black cocks into their pussies. Just before the video ended, a black guy kneeled down next to Lynn and shot a huge cum load on her face.

Below the post, Beatrice had posted; "My beautiful daughters. So proud. Smiley Face."

Deborah felt so proud that the two girls and their new bikinis had been a hit at the pool party.

"Thank you. I know Jennie was quite proud of that article. You know, she's quite the fan of your bikinis," Shelby smiled as she told Deborah.

"Oh wow." Deborah was so excited to hear that Jennie loved her clothes. Jennie Fuller, who was such an inspiration for so many plus size women.

"Would it be possible for me to give you a few samples of my upcoming bikinis to give to Jennie, I would love to know what she thinks of them," Deborah asked hopingly.

"It would..." Shelby paused and smiled.

"If you would give us tickets to your fashion show. I would love to write about it in our feature on the resort." Shelby looked at Deborah who looked ecstatic.

"Really? I mean, of course, that would be amazing." Deborah smiled.

"Then it's a deal." Shelby had only been at the resort for a few hours and already she had so much to write about.

"Well, I know you're busy, so we'll let you get back to it." Henrietta didn't want to keep Deborah any longer. Also, she was awfully late for a meeting.

"Thanks again." Deborah waved as the four women left. She still couldn't believe what had just happened. Not only had she found out that Jennie Fuller loved her bikinis, she was going to get to send her some new designs to try out. Also, her fashion show might be featured in Molly Magazine.

Over by the runway, Clay Booker was letting his workers go for the day.

"Mr. Booker?" Alejandro Huerta walked up to his boss and took off his cap politely.

"Yes, Alejandro?" Clay looked over at Alejandro who was one of his best workers.

"Ehm." Alejandro glanced back over his shoulder and saw his friends and work buddies Juan and Patrick standing a bit behind him. He knew that they were waiting to ask Mr. Booker the same thing.

"My wife wanted me to ask you if you would like to come over for dinner this evening." A few days ago Alejandro had seen his gorgeous and dark haired wife Gloria on top of his black boss. Her thick butt bouncing up and down, whilst his fat black cock disappeared into her pussy. She called him papi as she rode him hard. Alejandro had sat on the sofa chair across from them, his underwear around his ankles, stroking his small penis.

"I might have to take a rain check on that..." Clay would have loved to have seen Gloria again, her Mexican booty was out of this world. Though as he looked over Alejandro's shoulder, he saw Deborah on her way back to the office space she used behind the stage. His cock grew harder in his pants when he saw her looking over at him with such desire.

"Oh, okay Mr. Booker." Alejandro felt a bit disappointed. He loved watching Gloria worship a big black man like Mr. Booker.

"Ehm, Mr. Booker..." Having just overheard that his boss didn't have time to see Alejandro's wife Gloria, Juan felt a bit bad for his friend, though at the same time he hoped that maybe it was because he wanted to see Silvia instead. Juan still got hard just thinking of his wife Silvia almost deepthroating Mr. Booker's thick black cock.

"Sorry Juan, we'll have to discuss whatever it is tomorrow." Clay looked over and saw Deborah slid the straps of her dress over her shoulders. His rock hard erection even grew another inch when he saw her dress fall down around her waist, revealing her massive breasts. They looked amazing the way they softly jiggled as Deborah walked through the door to her office.

"Oh, okay," Juan said politely as his boss disappeared into Mrs. Mckinney's office.

The men stood there a bit awkwardly as they picked up their work gear.

"Ehm, so you guys want to come over and watch the game?" Alejandro looked up at his friends.

"Sure," "Yeah," Juan and Patrick told him. They all usually put down a few dollars on the football games.

"And bring Silvia..." Alejandro looked over at Juan. "and Bonnie..." Who was Patrick's wife.

The three men and their wives had been good friends for years and had even spent a few vacations together.

On the way out, they heard a thump behind them and looked back. Across the hall, Herbert Mckinney swiftly got up and adjusted his glasses after having just stumbled over a chair.

"Oh." Herbert Mckinney felt a bit embarrassed as he saw the three men looking over in his direction. He had been so excited tell his wife that he had managed to find a more reliable fabric supplier for her bikinis, that he hadn't seen the chair in front of him.

Alejandro, Juan, and Patrick all thought the same thing as Herbert made his way over to his wife's office;

Lucky man... Knowing that Herbert would find his wife in there with Mr. Booker.

"Honey, I..." Herbert rushed in all excited to tell his wife after he had been on the phone all day.

