tagNonHumanThe Blessing

The Blessing


Connor unlocked the door to the basement and walked down the stairs, his way illuminated only by the flickering orange candle he held. As he got close to the bottom, the glow of his candle was joined by the glow of another. He stepped off the bottom step onto the floor, casting his gaze to the center of the room.

Samantha kneeled there, nude, her long golden curls hanging down her back, to her waist. Her hands rested palms turned upward on her creamy thighs. Connor saw that her eyes were closed, and her breathing slow and heavy and regulated. It was obvious to him that she was deep in meditation. Placing the orange candle in a wrought iron handle on the wall, he leaned back against the concrete wall, watching her, waiting for her to finish. The red candle she knelt before flickered and glowed, causing shadows to pass over the curves of her tiny body.

After a moment she opened her azure eyes and looked up, smiling as she saw him standing there. Connor smiled back.

"All cleansed and purified and ready?" He asked her.

Samantha nodded and gracefully lifted her small frame from the kneel.

"I've had nothing to eat but bread, honey and water for a week. I gave myself the rosewater douche and enema, as per your specifications. Then I shaved myself nice and satin smooth and bathed, using the bath oils you provided. When I was finished, I came out, lit the candle, and meditated. I'm ready when you are, my Lord."

He smiled and walked over to the closet, taking down the long white robe and crossing to where she stood, holding it as she turned and slid her arms into the sleeves. She turned back to him and raised her chin, and he tied the laces at the neckline of the robe.

"Give me a moment to prepare myself." He told her, taking the green robe down from its hanger and disappearing into the small bathroom in the back corner of the basement. Samantha knelt before the candle again, staring into it, mentally putting her mind in order for the coming events.

Samantha couldn't believe when Connor had told her about his plans for the Samhain ritual. When he had described her role in it, she had felt a tightening in her center. Of course she had agreed, just as she would have agreed to any demands he made upon her. The time had long since passed when she had fooled herself into believing that she owned herself.

She heard the sound of the toilet flushing, then the sound of the shower going on. As she continued to kneel and stare into the flame of the candle, a smile curled the edges of her lips. She could hear Connor in the shower, singing to himself. After a moment she heard the water shut off. Samantha pictured him rubbing himself dry with the large red towel hanging on the rack.

The door opened, and Samantha looked up. Connor stepped out of the bathroom, steam swirling around him. The green robe was tied at his throat, and hung open to reveal his nude body, just as hers did. The light of the candle glinted off the ring pierced through the head of his penis.

Connor looked at her and smiled, reaching his hand out towards her.

"Ready?" He asked. She arose from her kneel in a fluid motion and stepped towards him, placing her small hand in his. He gave it a squeeze and led her to the stairs, retrieving the orange candle from the holder on the wall as he passed. Together they climbed the stairs, leaving her temporary cell behind.

Pausing by the front door, they both slipped their feet into sandals. Connor opened the front door and held it for her.

"After you, my Lady." He told her, standing aside with his arm extended. Samantha smiled at him and stepped out onto the front porch, the cool autumn air causing her nipples to grow instantly hard as pebbles.

Connor took hold of Samantha's arm and led her down the front steps and across the leaf-strewn lawn to the line of trees at the edge. Holding his candle before him, the flame flickering wildly in the light wind, he searched for and found the footpath, and together they followed it to the little clearing. As she had made her final preparations for the ritual earlier, he had been here in the clearing, preparing it.

Connor led her to the center of the clearing and turned her to face him, looking down into her bright blue eyes. He untied the laces holding the robe closed at her throat, letting it fall from her body into a puddle at her feet. With a grin he reached out and gave the ring through her left nipple a playful tug.

"Down." He commanded quietly. With a smile and a nod she stepped out of the robe at her feet and the sandals, turned, and dropped gracefully onto her hands and knees, facing north. Connor untied his green robe and shrugged out of it, then bent and picked up the white one she had worn. He carried the robes and sandals to the edge of the clearing, hanging the robes on a convenient tree branch and placing the sandals at the foot of the oak.

Connor crouched down at the foot of the mighty oak and reached into the duffle bag he had placed there earlier, removing the items essential to tonight's ritual. He took the thick black pillar candles, the wooden bowl, and the small coffee can containing the oil and placed them next to Samantha where she knelt on all fours. He also set aside the goatskin of wine, the tray of cakes and fruit, and the silver goblet. Then he took the athame, the double-edged knife used in rituals, and walked to the northern edge of the clearing.

Connor raised the athame before his face, saying a quiet blessing in the name of the Lord and the Lady to it and calling upon the guardian of the North, then angled the point towards the ground and began walking slowly in a clockwise direction, defining the circle. He paused at the East, the South, and West, raising the athame each time and calling upon the guardian of the corresponding direction. When he had completed the circle, he turned and walked back to Samantha, dropping to his knees behind her.

Connor placed one of the candles on her back, over her right shoulder blade, to represent the Sun God, and the other over her left shoulder blade, to represent the Earth Mother. He struck a match on his thumbnail and lit each of the candles in turn, watching as the flames leapt up, melting the black wax. As the candles caught, the wax began to pool around the base of the wick.

