tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Book Ch. 02

The Book Ch. 02


Daniel's head was reeling from everything that had transpired. He couldn't believe that this sex demon was his own personal slave. He didn't know exactly how this was going to pan out, but it was going to be fun, he could tell that for sure.

He looked at the demon, still on her knees after sucking him off, looking up at him. He saw in her eyes her disdain at being here and being made to do these things, but she had no other choice but to follow all of his orders. He looked down at her and told her to stand up; she lifted herself and stood naked in front of him.

He was still completely nervous. Going from being a virgin who had never even been in the same room with a woman to having his own personal sex slave didn't turn him into Casanova or some self-assured lady's man. He was still the awkward geek he was an hour ago, only now he had an outlet for all of his sexual desires.

He slowly reached both hands out toward her chest, wanting to feel her breasts. She looked at his hands coming toward her, and shuddered at the thought of this weak little human touching her body, but knew that she must allow him all things he desired.

His hands came into contact with her soft breasts. He was very surprised at how they felt, they were almost exactly how he imagined they would feel, but for some reason, he thought they might be different because she was a demon. The skin of her breasts was so soft, but very firm. He ran his hands over them, squeezing them and committing every detail to memory, as if they would be taken from him and he would never be allowed to touch them again. He touched her erect nipples, rubbing them between his fingers with utter lack of experience, playing with them as if her were a radio operator. He was curious if they were always erect, or if she was actually excited. He was going to assume that it was not excitement, based on the glares she was giving him while touching her.

He pulled his hands away from her and looked her in the eyes. He was reminded of a story, not exactly like this one, but somewhat similar, and wanted to take the proper precautions. "I order that you never make any attempt to steal my life force, devour my soul, or to kill me, or to have me killed, in any way. Nor can you use any of your powers on me to wipe my memory, Do you understand?"

She could not believe this! Fury was boiling throughout her entire body, she fought with all of her control, wanting to rush at this man and tear his weak little body to pieces for having the presumption to tell her what to do, but she knew there was no possible way she could ever do that... Not now, at any rate...

She replied, finally, through gritted teeth, trying her hardest to resist answering, but knowing it was futile, "Yes... Master..."

What was she supposed to do now? It had been nearly two centuries since a human had attempted to enslave her, but none of them were ever smart enough to order her to do them no harm. They always just assumed that being their slave meant she couldn't harm them. Every time they were dead within a week, and she was able to happily go back to the underworld with a full belly. The restrictions of the enchantment would really be enforced, she would have to be his loyal slave until he died, which couldn't be by her hand now.

He looked at her eyes as he told her this and realized that he had made an extremely wise decision. The anger that was burning in her eyes made it obvious that he had thwarted some type of plan of hers. He was safe, for now, at least.

As he stood there, with her standing naked in front of him, it did not take very long for him to regain a full erection once again. He smiled at the luck he was having and took her by the hand and walked over to the bed, stripping the rest of his clothing off as he walked. Once they got to the bed, he gently took her and laid her down on her back, her wings taking up a large portion of the bed. He got on top of her and looked at her fully naked body laying beneath him. He reached out and lightly touched her pussy, running his fingers over it and through the dark tuft of pubic hair that was there.

She looked up at him and sneered silently to herself. It was very obvious that he had no idea what he was doing, and from his excitement at looking at her body and touching it she knew that he had never even seen a naked woman before. He reached down and took hold of his cock, attempting to push it into her pussy, but lack of experience and an abundance of excitement caused him to miss several times.

She wanted to laugh out loud at his fumbling, that was until finally he entered her. An extreme rush ran through her body as she unconsciously moaned loudly. She may have felt nothing but contempt and hatred for the boy, but she was born for one thing, and that was to have sex. Sex was the central point of all aspects of her life.

Succubi feed through sex, as well as procreate with potentials mates, of course. The point at which a succubus steals their victim's life force is during the moment of bliss when they attain orgasm, so whether or not she was trying to feed on her victim, or trying to get pregnant from a potential mate, her entire life focus during that time was to get her partner to ejaculate. Even though she was bound by the enchantments of the incantation he had cast to follow all his orders, and not feed on him, she was not concerned. Her instincts had kicked in, the only thing in the world she wanted was to get him to cum. Personal feelings were never taken into account.

He started thrusting in and out of her, the feeling was much better than any fantasy he had ever dreamed up. He had no idea if other women were as tight as this demon was, but all he could think about was how her pussy completely enveloped and hugged his cock tightly.

He was completely astonished when, between her moaning, she reached up and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him down on top of her, her breasts pushing into his chest. She began to rock her hips in rhythm with his thrusts, trying to get his cock pushed deeper inside of her every time he thrust in. He lifted his head and groaned loudly, astonished by the amazing feeling of her warm, wet pussy.

He reached under her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her body tightly against his own as she held onto him, moaning and yelping happily with every thrust. He lasted significantly longer than he ever thought his first time would last, but only because of the blowjob he had received earlier. He thrust in and out of her pussy for 15 minutes straight. Through the haze going through his mind he thought briefly that he should pull out, as he wasn't wearing a condom, but quickly realized it didn't matter, she was his slave and he could do as he pleased with her.

