The Blackmail


Catherine sat at her computer typing up her latest legal briefing. At 37, she was now a successful lawyer, married to a wonderful husband who stayed at home and looked after her 3 year old son. She had a perfect figure and would often catch some of the other staff in the office either trying for peek up her skirt or down her top. A little flash she might let them have, but she wouldn't let them go any further. She sat at the computer checking what she had written, against what was in the file. Brushing shoulder length red hair from her face, she sent the document to print and sat back and waited. A little beeping sound informed her that she had a message on her mobile phone. She picked up the phone and looked at the number on the front before opening the phone. This number was not in her phone list. Opening the phone it stated that this was not a normal message but had a video attachment. She looked around the office, but who ever the culprit was, was keeping their head down. Smiling she clicked 'open'. The screen went blank for a second before showing her in a bar, chatting away to the camera whilst chopping a few lines of coke with a credit card. She watched as she saw herself bend down and snort the line up, raising her head and laughing as she had some coke on the tip of her nose. She closed the phone with out deleting the message and nervously chewed her lip. She couldn't remember this clip being filmed; it might have been from when her promotion came through a month or so ago. The phone bleeped to say that it had received another message. She took a deep breath and opened it. Another video message. She looked around the office and decided to head somewhere quieter to view this.

Going to the toilet, she checked she was alone before viewing the clip. It showed her leaning back in the same bar laughing, her blouse almost fully open as another lawyer snorted coke of her breasts. She watched as the camera moved down to show the lawyers hand sliding up and under her skirt. Catherine felt her self pale and wondered who had filmed her.

The phone bleeped again, echoing off the empty stalls. She looked at the simple message; 'Want to talk about this?' She looked at the screen, clicked reply and answered 'yes' moments later a response of 'meet me tonight. 5pm after work. Come alone or everyone sees YES/NO?' She looked at the screen again letting her mind think of possibilities and consequences and responded 'yes'. She checked her make up in the mirror, adjusted her suit and returned to work as if nothing had happened.

Catherine went to her car at just before 5pm and waited. Whoever this was, she was going to find them and show she wasn't a woman to be fucked with. If she was to be blackmailed, she'd get it recorded and fight back. At 5pm the phone bleeped with instructions as to where to go. She didn't know the location and typed it into her sat-nav. It showed a main A-road. She gunned the engine and drove. The A road was The Pass. She knew of it as everyone did as the place where boy racers crashed on a regular basis. The view from her window showed a pleasant countryside, surrounded by hills in the throws f early summer. To Catherine, all she could note was that she was leaving civilisation further behind.

The sat-nav instructed her to pull into a pub car park. She turned the engine off and waited. At this time of night there were fewer and fewer cars moving along this route and for some reason she became acutely aware of this. She reached down to her side and checked her Bluetooth earpiece, before turning it on and slipping it into her chest pocket of her suit. The phone bleeped with a new destination. She tried phoning the number to speak to this arrogant son of a bitch, but the number came back as unobtainable. She replied in text 'NO. I want to talk now!" There was a five minute pause, before the response. The response showed five different email addresses of all her superiors, and her home address, and the now familiar yes/no. She looked at the screen for inspiration and reluctantly typed 'no, I'll come'. Catherine entered the new coordinates in and drove.

The voice of the sat nav instructed her to turn off the main route and follow the small road. She felt like the stupid girl in a horror movie before fighting back with anger. The machines voice instructed her she had reached her destination and pulled into the car park. The view was beautiful; a green valley, surrounded by trees, overlooking a reservoir, but all she could think of was how alone she was.

A moment later, a large white van pulled up and out got a man; short blonde hair, medium build, a couple of days growth on his face. Fumbling in her handbag, she set her mobile phone to record and hoped the headset was working fully. Walking over to her car, he tapped on the window.

Frowning, she opened the window. "What?" she said as coldly as she could.

"Come with me Catherine. We have business to discuss." With that he opened her door and stood back.

Catherine got out of the car, and coldly looked at him. "Well?" she snarled.

"Give me your handbag please. You won't need it." His instructions were clear and precise. She decided to challenge him.

"No, we'll discuss business here. What do you want?"