"Oh..." Herbert found his wife Deborah on her knees, her huge breasts hanging out, sucking the black foreman's thick cock. Herbert felt his penis stiffen up in his underwear.

"Mgh... mgh... mm." Deborah loved giving sloppy blowjobs, her spit dripping down her jaw and his cock, splashing down onto her chest. Suddenly she noticed her husband standing there.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to barge in like this." Herbert saw Deborah and Mr. Booker look over at him. Deborah looked so beautiful with his big black cock in her mouth.

"It's okay Herbert... mmm." Deborah took half of Clay's length into her mouth and sucked, making it plop out of her mouth.

"You don't mind if my husband stays, do you?" Deborah looked up sexily at the big black man.

"I don't mind. Take a seat, Herbert." Clay grabbed the back of Deborah's head and pushed his fat cock back into her mouth. He had to really dig deep not to laugh at the name that went with the geeky looking man with glasses.

"Thank you." Herbert gulped as he sat down on a chair next to the wall. He glanced over at his hot wife. He loved her voluptuous body. Her huge and full breasts. The way they hung down so naturally.

Clay hungrily looked down at Deborah huge soft breasts as she sucked his fat black cock. He couldn't wait any longer. He had to fuck them.

After grabbing his cock and plopping it out of her hungry mouth, he reached down and grabbed the underside of her heavy breasts, feeling their softness as he parted them and slid his cock up between them.

"Mmm." Deborah smiled excitedly. She loved it when black men used her breasts like that.

"Oh yeah!" He mashed her tits together and slowly began to push his cock up between them.

"Oh yes... fuck my tits." Deborah moaned as Clay moved his hips back, grunting whilst shoving his cock up between her soft skin.

Oh wow... Herbert breathed heavily. He stared at his wife's huge breasts and gasped each time he saw the big bulbous cock head poke up between them. He was already so close to coming. Herbert had never been able to last very long, especially not when he watched his wife with a black man.

"Oh yeah..." Clay picked up the pace and slammed his cock up between her huge floppy breasts.

"Mmm." Deborah kept sticking her tongue out, trying to lick the tip of his cock whenever it poked up.

"Uh uhh." Deborah heard Herbert groan out. Glancing over at him, she smiled to herself. She knew by the look on his face that he was erupting in his underwear.

"I'm gonna cum on your tits." Clay suddenly grunted out. He let go of her breasts, gripped his cock and started jerking.

"Oh yes Clay, come on my tits." Deborah grabbed her heavy breasts. Pushed them together and held them up to Clay's throbbing cock.

"Ah ah ahhhh." Clay stroked his shaft hard until he blew on her chest.

"Oh yess!" Deborah smiled when she saw the thick streams of cum hit her chest.

"Ahh ahhh." Wad after wad of hot cum shot out of the tip of Clay's cock.

"Oh yess Clay, give me all that cum." Deborah lustfully looked up at Clay's grunting face as she felt his warm cum splash against her skin. The cum on her skin ran down her chest and gathered in a pool between her breasts.

"Ahhh." Clay exhaled, panting. The tip of his cock still dripping cum. He looked down at the sexy woman and held his cock up to her lips.

"Mmm." Deborah eagerly took it into her mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum out of it.

"Keep sucking, I need to get me some of that juicy pussy." Clay looked down at her. Even though he had just come, he had been horny for Deborah all day, so he just had to get inside of her.

Oh, my... Deborah smiled to herself as she kept sucking his softening cock. She was determined to get him hard again. Whilst she sucked, she still held her breasts together, keeping all that cum pooled between her bosom.

Suddenly Shania's popular country song, "The Black Men Are A-Comin" started playing from Clay's phone. Growing up in the south, Clay had always been fond of country music. Especially Shania's music.

"Damn, got to take this." Clay reached down and got his phone from his pants that laid around his ankles.

"Booker." He answered and to Deborah's disappointed, it appeared that Clay had to get.

"No problem, I should be able to fix that. Okay, I'll be right there." Clay hung up the phone.

"Damn." He looked over Deborah who smiled up at him. He could feel his dick getting harder already just by looking at her. Unfortunately, he had promised to fix a guy's leaking roof. Fortunately, he had a real appreciative wife.

"Afraid I have to go, work." Having his own business meant that he had work odd hours.

"Oh. Well, I hope we can do this again sometime." Deborah was so horny for the big black man in front of her.

"Better believe it." Clay leaned down and gave her a kiss before he picked up his phone and left.

