tagGay MaleThe Bliss of Darkness

The Bliss of Darkness


Warning: This story contains sex between brothers, werewolf sex, and knotting.


"Well, that was different," Kurt said as he and his younger brother, Kyle, climbed into his truck.

Kyle huffed, unamused. "Getting raped by a wolf was definitely not on my list of things to do this weekend."

They were leaving the emergency room exhausted but in good spirits despite the reason they'd had to go. A large, black wolf had come out of nowhere and attacked Kyle while they had been out camping. They both thought it was odd because the wolf seemed to have made a beeline for the younger brother though they were seated next to each other eating. Even worse—though it went unmentioned to the wildlife officers who spoke to them at the hospital—the wolf had a massive erection that it seemed intent on burying in Kyle. The wolf had nipped and scratched repeatedly at Kyle's jeans, tearing them open before it grabbed at his arms. It eventually secured one in his mouth to hold him steady as it climbed atop him. Only after it was distracted with trying to mount Kyle was Kurt able to beat the animal hard enough to make it realize that it wasn't worth it. As the wolf ran off whimpering in defeat, the brothers appraised Kyle's wounds and decided to cut their trip short. At the hospital, Kyle received a few stitches to his arm where the wolf had broken his skin as well as a rabies shot, with follow-up injections due over the course of the next few weeks.

"That was fucking insane," Kurt said. "I saw it but I still don't believe it. That thing wanted you. I mean, seriously 'wanted' you. You okay? Really?"

"Yeah," Kyle said quietly. "I guess. The bite still kinda hurts but...the thing is... The worst part is that I can still feel its wet cock pushing between my ass. It was almost there, Kurt. That son of a bitch was going to fuck me. And I don't mean it was just gonna hump me or mount me like a dog. That fucker knew what it was doing. It got me on my back, spread my legs, climbed on top of me and was going to straight up fuck me. And—I know this is even crazier—but I could see in that bastard's yellow eyes it was excited about it."

"I believe it. I saw that fucker's boner. Sorry it happened, bro. Just know I always got your back." Kurt turned to look into Kyle's eyes and still saw a bit of worry and fear in the blue orbs. He reached over and gave his brother's leg a squeeze knowing the contact conveyed more than words ever could. But in true brotherly fashion, he added, "Even if you decide to marry him and be his bitch, I'm with you. Think he'll call?"

"Oh, fuck off," Kyle said angrily, though he couldn't stop the laugh that immediately followed. The release of tension helped but he knew the psychological pain would remain. "Man, you wouldn't joke if a giant wolf tried to fuck you."

"You're right. Not gonna lie, I would still be crying like a little kid. But more importantly, do you think you're gonna become a werewolf? I mean, isn't that how it happens?"

Kyle looked at his brother as if he were crazy. "Getting fucked?"

"No, dumbass. Getting scratched or bitten by a wolf. Looks like he got you good."

"He did." Kyle examined each of his arms. It was easy to see the shape of the wolf's mouth in his stitches. Adding to his sense that the wolf had only wanted him for one reason was the fact that the stiches he had gotten were only because he had tried to yank his arm out of the wolf's mouth. The other places where the wolf had nipped him showed the barest of scratches and scrapes. Notably, on his ass where the wolf had shredded his jeans and boxers there were no wounds to mention.

A flash of light drew Kyle's attention out the window. When his eyes locked on the waxing sliver of moon, a shiver coursed through him. He knew it wasn't possible—werewolves were a thing of fiction and myth, after all—but he was filled with dread about the fact that he might actually now be a werewolf. Despite the sense of foreboding he felt, he said lightly, "Maybe that would be cool."

Kurt chuckled. "Only if you don't start attacking the villagers. Hell, I could keep your ass in a cage and charge admission. Do you know how much money I could make off you, Wolf Boy? I'd stream that shit live every month. Lock you up with a rabbit or something and watch you attack."

Kyle felt genuinely offended by his brother's thoughts even though he knew Kurt was joking. "That's just messed up. I'm your brother, man. You'd really treat me like a circus freak?"

"If it meant making enough to buy a cup of coffee, shit yeah, I would. In half a heartbeat." Kurt reached over and ruffled Kyle's medium length brown hair.

As he batted his brother's hand away, Kyle muttered, "You're such an asshole."

With innocence in his brown eyes, Kurt asked, "Have you seen how much coffee costs now? It's not cheap."

