tagInterracial LoveThe Black Tutor Ch. 01

The Black Tutor Ch. 01


I have always had an issue with control, I wanted to be in control and if I didn't have control of a situation then I did everything I could to get that control. I took my athletic talents and parlayed them into a somewhat lucrative career in football. It was a short career but I got paid more than most people make in ten years for playing a couple of years of football. I used my physical talents to get my black ass out of the 5th ward in Houston and make something better of myself. I was going to use my physical skills to get my college degree and graduated in 3 years from college.

I gained the nickname, "The Missile", not only from my teammates because I was fast as hell but also from the ladies because I was hung like they couldn't believe. I never saw myself as a stud in the bedroom but I was good enough to get plenty of return business and kept myself in plenty of pussy in college and my football career. I had a thing for Latin women because I loved a woman with a great ass and loved the passion of the ladies but something was missing for me. I always try to push the envelope with the ladies by trying to make them totally submissive to me and make it that my cock was the only cock that they wanted but that never happened until I got my first taste of white pussy.

Her name was Heather, she was a pampered cheerleader brat who around campus was known as a cock tease and when she showed interest in me, I was totally shocked but figured she saw me as the star of the football team and her meal ticket to a better life. I however just saw her as a conquest and during a party at our place, I took her up to my room and fucked her brains out and with one good fuck was all it took to get this girl to be mine. She turned into my daily booty call and I relished every moment of control over that pussy. I knew I had her dick whipped after the first fuck because when she woke up after our fuck, she caught me fucking some other girl on the pool table and stormed off.

She came back the next night, telling me she needed my black cock and wanted to fuck. So I treated her like she treated others on campus, like crap. I would make her beg for my cock, crawl on my floor to me, kiss my feet and whatever degrading thing I could think of and she loved every minute. I had her fuck my teammates and the black high school recruits that came to visit. I even talked her into bringing friends into our situation and got my first 3some of my young life. I have no idea what happened to this girl, the semester ended and she never came back to school. She was probably walking the streets getting all the black cock she could since her parents were pissed that she went black.

That started me on my path of sexual conquests of white women. I had a few more in college and during my pro career had a few more. I loved white groupies especially the older ladies did whatever I wanted to them and they loved it. When my career ended due to an injury, I decided to move back home to take care of my granddad but the same day I came home, he left this world and I took a job teaching at the local high school. One of my teammates in college had a connection and got me the job.

I was the youngest teacher in the school at the age of 25 and some of the girls in the school would flirt with me but I paid them little attention that was because I was fucking the gymnastics coach who was a few months older than me. The only problem with it was she was married, had 2 kids already but she liked the attention, my thick black cock and her husband was clueless about it all. She wasn't the submissive toy that I was looking for but in the town that I was in and surrounding towns, I took what I could get. I would say that 90% of the women that were my age were married and had families. The other 10%, I wouldn't have fucked them with someone else's dick. She left me to take another job in another state but I think she felt guilty that she was fucking some other guy and wanted to get away from me but it was her loss.

I always hated Thursdays at school that was because it was my day to be the detention hall teacher and it was just a waste of time and a pointless display of authority by the principal. So this day, I dreaded the end of the day but did my job and when I arrived at detention I was the only person there until the first bell rang and my only student came in.

Her name was Evie Watts and she was the popular girl in the school, she was spoiled and acted like she ruled the school. She had a body that was to die for, she came in wearing a tight skirt, showing off her onion booty and a tight t-shirt, showing off her 36d breasts, which was strange because it was January but I enjoyed the view. She had a sweet innocent face with some serious DSL's and long bleached blonde hair. I'd fuck her if I didn't know she was one of the students in my school but I liked my job and wanted to keep it. She had an attitude, didn't want to be here and I attempted to make some small talk at first but she was too busy chatting on her cell to notice me.