His pace quickened, thrusting very hard into her pussy, causing her to moan louder in sync with his loud grunts and groans as he began to cum. He felt himself shoot once into her pussy, then again, and a third time, shooting ropes into her as he filled her tight pussy up with his seed. She yelped loudly as she felt him cum, gripping him tightly as her loud voice moaned incoherent words into the air. Her mission accomplished, her entire life goal of getting him to cum had happened. She still gripped him tightly as he continued to shoot his human semen into her body, shaking all over from the intense orgasm she had achieved from finally getting her partner to reach his climax.

She let go and fell back onto the bed, breathing heavily as he still held onto her body tightly. He could not believe the feeling of that amazing experience. It was the most amazing feeling he had ever felt. He pulled himself out of her now cum filled pussy, rolling over and laying on the bed next to her, trying his hardest to catch his breath.

He had fantasized about sex almost constantly since puberty, he had a larger porn collection on his desktop PC than anyone he knew, but there was no way in his life he would have ever hoped it feel even half as amazing as it just had. He wanted to do so much more, but there was no way that he could perform again anytime soon after cumming twice in succession. He looked over at her body, glistening with sweat from head to toe.

He didn't know why she had become so active during sex, she seemed like she was very invested in pleasing him, even though he had given her no orders to. Perhaps she was starting to warm up to him, or maybe she just knew exactly what to do to get him off quickly. Either way, he wasn't going to complain about the amazing gift he had received.

She lay there on the bed, panting for breath. Her new master was contemptible and lacked even basic experience in the bed, but the restrictions he had given her about feeding on him had resulted in the most intense orgasm of her entire life. Somehow mating with this human had been very unfulfilling, but so incredibly amazing at the same time. She felt somewhat empty afterwards, she was unused to bedding a human without stealing his life force afterwards, but without having to concentrate on her feeding, she was able to keep all her attention on the incredible feelings that were pulsing all throughout her body during the experience.

He sat up on one elbow and looked over at her, taking in her glorious body once more before speaking. "What is your name?"

She looked at him, somewhat confused. None of the other men who had tried to enslave her had ever cared to ask her name, they merely referred to her either as "demon" or "slave" or "get over here", so why would he care? Either way, she hadn't the ability to refuse him his answer, so she replied, "My true name would be very difficult, if not impossible for you to pronounce. Over the last 300 years I've come to be known by your people as Lylan."

"Lylan?" he mused. It was an interesting name, he would have to do some research on it, to see if there were any records on her later. "So how old are you?"

"I am 328 years old by your standard." She answered. He seemed very interested in her; it was very odd position for her to be in.

"Will you stay here all the time, or will you go home?" he asked her. He was curious how he would be able to hide a fully nude woman with horns and large bat-like wings in his bedroom.

"You can send me away at your disposal, and call me back to you at any time by simply calling the name that I have given you. I will return to you no matter where you are at the time. She answered.

He yawned and stretched, getting very tired from all the strenuous activity. He looked at her naked body one more time. "Very well, then go ahead and go home for now, I will summon you again tomorrow..."

She was very surprised, none of the humans who had previously been her masters had ever let her leave, they wanted her on a tight leash to do things for them as they pleased. She got up and stood at the side of his bed, looking down at him to see whether or not he was going to take it back, but he didn't. He just looked up at her and inspected her naked body once more before his eyes closed, unable to stay awake any longer. She transported herself back to the Underworld and decided she would try and enjoy being back home as much as she could before she was called back.

The next morning he woke slowly, his hand reaching down as he began to stroke himself, thoughts of the night before going through his head, until suddenly his eyes opened wide, realizing that he didn't need to do this anymore, he could have the demon pleasure him instead. He smiled at the thought and decided to get cleaned and eat something before having his bout of fun for the day. He showered rather quickly with thoughts of the night before going through his head. He walked downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed something to snack on from the refrigerator. As he turned to walk back to his room, his mother came down the stairs, wearing light green t-shirt that showed off her breasts much better than the shirt she was wearing yesterday, as well as a pair of tight jeans that showed off her ass beautifully. She said hello to him as she passed him going to the kitchen. He replied back and stared at her ass as she left, he smiled to himself as an idea began to spring into his mind and hurried back up to his room.

He knew what he wanted, and that was his mother's ass. He called the succubus by name, and several seconds later she appears in his room, once again wearing thin cloth garments. He explained his plan to her in detail and made sure she understood her part in it all. She nodded and told him she understood.

There was just one thing she was curious about though. "Master, if you wish to mate with your her, why don't you just overpower her and have your way with her?"

He looked confused at the question. "Well... because she's my mother... it's taboo... it's very frowned upon and illegal, especially if I forced myself on her."

She sighed, clearly exasperated at his explanation. "You humans make no sense to me... What does it matter if someone is related to you? As soon as I was old enough to grow horns, my father grabbed me by them and forced his cock in my mouth. That is how I learned to pleasure men so well. After I left adolescence, probably around 30 or 40 years old, my father took me and made me his sexual toy. I was his plaything for around a decade before I felt that I was ready to venture into the human world and use my knowledge on humans."

That story sounded so incredibly hot to him. He nodded the entire way through. "And what about your father, How long did that last?" he asked, trying to get more details on the encounter.

"It probably lasted another 5 years after I left for the human world, I was growing stronger and stronger every time I fed on a humans soul, and he was spending all his time trying to bed me, so before too long I had become much more powerful than he had, so I killed him and went on my way." She said, very matter of fact, like it was obvious that she would have done it.

He looked a bit shocked at this, and decided he did not want any more details. Besides, he had much more important things on his mind. After lusting after her for so many years, he was finally going to get his mothers ass...


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