tagHumor & SatireThe Bra Salesman Ch. 06

The Bra Salesman Ch. 06


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Chapter 6: The Study

What the fuck is wrong with me? Yeah yeah, I know people have been asking that about me for a long time, but I'm serious. Something is drastically wrong with me and I have no idea what it is. I'm on my way over to Tasha's right now, and I've had this weird feeling for several days now like I'm sick and rundown with a tightening around my heart. So as I'm walking over to Tasha's, I'm going through the last few days in my mind trying to figure out what might be going on. I mean, other than a severe need to be institutionalized for moral depravity.

That last session with Dave ended four days ago, and I swear every fucking day he gives me an earful about how much he wants to fuck her again, about how sorry he was for how he behaved, and could he please please please please fuck her again, blahbeddy blah blah blah. He even tried to buy me lunch the other day, which coming from a cheap bastard like him meant he was really trying to suck up to me.

But is that what's making me feel so weird now? Is that what's wrong with me? Y'know, I have to be honest with myself, cutting Dave off wasn't really about Dave. I mean, yeah I didn't want to keep taking those reckless risks, but it's more than that. Or is it? No, that's not what's wrong with me. But I don't know what it is. God, I'm less decisive than a teenager picking out what shirt to wear.

So what is wong? I mean, I'm taking advantage of her and fucking her every chance I get, and I let Dave take advantage of her as well. So why don't I want to let him fuck her again? What's the big deal? She's got enough tits for both us, that's for sure. And her ability to fuck both of us together simultaneously is nothing but extraordinary to the point of weirdly paranormal. Yeah, that bondage stuff was a little dangerous in terms of the whole scam. But the fact is, she really liked it and wanted to do it again. So why the hell don't I? What's the big deal with the two of us fucking her?

Something's going on with me and I'm not sure what it is. Ok, keep going through the last few days, I've still got some time before I get to Tasha's. Let's see, Dave's last night was four days ago. The next evening after that I went to Tasha's and sat down on the couch with her and said, "Y'know, Tasha, you have made such amazing progress with these exercises that I don't think we need to continue with the super-duper ultimate-radical therapy sessions with Dr. Cooper anymore." And thank you oh so much Dave for forcing me to hear the phrase "super-duper ultimate-radical" spew out of my own mouth.

"Oh, ok." She seemed surprised but wasn't all that upset about Dave not coming any more. "So... we're done with the therapy?" I think she's concerned that maybe we were stopping the therapy too soon.

"No, we still have work to do. I just don't think the more rigorous intervention is justified anymore."

"Ok, I have to say I'm a little relieved. I like Dr. Cooper, but boy he can be rough sometimes!" I don't blame you, after seeing that his idea of sex is pounding away at a woman's pussy as hard as he can until the blood vessels on his forehead burst. "But I really like working with you, Albert. Thank you." She gave me a smile that made me feel warm. "In fact, I wanted to ask you if there was anything I could do for you. For being so helpful."

"Actually, there is something." This is perfect, I had thought of something to get back on track with the whole scam. Since Tasha said she'd been talking to her neighbor, I figured I'd better come up with another excuse to do what we're doing, because the longer these "exercises" go on, the less sense they make. Like they made a whole lot of fucking sense to begin with. Still, I had an idea about where to go next. "I'm going to be giving a talk at a lingerie symposium in a few months on how different types of fabric can have an effect on a person's libido. But although I have read all the literature, I want to have a particular example I can use, a series of personal anecdotes, so to speak. So I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to put on different lingerie each night before we did our exercises and rate how aroused you feel and how willing you are to have sex."

In preparation I had gotten some sets of lingerie in her size, and now I pulled one out for her to look at. She gave me a great big smile, snatched the lingerie from my hands, kissed me on the cheek, and walked into the other room to put it on for me. I don't know why she felt the need to get dressed in another room, it's not like I hadn't seen her naked a thousand times already, but I guess she wanted to do this properly in the name of science or something.

When she walked out, I was suddenly unable to speak coherently. I mean, even more so than usual. I had given her a dark-blue polyester bra and panty set that didn't have very much ornamentation on them but had less cloth than typical lingerie. Her massive breasts were pressed together and formed a line of cleavage that seemed to run forever up her chest. The thong panty was so low in her crotch that some tufts of her pubic hairs peeked out of the top, and it didn't even bother to try to cover up her perfectly round ass.

I gulped and said something profound like, "Wow. You look amazing!" She blushed and said thanks. "So," I continued in the most professional voice I could muster, "on a scale from 1 to 10, how aroused do you feel?"

"I would say 8." Holy shit, she was so sexy. I can't stop looking at her smile. No, that's not true. It's not her smile my eyes are glued to.

"And, uh, how willing would you be to have sex?" