tagRomanceThe Blind Girl in the Snow Pt. 04

The Blind Girl in the Snow Pt. 04


Everything comes to an end sometime.

And when you reach that end it's only natural to look back on what was and had been when everything was new and exciting. Looking back at those moments that changed the course of who you were into who you became. That it was love that did this only makes the remembering of it so much more special.


Heather sat on the end of the bed and eased herself back so that she was propped up on her elbows as she listened to me taking off my tux.

I stared down at her as she lay there waiting for me.

"So then, husband," she smiled seductively, "Are you going to make love to me in my wedding dress?"

Naked, I came to stand over her with a rock hard boner pointing due North as I reached down and lifted the first layer of her dress and folded it back. To reveal another layer. Followed by another. And another. Talk about hunting for the pot of gold.

"That's all I've been thinking about, wife," I grinned, "Since the moment I saw you walking up the aisle."

She raised her hand and pretended to stifle a yawn. "But it's been such a long day. I'm feeling ever so sleepy. Maybe you and that thing of yours can wait until tomorrow?"

I knelt down and tugged up the final layer of her slips to reveal her white self-supporting stockings and bare thighs. On the right was a pink garter and above that were a very French looking pair of snug fit panties.

Looks like I had found the something blue.

Reaching under her, I grabbed the elastic and pulled them slowly off as she lay there giggling behind her clenched fists. Her familiar sex was smooth and bare as I took each thigh in hand and pushed them back so that her wet slot rotated upwards to leave it vulnerable to my intentions.

"Janet was right," she whispered as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back onto the pink duvet," You are such a bad man. A very naughty man."

I took my cock in hand and rubbed the engorged purple head around her pussy lips. "I'll stop if you want me to." I teased. The thing was so hard it was aching with anticipation.

My new wife shook her head as I leaned over her and slipped a hand into her white bodice to pull free one of her ripe succulent breasts before doing the same with the other.

The woman lifted her arms and wrapped them around me as I covered her with my mouth seeking hers. Pressing my hips forward, I fed my length into her in one smooth motion that made her arch her back and gasp as she willingly accepted the first of what would be many fucks this night.

Wrapping her legs around me, Heather buried her head in my neck and whispered in my ear.

"Like I said," she breathed, "You're a very very naughty man."


It's not what you say but the way you say it.

Heather failed to keep a straight face as she sat listening as I read out the Dog and Ducks menu to her. We were in a quiet corner at the far side of the Olde English style restaurant which was a ten-minute walk from Company HQ where we had just left the Christmas party.

"How can you have a traditional English breakfast at eight o'clock in the evening?" she whispered leaning forward as she ran her fingers around the edges of the table like she was marking out her territory.

"This is New York. They'd make you a midnight snack for your lunch if you asked them," I replied, "Besides, I know the owner. We go way back. Have you never had a full English before?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't think so."

"You'll love it," I promised, "Wait until you try the black pudding."

"Black pudding?"

"Think big fat juicy sausage."

"You're kidding," she laughed as her nose turned pinker than usual.

"Nope," I teased.

She wriggled and shuddered in her seat. "Sounds disgusting," she said making a face, "But I'll try anything once."

She smiled as she sat back and rubbed her bare arms. She looked a picture. Her in that red dress with the daring vee that revealed the suggestive curves of her perfect breasts. Here we were together. Twenty minutes into whatever comes next. Virgin territory. The great unknown. A proper relationship. Hopefully. Maybe.

A middle aged waitress came over and asked for our order. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied back and she was dressed as a Victorian barmaid with ample cleavage on view. Her American ye olde English was on point.

"Uh, two number sixes with everything," I said as I looked at the menu, "Coke?" I asked the girl sat opposite me with an amused expression on her face as she listened to me rambling on.

"Coke," she nodded.

"A coke and a Hair of the Dog. And that's it." I smiled up at the woman as she scribbled down everything on her little notepad.

"Alright, Sir," she nodded, "Be back before last Tuesday," she said cheerily as she stuck her pencil behind her ear and off she went.

"Hair of the Dog?"

"Brown Ale."