Instead of taking Kyle home to where the eighteen-year-old high school senior still lived with their parents, they went to Kurt's apartment. After unloading most of the gear out of the back of the pickup, they each collapsed onto the sofa with a bottle of beer.

"I'm still so fucking wound up," Kyle said as they flipped through the TV trying to find something mindless to watch as they relaxed. "Every time I close my eyes I can see that animal's yellow eyes staring at me."

Kurt placed a hand on his brother's thigh. "I hesitate to suggest this considering what you've been through, but the weekend doesn't have to be a total bust. Only if you're up for it. It might help relax you."

Kyle felt none of the hesitation Kurt expressed. He placed his bottle on the coffee table then straddled his brother's thick thighs. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to Kurt's in a deep kiss.

When they finally came up for air, they removed each other's clothes before Kurt flipped them around so Kyle was sitting on the sofa and he could move to the floor between his brother's legs. Once in position, Kurt hungrily leaned forward and took Kyle's rapidly hardening dick into his mouth. With one hand pulling on his brother's nuts, he used the other to roam over Kyle's lean, athletic body. Kurt's fingers stopped to tease, pull and pinch at the small, stiff nipples on Kyle's practically hairless chest.

"Oh, fuck," Kyle said with a gasp as Kurt flicked his tongue over the perfect spot just at the base of his cock head. "Suck it."

Ignoring his brother, Kurt slowly ran his tongue from the tip of Kyle's crown, down to the base and back. He tilted his head and pressed his full lips around the shaft to kiss and nibble at it for a moment, enjoying the uncomfortable whimpers that Kyle let out. Only when he was ready did he take Kyle's seven inches back into his mouth. After bobbing on it and sucking it the way Kyle liked, he held the entire length in his mouth for a moment while he grabbed the lube that lived in the sofa pushed down against the arm. When he pulled off, he quickly lubed Kyle's cock then his hole.

Kyle stood to allow Kurt to lay on the sofa. Once Kurt was positioned on his back, Kyle moved between his brother's legs and fed his cock into Kurt's ass. Because of Kurt's larger, muscular body, they each had one leg on the floor for balance while Kyle slowly stroked his dick inside his brother. Kyle ran his hands over his brother's solid, muscular body enjoying how much different it felt from his own. While he had no desire to workout and bulk up as Kurt had, he was still slightly jealous of Kurt's form. More than anything, it was the much thicker, nine inch cut cock sticking out of Kurt's untrimmed bush that was the focus of his jealousy. As he stroked it, he marveled at how much thicker and heavier it felt in his hand compared to his own. Every time they hooked up, it was hard to decide whether he wanted to service the large piece of meat or use his brother's tight, muscular ass. Thankfully, Kurt usually took charge so he didn't have to decide what to do once sex was on the table.

And sex was usually on the table for them. Even though they were six years apart with another brother between them, the two of them had always been close. Neither could remember how it started but until Kurt moved out, they had sucked and fucked each other as often as they could in their shared room. Even now with Kurt in his own place and each of them with girlfriends, they got together as often as they could but often had to settle for the time they spent together out camping every other month.

Which had been the plan for this weekend.

Trying to help his brother forget just for a moment what had happened, Kurt wrapped his legs around his brother's waist and pulled him deeper. "Fuck me, bro."

As if he had been waiting for permission, Kyle began to move his hips faster until the sound of their flesh slapping together was loud in the room. Kurt had been right. It was what he needed. He needed to purge the lingering tension he felt, purge the anger and fear. And the one way to do that was by getting down, dirty, and just as primal as the animal that had assaulted him. Sweat beaded over his body and began to fall from his nose and chin onto Kurt's body below him. He could feel all of the negative emotion gathering in his crotch, making everything warm with anticipation. When his balls were ready, everything he felt about the night left him as he deposited his load into his brother's body.

"Fuck, yeah," Kurt growled as he felt the heat of Kyle's cum enter him. With Kyle's focus elsewhere, his brother's hand had stopped moving on his dick so he took over stroking his cock needing his own release. With his brother still bucking and convulsing inside him, Kurt quickly shot his own load onto his furry chest and abs.

Once the intensity of his orgasm passed, Kyle laid his chest onto his brother's, sandwiching Kurt's load between them and their lips met again in a lazy, exhausted kiss.

"Shower and bed?" Kurt asked after they caught their breath.

"Sounds great."


