tagLoving WivesThe Bought Husband Ch. 03

The Bought Husband Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

It started out as a series of, what were at the time, seemingly unconnected events. I went out of my way to avoid Jumal and Gloria when the three of us were in the house together, but sometimes you just can't avoid loud. It was on one of those rare nights when I was in the den playing Hearts on the computer. The den is just off the dinning room and Jumal and Gloria were sitting at the dinning room table and I don't believe that they knew I was in the den.

They were arguing and their voices grew louder and louder as they continued to argue. I didn't get it all, but the gist of it was that Jumal expected to be her second husband once I was out of the picture. Gloria on the other hand, did not see it that way. Her point being that the reasons she couldn't marry him in the first place would still be there even after I was gone. I think she shocked me just as much as she shocked Jumal when she stated that it just would not be socially acceptable for her to marry him. Where it went from there I have no idea because Jumal got up and stormed out of the house and I wasn't around when they next talked about it.

The second event happened a month later when I came home during lunch for a romp with Sally. After doing what she called her Hat Trick, my cumming at least once in her three available orifices, she said, "Jack, I love fucking you. I get a delicious turn on knowing that a man who knows my husband is fucking me on a regular basis, but you do know that I'm doing it for the money, right?"

"I'm shocked Sally Ann. I thought it was my manly charm and my ability as a stud."

She laughed, "That too. My point is that I'm in this for the money, not the love or lust. I'm not a stupid bimbo Jack and I know that there is more going on with this weird marriage of yours than you want people to know. The "can't have sex for medical reasons" is just so much bullshit because I've seen your wife and that obnoxious nigger going at it. Whatever is going on, it is obvious that you and your wife don't want people to know about it. We need to discuss this Jack and we need to talk money."

The next event took place three weeks later. I received a call from Brian Moser asking me to have lunch with him. He got right to the point.

"For some time now I have suspected that your marriage to Gloria Stearns is a sham. I have always believed that she paid you to be her husband in name only so she could cheat the various charities and foundations out of the money that her father intended then to have. Now I have positive information that this is true. I know that you have been paid two point five million to take part in this sham."

I started to say something but he cut me off.

"Don't bother trying to deny it because I wouldn't believe you anyway. The point is that I have enough proof to go to into court and show that Gloria Stearns is trying to defraud the Clayton Foundation and several other worthy charities. The purpose of this meeting is to get you on board."

"I don't understand."

"Oh come come Jack, you aren't stupid. My informant wants five million to testify to the scheme in court and while I personally believe that what he has to say is sufficient for my foundation to win I don't like taking chances. If I have you on the stand telling the story it would be a slam-dunk. I'd rather give you the five million and have a sure thing than give it to my informant and have an uncertain outcome."

"Let me see if I have this straight Mr. Moser. You will pay me five million dollars to get up on the witness stand and testify that my marriage to Gloria is phony?"

"That's it in a nutshell Jack."

"Well I'm sorry Mr. Moser, but that would be lying under oath and I can't do that. Sorry." I got up and left him sitting there.

Three weeks later Gloria was served papers. She was being sued by six foundations and three charities.

"Oh shit! What do I do now?"

"You get a good lawyer and you fight them. You take advantage of the of the time it takes a case to get to court and you use that time to get yourself pregnant."

"Pregnant? Good God, are you crazy. Get pregnant at a time like this?"

"What better time? You have to have a child to meet the terms of your fathers will anyway so do it now."

"But I didn't plan on having the baby until we got closer to the five years."

"Things change Glory."

"No Jack, no. It is out of the question."

"Think about it Glory. You have a completely valid marriage certificate following a wedding performed by an ordained minister and witnessed by over two hundred people. What you don't have is any way to prove that the marriage was ever consummated. They will contend in court that it is a marriage in name only, that you and I conspired to defraud those charities by having a phony marriage. They will not believe either one of us when we say that we have a marriage that is complete in all aspects including sex. If you are pregnant you take that argument away from them. The only thing that they can claim then is that the child is not mine and a DNA test will shoot that argument down."

