tagGay MaleThe Bottle and the Bi-Curious

The Bottle and the Bi-Curious


This story is a work of fantasy, though based largely on missed opportunities. It is categorized as Gay Male, but is mainly about exploring bisexuality in a MMF threesome, and includes heterosexual sex. This is my first time writing this kind of story, so I do apologize if it's not up to par. Still, I hope you enjoy my fantasy as much as I've enjoyed writing it. If you do, please leave a comment and don't forget to rate! All characters are over the age of 18.


Ethan looked down at the piece of paper lazily taped to his front door and assumed it would be another advertisement or pizza coupons. Instead, it was a notice, a warning that the RA would be coming around tomorrow for an inspection.

"Terrific," he muttered aloud, taking it down before turning to see that the same sheaf of paper was dangling from the other doors around him.

He'd been required to stay in an on-campus apartment since transferring to the college as a sophomore, but found the commute so convenient that he'd stayed to complete his junior year. The difference, unfortunately, was that the RA from last year, who was reasonably lenient, was no longer here, and her replacement was a real asshole. Ethan tried not to hold it against him, since the guy was only doing his job, but it was hard not to feel annoyed. There were quite a few bottles of beer and wine in the apartment, and neither he nor his roommate were legally old enough to drink them. It would certainly be found, and discarded, before the two of them were given a written reprimand.

Luckily, inspections had to be made known in advance, to accommodate for student schedules, which would give him time to prepare. Ethan turned the knob and stepped inside, assuming correctly that Ryan would be home since the door was unlocked. Ryan was waiting for his roommate in the kitchen, a bottle of Belgian White in his hand, half empty.

"I see you read the notice," Ethan said, tossing his keys on the counter and putting his bag aside.

"What notice?" Ryan asked, taking another sip.

Ethan handed over the piece of paper. When Ryan finished reading, he shrugged. "Nope, didn't see it. I was just drinking because, well, it's Friday?"

"Fair enough, but we still have a problem if Duncan comes in here and finds our stash."

Ryan took another sip and shrugged. "Shouldn't be too hard. There's only a couple bottles of beer left. You and I can take care of that."

"Great, but what about the wine?"

Ryan hadn't thought of that. "How many bottles do we have left?"

"I don't know, it's mostly yours. You fucking count it."

Sighing, Ryan moved to the fridge and opened the door. He paused only for a moment. "Looks like three bottles, but one is almost empty."

"Fuck, dude, how much do you need?" Ethan asked.

"Depends on the meal, you uncultured asshat." Ryan, who was English by birth, made a habit of mocking Ethan for being a typical American. Though he would often admit Ethan was certainly not the stereotype he'd expected when moving to a southern state.

"Yeah, well, you better figure out a meal that tastes good with all three, whatever they are, because we're gonna need to finish them tonight and get rid of the bottles by morning. And I assume you don't want to pour them out."

"You assume correctly," Ryan replied. There was no way he was going to waste a good Riesling, or the unopened Moscato. "And we don't have anywhere to hide them, not with Duncan on the case. I'll order a pizza. It's the only thing that really goes with everything."

"Is that true?" Ethan asked, skeptical.

"It is when you're a broke college student."

"No argument there." Ethan sighed, thinking of the task ahead. Wine wasn't his favorite, but he had to agree, there was no point wasting alcohol. Then it dawned on him there might be away to speed up the process.

"Maybe we should invite Gabriella over to help out?"

Ryan, who was well aware of the slight crush his roommate had on the slender athlete, rolled his eyes. "Trying to get into her panties?"

"Are you saying you wouldn't?"

Ryan laughed. "Thought never crossed my mind. But I do like having her over, and I'm sure she could use some company this weekend. Send her a text."

"Way ahead of you." Ethan unlocked his phone and scrolled to find her name, looking up only when Ryan handed him a fresh bottle of beer. "Cheers," he said, before finishing the task.

While Ethan worked on the company, Ryan worked on dinner, which took no more effort than opening an app on his own phone and selecting the pizza he wanted from a menu. By the time he finished ordering, Ethan's phone chimed in his hand.

"She said she's game to come help us out," Ethan said as he read the message. "Make sure we order enough pizza for three."

"Taken care of."