"Oh," she said, "That makes perfect sense."


"Black pudding, huh," she said as she sat there skeptically chewing away.

Funny. And cute as I watched her eat her meal. She reminded me of when Stan ate that wax apple. The whole "this should taste terrible but actually, it's kind of really good!" thing as she put the food into her mouth expecting the worst.

"Enjoy that?" I asked her as she finished her meal.

"Tasty!" she agreed as she felt for a tissue at the side of her plate and dabbed her mouth. Finally, she sat back and took a long slurp of her coke through a straw as I sat there drinking the bottled dog.

There was a nervous silence that settled over us and I think we both knew that the time for forced small talk was over. That post "Okay, I told you I love you and you told me you loved me so what happens next?" talk where you say and admit things that usually only stay bouncing around inside your head.

Where the heck do I start?

Only this time it was her turn first.

"I meant it," she said.

Her head was down as she fiddled around with her napkin and I could tell she was nervous and tense. But her admission fired the blood and meant everything to me right now. Okay. Good. That was more than good. Now it's your turn. Don't say anything stupid.

"I know."

She burst out laughing and glanced up at me with a look that was a mixture of "Listen to this wise guy!" and "Oh, that is so sweet!" Why is it so hard to say what you feel?

"And?" she asked as she licked her lips.

Go on. Say it. Use words. Like adults do when they need to.

"So did I."

Nice job, Mike. You really dragged that one out from somewhere deep dark inside that thick fucking skull of yours. Old habits really do die hard for some assholes stuck in their ways.

Heather nodded as she chewed on her lower lip. Probably to stop herself laughing at the stubborn fool sitting opposite her.

"Why?" she asked as she turned her head towards me.

Uh. Oh. Now there was a question. Probably the most important question I was ever going to be asked or had to answer. Why? I shuffled in my seat feeling slightly uncomfortable in my new skin. I think she understood how difficult it was for me to talk about my feelings like this and was gently guiding me through my reluctance one step at a time.

"Because." I said simply. Because I do. And because I want to be.

The blind girl didn't say anything for what felt like a long long time. Then I saw her draw a deep breath and clasp her hands together on the table in front of her.

"I remember," she began, "When we first met. That morning when I fell. And when you asked if I was alright. I remember the sound of your voice and the way you made sure I was safe until Janet came for me. It's strange," she smiled, "I always thought we'd meet again one day. And we did."

"Janet came for you?" I frowned, "When?" This was news to me.

Heather shrugged. "Since it was my first day, the people who had arranged my placement made sure there would be someone there to meet me. That someone was Janet. She saw everything that happened between us and asked me if I was alright when she introduced herself just after you left me on the sidewalk. She never told you?"

"No," I replied, "She never told me a thing." Which was strange because Janet always told me everything about anything. Well, almost everything apparently. Probably just slipped her mind.

I reached across the table and took Heather's hand in mine.

"Sometimes there doesn't have to be a reason," I said, "Sometimes it's just the way things are meant to be. That I love you and you love me was always going to happen. All we had to do was meet. Maybe we're just fated to be together."

She nodded and smiled at me. "That's nice," she said softly, "Even though I can't see you, I know you inside my head. I can feel when you're near and the colors I see and the shapes they make when I hear you speak mean everything to me," She gave a bashful shrug, "I've always been sort of afraid there would never be someone for me."

I sat forward and brought her hand to my lips. There were tears in her eyes and her voice quivered with the emotions she was feeling.

"Then you don't have to be afraid anymore," I promised her, "Because that someone is sat right here in front of you. This is us just starting out. First day at school stuff. Me, at thirty and you at eighteen."

Heather looked up surprised.

"You're how old?"

"Just gone thirty," I smiled, "Didn't you know?"

She shook her head. "No, well, I mean, I imagined you were a little older than Jimmy. He's what? About twenty or so?"

"Does the age difference bother you?"

"No, not really, but," she frowned slightly, "Twelve years."

Yeah. Twelve years.

"Just don't call me the old man."

She blushed and smiled shyly, "For an old man, you sure knew how to handle me."

Ah. Yeah. That was quite the experience. Just you. Me. On my bed.