I was already pissed that I had to be there but having only one student made things even worse. I locked the door like it was policy and just sulked in my seat listening to Miss Watts's conversation. I grew frustrated since she was violating school policy and I decided to put an end to it. I walked up to her and she didn't even notice me coming towards her, grabbed her cell, hung up and walked back to my desk.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" She said.

"You know school policy, no cell phone usage during class." I replied.

She proceeded to get into my face yelling at me telling me that I didn't know who I was messing with and that if I wanted to keep my job then I would give back her cell phone. I stood my ground and was even a little turned on by this tight body 18 years old in front of me. Chest heaving from the heat of the moment and her nipples were visibly erect thru her top. Then things changed.

She pulled her arm up and was about to slap me, I grabbed her wrist, spun her around and pinned her against the desk with my semi hard cock pressing against her perfect ass in front of me. Well, my primal side took over.

"Listen, bitch, you need to learn some respect and I'm going to teach you some." I barked at her.

She struggled to get away but I overpowered her and pulling up her skirt, I saw she wasn't wearing panties and her ass looked even better than I could ever imagine.

"I'm gonna fuck the bitch out of you." I informed her.

I took my free hand and undid my pants, pulled out a condom that was still in my pants from this past weekend and unrolled it then plunged my thick black cock into this bitch's wet pussy. I was shocked on how wet this girl was and as I slowly fed my cock into her pussy, she stopped struggling and moaned softly as I filled her up. I increased my pace and just wanted to bust a nut then get outta there. I could feel her muscles tighten up around my cock after a couple of strokes and then relax and towards the end I felt the same sensation once again. She started to moan uncontrollably during my pounding, so I used my hat to muffle her screams of delight as I got half of my cock into her pussy.

"You see, bitch, black cock is the only thing you are going to want from now on." I commented as I pounded her sweet, tight pussy with no mercy.

I groaned and grunted as I started to cum inside her then pulled out and heard a loud pop when my cock came out of her drenched pussy. I moved back and she crumbled to the floor. She looked up at me with this I can't believe that happened look and a look of oh shit that was a great fuck look like I have seen before from other girls. My semi hard cock was dangling over her face; she was locked onto it and seemed to be mesmerized by it. I saw a last drop of cum on the tip of my cock, it fell onto the lips of this blond chick and she licked the drop of cum off her lips. I was full of confidence and told her to clean herself up and get out as I tossed her cell phone to her. She stood up and she had trouble standing because her legs felt like Jell-O. She gained her senses and walked out the door as I was putting my pants back on. She looked back and her eyes didn't look me in the eye, she was looking at my cock.

I gathered my things and left the room and drove home. It was during that ride home that it hit me that I just assaulted one of my students and I could get in a lot of trouble. I started to panic and freak out as I drove home. Whenever a cop car past, I got tense and wondered when they would come to arrest me. I got home and thought about telling someone what I did but couldn't do that. I sat in my house, waiting for the police to come and get me and getting my affairs in order but that night nothing happened. I woke up the next morning, dreamt about that firm tight ass that Evie had and I was hard as a rock. I debated on calling in sick but decided to be a man and go to school acting like nothing happened.

My first class went by and it was like every other day in the school. I was somewhat worried that something was going to happen since I had Evie's star quarterback boyfriend in the class but he acted like he always did towards me, asked me if I could help him with class paper and I agreed.

Then my heart sank into my stomach as I got a message from the principal that she wanted to see me. I gathered my strength and walked into her office seeing a strange man in the office. He was introduced to me as Mr. Watts and I quickly put two and two together and realized that it was Evie's dad. I was mentally preparing for the worst and when the principal told me that Mr. Watts had something to ask me, I waited for what was to come next.

"Mr. Anderson, it was brought to my attention by my daughter Evie that she wasn't doing very well in her History class and her Civics class and Mrs. Henderson told me that you were a very talented teacher as well as well respected and loved by your students, so I was wondered if you would tutor my daughter. I will pay you what ever you want because what my baby wants, she gets and she wants you to tutor her." Mr. Watts said.