"Hold very still." He commanded, her. She softly whispered her affirmation. Connor took the top off the coffee can and poured the oil into the wooden bowl, the heavy sweet scent of cloves wafting up to his nostrils. He dipped the blade of the athame into the oil and coated it, then raised the athame above her, holding it over her back. He shook his hand, sprinkling Samantha's back lightly with the oil, then dipped the blade back into the bowl.

Samantha bit her lower lip as she felt the cold droplets of oil splatter her soft bare skin, and concentrated on not moving. She was very aware of the candles balanced on her back. Her long golden hair hung in ringlets down around her face, so as to be out of the way of the candle flames. Connor had discussed the ritual with her before hand, and she knew her role as his altar, and what was about to happen. Still, the feel of the cold, oil coated steel blade of the athame against her right inner thigh caused her to gasp.

Connor traced the blade up her inner right thigh, then moved to the left, leaving her thighs glistening with the clove oil. He grinned to himself, knowing that they would soon be glistening with something else. Dipping the blade back into the bowl, he raised it up and placed it against the swollen lips of her sex, tracing and consecrating the cleft and the mouth of her cunt with the oil. He turned the blade in his hand, and tilted it downward, causing the oil to run to the tip. Then he carefully placed the tip of the cold steel against the swollen jewel of her clit, moving it in a slow circle, coating her nub with the clove oil.

Samantha moaned and shifted just slightly, causing the candles to tilt just enough for hot wax to spill out and run down the sides, landing on her back. As the burning wax touched her delicate skin, she flinched. Connor saw a droplet of blood form on the right inner lip of her cunt as the flinch caused her to press against the edge of the blade. He dipped the blade back into the oil and smoothed the blessed liquid onto the wound.

Samantha bit her lip harder as she felt the clove oil on her clit and the tiny cut begin to burn with exquisite pain. She concentrated hard on not moving, asking the Goddess for assistance. She felt a calm come over her, and knew that her prayer had been answered. Her clit and cunt lips still throbbed with the burn of the clove oil, but she knew that Gaia was with her, helping her to endure.

Behind her, Connor dipped his fingers into the oil, then lifted his hands and began applying it to the firm cheeks of her bottom, sliding his fingers down, across the tight, puckered star muscle of her ass, then coating his fingers again and slowly running his hands up along her sides, coating her breasts and nipples with the oil.

Samantha controlled her breathing as she felt his hands applying the oil to her. Connor ran his hands over her small but firm breasts, letting his fingers linger for a moment on the hard nipples. She could feel his body pressing against her, and smiled to herself. She could tell by how his solid erection throbbed against the right cheek of her ass that just as Gaia was with her this night, Cernunnos was with Connor.

Connor growled softly, pinching her nipples between his fingertips and grinding his cock against the smooth flesh of her ass. The bumping of their bodies caused the wax to spill from the candles again, splattering on her back, causing her to whimper slightly.

The whimper brought Connor's mind back to the task at hand. Giving her nipple ring a quick tug, he pulled back from her body reluctantly, rising up straight on his knees behind her. He lifted his arms to the sky, the half moon shining brightly directly above the clearing, and began to speak.

"Lord and Lady, we gather here in this sacred circle before this living altar to give thanks unto you for the bounty of the previous year and to ask your blessings on us both as the new cycle begins. We also gather to mourn the dying of the Sun God, confident in our knowledge that he will be reborn, just as all things are upon their passing.

"Tonight, as the veils between the world of the living and the beloved dead are thinnest, we ask you to let those close to us that have passed on know of our continued love, and ask them to watch over us in the coming year just as they have in the past."

Connor lowered his arms and picked up the skin of wine, unplugging the top and pouring the thick, purple liquid into the goblet. He re-stoppered the skin, and raised the goblet in both hands above his head.

"Goddess, we ask you to bless this wine, which we share with each other and with you in thanks of your bounty."

He brought the goblet to his lips and took a long sip of the sweet liquid, then rose and stepped in front of Samantha, holding the goblet to her lips. She carefully tilted her head back, wincing as more of the wax splattered onto her back, and took a sip of the wine. As Connor pulled the goblet away, she smiled up at him. He returned the smile and took a step backwards, tilting the goblet twice and pouring some of the wine onto the ground.

"We offer this wine to you, Lord and Lady, so that you might join us in this celebration. For though we are here to mourn the dying Sun God, this is a celebration of life, not death."

Connor walked back behind Samantha and sank back to his knees, reaching out and taking an apple off the tray. He held the apple in both hands and raised it above his head.

"Goddess, we ask that you bless this apple, which we shall each enjoy, and then plant the seeds of, in thanks for your bounty and to begin anew the cycle of life."

He lowered the apple to his mouth and took a bite from it, his teeth breaking the tender skin and sinking into the crisp meat. The juices of the apple ran down his chin as he tore a piece of it free, savoring the flavor of it. He once more rose and walked in front of Samantha, holding the apple to her lips. She took a bite of it, and he returned to his spot behind her, placing the remains of the apple back on the tray for later.