With the solution to their problem underway, the two smiled and chinked their bottles before taking a long swig. The night seemed promising enough already. The two made their way to the living room, which was sparsely decorated with their modest furniture. There was a sizable futon against the wall, and a TV that was just small enough to be embarrassing, but they rarely used it anyway. They only had a small collection of DVD's and they'd exhausted those long ago.

"What are we going to do for entertainment?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know. We'll think of something. We always do."

"True," Ryan replied, taking another sip. "How was class?"

Ethan laughed. "Do you really want to talk about school right now? It was boring, just like always."

"Sounds about right."

Ethan fidgeted in his seat. "Anything else we need to worry about Duncan discovering?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. You're not doing weed or anything are you?"

"What do you think?" Ryan asked, sarcastic and somewhat bitter. They'd never been keen on having drugs in the apartment, especially since it was still on campus and in jurisdiction of the notorious campus police.

"Just making sure."

The small talk continued for several minutes. Ethan inquired about Ryan's weekend plans, which were nonexistent, and Ryan asked about Ethan's interest in Gabriella, which were also allegedly nonexistent. Truthfully, while Ethan found Gabriella extremely attractive, he'd had no real interest in pursuing her. There were too many reasons why he wasn't her type, and vice versa, but Ryan wouldn't have believed him no matter what.

"Are all British gingers this obnoxious?" he finally asked, bringing up Ryan's red hair, which never failed to elicit a reaction.

"Just the sexy ones, and don't try to change the subject."

Before Ethan could reply, the doorbell rang. "Gabriella, or pizza?"

"Ten bucks says it's the pizza," Ryan answered.

"Deal." Ethan stood and crossed over to the door, opening it to find quite a surprise.

"It followed me home, daddy. Can I keep it?" Gabriella asked playfully, standing next to a boy dressed in a pizza uniform. They'd both arrived at the same time, and she was already holding the pie in her hands.

Gabriella brushed past Ethan while he fished out the money for the tip. He noted that she wore skinny jeans and a white top, both of which hugged her curves like a dream. He was suddenly self-conscious of his own appearance, and wished he'd changed into a cleaner shirt and done something to fix his messy brown hair. Too late for that now.

When he returned to the living room he found that Gabriella had already claimed the middle cushion on the futon and the pizza was open on the coffee table. They'd grabbed slices without waiting for him.

"I guess we both owe each other ten bucks," Ryan said between chews.

"Guess so," Ethan replied, taking a slice but not yet taking a seat. "You guys ready to break open those bottles?"

"Sooner we start, the better," said Gabriella.

"What kind do you want?"

"Just bring whatever's open."

"Same for me," said Ryan, implying that Ethan would be fixing a glass for all of them.

"Coming right up, master," Ethan said, sarcastically, but he returned to the kitchen all the same. When he came back, he was carrying two wine glasses and a nearly empty bottle, with the other two left in the fridge to chill. "This should take care of one, at least."

Ethan took his seat and passed around the drinks, keeping the bottle for himself while the others grabbed more pizza. Ryan eventually got up to put on a movie, but it was one they'd already seen a million times, and the interest was minimal at best. Mostly, the three friends continued to talk about their day, and what they had planned in the coming weeks. Ryan talked about his trip back home to the UK coming up in the summer, and Gabriella bristled with jealousy before regaling them with the latest happenings from tennis practice. Ethan listened with interest before informing her of his decision to study abroad in Russia next semester, if he could talk his advisor into it.

The chatter was pleasant and lively, but the pizza didn't last much longer than the first glass, and as Ethan took the last few sips from the bottle, it was clearly time to open another.

"I'm not gonna lie," Gabriella began as Ryan stood to refill their drinks with a fresh bottle. "This movie is so boring the tenth time you see it."

"You should try seeing it for the eleventh," Ethan joked, agreeing wholeheartedly that they needed a change. "Any suggestions of what else we could do?"

"Do you have a deck of cards? Could always play a drinking game."

Ryan shook his head as he returned. "We lost our cards somewhere. I could probably go get a pack if you want, though."

"Nah, don't bother, I'm sure we can think of something." But Gabriella made no further suggestions, leaving them all in silence for several seconds.

Ethan was lost in thought, his mind drifting from ways to keep the night going, to images of Gabriella in his bed. He wondered if Ryan would be having the same thoughts, but then again, he'd always known more about Ryan than his roommate understood.

