tagInterracial LoveThe Black Rooster Resort Ch. 05

The Black Rooster Resort Ch. 05


(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history. Other stories in the series include Blackedmerica: A Love Story, Nerds of Hollyweather, The Southern Sheriff and In Brazil.)

Chapter 5

Across from the boutique, Shelby, Jennie, and Danielle were walking up to Emmas. Emmas, the popular women's clothing store sold bikinis, gym outfits, lingerie and day to day apparel.

"If you need something to wear, Emmas the place," Danielle told the girls as they walked in.

"And other things as well, it seems." Shelby nodded towards the middle of the store, where a latin woman moaned as she was being taken from behind by a big and sexy black man.

"Oh yes oh oh oh oh oh yesss oh yess!" The dark-haired woman had her snug dress pulled around her waist, leaving her completely naked except for the small cloth around her waist. Her big double D breasts bounced up and down as the black man shoved his lengthy black cock into her tight pussy.

"Yeahh!" The black man held the woman's arms behind her back as he pounded her from behind. Each of his heavy thrusts made her thick butt jiggle.

"Wow..." The women all gasped at the sight of the strong black man fucking the beautiful latin woman. Jennie managed to hold up her camera and take a photograph, even though she wanted to slide her hand down between her thighs.

"Oh goddd... You're so biggg!" The woman moaned, her breasts bounced, her butt jiggling.

Around them, several women pretended to be looking at clothes, but they all had their eyes on the hot black stud. One of the women, Carol Gardner, a forty-year-old bank manager, with a slim body, wearing a bikini top and a see-through knee length beach skirt, caught the black man's eyes.

With just a nod, he motioned her over to him. Carol exhaled and slowly walked over to him. On the way, she unsnapped her bikini top and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were small with big round nipples. Whilst still fucking the latina, the black man leaned over and tongue kissed the aroused bank manager.

"Mmm." They swirled their tongues around in their mouths for a brief moment before the man whispered something to her.

Carol leaned back with a wicked smile and licked her lips. With a nod, she walked behind the black man and got down on her knees. As he eased up, and just slowly moved his big cock in and out of the latina, the woman on her knees reached up and grabbed the man's big black butt cheeks, giving them a squeeze before parting them.

"Oh yess." Carol let out a sigh before she leaned in and buried her face between his cheeks.

"Mghmm." She started eating his ass, running her tongue over and into his butt hole.

From where Carol had been pretending to be looking at clothes, a man about her age came around the corner.

"Honey, I think I found the top you had seen the other day." Larry Gardner, wearing shorts and a buttoned shirt, which revealed that he had somewhat of a stomach on him, held a skimpy bikini top in his hands when he suddenly saw his wife on her knees behind the black man.

Just standing there with his mouth open, a small bulge formed in Larry's shorts as his small penis tried to push out. In their forty years of marriage, he had never seen his wife eat a black man's ass before, and she was really going at it. Even though the black man was fucking a beautiful and naked latin woman, all Larry could see was his gorgeous wife with her face buried between the black man's butt cheeks.

Slowly Larry's hand disappeared down into his shorts, and he felt his small erection between his fingers. Suddenly his eyes widened, even more, when he saw the black man grab Carol's head and really hold it in place whilst he started fucking the latina hard.

"Oh yeahh yeahh!" He grunted as he slammed thick cock deep inside the latina's wet pussy.

"Mghm." Carol had a hard time licking his butt with the way he moved, but she kept her tongue out, hoping that she was eating his ass.

"Oh yess fuck me!" Another orgasm came rushing over the latin woman as the black man shoved his cock deep and hard into her.

"Ahhh!" He spewed his cum inside her pussy.

"Ohh yess... come inside of meeeee!" The latina felt the black man reach around and grab her big tits and squeeze them hard whilst he emptied his big balls inside of her.

"Yeah... Yeahh!" He gave her a few final hard thrusts

"Ahhh... Ohhhh..." They both panted heavily for a few brief moments before the latin woman slowly turned around. As she did, the black man's cock slid out of her pussy and cum dripped onto the floor from both her slit and his tip.

"Mmm, you were amazing." That latina leaned into him, pressing her soft breasts against his chest, whilst softly kissing him.

"Ohh." Carol sighed when she realized that the two of them were done and that she didn't get to eat his ass anymore.