"What you have to do is sit down, plot out your cycle and figure out when you are at your most fertile time and then for a week before and a week after we will fuck like bunnies. Only one thing. Don't let Jumal know what we are doing because I don't trust him not to try and interfere. It will be an ego thing with him. Maybe what we need to do is have you leave on a business trip of some sort and a day or two later I can meet you."

"God Jack, I don't know. I'm not ready. I knew I was going to have to do it, but I thought that I had lots of time yet."

"Well, it is your money Glory, at least until the trial."

It was stupid of me, but hey, it happens to almost everyone sooner or later. I fell in love. What was bad was that it was with my wife; the wife who was going to say goodbye to me when the five years were up.

Gloria decided that I was right and that she needed to move up her timetable for having a baby. She also agreed with me that it would be wise not to let Jumal know. The reason I gave her (his ego) for keeping him in the dark wasn't my real reason, but Gloria didn't know that and what's more, I couldn't let her find out the real reason. Gloria told Jumal that she had to go to Denver for business and would be gone for five days. The next day she caught a flight for Palm Springs. I waited a day and then I left for a business trip to Atlanta where I caught a flight the Springs.

The next six days were spent lying beside a pool and taking the sun during the day and enjoying the Palm Springs nightlife at night. And of course there was the sex. We made love on the average of five times a day. I knew that the sex, as enjoyable as it was and as much as Gloria seemed to enjoy it, was for the sole purpose of having the baby she needed to meet the terms of her father's will. And I also knew that she felt guilty that she was doing it behind Jumal's back.

Still, even knowing all that, I found that she could be passionate, inventive, and at times insatiable. She never got tired of my eating her pussy and always wanted me to start out our lovemaking sessions by doing it. She went crazy when I ate her after cumming in her; something that I had been reluctant to do until she pointed out that the stuff I could get to wasn't going to go any farther into her anyway. She was smart, beautiful, and witty and by the end of our time alone with each other she owned me, body and soul.

Six days is all Gloria could arrange to be away from work and so our sexual meetings had to take place after we got back home. To keep Jumal in the dark as to what we were doing, even thought it tore Gloria up to do it, we fucked on either her desk or mine at work after everyone else had gone home and we did it every day right up to the day she told me that she was pregnant.

That news triggered the one thing that I knew would make her hate me forever. I remembered her telling me that by the end of the five years I might have grown to hate the very sight of her, but I had never suspected that it would be the other way round. What I did I did for her, but I could not tell her that or why I did it, at least not then. The night after she told me she was pregnant I walked into her office at quitting time with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I popped the cork and filled the two glasses and handed Gloria one of them.

"Here is a toast to the mother to be and to a healthy child."

We clicked glasses and then we sat there and sipped the bubbly until the bottle was empty and then I called for the limo and we left the office. By the time I helped her in the car the Special K had taken effect and Gloria was almost out of it.

"Here Glory, drink this, it will make you feel better" and I helped her drink the glass of water with the tab of Ecstasy in it. I told Mack, our chauffeur, to drop us at the downtown Hilton and then to take the rest of the night off. I got Gloria on the elevator and up to the seventh floor and when I knocked on the door it was opened by a tall good-looking black man. Dave and I had been frat brothers in college and I had arranged with him to do me this special favor.

For the next five hours I walked around taking pictures with a digital camera and shooting video as Dave and five of his friends fucked the living shit out of my wife. They used her every way that six men could use a woman and I got more than a dozen pictures of her with three men in her at one time. By the end of the second hour Gloria was begging and pleading with the men to fuck her and she was sucking cocks as fast as they went limp to get them back up again. At the end of the five hours the only man in the room that still had a hard cock was me. None of the other six could get it up again no matter how much Gloria begged, pleaded or worked with her hands and mouth to make it happen.

As Dave left he said, "I hope it works out for you bud. I know you told me why and I know you only expect it to happen the once, but if the lady has developed a taste for it, don't forget me."

