tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Book Ch. 01

The Book Ch. 01


Daniel walked home from the library, his backpack hung over his shoulder. He walked slowly and without purpose, it wasn't as if he had to be anywhere anytime soon. He had graduated high school several months before, had no job and no chance at getting into college and still living with his mother and father, so his days were mostly spent reading books and playing on the Internet.

He walked through the park on the way back to his house, passing groups of friends, all laughing and joking around, some throwing footballs and others trying to impress girls. He didn't have any friends in the city, only on the Internet. He found he didn't have a lot in common with most of the guys his own age, and the girls rarely wanted to talk to him. It wasn't that he was repulsive; it was just that when he got around a pretty girl, he got so nervous that he would end up making a complete ass out of himself and scaring the girl off. It was a lonely life, but he got by. He was naturally a loner and enjoyed his solitude.

The library was only a few blocks from where he lived, so it didn't take him long to get home. He stepped through the front door and saw his mother vacuuming the floor of the living room. She was wearing a loose top and tight fitting pants, moving back and forth around the furniture, not hearing him enter over the sound of the vacuum cleaner. At 38, she still had an incredible body, long brunette hair that went down her back, and although he couldn't see it due to the shirt she was wearing, she had a nice set of breasts, he assumed that they were at least high C's or at least low D's. She had a thin figure with a tight tummy, which was impressive as it was after having 2 children.

Aside from the large breasts and the firm tummy, her most amazing feature was definitely her ass. She had a large ass, but not large enough to be grotesque in some way, he did not like women whose asses were enormous. The most amazing thing was how firm it was. He had, not intentionally, mind you, brushed against her ass on several occasions when reaching for something in the kitchen or when both of them went through the hallway. He blamed his mother for his own affinity to women with nice behinds. He had once overheard them talking on his father's birthday, being drunk from the festivities, trying to talk her into anal sex. She had immediately and without discussion turned him down. He felt sorry for his father. It must be torture to be married to a woman with an ass as nice as hers and not be able to take full advantage of it, it was such a waste.

He walked passed her to the stairs, giving her a slight wave as he went and continued upstairs toward his room. He had more than once fantasized about his mother, it had started one day when he was younger and she was walking around in her bra and panties trying to find the right blouse for an interview for a job she didn't get anyway. It was the closest he had ever seen to a naked woman and that thought filled his mind whenever he masturbated for weeks. Later on, his fantasies of her stopped as he obtained access to the internet at a later age, having much younger women to be able to fantasize about. As the years went on, he still fantasized about her every now and then. His fantasies almost always involved him completely dominating her, and always involved that amazing ass.

He got to his room and sat down on his computer, the first thing he did every day, nearly all day and got lost for several hours in articles, discussion and several games, only taking a break to go downstairs and get some food. His parents were asleep by this time, and he walked back through the dark house to his room. He went to sit back down at his desk before he noticed the backpack by his bed. He had completely forgotten about the books he had picked up at the library. He rustled through his backpack before finally coming upon the one book he had felt truly interested in. It looked to be an extremely old book, with lettering that he was completely unfamiliar with. From the pictures inside it appeared to be some sort of occult book, and while he never would believe in any of the things that was in these books, it was fun to amuse him with worlds where sometimes the demons did exist.

He had found the book far in the back of the city library, and it had no stickers or tags that made it plain that it was property of the library, so rather than attempt to check it out, he simply placed it in his backpack before going to check out the other books he wanted. He was not a thief, but the fact that the book had no labels on it meant that it was not in the libraries inventory, and wouldn't be missed. On top of that, the opportunity to put the book in his personal library at home was too much to pass up.

None of the printed text was in English, but below most of the pages someone had written English translations for the pages in pen. He read through page after page, reading the descriptions on the pages that were translated and reading the descriptions. There were all kinds of things, not the normal type spells and such that you would find in your normal everyday book store occult fiction. Things like ways to make your familiar devote itself to you, make people forget things, and other strange pages. He came across a picture of a nearly naked demon, it looked mostly human, and had the translated title of succubus and a translation. The words were not in English, but the letters were and he decided to have fun and sound them out.

"Ishk Leiuh Nevra tklin hkruam"

He looked up and around his room, then laughed as he realized he had actually expected something to happen. He laughed and threw the book down on the bed, getting up and walking to his computer, as suddenly from nowhere a bright red flash appeared in the middle of the room and dissipated, leaving behind someone, or something in its place. The demon looked very close to the picture from the book. She had dark bat-like wings protruding from her back, as well as a prehensile tail coming from just above the crack of her amazing ass. She had long dark hair, very large and what appeared to be very firm breasts, as well as the body of a gymnast. Her eyes weren't quite right, they seems almost feline in a way, and her fingers ended in what looked more like a claw than a finger with the shape of her long nails. Nearly her entire body was exposed; wearing only what appeared to be some type of leather thong and a large leather strap (he couldn't really call it a bra) that covered part of her breasts.

He stood in the middle of the room, halfway between his bed and his computer chair, staring at the demon. Confused, elated, terrified and completely turned on. He looked her up and down, taking in every single detail of her absolutely incredible body.

She looked around the strange room, then directly at him, asking an obvious question, "By whom was I summoned, and for what purpose!?"

Daniel looked somewhat worried at her hostile tone, not knowing much about demons in any way, he assumed that she was extremely dangerous, "Erm... I did..."

The demon looked him up and down, taking a good measure of him, before replying, "And why was I summoned???"

She appeared to becoming more hostile with every word she spoke, he tried to speak as diplomatically as possible to save himself. "It was... it was kind of an accident..." he said, in what he would later pretend was a calm and cool voice.

