The Book of David Ch. 14


"Come on. Don't tell me you weren't thinking this 'date' might end up in the bedroom."

"Well... I might have thought... I mean-"

"David," she interrupted. "This is me. And this is you. Fucking is what we do best." She leaned her torso forward, causing the neckline to droop and give me a wonderful view of her fabulous cleavage.

This couldn't be that simple. Could it? "And then what?" I asked, my mouth suddenly dry.

"And then we get back together."

"That easy? You think I'm that easy?"

"Yes," Amber giggled. "We're soulmates David. We belong together."

"Do we? It's been three years Amber. People change. I've changed. What if the people we are today aren't compatible anymore?"

"Climb into this bed and we'll find out," she husked saucily.

"I'm serious!"

"I am too." She was rubbing her own cheek and grinding her thighs together. "David... please. I need you. I haven't had sex in a year and I NEED you."

She beckoned me to her and I walked closer to the bed. "What if we don't work out?" I asked.

"We will. I know it. Do you think I would have picked up my entire life and career and come back here if I didn't know we belonged together?" She had a conviction in her voice.

"Did you have a plan? Did you really think you could just show up and win me back?"

"Well, I had some confidence in my skills at persuasion," Amber turned and let the strap of her tank top slide off her shoulder as she batted her eyelashes at me, then reached a hand out towards me. "Come on David, turn off your brain and come to bed."

I let her take my hand and pull me beside her. Amber was a beautiful siren and I wondered if she was drawing me in to my doom. My body screamed at me to join her. But still my head held me back.

Love is supposed to be fun. Love is supposed to be easy. And if you find that you're working too hard to try and force it to happen, then it probably shouldn't be happening. For whatever reason, I still wasn't comfortable. And that was all that mattered.

"Amber, we can't go back to the way we were." I took her hands and pulled them off my body, leaning away.

"We broke up. That life is over. We can't go back. I'm sorry."

With that, I slid off the bed and walked to the door.

"David!" Amber pleaded, tears already forming in her eyes.

I stopped and turned. We looked at each other for a very long minute, not saying anything but communicating all the heartache in our eyes.

At last, she whispered. "I love you."

My voice cracked as I answered, "I love you, too."

And then I left.


"So did you fuck her?"

"No." I clomped through the room and sat heavily on the couch.

"Dude! Why-"

"Kevin. Shut the FUCK up and throw me a beer."

"Okay, okay dude. Don't blow a gasket."

Jen came out of the bedroom, hearing the ruckus. "David? It's early. Weren't you going over to Amber's place?"

Kevin handed me the beer and then warned his fiancée, "He didn't fuck her."

Jen pursed her lips and sat down beside me. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," I growled.

"Okay. How about a movie?"

"Sure." I sulked and chugged the rest of my beer. I waggled the empty bottle at Kevin. "Another one."


I awoke in the darkness and bolted upright. Where the hell was I? This wasn't my bed. This wasn't Cherys and Danielle's bed. And FUCK my head hurt...

Pinching my temples, I realized I'd been sleeping on a couch, fully dressed, with a blanket now slipping off my legs. Wincing at the throbbing pain in my head, I turned left and right, scanning the room before I realized I was still at Kevin and Jen's place.

After a brief search, I found the clock and saw that it was just a little before 5 AM. Gingerly, I sat up, rubbing my head and yawning.

Perhaps five minutes later, I managed to stand. And then grabbing my keys off the coffee table, I let myself out and headed to my car.

Ten minutes after that, I walked into my bedroom, stripped off my shirt, and collapsed into my bed. If I never woke up again it would be too soon.


SUMMER (July 2006)

"Oh, David! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck!!!"

Cherys trembled and came, washing my prick in a flow of honey while her inner muscles celebrated happily. I only thrust a few more times before emptying myself in her, splashing her already saturated pussy with several volleys of hot jism from behind.

We were laying on our sides, spooned together. One of my hands was on her swollen tit, now massively round. One of her hands was on her belly, subconsciously protective. And as we panted in post-coital aftermath, Cherys started giggling.

"I want to be pregnant forever. I can't believe how sensitive I am! I must have cum five or six times in that one!"

But while she was giggling, I started sniffling and then pinched my eyebrows together as I buried my forehead into her back and tried to quench my sobbing.

"Oh, David. Not again..." Cherys started to turn, with some effort. She was carrying around a few dozen extra pounds after all. Eventually, she managed to flip around so that she was lying on her side, face-to-face with me.