Connor placed his hands on the firm cheeks of her ass and turned his face up to the shining half moon.

"Lord and Lady, I ask you to bless this beautiful living altar, for this is not only a celebration of life and your bounty, it is not only a celebration of the new cycle, it is also a celebration of fertility, from which new life springs. Bless your daughter, my altar, and keep her healthy and safe throughout the new year."

Samantha raised her head then, turning her eyes up to the half moon, and spoke for the first time during the ritual, her voice strong and clear in the silent clearing.

"Goddess and God, I ask you to bless my Lord, and to keep him healthy, safe and vigorous throughout the new year, for just as I represent Gaia to him, he represents Cernunnos to me. Let our joining be your joining, Lord and Lady, and use our bodies for your pleasure."

As her words ended, a wind suddenly blew through the clearing, unusually warm for the end of October. The wind caused the candles on Samantha's back to flicker and go out, blowing wax from the crater formed by the burning onto her back. Connor and Samantha both felt energy surge through their bodies as her request was granted.

Connor raised up behind her, his cock throbbing with the supernatural power that had taken control of him. Samantha looked back over her shoulder, her eyes flashing, her own body filled with the power of the Goddess. She smiled at him, surprised yet not surprised to see the ghostly shadow of antlers extending from his forehead.

Connor grabbed her hips as he moved closer, the pierced head of his cock sliding beneath her, stroking across the throbbing jewel of her clit. He growled softly as the clove oil coating her bud also coated the mushroom crown of his organ, causing it to burn with the same wonderful pain she felt. He reached out and knocked the candles from her back, causing the last of the wax to splatter on her.

Samantha lowered her head, her hair brushing the grass beneath her, her eyes closed as she moved her hips, rubbing her inflamed clit against his swollen head. Connor stroked his cock back, guiding the head to the mouth of her cunt. With an animal roar, he pulled back on her hips as he thrust forward…driving his shaft into her, impaling her on it.

Samantha threw her head back, a cry ripped from her throat as she clenched the muscles of her sheath down around him, massaging his cock and trying to pull him deeper. She rocked forward on her hands, then rocked back hard, driving herself onto him.

Connor slid one hand beneath her, pressing his fingertips into the sensitive spot just above her clit, right over her pubic bone, and began rubbing. Samantha moaned as he caressed her favorite spot, and thrust back against him again, feeling his cock drive into her, the ring through the head stroking her velvet walls as he stretched her open, his balls slapping forward against the swollen lips of her cunt. She felt the Goddess rise in her, a burning deep inside, consuming her, and rocked back harder.

As Connor slammed into her again, feeling her cunt clamp down around him, sucking at his cock, his mind filled with images of couples, different couples from different times and places, coming together just as he and Samantha were. He felt the God rise within him, taking charge of his body. His thrusts became more savage, more animal. His fingers pinched hard at her clit as his hips slammed against the cheeks of her ass and he filled her with his cock.

Samantha's mind was also filled with images of other couples, and knew she was tapped into the memory of the Goddess. The Goddess was showing her glimpses of all the others who had offered themselves as blessed vessels for the Lord and the Lady. As the fire of her building orgasm rose within her, a sense of calm and bliss also settled over her. She knew that she and Connor had been chosen for a great honor, and would be rewarded throughout the new cycle for their sacrifice.

Connor drove his cock deep inside of her again, feeling her engulf him, burying himself in her, the bliss of his penetration almost more than he could take. His cock felt like it had swollen to mammoth proportions within the tight confines of her cunt. He could feel Cernunnos inside of him, giving him the stamina and strength he needed, urging him on. He slid his left hand up her body and grasped the ring through her nipple, tugging it sharply and twisting it as he rasied his face to the half moon and let out a strangled howl.

Samantha felt him tense behind her, felt his cock, seeming huge within her, twitch and his balls pulse against the lips of her cunt. She felt the juices gush out of her, soaking him, running down her thighs. As her orgasm reached her peak, threatening to crash through her, she raised her head and cried out to him.

"Fill me my Lord…fill me with your seed and take me as yours!"

Connor thrusts his hips hard hearing her plea, driving his cock deep inside of her as his balls pulsed violently, erupting inside of her, filling her with his seed. His voice ragged, little more than a bestial snarl, he cried out to her.

"Cum for me my Lady…take my seed and accept my gift to you now!!"

Samantha/Gaia exploded, rocking back hard against Connor/Cernunnos, feeling his seed fill her tight, fertile body, consecrating their passion and guaranteeing the cycle of life would continue for another year.

The two who were four remained frozen in the moment of their orgasm for what seemed an eternity. Then, as the God and the Goddess departed, Connor slumped forward over her back. Samantha felt her arms and knees give out, falling flat to her stomach on the grass, his weight pinning her body there. She turned her head and his mouth covered hers, kissing her deeply.

The kiss could have gone on for another eternity, but suddenly they both jerked their heads up at the sound of leaves rustling at the edge of the clearing.

Standing there, just outside the circle, were a buck with a glorious set of antlers and his doe, watching them. And they seemed to be smiling.

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