"Your handbag of course Catherine" he smiled "then we'll talk business, or leave it in the car. It won't be with us when we talk"

She turned and placed the bag inside the car and closed the door before turning to him to raise her eyebrow. "Well?"

"Come with me please Catherine" he gestured to his van.

It was within range of her Bluetooth, so carefully she followed him to it.

He opened the passenger door and removed what appeared to be a large black paddle. Instinctively, she backed up.

"Don't be silly. It's a detector" he said and flicked a switch on it. The paddle bleeped three times "See?" he said

She stood her ground and the man waved the paddle across her body, slowly moving his way up her legs. At her waist, it made a high pitched bleep.

He held out his hand "Your car keys please" She reached into her jacket pocket and took them out. The paddle moved higher and as it came to her breast, the thing bleeped again.

"Remove it" he instructed.

"I can't" she stated simply. Her mind raced for a suitable answer. "It's the wire in my bra."

He waved it from breast to the other. Over her left breast it beeped excitedly.

"OK, take your jacket off and put it in your car."

"No, I'll keep it on thanks."

"You'll put it in your car Catherine"

"But it's cold I..."

"My vans warm and it's only here. Loose the jacket, now."

She knew he wouldn't take no for an answer so she removed the jacket. As she was heading back to the car, she carefully removed the earpiece and placed it in her skirt pocket. She placed the jacket in her car and returned to him. "Well?"

He waved the paddle over her again. It revealed the earpiece in her pocket again. "Look" She said "are we going to do business or are you just wasting my time?"

"What ever is in your pocket, take it out"

She sighed and slowly removed the ear piece "satisfied?"

He nodded and pointed to his van. She was now more angry than afraid and sat in the van closing the door behind her. He got in the drivers side

"Who are you?" she demanded.

Instead of answering her question, he started the engine.

"Where are you taking me? Stop!"

He stopped the van and looked at her.

"Where are we going?" she demanded, her voice faltering slightly

"Just up the road. There's a scenic view up the way. I thought that would be nice place to talk"

"No, we'll talk here!"

"Very well, hand me your earpiece please."

They both stared at each other. Resigned to her fate, she passed him the item and he promptly switched off the earpiece and the engine.

"What do you want?" Catherine asked

He smiled at her for a moment before answering. "Catherine, you have a very successful job, and a lovely little family."

"What do you want?" she asked again, angered at the mention of the family.

"Tell me Catherine, what would happen if those video clips fell into the wrong hands?"

She stared angrily at him. "I'd loose my job. Now what do you want?"

"I want a blowjob and a fuck!"

It was out. For some reason, she had expected him to want money

"Out of the question" she responded.

"Those are my only terms and I'll never bother you again" he smiled back leering at her.

She stared at him. The site of him repulsed her, the way he was grinning at her made her feel disgusted. Catherine racked her brain and tried to rationalise it. A blowjob and she wouldn't have to pay the money she had been planning on paying him.

"Just a blow job!" she said

"No. I want a blow job and a fuck. You get your life back. "

"What about protection?" she asked.

He reached over and opened the glove box and showed her a packet of condoms.

"If I have to wear one of these, I want to cum over that sexy arse of yours as well" He sat back in his chair, spreading his thighs as he talked.

She thought about the situation and what might happen. "No marking, no biting, no violence! Is that understood?"

He nodded "Not my cup of tea to do that."

Catherine looked at him, sickened with herself for what she was to do.

"Come on then" he said "Get in the back of the van."

She looked to the back of the van for the first time and noticed a large mattress spread out in it. Looking at him with hatred, she got up and squeezed into the back.

He climbed into the back after her and pulled a curtain across, blocking the light from outside. A moment later she heard a click and a few lights came on in the back.

"Been planning this have you sicko?" she snarled.

He nodded "kneel in the middle please."

Catherine knelt in the middle of the mattress as instructed and waited for him. He stood in front of her and unzipped himself, releasing his erect dick. It was roughly the same size as her husbands, but uncircumcised. She placed her hand around the shaft and slowly started to jerk it back and forth.

He took her wrist. "Ah ah ah! Blow job I said. No hands!"

"This is how I do my husband!" she stated.

"I'm not your husband. No hands."

She glanced at him with hatred and placed her hands on his waist. She felt him rest his hands on the back of her head, and she slowly sunk her mouth down his length.