"You know. It's such a killjoy when you start crying after amazing sex." She rubbed my cheek and pulled my head to her cleavage, always a happy place for me to be.

I shuddered and managed to stop the whimpering. Then taking several long breaths, I got myself under control while Cherys stroked my hair and rubbed her tits into my face.

"Are you thinking about her again?" Cherys asked sweetly.

I sniffled and nodded, inadvertently rubbing my nose along her right breast.

She sighed and said, "Why don't you just go over there and tell her you want to get back together. You KNOW she wants you back. And *I* know she wants you back. Did I tell you we ran into each other last week?"

I peeked my head up to look at Cherys. "I can't. She's... she's Amber. She's not just another pretty girl. She's a girl I have history with."

"You have history with E-Beth. That never bothered you before."

"E-Beth never hurt me like this. I just... I can't. She's Amber."

Cherys sighed again and went back to stroking my head.


I was slightly zoned out, staring off into nothingness for minutes at a time. Fortunately, flipping burgers isn't rocket science and my lapses in attention had no major adverse effects.

"Dude? Where are the fireworks?"

I rolled my eyes. "They're illegal, Kevin."


"Kev," Jen sighed. "Grow up."

"All I'm saying is that it's not a Fourth of July barbecue without fireworks."

Jen snorted. "This from the guy who set himself on fire when he was fifteen."

Kevin chuckled, I zoned out, and Jen smacked me on the shoulder. "Come on! Not even a smile?" Jen whined. "Really, David, even for you, this is pretty depressed."

"I'm fine."

Danielle walked by. "Well, you don't look fine. And you'd better pick up your attitude. The guests are starting to arrive."

I looked around. Sure enough, various acquaintances were starting to come out to the backyard, drinks in hand. Several coworkers from Danielle and Cherys' respective workplaces, Dan and Marshall from my Engineering firm, and a few old college friends were also coming in. All in all, we expected 20-25 people to barbecue with us and hang out.

Cherys was cruising by, cell phone in hand. Kevin waved, "Dude, don't you know cell phone radiation is bad for the baby?" I think he was starting to get buzzed already.

Cherys smirked and waved him off. Then she clapped the phone shut. "Kevin, can you take over the barbecue? David, I've got a little surprise for you inside the house." Her voice dropped to a husk and she winked at me.

For a second, my jaw dropped. I knew Cherys' hormones were out of control now that she was in the last couple of months before giving birth, but a quickie while all these guests were around?

Cherys caught my look and started laughing. "No, not that. A real surprise. Come on."

I followed her into the house and over by the front door. Then without another word, she spun and stopped.

I looked at her kind of funny for a few seconds of awkward silence before finally asking, "What?"

Just then, the doorbell rang, and a wide smile spread across Cherys' face. She indicated with her head and tentatively, I went to open the door.

There were two young women outside, and as soon as I came into view, E-Beth squealed and jumped at me. "David!"

"E-Beth!" I laughed happily and wrapped my arms around her, wrapping us together in a hug as we spun around. Like always, seeing my dear friend after so much time apart did wonders for lifting my spirits.

She laughed with me until I finally set her down. "Surprise!"

"What are you doing here?"

She punched my chest. "Visiting YOU, dork!"

I looked back and forth between her and Cherys. "Are you going to do this to me EVERY time?" I asked E-Beth. "Just once, I'd like you to call ME to tell me you're coming instead of calling Danielle or Cherys."

"Nah. It's more fun this way."

It was then that I noticed the other girl fidgeting slightly behind E-Beth. When my gaze went over, E-Beth giggled and said, "Oops. I'm sorry. David, Cherys, this is my friend Alicia. Alicia... David and Cherys. I'm sure Danielle's running around somewhere making sure the party is going smoothly."

Alicia was a tall redhead, and as my eyes quickly dropped down her body I was amazed I hadn't paid closer attention before. She was built like a Barbie doll and had good cheekbones, although I thought her makeup was a tad too severe. I couldn't see the rest of her face as she still wore big, black Chanel sunglasses and her red hair hung short and straight to frame her face. Beyond that, her outfit was suitably skimpy for the warm weather, and I felt a stirring in my cock just looking at her and the creamy naked skin being revealed before me.

She stepped forward and held a hand stiffly to me in greeting. I shook it and she said, "Pleased to meet you," in a slightly scratchy voice that was somehow familiar.

