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The Box


Well, here he is, in sin city sitting in a titty bar having a beer - pretty cool for a 23 year-old. This was his first trip away from Olathe -- other than to Kansas City and Las Vegas has lived up to its reputation. The lights and glamor of the strip were really impressive. He got a lot of information on new equipment at the farm machinery show so it was a good trip.

The people seemed OK too; he has been talking with the bartender who has been giving him a lot of interesting information of the history of Las Vegas such as the Spanish translation of the city name meaning the meadows.

Another thing he learned was that the strip was not a part of the city of Las Vegas but a township called Paradise. Apparently there was some kind of tax issue when it all came together.

While he was sitting there, this pretty brunette wearing jeans and cowboy boots walked up and sat down next to him.

She knew the bartender and asked him "How's it going Jerry, quiet night?"

As Charlie looked at her, his grandfather's words came to mind "don't trust people that show up wearing fancy shoes. You only want to be around folks that work for a livin."

Looking at her, her boots were clean but worn, like she actually worked in them, a good thing in his mind.

Jerry asked her "What'll you have?"

She replied "Oh, the usual." And put a $100 bill on the counter. When he set down her drink, which looked like orange juice, she pushed the bill toward him and said "keep it."

He said "thanks" and introduced Charlie to her. Her name was Barbara and she worked for one of the big casinos in town.

She was warm and easy to talk with and he learned that she grew up on a ranch just outside of Las Vegas in a town called Henderson.

Through their conversation he learned that they had similar values and upbringing, which made him even more comfortable with her.

After a bit, he excused himself and went to the men's room. When he came back he found that his beer had been "freshened" thanks to Barbara.

They talked for 15-20 minutes more until he began to feel sleepy, really sleepy; like he just wanted to curl up right there on the floor and go to sleep.

Barbara spoke to him, saying it looks like he may have had a little too much to drink.

She started to help him to his feet when Jerry reached alongside the register and handed her a leather folder saying "this is Charlie's; he asked me to hold it for him. It has all his flight and hotel information in it." She said thanks and that she would get him to his hotel.

With that she walked him outside to a big black limousine and helped him inside. They were driven to one of the casinos where he was helped into an elevator and went up to one of the top floors.

There, they helped him into a bedroom, stripped him and put him to bed.

He awoke the next morning in a king sized bed, stark naked. His mouth was dry but other than this, he felt OK. He got up, went to the bathroom and then got back into bed.

As he pulled the covers up, in walked Barbara, asking how he was feeling.

He said OK and she asked if he was hungry. Food! The moment she mentioned it, his stomach growled.

She grinned and said "how about some breakfast?" His response was "oh yes!"

She handed him a menu card and a pencil so he could mark what he wanted. He asked her "what happened to my clothes?"

She told him that they were in the laundry being washed and pressed. With that, she left the room.

Less than ten minutes later, a guy about his age came in with a serving cart holding his breakfast. Boy did it smell good! The guy, named Steve, helped him out of bed and to a small table where he served breakfast.

Charlie couldn't believe that breakfast came so fast. Steve told him it was from the penthouse restaurant upstairs.

He then asked "where am I?" and Steve said "in Diamond's private suite at the Diamond Casino." Charlie's thought was "wow" as he finished the last of the bacon.

Suddenly, in walked the tallest and most beautiful woman he had ever seen -- naked, except for her shoes and jewelry.

Steve said "Hi Vinny" as she walked up. In those high heels she must have been close to seven feet tall and her skin was like coffee with cream in it.

She was shaved "down there" and her breasts were full with puffy nipples that pointed up.

Charlie immediately got a hard-on, which she noticed and commented "very nice. Stand up and let's have a look at you."

He stood up with his raging hard-on standing straight out like a flagpole.

He said "Sorry ma'am, I couldn't help it, you are so beautiful."

She asked "have you ever seen a naked woman before now?"

He blushed and said "no ma'am."

Her response was "then I'm doubly flattered. It is nice to be your first" as she reached over and gave his cock a squeeze. He practically melted right there.

She told him to turn around so she could look at him.