"So what do we do now?" I asked her.

Heather turned around feeling for her coat and bag which were hanging on the back of her chair. "Now, I have to go home," she said, "I told Melissa I would be back by nine and I'm going to Moms tomorrow for the holidays and everything. What about you?"

What was I going to do? Stuck at the end of a bar with a drink in hand as usual? It was Friday night and Christmas Day was Monday. So that was a whole weekend to sort out I guess. Maybe I should do the right thing for once and head upstate early and spend more time with the family.

"I'll be fine," I told her as we got to our feet and I helped her into her coat with her standing there in front of me. There was that red dress again showing way too much flesh for my own good as I put my hands on her shoulders. I felt her lean back so she pressed up against me as I wrapped my arms around her.

"You promise?" she whispered.

"Promise," I nodded as I took out my phone to call her a taxi, "You go and have a great holiday and we'll talk more next week when everything settles down. Didn't I tell you Christmas was a pain in the ass." I laughed as we walked out of the restaurant into the cold night air.


What is it with snow and romance?

Her ride had pulled up to the sidewalk as we both stood there waiting against a backdrop of festive lights and gently falling snowflakes.

Heather was wrapped up tight in her black overcoat as I reached over and opened the rear cab door. She was holding my hand so I could help her get into her seat when she stopped and turned towards me with her eyes bright and shining in the electric glow.


The kiss was simple and heartfelt. It was enough to get us through the days when we wouldn't be together. Tuesday seemed such a long way away. Thank God, everyone had an extra day off to relax and unwind.

"See you soon," she said as she pressed her hands against my chest, "About eleven at the main entrance."

I nodded and hugged her to me. "Love you," I mumbled into her hair.

"I know," she grinned as I let her go and helped her get into the taxi. Once she was settled into her seat, I closed the cab door as she gave me a brief wave as the car pulled out from the curb.

I stood watching as it disappeared into the Friday night traffic wishing my life away and that tomorrow was a completely different day and we would be together again.

If only I had a time machine.


Twenty years later...

The station wagon pulled out into the traffic from the intersection as we made our way into the city. As ever, it was bumper to bumper all the way as I glanced over at the silent figure sitting in the front passenger seat in a world of her own as Janet and Gracey chatted away in the seats behind her.

I couldn't even begin to imagine what was going through her head right now as she sat there wearing her special visor to protect the bandages covering her eyes. I glanced up at the rearview mirror watching the younger woman in the back seat with her frizzy blonde hair looking out of the window on her side. She was the one who had given us hope.

That what was once impossible could actually be possible.

Even when her operation was a success and she regained about eighty percent of her vision, she was still the old SQUEAK "Ouch!" Gracey she had always been. She was the force of nature that had set us on this path.

I tried to concentrate on the road but what was going to happen in the next couple of hours was the only thing that mattered. What had started out as a conversation many months ago would, all being well, turn out to be the most important day ever.

A life-changing day.


Janet got to her feet and motioned for the other two women to follow her as the Doctor walked over to the door and dimmed the lights in his office.

"Come on, ladies," she ordered, "These two are going to need a little privacy," She put her hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze, "Catch you on the other side."

Heather looked up from where she was sat and gave her friend a faint smile. I watched the three women along with the Doctor and his Nurse leave the room to leave the two of us alone together.

I was sat opposite my wife who had her head slightly down with her hands clasped in her lap. She was breathing steady but I knew inside she was a bundle of nerves as the moment finally arrived for her.

"Hey," I said quietly as I reached over and cupped her chin, "Ready?"

She nodded. "I'm scared."

"It's okay," I reassured her, "We're going to do this together. It's just you and me now. Like the good old days."

Heather suddenly reached forward and I gathered her to me as I felt her shaking in my arms before she sat back and took a deep breath.

Both eye patches were taped in place with a single bandage wrapped around her head to make sure they remained secure. I stood up and undid the clip at the back of her head and slowly unwound it until it fell away in a long strip. Using my fingers, I carefully found the end of each piece of tape and peeled them off making sure both patches remained in place.

Okay. Here we go.