Kurt opened the door of his apartment to his brother and raised an eyebrow. It had been over three weeks since the wolf attack and about two since they'd last seen each other in person though they talked or messaged every day. If he hadn't known Kyle was coming over, he wouldn't have recognized the person in front of him. "Damn, man. You trying to play the part?"

"Huh? What?"

"This." Kurt gestured to Kyle's hair and beard. Where before there had been a youthful but developing eighteen-year-old face, there was now something that looked more mature than Kurt's twenty-four years. Kyle's square face was now devoid of any excess fat and a thick, dark brown beard resided on his jawline. His lighter colored hair was no longer short and parted on the side in the classic style he'd worn since he could walk. Instead, it cascaded down in dense waves just passed his shoulders. Even his blue eyes seemed to have become more piercing. Looking over the rest of his brother's body, Kurt saw that Kyle was now more sinewy than before. At six feet two inches tall, Kyle had always been lean and athletic, but now it appeared that he was built for speed. Kurt couldn't help smirking upon seeing the longer nails on his brother's hands that were incongruous with the well-worn ball cap, wife beater, and jeans his brother wore. "You look like Wolf Boy."

Kyle sighed as he flopped down onto the sofa. "Yeah, about that. I think it might actually be happening."

Kurt sat next to his brother and looked him in the eyes with a look of worry. Knowing that Kyle had gone to a follow-up appointment the day before, he asked, "What? You think you have rabies?"

"No. I think I might actually be a werewolf. Please don't make fun of me."

Any other time Kurt would have teased his brother for saying something so ridiculous. However, in the face of Kyle's frightened demeanor and the tears that were welling up in his eyes, Kurt knew his brother didn't need that right now. He knew Kyle was dealing with the lingering effects of being attacked and nearly being fucked by the animal, so he asked without judgement, "Why do you think that? What's going on?"

Kyle leaned his head back against the sofa and took a deep breath. Looking up at the ceiling to avoid Kurt's eyes, he said, "I didn't notice it at first, but I've been feeling different ever since the attack. I thought it was just nerves but it's not."

"Different how?" Kurt asked when Kyle didn't speak for a few moments.

"My hearing is so much sharper. When I first noticed it, I thought I was just hyper-aware and being jumpy. But right now, I can actually hear the dog in your neighbor's apartment drinking water, someone downstairs snoring, and the person across the hall is about to leave."

Kurt opened his mouth to tell Kyle that there was no way he could hear all of that but he stopped upon hearing the muffled sound of a door opening then closing outside followed by the jingle of keys and footsteps receding. "How did you know that?"

"It's not just that. My sense of smell is stronger, too."

"No way."

Kyle rolled his head to face his brother for a moment. "It's been—what?—three, four hours since you fucked Tracy? You really should shower afterward."

Kurt thought back over the last few days and couldn't remember if he had mentioned that he was going to be hooking up with his now ex-girlfriend. "Did I tell you that?"

"No more than you told me that there's a piece of chicken, a burger, and"—Kyle closed his eyes and took a deep, searching breath—"dish soap in your trash."

Slightly convinced by Kyle's accuracy regarding the contents of his trash can two rooms away, Kurt asked breathlessly, "What the fuck?"

"Think about it. Seriously, whose hair grows this fast over a few weeks? It's everywhere. The shit's coming in on my back, too. And these—" Kurt examined the hands Kyle held up to show him. In addition to the almond-shaped, half-inch long nails at the ends of Kyle's fingers, Kurt noticed for the first time the dense hair between the knuckles and on the backs of Kyle's hands that continued up his arms. And the knuckles themselves were knobbier making his brother's hands seem more animal like—"I trim them every other day but they just grow like crazy."

"Maybe it's some kind of allergic reaction," Kurt offered.

"To what? Being a human? Shit like this doesn't happen out of nowhere. I want to ask Mom and Dad for help but they'll think I'm on drugs or something if I tell them I think I'm a werewolf. They've already been giving me looks."

"Good point. What can I do to help? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"

"No!" Kyle took a calming breath. "Not yet anyway. The full moon is in four days. I don't know if it's just me being crazy or if something is really different with me, but every day the feeling that something is going to happen to me gets stronger. Can I stay with you until then? Maybe that night we go out to the woods just in case? If nothing happens then I'll go to the hospital the next day and get checked out. If something does, then hopefully I won't hurt anyone."