Just then Barbara walked in.

Vinny smiled and said "very nice Barbara, good work!"

She then turned to Charlie and said "Please forgive me for not introducing myself sooner. I am Lavinia but you may call me Vinny. My hubby owns this casino and we have a proposition for you. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable."

She went on "We are throwing a party tonight and would like to hire you for about twelve hours at $100 an hour. You would be providing personal services for our guests. Does this interest you?

He thought "$100 an hour for 12 hours, that's over 2 week's wages!" and answered "is it anything illegal?"

Vinny said "no, not at all."

Then he said "OK, you've got me. I have a flight out tomorrow in the after noon, will it interfere with that?"

Vinny said "no, not a bit."

Vinny told him "because of Nevada labor law, we have to have a contract for your services that shows the rate and duration of the work you will be performing. Is that OK with you?"

"Sure." He replied.

With that, Steve handed him a piece of paper that had the terms of the agreement written on it, which he signed and dated. Vinny then signed it as well, telling him that she would have a copy for him later.

Vinny said "now, we don't have much time. Steve, get him showered, shaved and cleaned out. Oh, and take care of that too, pointing to Charlie's erection. We can't have him distracted."

Steve said "Come on; let's get you into a shower and taken care of."

The two of them got up and went into the bathroom.

The first thing Steve did was to get a packaged enema out of a cupboard. Handing it to Charlie, he told him to use it first and hold it as long as he could. 15 minutes later, Charlie had to let go and Steve had a rubber enema bag and hose ready for him. When the soapy water was in, Charlie held it as long as he could, let go and they went for a 3rd time.

When he was done cleaning himself out, Steve had him take a shower. When Charlie was finished washing, Steve got in with him with a razor and a can of shaving cream.

After Charlie shaved his face, Steve took over and shaved the rest of his body. Charlie was amazed at how sensitive his cock was without his hair. All it took was a faint breeze and he was instantly hard.

Next, they got out of the shower where Steve had Charlie sit on a bench and dry off. When they were dry, Steve got some skin lotion and handed it to Charlie to put on, saying that "people forget that Las Vegas is a desert, so you have to take care of your skin."

Once Charlie was dry, he knelt down between Charlie's knees and started stroking his cock, while asking Charlie if he had ever had a blow job before.

Charlie stuttered a bit as he said "nno."

Steve said "I want you to relax and enjoy this but pay attention to everything I do."

With that, he took Charlie completely into his throat until his nose was pressed against Charlie's pubic area. He worked his tongue on the underside of his cock and swallowed as he did so.

He became rigid; he had never felt anything like this before. Steve would slowly slide his mouth off Charlie's cock until only the head remained in his mouth.

Charlie moaned and Steve plunged back down on his cock, sucking and tonguing as hard as he could until he was at the bottom, swallowing.

He started thrashing along with his moaning so Steve increased his speed. Going up and down on his rock hard cock faster and faster; sensing that Charlie was starting to get close; Steve reached over and got a large glop of lubricant which he worked around and into Charlie's virgin ass.

At this point Charlie didn't know what to do -- move back onto the wonderful finger invading his ass or thrust forward into Steve's hot mouth.

He finally just let go and let Steve work his magic on his body. God it felt good! Steve had several fingers in him and was moving in time with his mouth sucking in Charlie's cock. He had no idea that a blow job could be so wonderful.

This continued for a little longer until Charlie started to shudder and go as rigid as a board. Every muscle in his body was wound up tighter than a bowstring. Feeling that he was close Steve stopped and squeezed the base of Charlie's cock hard, which backed him off.

Once Charlie had taken a couple of breaths, Steve started in again. It only took a few thrusts of his mouth and fingers working together to get him moaning and whimpering. The unrelenting pleasure was bringing Charlie up faster this time; he was thrashing more, gasping for breath and shaking.

Steve slowed the pace a little to prolong the experience and then, suddenly Charlie went completely rigid, gasped, convulsed and unloaded in Steve's throat. He kept convulsing and shooting 6-8 more times until he just collapsed.

When he came back to reality he told Steve that he had never felt anything like that before now.