I held her hand for just a second longer, staring at the cheekbones. "Have we met before?"

Alicia cocked her head to the side, I assume studying my features since I couldn't see her eyes. "Perhaps," she said. Her chin dipped just a bit as she evaluated me up and down, and I noticed her hip drifting slightly to the side as she shifted her balance, causing her pose to become rather sexier as she also put one hand on a hip.

I smiled. Getting attention from a beautiful girl was always nice, but I had a party to help run. I turned my attention back to E-Beth. "So, are you ladies hungry?"

"Sure! As long as YOU weren't the cook."

"Hey!" I protested as we all headed back out to the backyard.


After retrieving our calorie-laden meals, I spent some time relaxing with E-Beth and Alicia. We found a few patio chairs and wound up sitting in a semi-circle with me in the middle. In the beginning, I sort of ignored Alicia in favor of catching up with E-Beth, finding out all the little things going on in her life since last we saw each other.

But E-Beth kept Alicia involved, constantly side-stepping my conversation to include her friend. For her part, Alicia kept leaning towards me in her chair, more than once putting her weight onto the armrest, which caused her to lean over and show some very nice cleavage to me.

I smelled a setup, and did my best not to openly gawk at Alicia's hot body. Every time I looked over, my eyes were drawn to her well-rounded chest and I would quickly orient my conversation towards E-Beth. I'm certain Alicia noticed where I kept glancing, but she made no mention of it and instead just leaned over further give me a better look.

A few minutes later, the setup was made obvious when E-Beth excused herself to get another drink, even though her glass was still half-full. That left me alone with nothing to do but talk to Alicia, and for the first time, I stopped to really look at her.

I'd already felt a very, very strong physical attraction to her. I couldn't really explain it, but in a way, she embodied everything I loved in a woman's body. Her legs were long and lithe, flexing nicely as she sat with one leg crossed over the other. Her skirt, already short to begin with, had hiked up further while she was sitting and showed a long expanse of firm, creamy thigh. With a nice tight waist, her belly was toned and led up to a perfect pair of tits, high, round, and somewhat out of proportion for her otherwise model's figure.

I already had a tent in my shorts that I was trying to hide with my plate, and somewhere in the back of my head I already decided that if this girl was really coming on to me, I wasn't going to push her out of my bed.

We continued our conversation, exchanging flirty remarks left and right. Her speech was a little stilted, almost as if English wasn't her first language. But I detected no accent. On the whole, the little hesitations in her speech were actually a little endearing.

My gaze went along her graceful neck, and perhaps for the first time I let myself linger on her very pretty face. Wonderful bone structure, pleasantly puckered lips without being too big, and a dainty nose. She looked so beautiful, and so familiar. I knew I had seen this face somewhere before.

And then it hit me. I stopped mid-sentence. My back stiffened, my breathing quickened, and my eyes went wide. I reached up and took off my shades, trying to get a better look. And in a shaky voice, I stated, "Take off your sunglasses."

Her breath caught in her throat, and then in an all-too-familiar voice she asked, "Why?"


She sighed, looking down and reaching up with both hands to grab each side of the frame. And when she pulled the black Chanel plastic out of the way, she blinked against the sunlight and her pretty face was revealed to me, even more beautiful than I had thought. The girl before me had sparklingly eyes made more alluring by heavy eyeshadow, clearly green in color.

And yet, despite the red hair and green eyes, I felt who she was deep in my gut. And so I asked, "Amber, why?"

"I'm sorry. I don't know who you're talking about. My name is Alicia."

I gave her The Look. She returned my gaze oddly, as if I was crazy. Her mouth twisted in confusion. I kept glaring at her and from the way she held my gaze, I was actually starting to think that I was going crazy, that I was projecting Amber onto another pretty girl who looked similar to her. After all, I'd only seen her twice since her return, and I'd been projecting Amber's face onto a lot of women for three years.

But no. It was her. I knew it was her. The body, the height, the nose, the cheekbones, the whole picture coalesced for me. She'd cut and dyed her hair, maybe even put in color contacts, but it WAS Amber before me, I was sure of it.

And so with a totally relaxed demeanor, I leaned in and said, "Well then, Alicia, would you like me to give you a tour of the house?"

She leaned forward, nodding agreeably.

"Good. Because I'd love to throw you onto my bed and shove my cock up your ass."