"Mm, I'll see you later," The black man gave the latin woman another soft kiss and fondled her left tit a few more times.

Before he left, however, he looked over and gave Carol an appreciative smile and nod.

"Tchau." The woman sighed as did Carol as they both watched the sexy black man leave the store.

Flushed, still breathing heavily, Carol got up onto her feet and looked over at the racks of clothes where she saw her husband. With a naughty smile on her face, she walked over to him and pressed her lips against his, and with her tongue that she had just licked that black man's butt with, she french kissed him.

"Mmm." Larry was so turned on by the fact that his wife was kissing him after she had just licked a black man's ass.

"Did you come?" Carol leaned back and asked her husband.

"A... almost." Larry breathing softly.

"Mm, good, I want it." Carol reached down into her husband's short and grabbed his small penis.

With a smile on her face, she gently dragged him into the nearest stall and got down on her knees. It didn't take many sucks before he groaned and shot his small load into her mouth.

"Mm." Carol got up and licked her lips. Her husband had such a dreamy look on his face.

"That'll have to do until I find a big black man." She leaned over and gave him a small kiss.

Over by Shelby, Jennie, and Danielle, a bare-chested and muscle ripped black man walked up behind Danielle. He nodded confidently as he looked down at her thick naked butt.

"Hey, there girl." The handsome black man greeted Danielle by running his hands down along her hips and planting them on her ass cheeks, giving her a nice squeeze. As he did, he pushed his crotch up to her butt cheeks, rubbing the huge bulge in his shorts against her skin.

"Mmm... someone is happy to see me." Danielle recognized Omar's voice. She briefly closed her eyes and enjoyed his hands, not to mention the feel of the huge bulging cock that he had in his shorts.

"Hi, Omar." Danielle smiled as she raised her arms around her head and put them around his neck. Omar leaned down and kissed her neck whilst grabbing a handful of her soft breasts.

Shelby and Jennie enviously looked on as the handsome black man and Danielle kissed.

"Mmm." Omar glanced up at the half-naked Shelby and Jennie whilst he kissed Danielle.

"So, who are your gorgeous friends here?" Omar asked as he ran his hand down past her soft belly until his fingers reached her wet pussy. With such experience he slowly slid his fingers through her slit, feeling her moistness, before gently rubbing her clit.

Oh godd... Danielle let out a soft moan. Her eyes fluttered. Her teeth slowly grinded against her lower lip. Omar knew exactly how to touch her.

A couple of women walked passed them, on their way into and out of the store. All of them lustfully watched the sexy black man feel up the practically naked ebony woman.

"Oh." Danielle eventually realized what he had asked her.

"Mm... Omar... this is... Shelby... and Jennie." Danielle moaned out.

"Hi." Shelby could see by the way he looked at her that he wanted her to come closer so he could kiss her. Slowly walking over, Shelby leaned in and felt Omar's lips press against hers. His tongue sliding in between her lips. He was such a good kisser.

"Mmm." Shelby felt him put his warm hand against her lower back, and slowly slide it down, until he reached her butt, which he gently, but firmly squeezed.

Jennie, feeling so aroused, eagerly made her way over to Omar the moment she saw him lay his eyes on her. After locking lips, she felt him run his hand up and down her butt, giving her a few squeezes now and again.

Omar was getting so horny as he felt up the two women, whilst also rubbing the bulge in his shorts up against Danielle's bubble shaped butt.

Parting with Jennie's sweet lips, Omar leaned back and looked at the three hot women in front of him.

"Bend over next to Danielle, I want to see nothing but ass," Omar told them as Shelby and Jennie both let out a horny sigh. They were so hot for the big black man.

The two women glanced over at each and smiled when they got up beside Danielle, and bent over. Almost immediately they felt their thongs being slid down their smooth legs.

"Ohh." Shelby let out a moan. Then Jennie.

Omar had reached over and was sliding his fingers through their moist pussy slits.

"Mm mm." Omar hungrily looked down at their juicy asses. He was going to fuck them all.

"Don't move." He told the three women, as he leaned back and pulled down his shorts. His eleven-inch black cock popped right out and bumped up against Danielle's butt cheek.

"Oh god." Danielle moaned whilst turning her head, first facing Shelby and then Jennie.