"Except me," Kurt said. Unable to help himself, he added, "Just try not to eat me or fuck me."

"Man, I'm serious."

"I know. I'm sorry," Kurt said with genuine remorse. He didn't mean to tease his brother in his current state but couldn't help it. "I'm in. I can't believe that you're suddenly a werewolf, but if you are, you're still my brother and I'll help however I can. We'll figure it out."

After feeding their parents a lie, Kyle stayed with Kurt for the next few evenings despite having school. His sense of dread continued to grow while at the same time he continued to feel things changing about him. He wanted to believe that it was still just nerves and the feeling of expectation that was causing his feeling of being unsettled but he knew deep down that it wasn't.

"So if I go crazy, hop in the truck and take off, okay?"

Kurt looked at his brother unwaveringly and masked his true feelings. While he was annoyed that he had taken the following day off work and worried that Kyle might hurt him in his agitated state, he knew it was important to help Kyle through the night. "I'm not going to leave you. We're in this together, little bro."

"But still, if I do turn into a wolf and come after you, save yourself. I'm sure I'll be fine. Just come back for me tomorrow."


They quickly built a fire and set up the back of Kurt's truck for the night. Normally they would have pitched a tent and dug a latrine for their stay, but being at the campsite for only one night, they decided to camp simply.

Armed with bags of fast food and two six-packs of beer, they sat around the fire talking and trying to relax. As the late spring sun began to set, each brother increasingly became on edge: Kurt worried about what Kyle was going to do, and Kyle worried about what was going to happen to him. After the sun disappeared beneath the horizon, they continued to sit quietly with Kurt staring at his brother, watching and waiting. With the growing darkness, they fell silent and stopped attempting to make anything resembling normal conversation.

"How do you feel?" Kurt asked a little after stars began to appear in the sky.

"Surprisingly fine," Kyle responded with obvious relief. "I've still got some lingering nerves but I feel calmer. I guess, maybe I'm just crazy."

"You just got yourself worked up so much that it started affecting you. Now you see that you were worried about nothing. Admittedly being attacked by a wolf will do that to you, but you just had to work through it. Nothing I or anyone else could have told you would've helped."

Kyle heard what sounded like disappointment in his brother's voice but ignored it. Instead, he took and released a deep breath. "Yeah. You're right. But what about this shit?" He waved his hands gesturing to his hair and body in general.

"I'm sure there's a logical explanation for it. We'll get it checked out. It's probably something hormonal. Maybe you liked that wolf more than you want to admit and now your body's trying to prepare for your next date."

"Oh, fuck you," Kyle said with a laugh.

With the uncertainty out of the way, they opened new bottles and began to drink their cares away as they relaxed in the surprisingly cool night air. Kyle could tell Kurt was still watching him but dismissed it. Hell, if he had thought Kurt was turning into a werewolf, he'd do the same thing.

"Do you hear that?" Kyle asked during a momentary lull in their conversation.

"What?" Kurt cocked his head to the side as he listened to the quiet night. The only sounds that carried to him were the crackling of the fire and the distant rumble of cars on the highway. The moon was just starting to peak above the horizon bringing more light to the dark night. "I don't hear anything. Is your Spidey-sense acting up again?"

"No. I don't hear anything. Nothing. Nothing at all."

"So? We're practically in the middle of nowhere. You shouldn't hear anything."

"There were crickets chirping and animals running around a little bit ago but it all just stopped."

"Maybe they went to bed," Kurt offered though he knew that was unlikely.

"You don't believe that any more than I do."

"I don't. What do you think it—What the fuck is going on with your hands?"

Kyle felt it even as Kurt brought attention to them. Without looking at them, he knew they were changing. He put down his bottle then watched as they grew slightly thicker and longer. At the same time, his nails grew longer and began to darken and narrow into claws. He could feel his feet doing something similar and soon the pressure caused his shoes to break apart at the seams.

"Holy shit," Kurt said quietly as he watched his brother's transformation.

Out of fear but not knowing where to go or what to do, Kyle stood and looked down at his shifting body. His limbs began to lengthen and change shape while muscles swelled. It took little effort for his growing body to break through the jeans and tank top he wore. Dense hair sprouted over every bit of his skin and as his head elongated and his face shifted into stubby muzzle, the longer locks seemed to melt into and become part of the fur that covered his body. When his transformation finally stopped, he looked down at a body that was completely alien to him yet obviously his.

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