tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Bliss of being Shana Pt. 01

The Bliss of being Shana Pt. 01


A new home

He inhaled her strong musk and felt his body relax and his arousal grow. He loved eating out his girlfriend, loved it more than sex itself. The way he could massage and clean her soft silky nether lips made him wetter than anything else.

Shana closed her eyes and sat back further, holding her pants down to allow him better access as one hand kneaded her tit. She moaned as his rough little tongue flicked around inside and outside her hood, massaging the soft tissue into a ball of electric energy.

She had to be back out in ten to board the plane to New Alaska but frankly with such an incredible eat out going on Shana would rather get fired rather than leave.

As he began to invade her with his tongue she began to dizzy, her mind fogging over. She lost her place, forgot holding her tight pants down and forgot her shift, loosing herself into the bliss he was sending her through her pussy. She began to dream, dream that she was floating on clouds as he ate her out. Unseen hands began to roam her body, massaging her aches and stimulating her arousal.

When he sensed she was out of it, he paused his milking and stood from his kneeling position, unzipping his pants and dropping his slacks. As the clothes fell away, revealed beneath was an unusual member, a large and thick cock that pulsed in readiness. Grabbing the semi hard rod he slid himself into her without pause and began a rhythmic beat of in and out thrusts.

The most unusual thing about his manhood was not the incredible size or thickness but the color. When erect, the veins in most penises are fairly prominent, standing out quite a bit with the pressure needed to hold the organ stiff. The unusual thing about her boyfriend's dick was that these veins visibly throbbed with a purple glow that seemed to pulse and flow through him in time with his thrusting.

As he inseminated her, pumping himself closer to coming, his eyes began to glow, letting out a purple freakish light onto her face. It was now visible where he was staring, directly into her eyes, as he pumped. He held her hips tight and the purple fire deep within his bottomless eyes burned brighter and brighter. He kept up the pace, silent intent on his face, making no visible or audible sounds of sexual ecstasy. Shana, in contrast, bucked back and forth as sighs and moans freely escaped her open lips.

Within her own private world Shana's body was assaulted by dicks. She loved dicks, loved their rock hard sensation, their ribbed shafts and big thick heads. As she floated in a world with no up or down, her body was covered in them, smothered with cocks that seemingly had no bodies behind them. Huge ones, small ones, black and white, and many she didn't recognize as the usual human dick, all of them kissed her skin, leaving little patches of pre-cum that seared into her very soul.

Her pussy came to life as the ring leader, a huge dark skinned man, his massive muscled body dripping from oil Shana knew was her own cum, stepped forward and entered her. The ghostly apparitions inside her were shoved out the way as his absolutely huge pole pumped into her and she was claimed by the alpha male. To her, he was real, tangible, entirely there before her.

There was no argument, no time for surprise or wonder. The moment he was in her, she belonged to him. She let herself go, succumbing to the complete pure bliss emanating, flowing from her pussy as he came, shooting his very essence so deep inside her it seemed to splash into her mind and coat everything.

As he came, his body began to glow, purple energy visible in his veins as it flowed like animated energy through wire from his body and into hers through their connection. He leaned back as his whole being flowed into her, and, as quickly as it takes a man to ejaculate into a woman, he was gone. Shana's blissful white world darkened, storm clouds gathering overhead as it began to rain, rain that landed in her mouth and tasted of semen. The rain coated her, soaked her, and she found herself falling, tumbling into black as the rain of cum flooded all around her.

Shana jerked awake, panting as she took in her surroundings. The boxes of the store room, hard and real on her ass, and the dark twilight of the next door bulb came to her. She was back in the staff area at the airport, one hand holding her pants down, exposing her snatch as her other rested on her said ladyhole. Lifting the hand and feeling warm juice, she quickly stood, re-arranging her clothes as best she could and smearing her cum on half of them as she did so.

Still dazed, she brushed her hair as best she could with her cum-covee hands and, still looking very flustered, prayed she wasn't late.

Shana needed a toilet break.