"I'm flattered by the offer but feel that her teachers are much better suited to tutor her since I have a difficult curriculum than they do and it wouldn't make much sense for me to teach her." I replied.

"I agree, but she doesn't seem to respond to them and I was shocked that she was even asking for help with school, I started to think that she didn't care about school anymore." He retorted.

"I thank you for the offer but I will have to respectfully decline your offer, I really don't have the time, with teaching here and going to grad school at the moment. It's almost time for class and I have to go." I replied

I shook Mr. Watts hand and left the principal's office and went back to my classroom. I ran into Evie in the hallway coming out of the girl's washroom and it felt uncomfortable and she couldn't look me in the eye and when she looked up at me briefly, she had this submissive broken look in her eye. I walked away and finished up my day with no incident. The next day, I was shoveling some snow off my porch and saw a car approaching my home. I couldn't see who it was but I didn't know many people in town who drove a Lexus SUV.

I saw both doors open and out pops Mr. Watts and Evie and they began to walk towards me. I grabbed onto my shovel tightly in case something was about to happen.

"Hello." I said.

"I was driving my daughter home from practice and we would like to talk to you." He requested.

I invited them into my home and offered to take their coats and see if they wanted anything to drink. They both declined the drinks and Evie took off her coat and her ample chest looked great in her tight tank top along with her skintight workout pants.

"Pardon my look, I just got back from practice and didn't have time to change." Evie commented.

"Now, Mr. Anderson, my daughter is really insistent about having you as her tutor and I thought it would be more persuasive to hear the request from her." Mr. Watts said.

She told me that both her teachers didn't like her very much and really don't care about her educational success or about her future. Her father stepped in the conversation at the end and offered me 100 bucks an hour to tutor his daughter. I was overwhelmed and thought to myself that she was up to something but knew that neither one of them would back down until I said yes. So I agreed.

Evie was happy as a clam and jumped up and down for joy, I had to look away because I didn't want to be staring at her 36d breasts bouncing up and down. They left my place and we set up an appointment for Tuesday for our first session. I was even more shocked that she recommended that we study here since it was quiet and peaceful and that I wouldn't have any trouble as I would if I went into the Watts' neighborhood. I will just say that it's the only community where you can get arrested for driving while black.

As they were leaving my place, Evie looks back, smiles and I thought that maybe nothing will come of what happened the other day and that maybe she developed a taste for chocolate. I went into town, ran some errands and bumped into Evie's boyfriend. We made small talk and then parted ways. I didn't even see him at the diner at the edge of town when I went to grab some lunch. I overheard his conversation with some friends about how frustrated he was that his girlfriend was a virgin and wasn't putting out or even do anything remotely sexually besides making out with him. She was affectionately known to the guys in the school that dated her as "Queen Blue Balls".

Also, got some juicy tidbits on how he is screwing one of the gymnasts on the side and that since Evie has her head so far up her own ass that she will never know plus her so called friends wouldn't tell her anyhow. I started to drive home and one of my old college friends gave me a call and told me about a party that he was having this weekend down in Dallas wondering if I wanted to go. So I agreed and made my way up to Dallas later on in the day. When I got to the party, it was already packed and there were some very hot and sexy ladies at this party.

A couple of women caught my eye and played it cool as I caught up with some of my college friends and as the night wore on. I took aim at a few of them. I ended up nailing this one Mexican chick in the bathroom and as I was taking this chick from behind, all I could think about is how her ass compared to Evie's. This girl took all I had and begged for more. I pounded her pussy and smacked her big thick booty on both cheeks making each of them red. She grunted and groaned as I pounded her from behind.

"Yes, baby, fuck my ass with that thick black dick." She begged.