Steve's reply was "you mean you have never had a blow job before?"

Charlie simply said "never."

Steve then said "well we have to get you ready for tonight."

With that he got a butt plug (unfamiliar to Charlie), lubed it up and told him to turn around and bend over. He slowly and gently inserted it into Charlie's ass until it went "pop" and was sucked all the way in.

This done, he had him turn around and fitted a heavy two piece cock ring over his cock and balls. When that was done he put a ticky pad on the underside of Charlie's cock just below the circumcision scar behind the head. All of these had wires for connecting to.

Now that he was done, Steve took Charlie back into the bedroom and had him sit on the bed while he got Vinnie.

When they came back in, Vinnie announced that it was now time for his training. She put one of the bed pillows on the floor by the bed, sat down on the edge of the bed and told him to kneel down on the pillow between her knees.

When Charlie was in place, he was sporting another rock-hard erection. Her Beautiful shaved pussy was a sight to behold.

She asked him if he was comfortable and he replied "yes thanks." She went on to tell him "this will be half of your training for the party. If you pay attention and apply yourself, you will be in great demand when you get back to Kansas.

One thing to remember, you will need to get your girlfriend in the mood with lots of soft kisses and gentle caresses before you start any of what you are about to learn."

She had him look forward and come closer and asked him what he saw. He replied "your vagina, ma'am."

She went on to tell him that this is a woman's flower or yoni, and is to be lovingly worshipped. "You must treat it gently and do your absolute best to make it happy."

"Have you ever seen a woman's flower before?" she asked.

"No, this is my first time" was his reply.

She said "well, look closely. Here are my outer lips and tucked inside here are my inner lips. The area between them is wonderfully sensitive and where you should usually start when pleasuring a woman. Now, where the inner lips meet is a little bump that is called the clitoris. This is like a miniature cock and hides under a hood of flesh until she is ready to come out and play. In some women she is tiny and in others she is quite large."

"Below the Clitoris is the opening to my vagina and if you were to put your finger in and curl it up against the upper wall, you would find a little firm spot behind the root of the clitoris that is called the "G" (for Graffenberg) spot. When a woman is aroused, pressure or stroking on this spot will bring her higher and add to her pleasure.

Sitting there less than a foot away from her, Charlie could smell her wonderfully spicy scent. It made him want to stick his nose into her crotch and take a deep breath, it was that heady.

"Now, the first thing I want you to do is come and lightly lick the area between my rosebud and my vagina. Use a light teasing touch as if your tongue was a butterfly. It is the woman's job to tell her lover how she wants him. If she is not telling him, her partner, you, MUST ask how she wants it."

He gulped and complied. She encouraged him to start making longer and longer strokes with his tongue, up between her inner and outer lips. She also told him to stay AWAY from her clitoris until she was ready.

He alternated sides in his licking and then licked AROUND her clitoris when instructed to do so. He loved the heady, spicy smell and taste of her; this was something he was never going to stop doing.

She then told him to use his finger, or two, and gently insert it into her. He could tell that she was becoming more aroused by her movements. He worked his two fingers in and out around her G spot while sucking and tonguing her now thumb sized clitoris.

She had both hands in his hair and was mewing with every stroke, pulling him into her. He kept up the steady stroking and sucking, not varying his speed, which brought her up like a freight train until she was gasping and convulsing as she arched into his mouth.

He continued gently licking and sucking on her, quickly realizing that her clitoris was now super sensitive to his touch. He withdrew his fingers and continued with looong licks, even lightly licking her rosebud which caused her to gasp and convulse.

Finally she relaxed and came back to Earth with a big smile on her face. "That was excellent for your first time, you are a good student. I'm glad Barbara found you. Now it is her turn to be serviced by you. Do you want to clean up or anything?"

His answer was "nope" but he was excited about being able to pleasure Barbara and his cock was like an iron bar.

She then had Barbara take off her clothes and sit on the edge of the bed. Now he got REALLY hard. Just looking at her tight body made him want to cum right away. Vinny told him that he was to make Barbara feel good.