"Keep your eyes closed, hon," I whispered as I carefully removed the right one first and then the left. Heather had both eyes tightly shut and her head jerked back slightly as they came away.

Even in the dim light, I could see her face was slightly swollen around the upper cheeks and bridge of her nose. Her eyelids were bruised and made her look like she hadn't slept for a month.

"Oh," she gasped as both eyes suddenly teared up. I grabbed a box of tissues, took one out, and gently daubed around each to dry them and remove any crusted skin or flaking from the operation.

"Alright," I smiled at her. It had been two long weeks since she had decided to go through with the operation to restore her sight, "Take your time."

She was looking down at her lap as she began to tentatively open her eyes. I sat watching her with my heart in my mouth and everything crossed for the Doctor had warned me that there was a possibility the surgery might fail.

There was a long pause then I saw her turn her hands over so that they were palms up. After a moment's hesitation, she began to wriggle her fingers before turning them back over again as she clenched and unclenched each hand.

"Uh huh," she murmured to herself.

I couldn't say anything to her if I wanted to. It was like watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis after a long sleep and was adjusting to its new life.

Heather took a deep breath and slowly raised her face and her new eyes were wide with wonder and surprise as they found mine and we stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.

"Hey, beautiful."

Her face was a picture. It was like she had been born again.

"Ohhhh," she gasped as she blinked, "Look at you!"

I sat forward in my chair and stared into her eyes properly for the very first time. The milky grey tinge at the center of each eye had gone to be replaced by a normal looking blackness. I reached up with a tissue for she had teared up again and was trying to blink them away.

"Look at me," I smiled as she looked me up and down.

She frowned as her attention returned to my face.

"But Janet said you were ugly?!" she blurted out.

We both started to laugh. Yeah. She probably had done that. Typical Janet.

"How do you feel?" I asked my wife, "What can you see?"

Heather realized she could look around freely now. She slowly turned her head left and right, up and down staring around the room. She put her right hand out and touched my cheek. "Good, I think. A little fuzzy around the edges and still sore. But I can see things. Everything looks wonderful!"

The relief was palpable. For both of us.

I felt myself choking up. "Heather, I..."

She slipped from her chair and I felt her fingers on my face tracing the memory of what she had imagined I looked like in the past. I grasped her right hand and kissed it as I felt my emotions overwhelming me.

She held my face between her hands with her own inches from mine as she stared at me intently with the look of love. "Oh, you. I never thought I could love you more today than I did yesterday but I do," She reached up to kiss me on the forehead, "All those times when I needed someone you were there for me. Like always. Like today of all days."

Her eyes fell on my lips and she slowly came to me and we kissed with a love that had begun on that rainy day so long ago. Our kiss ended and we pressed our foreheads together as she grabbed another tissue and blew into it as she began to laugh and cry.

"Wait here," I told her and went over to light switch near the door and turned the dial so the room got slowly brighter, "Tell me when enough is enough."

Heather nodded and raised her hand. "Alright. Okay. Starting to ache a little."

"Close your eyes," I smiled as I came back to her and bent down to take her hands in mine.

She laughed and did as she was told. "Why?" she asked as she got to her feet.

"Shhhh," I said, "You'll soon find out."

I stepped behind her with my hands on her shoulders and guided her across the room to the far wall where a long mirror was hanging. This was going to one of those special moments neither of us would ever forget.

Once we were standing in front of it, I kissed the side of her face. "Okay, sweetheart. You can open them again."

I stood behind her looking at her reflection as I watched her realize she was seeing herself for the first time. The first time in thirty-eight years.

There was a long pause then she let out a long "Ohhhhhhhh!" as she turned her head to look at me wide-eyed with surprise and wonder.

"Is that ME?!"

Funny. The woman had perfect timing.

I nodded.

"Hey, Mrs. Sloane."

She turned back to the mirror and stared at her perfect twin in amazement. Reaching up, she carefully touched her hair then her lips and started to cry again.

"That's ME!" she whispered as I handed her another tissue.

"Sure is."

Running both hands through her hair, she turned to me. "So is that what brown looks like?!"

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