"He's taken out his big cock." Shelby and Jennie were so aroused by what they heard, though Danielle almost didn't have time to tell them before she felt a huge and rock hard erection being plunged into her tight pussy.

"Ohh goddddd!" Omar grabbed Danielle's hips and started moving his own, pushing his thick cock deeper inside of her.

"Ohh yess, Omar... oh godd yess!" Danielle moaned whilst a group of onlookers from both inside and outside the store had stopped to watch the big black man fuck the three women.

Suddenly Shelby felt a pair of hands on her hips and smiled.

Oh yes, Omar is going to fuck me now... Shelby felt her heart pumping as she turned her head expecting to see Omar. Instead, she was surprised to find that it wasn't Omar. It was another man. A black man she didn't recognize. And he was about to fuck her. Which almost made her even hornier.

Shelby turned around and smiled to herself. She couldn't wait to feel this big black man, who had just come up to her, inside of her.

"Ohhh!" Shelby let out a huge but soft moan when she felt her pussy being stretched.

Oh wow... he must be fucking them so good... Jennie heard Shelby and Danielle both moaning when it suddenly occurred to her that he couldn't be taking them at the same time.

Wow... Jennie looked to her side and saw that it wasn't Omar behind Shelby, it was another black guy, though he was equally as hot. Whilst looking at her friends, she felt a pair of hands on her hips.

Oh yes... Jennie lit up when she saw this slender and super ripped black guy, with muscles for days walked up behind her. He gave her a sexy smile as he slid his lengthy cock into her tight pussy.

Oh my god so good... Jennie enjoyed his gentle thrusts inside her when suddenly her eyes flew open and a rush of intense pleasure came over her.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Within a few seconds, the black guy had started jackhammering her pussy hard. Jennie couldn't even let out a moan as she orgasmed harder and faster than ever before.

The black guy had a knowing smile on his face as he kept fucking her so hard that Jennie had one orgasm after the other.

"Oh ohhh ohh ohhhh!" Jennie had never felt anything like it. Her arms were actually starting to let out from the intense orgasms.

Suddenly she felt her arms being lifted up and put on someone's shoulder. Looking up she saw a bikini-clad woman on her knees in front of her.

The woman, who had watched from the crowd, had seen how Jennie had struggled to hold herself up and had walked over to help her. She had sat down close in front of her and had put Jennie's arms around her shoulders, allowing Jennie to rest her arms whilst also holding her up.

Jennie looked up at the sweet and godsent woman.

"Th.. th... tha... th... th..." She tried to thank her. But nothing came out. She couldn't stop moaning.

The woman gave her a comforting smile and kept holding her up.

"Ahhh ahhh!" Omar pulled his cock out from Danielle, who quickly turned around and almost immediately had her face splashed with cum.

"Mghmm." Danielle stuck her tongue out as the hot and slimy cum ran down her face. Several wads of cum shot straight into her open mouth.

From the crowd around them, sighs could be heard from all directions.

"Oh my god, look at all that cum." Sarah Lind, a junior in college, stood beside her mother whilst recording the whole scene on her phone.

Margery Lind smiled when she heard her daughter's comment. She knew that her daughter had gotten her love for black man's cum from her. Which had become quite apparent from her daughter's Instagram feed. The days when her daughter didn't post a photo of herself with a face full of cum and holding a black cock, were far in between.

"Uh uhh." Margery suddenly felt her fingers getting wet and gooey when she heard her husband Martin grunt out. She had almost forgotten that she had reached inside his shorts and had been jerking his small erection ever since they stopped to watch the hot scene.

"Eww." Sarah looked over and saw her mother's hand in her father's shorts, and she instantly knew that her dad had come. Being the social person that she was, she snapped a picture of her dad, and tweeted it out:

"Dad, with a little help from mom, just came in his shorts from watching a black man shoot his big load onto a beautiful woman's face. #awkwardparents".

"Hehe." Margery smiled at how embarrassed her daughter was. Though she knew that it would change as soon as she got herself a steady boyfriend.

Martin Lind however, panting from having just come, felt rather bad for embarrassing his daughter. He had always wanted to be a cool dad for his girl, though that usually never worked out. He still remembered that embarrassing moment that happened on her eighteenth birthday.