I pulled out of her pussy then teased the tip of my cock against her asshole as she squirmed and pushed her ass out towards me wanting my meat in her ass. When I popped the head in, she purred like a kitten and as I fed my cock inch by inch into her tight asshole, she was in ecstasy as I filled her ass deep with my cock. I then slowly began to work my cock in and out of her ass, with each stroke I was pulling out slower and slower following that up by slamming my cock into her ass. I cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples as I pounded her ass with a long hard stroke.

"Fuck my ass harder, papi." She pleaded and being the gentleman that I was, I gave her what she needed. There was something hot and turned me on listening to Spanish speaking women beg in Spanish. She began to orgasm wildly and was moaning and screaming in sheer delight. I pulled my cock out of her ass and stroked my cock a few times then blew my load all over her big Mexican booty.

I pulled up my pants, walked out of the bathroom then went back to the party. I didn't see this girl again during the party. I didn't mind but wouldn't mind getting another shot at that freaky Latina again. So I looked around to find my next victim but no one caught my eye, so I left the party late and drove back to my place and slept thru Sunday.

I arrived at school the next day, went into the teacher's lounge and read the paper before school started.

"I hear you are tutoring the Princess." A woman commented.

I turned around and saw that it was Evie's history teacher, Ms. Harris along with her clique of teachers. I nodded my head up and down.

"Well, don't waste too much of your time, she is a lost cause, she will be just like her step mother and the rest of the women in that family. I'm just amazed that she isn't pregnant by now. You know her step mom was pregnant at the age of 16, then again at the age 18 and her grandmother had her step mom the age of 15, so she comes from a long line of whores." Miss Harris added.

"What!" I said.

"I know many things, Mr. Anderson but don't say much, I already know that her step mom is pushing her to marry the QB and have kids with him before he gets rich and famous, so she can be like her. God, she was bitch and the biggest whore in the school. I knew with was a matter of time before she got knocked up. I couldn't stand her as a student and her step daughter is just like her. I will guarantee that she gets knocked up on prom night, if not before, then be working at the diner as a waitress as a single mom, if she doesn't marry into money like her step mom did. "Ms Harris continued and all the other teachers seemed to be in agreement.

I left the room in shock at the way the teachers saw this girl but when I saw her in the hallway acting like the Queen Bitch to this freshman girl that bumped into her, I started to not feel as sorry for her and wondered what kind of fuck her step mom would be. Her husband was older and he probably wasn't giving her what she needed but I knew I could. I snickered as I walked down the hall and past Evie.

"See you later on, Mr. Anderson." Evie commented as I walked past.

I conducted my classes and got most of the grading of papers out of the way between classes, so I can focus on tutoring this girl and hope that she shows up at least. But, it wasn't a big deal to me, her father already paid me for the first week of tutoring and either him or his wife would be paying me in the future.

It was a few minutes to 6 and I heard a car pull up in my drive way. I finished up my dinner and then made it to the door when I heard a knock. I looked out the window and saw that it was Evie. I opened the door, invited her in and offered her a drink.

"I can use some water." She replied.

"Make yourself comfortable" I said as I walked into the kitchen.

I returned and Evie was sitting on the couch with her books out on my coffee table, she was wearing the same skirt and top that she wore to school but had a little more makeup on. She looked damn good and looking at her from head to toe made my cock twitch. As I handed her the glass, she leaned forward and I could see down her top at her ample chest and saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. I wondered if she was wearing panties too.

"So why me?" I asked.

"Huh." She replied.

"Out of all the people in the school, why did you ask your dad to have me as your tutor?" I asked.

"Well, I dunno." She commented.

"Well, ever since Thursday, I can't stop thinking about you and what happen, it was nothing like I ever experience before and I liked it a lot and wanted more." Evie said.

I smiled as she was explaining that she was into my black cock, so as she was explaining herself, I pulled out my semi hard cock and let it hang out for her to see and when she finished her statement she saw what she was thinking about.

"So you like my black cock" I commented slyly as I held it in my hand shaking it towards her. She just nodded her head with this wide eyed look on her face.

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