Gloria was crying and whining as the six men left and she crawled across the floor to me and tried to pull my zipper down, but I pushed her away. I had the hard on of all hard ons and I wanted to make love - not fuck, but make love - to Gloria in the worst way, but I couldn't. I just couldn't do it because as stupid as it may have sounded, it wouldn't have been right. I pulled Gloria over to the bed and I lay down and pulled her close to me and held her tightly until she fell asleep.

I woke up in pain. As soon as I was awake I saw Gloria swinging a table lamp at me and from the way I felt she had already connected with it several times. I rolled away from her and got off the bed and when she followed me and swung again I caught her arms and wrestled the table lamp away from her. I didn't bother to ask her why she was doing what she was doing because I already knew and I knew that from her standpoint I deserved it. As I held her she kicked and screamed at me and one of her knees caught my nut sack and I fell back onto the bed. I had both hands covering the jewels and I was wincing in pain when she went over to her purse and got out something. She came back, climbed on the bed and sat on me.

"You rotten mother fucking bastard. It is there because of you you miserable cock sucker so you better get all of it out" and then she spun around into a sixty-nine position, grabbed my cock and I felt something cold against it. She sat down on my face and shoved her cum filled pussy right up against my mouth. "You better get every last drop out of me you bastard or I will saw your cock off" and I felt cold steel against my dick.

I fought off the nausea caused by the shot to my balls and went after Gloria's cunt like my life depended on my doing what she wanted which, of course, it did. I was so into saving my cock that I don't even know when it was that her hands let go of my dick and she started wailing and having orgasms, but I eventually became aware that I seemed to be out of danger. By then the guilt I had felt over doing to her what I had done took over and I considered that getting every drop of cum out of Gloria would be partial penance. I stayed after her pussy until she feel back on the bed exhausted from the strength of her orgasms.

I quickly got off the bed, dressed and got out of the room and went down to the lobby and caught a cab. I had it take me cross-town to another hotel where I checked in for a two-day stay and then I went to the room and fell asleep. It was a Saturday so I had two days before I had to go to work and face Gloria. Two days to plan on what to say to her without really saying anything to her at all. I couldn't tell her why I had done it; there just wasn't anyway I would be able to convince her of the truth - that I had done it for her - without telling her why it was for her benefit. She just couldn't know, at least not yet.

I was spared having to talk with Gloria on Monday. She didn't come to work and she didn't ask to speak to me when she called in. I figured that the best thing for me to do was stay in my hotel room for a couple of more days and that night, after work, I went back and registered for two more days. The next morning Gloria called me in her office.

"Where have you been?"

"Staying a hotel."

"That won't do. With the court case coming up now more than ever we must keep up appearances. I shudder to think of what the opposition would make of your staying in a hotel if they found out. I can't stand the sight of you, but I need you to be around me. We will try and act like the loving couple that we are supposed to be. When we are alone just stay out of my way and stay out of my sight."

Under the circumstances I didn't feel comfortable being in the house. With the exception of going home for lunch and letting Sally Ann fuck me silly I stayed away as much as I could. I took up activities that would keep me out of the house. I joined clubs, took up bowling and signed up to bowl in three leagues. I was gone so often the Gloria called me into her office and complained.

"You aren't living up to your end of the bargain Jack. I need you to be seen in public with me. It doesn't look right for me to show up at a charity dinner alone because you are off somewhere bowling or some such thing."

"Our deal didn't say anything about my not having a life until after our divorce Gloria"

"That isn't the point Jack. I need you with me so that there won't be any doubts raised."

"When we are in public I am loving and attentive and your swelling belly attests to the fact that we are a loving couple."

She stared at me for a minute and then she said, "What went wrong Jack? What poisoned you against me? What made you do that despicable thing that you did to me?"

"You'll know soon enough Gloria. You won't like it, but you will know."

I'd been expecting it so the shock on Gloria's face when Jumal got up on the witness stand and blew the whistle on Gloria's plan didn't surprise me.