"Accident!?!?" she yelled. How in the nine hells could this boy possibly accidentally summon her from the underworld, it was beyond unthinkable, it had been several generations since the humans had the kind of power to command demons by their will, and this boy happened to do it by accident!?

His parents were several rooms away, but at the level she was yelling at would not be hard to hear. He instructed her to be quiet, afraid of his parents waking up, until he realized he had just told a blood thirsty demon to be quiet. At this point he was almost sure of his own death, but as soon as the words had left his mouth, she immediately shut her mouth, not speaking another word, and not seeming very happy about it.

He looked at her oddly, why would she listen to a word he had to say? He quickly asked her where she came from, her answer, snide and full of loathing was "The Underworld, of course. I would assume that a mage such as you would know at least THAT"

Did she just call him a mage? He couldn't even get accepted to a decent college with the grades he had earned in high school, let alone something as advanced, and until 5 minutes ago as far as he was concerned, fictional as magic. His reply was confused and bewildered, "I... I am not a mage... I'm just a guy..."

"Then how is it you were able to summon me from my home?" She questioned. Surely he was just trying to play some silly joke on her. She never understood human humor. Demon humor usually ended with someone dead and everyone laughing.

He lifted up the book and showed it to her. "I read the words from this book and you happened to appear."

She took one look at that book and immediately growled in anger. "That damned book! I thought the humans had finally lost it. It has been centuries since one of us was called as a slave."

He looked at her oddly as she said this, "Slave?" he asked. She looked as if she immediately regretted saying anything at all about it, but did not seem to be very forward about giving any more information. "Tell me what you mean."

She immediately began to explain to him as soon as he had finished his sentence. "When you cast the summoning spell, it calls forth a Succubi to be your demonic slave... It is the last and only known incantation that has the power over daemonkind... We had thought the incantations were lost with the book that you seem to be holding in your hand"

"So you are my... slave?" he asked, getting a little giddy at the idea.

She did not want to answer the question, but as her new master she was required to follow every order he gave, so she gave him a simple reply,"...Yes".

He smiled and looked her up and down once more, ideas running through his mind. "What do you have to do as my slave?" he asked her, extremely interested in what her reply would be.

"... Whatever you order me to do." She replied. She knew where this was going. Humans only ever wanted 2 things, to mate with her or have her kill someone for their personal gain.

"... No restrictions?" he questioned. She shook her head to indicate no. His head was swimming with tons of ideas on how he could take advantage of this scenario. "How long are you my slave?"

She looked at him, clearly unhappy with the question, seeming more and more every second like this human was not going to allow her to leave his service. "Either until you release me from your service or until you die."

His mind was reeling with the possibilities that this presented. A creature literally born to be the desire of men was his personal play toy for the rest of his life. He decided he was going to take full advantage of this, but first he needed to test the waters and find out if she was telling the truth. "... Hop on one leg."

She lifted her left leg and hopped up and down, her large breasts bouncing as she did this. "Okay, stop... Good, now..." He was nervous and sweating profusely at this point, while he was a connoisseur of naked women based on his porn collection, he had never actually been in the same room as a naked woman, especially one that looked like this. "... Reveal your breasts" She looked at him for a moment, but was unable to deny any of his orders and reached behind herself, untying the cloth she used to cover herself and letting it fall, revealing her breasts.

They were absolutely perfect to him, completely firm, no sagging whatsoever, small pink areolas with pointy nipples in the center. Staring at her perfect breasts had made him forget every other worry or care he had and made his arousal do all of his thinking for him. "From now on, when I give you a command, you will respond yes master, is that understood?"

She nodded and replied with "Yes, Master". Anger filling her eyes and her voice, staring into his soul with pure hatred.

"Let me see your pussy." He ordered.

She responded with a simple "Yes, Master" and removed her leather thong, now standing completely naked in front of him.

His mind was completely lost in the moment. "Get over here and suck my cock."

She rolled her eyes and responded with "Yes, Master". She walked over to him, getting on her knees as he unbuttoned his pants, pulling his raging erection out of his pants. She leaned forward and immediately put his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head with the skill of a master, her long prehensile tongue wrapping around his cock as she took his entire cock down her throat without even the tiniest indication of a gag reflex. He never had a chance from the start, his first sexual experience being from a woman who had several hundred years with which to perfect her art, he came within 2 minutes, grabbing the back of her head and holding it tightly against his groin, pushing his cock deep down her throat and firing jet after jet of his human seed directly into her throat, not giving her the option of swallowing or not. He came for what felt like hours, release what felt like gallons of his sperm into her throat. After he finished reeling from his orgasm, he let go of her head and let her pull away from his cock, a single strand of her saliva staying attached, spanning from her mouth to his cock as she began to gasp for air.

He realized only then that he had been blocking her airway with his cock, and she had never once even attempted to pull away, rather letting herself be suffocated rather than disobey her master's will.

"So... What do you usually do after this?" he asked her.

She continued breathing heavily and replied, "It depends on the situation."

He looked at her quizzically, "How so?" He questioned.

"Well, If I were simply using you for your life force to get me by, I would simply do some form of sexual act, such as pleasuring you with my mouth as I just did, or mate with you and slowly absorb your life force little by little, until you were exhausted to the point of collapse, at which point I would wipe your memory of the events of the night and you would wake up tomorrow overly exhausted, unaware of what transpired before, I would continue to visit you and syphon of your life force little by little until you were no longer a good source of life force, at which point I visit you one last time and devour your soul."

He followed her story closely, listening, until he came to a realization, "So wait, you can wipe people's memory? Make them forget things?" She nodded and replied "Yes, Master". He could see many good things coming from this. The ideas just starting in his mind...


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