He knelt in front of her and the sight of her body almost took his breath away. She was awesome. The feeling of that butt plug in his ass seemed to make his cock even harder as he moved to her crotch. Her pussy was not a large as Vinnys but it was shaved as well and just beautiful to look at.

Vinny came out of the bathroom with a damp towel and handed it to him to wipe his face with, which he did saying "thanks."

He smiled at Barbara and asked her if there was anything he should know about pleasuring her.

She grinned with more than a little anticipation and said "Well, I like little nibbles and licks. I'll tell you when you get there."

Remembering Vinny's instructions, he started with long slow licks up her between her outer and inner lips.

She gasped and he lightly licked around her clitoris, making her stiffen.

Then he bent his head down and lightly licked and teased the area between her rosebud and her vagina, even running his tongue over her rosebud, which caused her to gasp and arch.

He liked the way she smelled and tasted. She wasn't the same as Vinny but she was good, different but good. He continued his long licks as Barbara began to respond to him. Following Vinny's advice, he stayed away from direct contact with her clitoris and waited until her body told him she was ready by arching into his mouth as he worked on her.

As she responded more and more, he teased her vagina with his fingertip, stroking gently and sliding the tip of one finger in just a little. This added to her arousal and she began to arch and thrust her sex hard into his mouth.

Then he went up the side of her vagina, lightly teasing his way between her inner and outer lips until he came to her clitoris, which he licked gently and sucked lightly before continuing down the other side of her now moistening pussy.

Finding himself back where he started he sucked and licked the area and paid some extra attention to her rosebud, which had her arching and moaning. After he teased her for a couple of minutes, he started back up, sucking, licking and nibbling on her inner lips, which had her gasping and twitching yet again.

As he worked back towards her clit, he slid two fingers just into her vagina. He went in only about an inch deep and slid in and out in time with his sucking and licking on her lips.

She became more vocal when he worked his way up to her now hard little clitoris, standing tall and needing attention.

She squealed as he softly slid his mouth down on her little soldier while sliding his fingers deep into her and curling them to find her g-spot.

Working the two sensations together, he had her ready to climax almost immediately. She was gasping and thrashing like a fish out of water.

He slowed down and added stronger suction and some teeth to his work on her clit. This caused her to gasp and say 'huh' louder and louder as she came up, shaking her head back and forth as she hung on the edge of climaxing.

Since she liked her rosebud played with, Charlie took a wet finger out of her and worked the tip it gently into her ass, wiggling it in time with his suction and nibbles on her clit. This caused her to scream, arch and grab his head with both hands as she had a juddering climax that seemed to go on and on.

She held his head hard into her crotch for what seemed like an hour, not that he was complaining but it was a little difficult trying to breathe.

She was sweeter than Vinny and he really didn't want to stop but she was relaxed and floating in a post-orgasmic glow, so he sat back and relaxed as well.

It left her totally exhausted, lying there muttering "oh God, oh God" as she felt the aftershocks.

Vinny came back after her orgasmic journey and told Charlie "That was very good. You were not in a hurry and were completely focused on giving; you and a natural and a quick study. What did you think?"

He replied "I loved it!"

Vinny commented that he did very well and this was exactly what she wanted him to do for all her guests.

She told him to relax for a bit and then it would be time for the other side.

After a couple of minutes, she called Steve over and had him take his clothes off and to sit on the edge of the bed.

She asked Charlie if he was ready. When he said yes, she told him to kneel on the pillow between Steve's legs.

Steve's cock was half hard as Steve told him to look at his cock, take his time and enjoy the experience.

Charlie was a little nervous but excited and wanted to make Steve feel as good when Steve made him cum.

He went on to tell Charlie that cocks came in all sizes and some balls were tight and high while others hung way down. Each was unique and his job was to discover what gave the most pleasure.

It was an adventure exploring what brought pleasure because everyone was different and their reactions were different as well.

Charlie was nervous and excited. Up until now he has never seen another erect cock other than his own.

Steve told him that the place to start is to do things that you like and move on from there.

With that, Charlie leaned forward and licked the head of Steve's hard cock.

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