Martin had been so excited to surprise his daughter with her own car, that he had accidentally walked in on her sucking off two young black guys whilst another one was filming them. She had been completely naked, her body clean shaven except for a small and trimmed bush between her legs.

"Oh my god dad, how about some privacy." Sarah had gotten up. Her perky breasts jiggling as she walked over and shut the door in his face, locking it behind her.

Martin had felt so bad for having walked in on his daughter like that, especially when she had been with those young black men, that he feared that she might never forgive him.

Though, an hour later when he had been watching an episode of Black Bachelor with his wife, his daughter and the three young black men came out from her room. Sarah was still naked as she walked them to the door, and kissed them each goodbye.

Martin could tell that his daughter was still upset with him when she walked over to them on the couch.

"I hope you're happy. You just ruined a great shot, Darnell was just about to cum in my mouth, when you barged in." Sarah looked at him.

"Oh come now honey, I'm sure it wasn't that bad. Your dad was just excited to show you something for your birthday." Margery told her daughter.

"Oh..." Sarah's mood quickly changed when she heard that her father might have gotten her something. Something she had been asking for.

"And I'm sure you made another date with those cute black guys," Margery said knowing that her daughter had become quite popular amongst the black guys at her school.

"Well... yeah." Sarah smiled to herself, knowing that after the video they had just filmed went up on the school's website, she would become even more popular.

"I'm sorry dad, I didn't mean to get so upset." Sarah leaned down and gave her dad a quick hug since she was still naked.

"Oh, that's okay sweetheart, and I'm so sorry for walking in on you like that. I promise it won't happen again." Martin felt so glad that his daughter wasn't angry with him anymore.

"Okay." Sarah looked a bit to the side and brushed her hair back like she was waiting for something.

"Oh right." Martin stood up and looked excited.

"Well, since it's your eighteenth birthday, and I know how hard you've worked on getting your license." Martin didn't even have time to finish the sentence before his daughter started jumping around.

"Oh my god, I'm getting a car, I'm getting a car." Sarah couldn't hide her excitement.

"Now sweetie, your father hasn't given you anything yet," Margery told her daughter.

"Oh yeah, sorry." Sarah pretended to calm down, but she was still jumping around in her head.

"Well, if we walked out to the garage, there might be something there," Martin said as his daughter rushed over to the inside door to the garage.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." Martin heard his daughter's excitement from the garage. He knew that she had just seen the red mini cooper.

As Martin and his wife came out to the garage, Sarah flew up into her father's arms.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." She kissed him all over his face.

"Okay, okay." Martin smiled. He had never been so happy, though a bit uncomfortable since his daughter was still completely naked.

"Happy birthday honey." Martin handed his daughter the keys to the car.

"Thank you." Sarah gave her father another kiss.

"And thank you, mom." Sarah jumped over and gave her mother a hug before rushing over and getting into her new car.

"Oh I can't wait to show this to Tina, she's going to be so envious." Sarah smiled to herself.

"Honey?" Margery had gone over and gotten a clean top and a pair of her daughter's skin tight jeans from the hamper.

"Oh." Sarah had completely forgotten that she was naked as she jumped out and slid into the jeans and put on the top that clearly showed off her perky nipples.

"Thanks, mom, and thanks again, dad." The smile on his daughter's face almost made Martin forget that he had embarrassingly walked in on her earlier.

As Sarah walked closer to get a better shot of the sexy black man's cock, Margery leaned up and gave her husband a sweet kiss on his cheek.

"Mmm, that was nice hon." Margery was still slowly stroking her husband's small penis in his shorts. His cum was all over her fingers. Discretely she reached out of his shorts and licked the gooey spunk from her fingers. She would have much preferred that it was a black man's cum, but she didn't mind her husband's small load.

Over by Omar, Danielle was sucking the last drops of sperm from his cock. Her ebony skin clearly showed off the big wads of cum that she had on her face.

"Mmm." Danielle licked a drop from his tip. His cum was so good.

"Ah ah ah ahhhh!" The ripped black guy who had been powerfucking Jennie let out a huge grunt as he emptied his big balls inside her pussy. He came such amounts that his semen leaked out from her pussy even though he was still inside of her.

The women in the crowd gasped when he slid his lengthy cock out of her and his cum poured out of her pussy.

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