As she flushed and wiped the last of the offending juices off her rather tender thatch, she caught sight of herself in the mirror. For the briefest of seconds she thought she saw some kind of purple glow in her eyes. But, shaking the thought, she slid a few square sheets of toilet paper - along with a tampon and pad for good measure - down her front and zipped up, praying none of the passengers who would all be seated right on pussy-level would notice her strong musk.

Seeing herself again she rushed to make herself look as presentable as possible and then evacuated, dashing for her flight.

As Shana ran, deep within her body, her cells were reforming. A purple matter, a body of living cells, alien cells, were flowing around her, mutating her tissue, transforming weak into strong and old into new. Her smoker's lung began to clear and her arms strengthened, though she didn't notice this now.

Likewise, as her body was prepared, a tiny growth took hold inside Shana's uterus, a clump of cells forming as her body began to go into overdrive.

As Shana boarded the flight, bounding up the steps with unusual ease, the tiny cluster of but a few cells split.

And they began to grow.

Part 1 - Reawakening

Emily relaxed after the glorious semi-alien fuck session. Having Courtney, a part Cadothe, part human hybrid like herself, to inventively and unendingly sex with was incredible. With their power they could do so much more than mere humans, and their orgasms were equally as inhuman.

Melding their minds together to envelop the other in endless fathomless bliss as their bodies melted together might not have sounded great when put like that with simple words, but to the girls it was quite simply a pure, whole, surreal heavenly pleasure that induced racking, bucking orgasms from both of them.

In the days after the hospital incident Emily and her girlfriend Courtney hung low, returning their lives and house to normal. Days went by with relative normality. They shopped, cleaned, worked, went to the gym and movies, and, of course, fucked. Fucked like only hybrid alien-humans could. Nothing was wrong. Emily was happy. Courtney was happy. Everyone was happy. Their new "conquest", the man they called Peter after a TV show they watched fairly religiously soon after they'd first met. Peter functioned fairly normally, slowly developing individuality. Still bent entirely on the idea that Emily and Courtney were his all powerful masters, his twin gods, he worshipped them, raining all he could upon them.

After five days when Emily and Courtney came home to find several huge backpacks on their kitchen table, all containing solid gold bars, the girls decided he needed to learn to be his own person. He took them back (apparently, he was an incredible sneak, as he was not only able to steal the gold from the local deposits but also return it) he was given his own room and a share of the household funds. Encouraging him to think for himself, after three days without seeing or hearing from the girls he had come to realise that, as long as he could see them and serve them, he would endeavour to blend in.

As such, he got a job and began to make a living for himself. The girls, satisfied, and their friend Peter, lived quite happily for several months without issue. Life truly couldn't have ben much better for the three of them. They were their own happy little hybrid family.

One day while at work in the rather spanky cafe Emily worked at, while stepping from the counter to bring drinks to a table, a wave of something Emily hadn't felt for a long while. A mind rending wave of something incredibly powerful washed over her, sweeping through every nerve and cell in her body.

Emily stumbled, her legs giving way - though not from pain. She dropped the tray, which smashed on the floor. Her co workers, Janet and Chrissy came running to help her, and, supported by Chrissy, Emily stumbled out the back as Jane cleaned up.

Once behind the cover of walls, Emily made her own way to the bathrooms. She couldn't let Chrissy see what had happened, even if she needed the help. Stumbling against the wall she eventually crashed into the toilets where she immediately fell onto the tiled floor, one hand pressed between her legs as her body tensed and ghostly hands traversed her body. She gritted her teeth as another wave came and so did she, pulsing with the mind numbing waves of pure arousal. Emily's panties were soaked through and after a few minutes without further orgasm she began to recover.

Emily slowly knelt up, holding her legs tightly together like a child needing to pee, and waddled to a toilet where she dropped everything and beheld the creamy sticky mess gluing her pussy to her panties. There was an incredible amount of cum, and she had no change of clothes. She'd have to do something about the musk, she couldn't serve customers with the overbearing smell of freshly pumped pussy.