"That bastard! He slept in my bed last night and he does this to me today? I thought he loved me."

"You never should have told him that you weren't going to marry him after you divorced me."

"What do you mean?"

"If you didn't marry him he couldn't get access to your money so he decided to settle for the five million that Moser offered him"

"What? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh grow up Gloria. The love of your life just sold you down the river. You think he did it because he saw it as his civic duty? He got paid Gloria, or he thinks he is getting paid. If Moser made Jumal the same deal he offered me Jumal is expecting five million dollars for his testimony, but I don't think he is smart enough to know that Moser is going to stiff him if the foundation doesn't win."

"What deal? What the hell is going on here Jack?"

"Just be patient Gloria, you'll see."

Gloria's lawyer got up to cross-examine Jumal. "Mr. Washington, are you being paid for your testimony here today?"

"No, of course not."

"You are telling me that you are not being paid five million dollars to sit on this stand and tell this story? Think very carefully before you answer Mr. Washington. You are under oath and there are severe penalties for perjury."

Jumal was starting to sweat. How could the lawyer know the exact amount? He looked over at the table where Moser and his lawyers were sitting.

"Come now Mr. Washington, no need to look over to that table for guidance, yes or no, are you being paid five million dollars for your testimony?"

There were a bunch of objections, but the judge told Jumal to answer the question so he did and being Jumal he lied, "No I am not."

Next came a bunch of people who testified about the will, it's provisions, what they believed the intentions of Gloria's father to be and things along those lines. We broke for lunch and as I ate mine Gloria fidgeted and poked at her salad.

"How can you eat at a time like this? I thought what you did to me was bad enough, but this, this is just unbelievable. That bastard sold me out. I'm toast."

"It ain't over until the fat lady sings Gloria."

"Oh bullshit Jack. My whole world is going to disappear and you just sit around saying don't worry, be happy."

"Okay, you win, life as you know it is over. Which, by the way is true, life as you knew it is over, but that doesn't mean that the life you will have left will be without your money."

"Just what the hell does that mean Jack?"

"It doesn't matter what we do to defuse Jumal's testimony, the fact still remains that he was your lover and he can tell enough that people will be able to check on things and verify some of it. You are a cheating wife. Your social circle will know that you had a nigger for a lover. You have been unfaithful to your husband and all of that is going to be public knowledge after this trial whether you win or lose. So yes Gloria, life as you knew it is over. Your real friends will rally around you and the ones that aren't worth a shit will avoid you like the plague. The best thing for you to do now is get your chin up, hold your head up high and get on with it."

Court reconvened and it was our turn. Our lawyer called witnesses who testified as being present at our wedding. The minister was called and verified that he was ordained and authorized to perform marriages in our state and that he had performed ours after being given a copy of a legitimate marriage license. The next witness called was me.

"Only a few questions for you Mr. Stanton. Is your marriage to Gloria Sterns a sham?"

"Absolutely not."

"You are not merely a husband in name only? You do in fact perform your husbandly duties?"

"Yes I do. You may notice that my wife is seven months pregnant."

"Yes I have noticed that and so I will ask you the question that the plaintiff's lawyer is sure to ask. Are you sure that the child that Mrs. Stanton is carrying is yours?"

"Easy enough to check in this day and age, what with DNA tests available, but yes, I am sure that the child is mine."

"One last question Mr. Stanton. Do you love your wife?"

"Yes I do."

Then it was Moser's lawyers turn. "Mr. Stanton, I'll be brief. You have testified that you love your wife. You can say that even though Mr. Washington has been on the stand and testified to having a long standing affair with her?"

"Yes I can."

"Frankly Mr. Stanton, you will have to forgive my saying that I don't believe you and if I don't believe you how can you expect the other members of this court to believe you?"

"Neither you or any other member of this court knows the reason for my wife's infidelity. Mr. Washington was blackmailing her and I expect that Mr. Moser and his foundation had a hand in it. I won't say that things are perfect between us right now, but I expect that we will work things out."

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