"Wow honey, that was amazing. You were amazing." Herbert was still out of breath. His penis felt so wet against the cum soaked fabric of his underwear.

"Mmm." Deborah looked over at her husband and smiled. She had something in mind for him. Still keeping her large breasts pressed together with her left arm, she slowly reached up with her right hand and bent her index finger, motioning him to come over to her.

As Herbert got up and walked over to his wife, he glanced down at her huge breasts and gulped when he saw all that slimy cum pooled between her breasts. His wife didn't say anything, she just smiled and kept motioning with her finger for him to sit down. Herbert knew what she wanted.

As he sat down, he felt the smell of musky cum mixed with his wife's perfume.

Herbert gulped. "That's a lot of cum." He looked down at the cum waddling around between his wife's soft breasts.

"Oh yes, he sure had a big load." Deborah smiled. Still not telling her husband what she wanted, she simply glanced down at the pool between her chest.

Herbert gulped once more as he slowly leaned down towards his wife's breasts. Sticking out his tongue, he ran the tip against the gooey mess and licked some of the cum up, feeling its taste before swallowing it. It wasn't the first time he had licked cum from his wife's breasts.

"Oh yes Herbert, lick all that cum." Deborah ran her fingers through her husband's brown hair. Occasionally feeling his tongue against the soft skin of her breasts. She knew how much her husband loved her breasts. Sometimes when a black man had her on all fours, she would have her husband lie down and position his face just under her chest. As the black man took her from behind, her large meaty pillows would hang down and softly slap against her husband's face.

With his face buried between his wife's breasts, Herbert lapped up the black man's cum and swallowed it.

"Mm, suck some up for me, honey. I want to feel his cum in my mouth." Deborah was still so horny for Clay.

Herbert leaned down and pressed his lips against the slimy and slurped most of it up. The cum swirled around in his mouth as he raised himself up and leaned into his wife's lips. Kissing her sweet lips, he let the cum flow into her mouth.

"Mmm." Deborah savored its taste on her tongue before swallowing it.

"Mm, thank you, honey." Deborah gave her husband a passionate kiss.

Leaning back out, she looked at her husband as she let go of her huge and soft breasts. Deborah smiled when she saw Herbart stare down at her impressive and jiggly bosom. She reached over and took his hands and laid them on her soft skin.

"Suck them." She moaned softly as she felt her husband fingers gently fondle her natural breasts.

"Mmm." Herbert leaned down and put his lips around her big right nipple and sucked it. He swirled his tongue around it as he sucked her soft yet hard nipple.

"Uh uhh." Herbert spurted another small load in his underwear.

"Mmm." Deborah closed her eyes and imagined having Clay on top of her, feeling his thick black cock inside her pussy.

Back at the entrance to the hotel, Shelby, Jennie, and Danielle waved goodbye to Henrietta as she rushed off to another meeting.

"So, where to now Danielle?" Shelby asked her new friend.

"I thought we would check out the galleria before we head outside," Danielle said.

"Okay." Shelby nodded.

Danielle took Shelby and Jennie up the stairs behind the Marcus statue, and across the raised glass walkway that led them from the hotel to the Galleria, which was housed in a separate building. Directly under the glass walkway, there was a pool where people swam and had fun.

"Wow, have to remember to take a few shots of this walkway, it's such a beautiful mix of the old architecture of the hotel and the modern designed walkway." Jennie took a few photographs of the inside.

Suddenly as Jennie turned around to take another photo, she bumped into a guy.

"Ow." The guy fell down knocking his camera out his bag.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Jennie looked down at the guy who was, rather cute. Though he looked to be more concerned about the camera than himself.

After making sure the camera was okay, he looked up at the girl who had bumped into him.

"Wow." He gasped. He was absolutely taken by Jennie's beauty.

Jennie brushed her hair back around her ear and blushed a little, which Shelby noticed and smiled.

"Oh, I mean..." He gulped. His heart pounded like never before as he stumbled up onto his feet.

"Ehm... what was the question?" He found Jennie so beautiful that he had almost forgotten what had happened.

"Are you alright?" Jennie smiled and giggled to herself. She was still blushing a little.

"Oh, yeah... I think so." He ran his fingers through his scruffy light brown hair and looked over his slender yet flabby body. He hadn't done much exercising.

"Oh, are you alright, I didn't bump into you too hard, did I?" He remembered that he was in a hurry to get the camera equipment to his boss.

"I think it was actually my fault." Jennie smiled apologetically.

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