She was not comfortable giving blow jobs. She hated the moment of the guy cumming, how they would hold her head as they came, forcing it into her mouth, trying to cum into her throat instead.

This man was no different. He pushed her head firmly down, bucking his hips, fucking her mouth. The man grunted and pushed deep into her, using her mouth, past her tongue, making her gag.

Doing her best, she tried to stop him from ramming himself in by pushing his hips, but it had little effect.

"Oh God that's it Catherine." he groaned as he fucked her, ramming his length past her lips. She noticed how he began to speed up, his strokes becoming more aggressive. With a hard push, he rammed himself into her mouth, her head pinned to him, her nose wedged against his pubic hair, as he began to cum. She felt his cock jerk and the first shot blast into her throat. He held her there for a moment as she struggled to pull away, before letting her. As she did, a final shot splattered across her mouth and nose. Coughing, she wiped it quickly away the cum, smearing across her white blouse, and wrist. She looked up at him, anger radiating from her eyes. He just grinned like a boy with a new toy, and she knew that was exactly what she was.

Catherine knelt there seething with anger, half at the way she was being treated, half at herself for allowing this shit to happen.

He looked down at her, holding his dick out to her. "Clean me up before I fuck you"

Catherine was amazed at his audacity. "Do it yourself bastard!" she said sitting back.

"Finish the blowjob. Lick the cum off." He commanded "Now."

"I've told you, No. You got your blow job, that's it!" She tried to wipe cum from her blouse, but spread it further across her skin and material.

He simply nodded. "OK. Take your skirt off. I want to fuck you!"

She looked down at the floor, her anger turning her stomach.

"I'm not happy with this." She stated. "I'll give you, what? £5,000 instead? What do you say?"

He stood a moment, his oozing dick still held in his hand. "£5,000?" He shook his head. "Loose the skirt, I want to fuck you!"

"Please!" she asked "I've got a family and..."

"I don't care about that shit!" He barked "Skirt! Off!!"

Catherine hung her head and reached behind her to unfasten the fastener and zip. She purposely went slow, unhappy at the prospect of what was to come. She stood up and moved the skirt down her slim hips, stepping out of it as it pooled around her feet. As she went to pull down her pantyhose and panties, he instructed her to leave them on.

She looked at him quizzically and in return he just raised an eye brow and smiled, stroking his flaccid oozing cock.

"They make your legs and arse look great." He grinned, gazing at them

Catherine lay down on the mattress, hands folded across her stomach, her eyes staring up at the roof of the van and waited.

She felt him kneel on the bottom of the mattress and remove her shoes, tossing them into the corner. His hands took hold of her ankles and pulled her legs apart. She could feel her heart thumping against her chest and her breath quickening. The hands moved up her calves and pulled her knees up. Catherine kept her eyes fixed on the ceiling and attempted to will herself out of her body. She was brought back to cold reality when she felt hot breath on her inner thigh followed by his hot tongue, licking. She hadn't realised that she had yelped until he told her to calm down.

Her throat dry she stammered "C..c..can we just get this o..over with. Please"

The man lifted his head up and looked at her. "You don't want me to enter you dry do you?" With that he reached down between her parted thighs and cupped her mound through the material. "Or are you already wet?"

Catherine, her mouth desperate for saliva simply shook her head for no.

"Then I need to make you a little wet so I don't hurt. I could spit on the end of my dick, but this is a little more..." he searched for the right word ...pleasant."

She didn't answer and just gripped the mattress with her hands as his head bowed back to its work.

"What if I say no" she whispered

She felt him pause from licking "then you go, and I send the videos to all"

Without waiting further, she felt him slide his tongue, up her inner thigh and onto her crotch. Her hands jumped from her stomach and tried to tear into the mattress.

Catherine's let out another whimper as his tongue rubbed at the nylon covering like a mad dog at a wire fence. Not seeking fulfilment, he raised himself and started to rip open the nylons, before sinking back down and resuming his torment. She felt his mouth cupping her covered pussy; his hot ragged breath flaring from his nostrils as his tongue writhed once more. In a moment the slithering moved to the side of her small panties and probed underneath, barely touching the outer sensitive lips of her sex.