As Emily cleaned up, not denying herself a generous taste as she did so, she puzzled. What of such power had caused her spontaneous orgasms? Only something of her being could have done it, but neither Courtney nor Peter were, as far as she knew, that powerful. She was, technically, by DNA and by will, their mother (Courtney was created from Emily's hybrid essence, and her half breed blood, if you could call it that, was what had saved Courtney's life and turned her into a hybrid herself. As for Peter, he was a direct product of them both) and so held the majority of their combined power.

Emily was a little worried as she finished up and searched, without redressing, for some kind of padding to diffuse her smell. She was worried that Courtney and Peter had experienced the same as she had. She was also worried about the origin of the power. Somewhere in the world, a being stronger than the creature from which Emily and her friends had been created had awoken. Somewhere, something even more powerful was beginning to sow it's seed of control and arousal into the world.

Emily had to get home.

Courtney suddenly flung her hands out, grasping the racks holding sports shirts, singlets and shorts to either side of her. Her mouth fell open and her eyes fluttered as her legs gave way and she nearly collapsed. The clothes she was holding were pressed between her clenched hands and the racks, her knuckled going white as her lady hole came to absolute inferno-fuelled life. Fireballs of pure sexual desire and arousal shot up her spine, singing her nerves and shutting out everything in her mind but the sensation of her orgasm.

She felt the raw force as her vagina visibly tensed, her whole lower pelvic muscle system instantly and spontaneously switching to full on. As every single muscle and tendon from her stomach down went into overdrive she felt her own cum literally splash into her shorts and knew without a doubt that she would have soaked through the twin layers she was wearing.

Without warning, as her breath escaped her (it was all the could possibly do to not scream out on the spot) the orgasm subsided, the balls of red hot sex lighting her up from within burning out, leaving her suspended by tensed arms stringing her between racks of clothes as her legs shook. A she began to breathe again, returning to reality, Courtney stood, shakily, upright and looked around. The nearest people in the store, about three groups of two or three, were staring at her. Praying that they'd only seen her hair and hands, she smiled happily at them and said as normally as she could, 'Oops! Lost my footing there. I do wish people wouldn't leave these hangers around.' She said, picking up a coat hanger and making hurriedly for the back room.

Inside Courtney ran to the lockers and stuffed tissue into her front, wincing slightly as she felt the damp patch which had surprisingly spread her entire crotch and half the inside of her legs. Putting as many tissues as she could there so she wouldn't be distracted until lunch and spraying some deodorant on th area, she looked up to see a staff member - the new girl, Linda or Laura or something - staring at her, grasping her papers a little too tight.

Courtney looked at her crotch, the bike shorts fully exposed with her top tucked into her bra, and back to Lara.

'Um, listen, Lucy, I'm going to need to pop home. As you can see, uh, the ol' time of the month has hit and I ran clean out of...' She gestured to her locker, then to her quietly throbbing lady parts. Linda sucked her lips in in the way teens do and nodded vigorously.

'Good girl.' Courtney said as she let her shirt down and left, passing Lexy as she went and patting her shoulder absent-mindedly with the hand she'd used on herself.

Linda watched the girl go, or more accurately watched her rear go, and, when she was gone, looked at the shoulder the hand had touched.

Lightly lifting the company shirt up to her nose, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and, with a grin on her face, went back to her business.

Shana cried out again. She was lying naked on her bed, clawing at her crotch as another orgasm assaulted her. Her body was so tense you could see the tendons stretching in her neck. She pounded herself, begging and mumbling incoherently at no one in particular as she tried desperately to get off. Her body was glowing, her veins lit up from within, eyes releasing a deep and inhumane purple glow.

Inside Shana's mind, she was being assaulted by every single possible act of sexual intercourse known, and unknown, to man. She was helpless, held reclined back, legs wide apart, entire body massaged and caressed by ghostly hands.

Before her stood a tall, powerful man. Dark skin, incredibly toned body and huge member all visible to her. She cried out, eyes locked on his meat, hands trying desperately to reach out for it, to have it in her. She knew it was the only way to get off, only way to release. But he refused, taunted her.