Then, glancing down at the empty bottle on the table, he had an idea. "I know what we can do," he proclaimed, standing to his feet and grabbing the bottle before pushing the coffee table away from the couch.

"Care to enlighten us?" Ryan asked, watching as Ethan cleared an area in front of them on the floor.

In answer, Ethan took a knee and put the bottle in the center of the space, laying it on its side and giving it a quick spin. "You guys every played truth or dare?"

"You're joking, right?" asked Ryan, the look on his face skeptical. Gabriella, however, seemed intrigued.

"I haven't played truth or dare since I was in middle school," she replied. The curiosity in her voice was obvious. "You're not just trying to get me out of my clothes, are you?" She raised her brow, but she couldn't hide the smirk that followed.

"Only one way to find out," Ethan answered, his own lips teasing her with a grin as he took a seat on the floor and patted the space across from him.

If Gabriella had any reservations about what might happen, she didn't express them. She took her seat, and they both glanced up at Ryan expectantly.

He seemed a bit nervous, swirling the wine in his glass as though trying to think of a reason to bail. Neither of his friends tried to pressure him, knowing that in the end, he would think of nothing better for them to do. With a sigh, he finally took a seat on the floor and completed the triangle.

"Who goes first?" he asked, though Gabriella was already reaching for the empty wine bottle before he could finish the sentence.

"Ladies first, of course!" She didn't wait for argument, giving the bottle a firm twist and letting it spin between them. When it finally slowed and came to a stop, the neck was aimed closest to Ethan.

"Ethan," Gabriella began, her smile widening. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." Ethan knew it was the safest option to start with.

"Pussy," came the reply, but she continued regardless. "Have you ever smoked weed?"

Ethan didn't hesitate. "I haven't, actually."

"Really? You've never done it, not even a puff?" Gabriella asked, shock in her voice.

Ethan shrugged. "Never really cared to try it. I'm sure I will one day."

The look in the girl's eyes told him Gabriella wanted to continue this conversation, but there really wasn't much else to be said. Ethan reached for the bottle and gave it a spin before she could ask anything further, and when it came to a rest, Gabriella was its chosen victim. Ryan seemed content to stay on the sidelines for now.

"Truth," she said, before Ethan could ask.

"Pussy," came his immediate reply. "Have you ever been arrested?"

Gabriella laughed. "No, but I came really fucking close during my freshman year. I was at a party over at some apartment in Thornhill, and I was pretty fucked up. We'd been drinking a while when the cops came by. The guy I was with bailed on me and ran for it, and I was one of the few that didn't make it out. They checked my ID and saw I was under twenty-one, so they had me line up with a handful of other students."

"How'd you get out of it?" Ryan asked, suddenly interested.

"It pays to be cute," she replied, winking. "But honestly, I think there were just too many of us to deal with. They eventually let us off with warnings and we had to shut things down, but that was all. If it had just been me, they probably would have done more."

Ethan wasn't so sure, knowing how many parties the campus police probably had to deal with on a regular basis, but it was certainly more than he'd ever had to deal with. He'd somehow managed to escape even so much as a speeding ticket thus far.

"Here we go again," Gabriella said, spinning the bottle once more. The first spin came back to her, but her second attempt pointed squarely at Ryan. "Truth or dare?"

Ryan surprised all of them. "Dare."

"I guess we couldn't all be pussies," said Ethan while Gabriella thought of a suitable challenge.

"I dare you to fetch us another bottle," she finally said, raising her nearly empty glass. They could all use a top off.

"You're letting him off easy," Ethan said as Ryan jumped to his feet to complete his task.

Gabriella laughed. "He was brave enough to take a dare from me. I'll spare him, for now."

Ryan returned with a bottle and was busy with the cork. "Ethan, spin for me, will you?"

While his roommate worked the cheap corkscrew, Ethan flicked the bottle in his place. It landed between Ryan and Gabriella, but close enough to the latter that a second spin wouldn't be necessary.

"You know the drill by now," said Ryan, addressing the girl as he took her glass to refill.

"I'll take a dare, since you were kind enough." She didn't seem too concerned for her safety, but Ryan wasn't going to go easy on her just because she'd given him the same courtesy. He knew that kindness wouldn't last long.