She chewed her lips, feeling her heart about to explode from her chest as in a moment his hand pulled the panties aside before his mouth gained full contact with her. Holding her breath, she felt his tongue assault her, licking hungrily up and down her slit. His arms entwined her thighs, raiding them onto his shoulders, before entering her with his tongue. Sucking great gob fulls of air, she had never felt so violated as now; his tongue burrowing and thrashing inside her as his nose rubbed viciously against her clit. Keeping her eyes on the roof of the van she tried to block the sensations flooding her body but it was useless. Her husband never ate her like this; he was always so gentle, so considerate. Nothing like this.

Catherine felt her heart hammering against her ribcage as she felt her body coming closer to climax, her nails digging desperately into the mattress, when he stopped

She lay there quivering as he lifted himself up, his dick now erect once again. He gripped her thighs and dragged her towards his waiting cock.

Thrusting her hand between her thighs "No! You said you'd wear protection!"

He grinned at her,his face wet with her juice. "Oh yeah!" he said reaching over and opening a condom. He quickly slid the rubber on, batted her hand out of the way and pulled her onto him.

Catherine gasped at the sensitivity of her cunt as he pulled back and thrust in again. She let out a high pitched keening noise as he pummelled into her, feeling the orgasm beginning its rush. She held her breath again, the sensations flooding her body. Of their own accord her legs quickly wrapped around his waist as the violent spasms shook her then darkness took her.

She came to a few moments later. He was still on top of her, but her blouse was now ripped open, her bra cup pulled down with his mouth firmly covering it as he sucked and toyed with her nipple. She gasped as his teeth nipped playfully at her.

"Awake again are we?" he said pausing momentarily in his sucking

She simply nodded as his head returned to her breast. She felt his dick still inside her as he ground himself against her entrance. He moved his mouth from her breast and yanked the bra cup away from the other breast before attacking the uncovered flesh.

Breathing sharply in as he sucked her nipple into his mouth she struggled to ask how long she was out for

"About 2 – 3 minutes!" He grinned "I was surprised, but I wasn't stopping!"

Feeling still incredibly sensitive, Catherine felt him begin to pound her cunt again, the sensations began to drive her wild again. His hands gripped her ankles and brought them up around his neck and ploughed in anew, sinking deeper and triggering new sensations.

Catherines breathing began to become more laboured and she saw in his face that he was close. The man's rhythm began to build, his strokes short but deep as he built her up to a crescendo. She felt his hips stab painfully hard forward and his cum rushing out. She struggled for breath as her own sensations drove her once more over the edge, but did not pass out this time. She closed her eyes and let the wild feelings course though her.

She felt him finish, breathing heavily on top of her, resting on his hands for a moment. With her eyes still closed she felt him pull out. His hands gripped one her feet and manoeuvring it he pushed her leg and body over face down, before taking his new position.

Catherine panicked "NO!" she shouted, "You said one fuck! You've fucked me now let me go!" She tried to close her legs, but his own were preventing her.

"I said if you made me wear a rubber I got to cum over your arse. I intend to keep you to your word! Understood?"

He rubbed his dick over her backside, pushing it under the torn pantyhose and fucking the cheeks of her ass. She heard him groaning behind her as he used her body for his pleasure.

"You like that Catherine?" he asked

She shook her head. "No" she responded. She had never been into anal sex. She and her husband had tried it once, but never again. She could feel his dick quickly beginning to harden again. He paused momentarily as he forced his dick under her panties. She tensed up herself feeling his dick there. He paused again an pulled sharply at her panties, moving them slightly down and giving him a better angle of attack.

Gritting her eyes, she prepared for the moment that he would try and push into her, but he didn't; he just kept rubbing incessantly. She felt his hands gripping her backside, roughly, squeezing the flesh together as he rubbed himself to fulfilment. Without warning his hand pinned her to the floor of the van holding her down, but allowing her to squirm under his assault. She screamed out for him to stop, but he continued fucking himself off between her buttocks. His body pulled back momentarily and then felt the first hot splatter of cum, lashing across her flesh, soaking quickly through the nylon, followed quickly by a second and third. He kept her pinned down and started to wipe his dribbling mess all over her backside. Catherine lay there relieved not having to being raped up the ass.

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