'You will obey!' He said, powerful voice sliding into her mind like the fingers slopping about in her pussy.

'Yes! I will obey!' She screamed, practically crying.

'YOU WILL OBEY.' His voice boomed.

'I will obey.' She said, completely unable to say no.

'YOU WILL OBEY.' He repeated. Miraculously, she was calming - perhaps loss of energy was forcing her to relax now - and she thought the words. 'I will obey.'

'You will obey.'

'I will obey.' She said, eyes closing as she no longer needed them. Before her, his gigantic member began to rise. The fingers inside her became more real.




'OBEY!' They both cried, as one.

Before her, as his cock stood proudly before him, the semi-visible hands held her vagina wide open for him. She began to rise toward him.

'SERVE THE NEW RACE!' He cried, head back, arms held high.

'Serve the new race!' She cried as she came closer to the hanging penis.



'NOW BIRTH OUR SPAWN!' He cried, somehow making a sentence like that sound incredibly sexy, as she was lifted bodily onto him and began to slide up and down his length. She was gone from physical atonement, free from petty human traits like speech or sound. She lived their will. Their will was her.

As she bounced on him, her body began to become translucent, while in the real world, her veins shone with purple, walls of light piercing the skin. Purple light flowed from every pore as she was reborn.

He came inside her and she sucked him in. Their bodies melted together, streaming into one another. The ghostly hands that supported her were absorbed as well, one great being forming. A penis grew from her pussy, a new vagina forming above it, in the lower stomach. Her muscles grew, bulged. The cock grew, becoming at least 8 inches. It thicknened and her body filled, expanding. Still the rod grew from her until finally the entire process stopped abruptly.

Shana stood from the bed, huge, muscular legs supporting her frame. Between her legs hung an enormous 11 or 12 inch penetrator, dangling weightily. Strangely, no testicles were present, but the base of the shaft had more girth, as though more muscle was present to support the member. Her stomach was large, not fat but well built. Muscular, looking capable of supporting many pregnancies. Her breasts, now four in number, bore five nipples each and were massive things that stood before her. Her hands and feet were massive, and their tips glowed with pure purple energy.

Her face was strong and heavy set, clenched tight. From her eyes, pure purple energy flowed freely.

She was the mother of the hybrid race. She would bring the new species into glorious life.

Returning to her bed she lay back as the four little ones inside her industrial strength uterus grew. This first spawn would find her human subjects, donations of DNA, energy and resources. In the mean time, she thought with what in a human would be taken as a malevolent grin.

The girl at the door would be her first conquest, and the first to donate her genetic material to the perfect species.

Pointing one glowing finger at the door to her house, she willed her subject in.

Jemma rode past on her paper run and threw the paper in when something hit her like a sledgehammer. Pulling to an immediate brake, no concern for almost falling off shown, glassy eyed she began to turn and walk to the house she was just about to paper. As she walked the paper in her hand pressed harder and harder into her shorts as her pussy tingled with sensations the young virgin had never felt before.

Entering, she came before her master. The Creator lowered the glowing hand to her side and Jemma obediently sat by the bed, knees up, staring blankly into space as her pussy throbbed with many ghostly cocks sawing in and out of her.

The Creator placed her hand on the bed by Jemma's head and the finger which had taken her grew, a purple tube extending out of it. It slid across the bed, down Jemma's top, snaked around and between two small breasts and slid effortlessly into her pants where, without hesitation, it entered her.

Jemma's head went back and her eyes glowed purple, before her entire body relaxed, her mind connected as one to the Creator, her body assimilated, her energies of arousal, pain and happiness flowing into the new God.

Jemma floated naked on clouds made entirely of throbbing cocks. Each penis ejaculated constantly, providing her a bed on which to roll. She mothered her body in the semen, giggling as each time her boobs and pussy glowed and tingled as they met the cum. She was content in pure, unending bliss.

And so the Creator of the new species to rule Earth grew.


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