The Box 01


This series, titled "The Box", will reveal the hidden sexual stories of Hollywood's most Elite. Imagine your favorite star visiting an exclusive and secret location where there is only a giant White Room, called "The Box".

No one has ever described what it is like on the inside, because you are only allowed inside if you are blindfolded, but one thing for sure...

All of their deepest, darkest fantasies come to life.

Let us begin.

Eyes covered by a satin blindfold, her heels clicked against the floor as she stepped inside The Box.

The sound of her Louboutins seem to echo in the mystery room as the door softly shut behind her.

Her heart was racing from nervousness and excitement but Kylie managed to muster up the courage to speak.


Almost instantly, a hand grazed against her round, supple ass, sending a shiver down her spine. Before a gasp could even escape her mouth, another set of lips were against her own.

"Mmmm" She moaned softly, recognizing the softness as proof that it was another woman kissing her.

When their lips separated, the other woman's fingers found Kylie's rock hard nipples through her skin tight dress and playfully twirled her fingers on them.

Her pussy throbbed and ached as she became increasingly turned on by this erotic touch. An audible gasp escaped her

mouth and she began to say "Oh y-"

"Shut up, slut." The slightly older stranger said to her, in a calm yet demanding tone.

The other woman jerked the top of Kylie's dress down to reveal her large, supple tits.

Nipples hard, ripe, and begging for attentions. They were promptly sucked on individually before being twisted and squeezed between the other woman (let's call her "A") fingers.

"A" then reached behind Kylie and gripped both of her large ass cheeks in her hands And massaged them while pressing herself against her new celebrity toy.

"Say 'I'm a desperate little whore!'"

" I'm a d-desperate little whore" Kylie cooed.


"A" brought both of hands down onto the best ass she'd ever seen.

Without thinking twice, she pulled Kylie's tight dress up and revealed her glistening, bald pussy. She knelt down to her knees so that she could be directly in front of her hot cunt and admired the meal in front of her.

"Spread your legs, like the whore you are."

Immediately Kylie's legs parted and her sweet aroma filled A's nostrils, driving her wild. Just a little.

A's fingers parted Kylie's pussy lips and rubbed against her wet, swollen center.

"You won't have an ounce of dignity left once I'm through with you..."

Kylie was practically speaking in tongues when she felt three fingers enter her pussy and begin to pump in and out of her.

It seemed like no time was being wasted.

No foreplay. No conversation. Just pleasure.

"Beg me, Kylie Jenner. Beg me to fuck you like the skank you are!" Echoed A, as her pace quickened.

"P-please! Me...fuck...harder..."

She stuttered as her body trembled and shook from the ecstasy being given to her.

Suddenly, the motions stopped.

Kylie groaned.

"Follow me, baby..." At the given command, she was then guided by the fingers in her pussy to the other side of the room.

A removed her hand, now covered in warm, slippery juices and proceeded to slide three of her fingers into Kylie's mouth.

Shocked, yet aroused, Kylie moaned, sucking at her own love juices from a strangers fingers.

"You're so good at being a fuckslut. No wonder you're so popular..."

She quickly removed her fingers from Kylie's hungry mouth, then lightly slapped her face.

"Hands against the wall in front of you!"

The ,typically rebellious ,Kylie obediently placed her manicured hands on the wall as A positioned herself behind her.

She felt her ass cheeks spread, then a warm, wet tongue began to lap at her dripping pussy.

Her head was spinning.

She heard and felt spit being applied to her asshole.

A finger slid in.

She shamelessly moaned.

Her pussy was penetrated by a tongue.

Her ass by a finger.

Legs shaking.


She mumbled as she felt herself nearing the edge.

Suddenly all sensations stopped.

"Noooo!" Kylie cried in agony.


Her ass jiggled from the impact.

Without warning, her pussy was filled with a large, wide dildo.

"Yessss!" She hissed from the welcomed surprise.

"A" reached around to grab hold of her nipples as she fucked her then whispered into her ear.

"It's big and black. Just the way you like it...tell me how much you love black cock..."

Drool dripped from Kylie's lips, as if she was ravenous for this fucking session.

"I love black cock! I'm a cock slut!"

The paces increased. Her nipples ached from being tugged and twisted.

"I wish you could see how good your fat ass looks bouncing on this cock..." A playfully said.

"Choke me! Pull my hair! Treat me like a slut!" Kylie blurted out.

She was a slut. Her wish was granted.

One hand pulled her long dark locks, the other squeezed her throat.

Her pussy squelched with excitement.

"Cum for me, bitch!" Each thrust became deeper, tougher, and faster. Kylie's tits bounced wildly. Her eyes rolled back.

Her body damn near convulsed.

"I'm...cumming..." She whispered before letting out a long, loud moan.

Her legs lost their strength and she dropped to the floor.

"A" followed her, making sure she kept her dildo inside of her and proceeded to fuck her until Kylie was nothing more than a lifeless rag doll beneath her.

Kylie's Hair was roughly yanked back and warm breath was on her right ear.

"Thank you for visiting The Box."

Her head flopped to the floor as it was released and she listened to the sound of heels click against the floor and eventually fade away.


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Make the stories longer short stories suck and this was pretty good

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