"I dare you to drink all of this in ten seconds or less." He finished filling her glass and pushed it back in to her hand. She was shocked, but before she could protest, Ryan began to count backwards from ten. Ethan quickly caught on and joined in as they counted off the seconds.

With no time to argue, she brought the glass to her lips and began to chug as they counted off the number eight. The wine wasn't particularly pleasant as it raced down her throat, but she was determined to meet the challenge, though they hadn't really agreed on what would happen should they fail. She didn't disappoint, bringing the empty glass away from her lips before they made it to two.

There was applause from the two young men, both impressed by Gabriella's performance. She smiled, but the applause turned to laughter when her smile was forced away by a belch. She made no apologies.

"Fuck you for that," she said, handing the glass back to Ryan. "That's the last time I let you off easy. Now, top that off again."

While he refilled her glass once more, Gabriella made her spin, which landed on Ryan.

"Truth," he said, barely glancing at the bottle.

"Are you a virgin?"

Gabriella noticed a movement from Ethan as she asked the question but paid it no mind. Ryan finished pouring the wine and looked up. "I guess that depends on your definition of virgin?"

The tennis player rolled her eyes. "Has your dick ever been inside a vagina?"

Ryan hesitated to answer, and a blush began to form in his cheeks. It made the ginger of his hair all the more evident. "In that case, yeah, I guess I'm a virgin."

Ethan made no comment, choosing instead to busy himself with his drink, but Gabriella was curious for more.

"You've really never had sex before? I mean, I'm not judging you for it or anything, I'm just a bit surprised. You're not a bad looking guy after all, and you've got an accent, which always a sure panty dropper."

Ryan's only reply was a polite shrug. When that didn't seem to satisfy her, he added, "I've just had other things on my mind this year besides girls, I guess."

Realizing she wasn't going to pry much more than that from her English friend, she shrugged and took another sip of wine. Ryan, glad to done with the conversation, gave the bottle a spin. Ethan was the next victim.

"Truth or dare, buddy," Ryan asked.


"Have you ever masturbated in our shower?"

Ethan laughed. "Only a few times, when you were in the room and I couldn't find privacy anywhere else. Hope you wear your shower shoes."

"I'll definitely be making sure I do that from now on," Ryan answered, shaking his head.

"Don't act like you've never done it," replied Ethan. Gabriella stayed quiet but looked curiously at Ryan for an answer.

"Nope, never have."

"Don't give me that bullshit!" Ethan countered. "I've walked by the bathroom and heard you moaning in there on more than one occasion."

The blush returned to Ryan's cheeks. "You could hear that?"

Ethan fell backwards with laughter while Gabriella looked on in amusement. When Ethan sat upright again, his smile was wider than ever. "I've never heard you moaning from the bathroom. You just managed to tell on yourself!"

Now Gabriella was the one laughing, and though the blush remained fiery in his cheeks, even Ryan joined in before long. He had to admit, he'd fallen for that trick way too easily.

"Okay, now that we all know who's next to clean the shower..." Ethan grabbed the bottle and spun. The tip pointed perfectly at Gabriella.

"Truth," said Gabriella. She wanted to choose a dare instead, but was wary of having to chase her drink with more alcohol. Despite her early hesitance to play this childhood game, she really was enjoying herself. She'd learned quite a lot about her two friends since the drinking and spinning began.

Ethan thought for a moment before landing on the perfect question. "Have you ever kissed another girl?"

"You mean like making out?" Gabriella asked, certain she knew the answer. Ethan nodded, and she smirked. "I have a couple times that I know of."

"That you know of?" Ryan asked, brow raised.

"Well, I was drunk on both of those occasions, so yeah. There's always the possibility I've done it more than twice but just can't remember."

"You might have a drinking problem," Ethan replied, jokingly.

"I know how to handle myself," came the retort. "I never blackout, and always have a driver. But I do like to party, and making out with one of my girlfriends is a pretty easy way to get guys to buy us free drinks."

"You pay for drinks at house parties?" Ryan asked.

Gabriella giggled. "I have a fake ID, silly. We've really got to get you out more. Take you out for a good time, and maybe even get you laid."

Ryan said nothing, but smiled at the thought. Gabriella took the bottle and made her move. Ethan was the next victim on her list.

"Fuck it, I'll take a dare."

"I dare you to make out with me."

Ethan choked on his drink, but the look in Gabriella's eyes told him she wasn't joking.

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