If she really wasn't Amber, if she really was a girl I'd never met before named Alicia, then a comment like the one I'd just made should have earned me a wicked slap to the face. No matter how much a girl is flirting with you, no matter how much interest she might actually have, being lewd and crude like that this early would always be a sure ticket to getting shut down.

But no such slap came. Instead, she smiled saucily and asked, "With lube or do you want to go in dry?"

It was Amber. I knew it.

But hey, if she wanted to play this game. "Come on in and find out."

I stood and proffered her my left arm. She looped hers through mine and together we waltzed into the house. We passed E-Beth on the way in and she gave us a delightful grin. Amber held onto me the whole way as I led her to my bedroom, not saying another word until I closed the door and we had some privacy.

Immediately, she spun me against the door and slammed my back into the wood, grabbing my head in her hands and shoving her tongue down my throat. I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through me, both from the kiss and from that deep place in my heart that always loved Amber.

But just like before, my conscience and my pain welled up as well. With a moan, I pushed her off me. "Amber, what the hell is going on?"

She grinned. "It's Alicia, remember?" she retorted in that deep 'well-duh' tone while rolling her eyes.

She kissed me for a second before pulling away. "Ohhh, I get it. Amber's the ex- girlfriend that Elizabeth told me about. She said I looked a lot like her. That's why we met. Elizabeth stopped me on the street and thought I was her." And then Alicia went back to shoving her tongue into my mouth while fiddling her hands at my zipper.

Could it be possible? Just like Danielle had a facial twin in Brianna, could there really be someone else out there who looked like a redheaded, green-eyed version of Amber?

No! It HAD to be Amber, right? There was no way I could mistake that. The jig was up. I knew who she really was. So why was she continuing to play this game? She couldn't ACTUALLY not be Amber, right?

While my mind was whirling in confusion, Alicia managed to strip me half-naked and settle to her knees. Then with a wet slurp, she sucked my hard erection into her mouth, moaning deliriously with joy as she began to bob on my cock.

I looked down at her, blue eyes staring back at me amidst a halo of red hair. It HAD to be Amber. "Why are you doing this?" I croaked.

"Mmm... I LOVE cock. Elizabeth dragged me along with her for this vacation and I haven't gotten laid in forever." She bent to lick me again from base to crown. "I thought this barbecue thing would be a waste of time. But she told me she had this friend David who was just INCREDIBLE in bed."

She sucked some more and then popped off long enough to say, "That would be you."

My brain couldn't keep up. Amber? Not Amber? So good with her tongue! Was E-Beth deliberately messing with my head by bringing her here? Pleasure! "Oh, FUCK," I groaned, and then after only a few minutes of her expert blowjob, I felt myself about to cum.

She deep-throated me once, massaging my entire shaft with her throat muscles, and that was it. She pulled back just in time to catch the first burst in her mouth, and then she was jacking me with both hands to extract every last squirt.

"Oh... oh, gawd..." I moaned pitifully as I kept firing away, emptying out all the tension inside me.

When I finished, she tilted her head back and gaped her mouth open wide, showing me the creamy pool she'd collected there. And then with her head skyward and her mouth still open, she swallowed it all in a single big gulp.

"Mmm... yummy..." She dabbed at her own lips with her fingers and popped them into her mouth to suck. "You have very tasty cum."

And with that, she stood up and sauntered over to my bed. From behind, seeing her straight red hair fan out, I started to believe this might actually be a girl named Alicia. With a pixie twirl, she spun and sat back on the mattress, spreading her legs wide and showing me the pale green thong she wore beneath her skirt. Then hopping her butt up, she reached down and began dragging it off, eventually pulling the thong past her feet and tossing it aside.

This time, when she spread her legs and sat back, I could see all the way to the red bush between her legs.

I gasped. I'd been expecting to see a neatly trimmed blonde landing strip the way Amber always kept herself, maybe even a completely shaved pussy to hide the natural blonde hair. I certainly was NOT expecting a full red beaver.

"Holy shit..." I exclaimed.

She smiled and said, "Now, I believe you said something about shoving your cock up my ass?"

I felt a new twitch in my dick and my breathing became much more shallow. I felt the blood running out of my head at the realization that yes, this really was a girl named Alicia. Everything about her screamed Amber to me, face, body, lips. But it wasn't. I'd had Amber on the brain for so long that I was seeing her in other women.

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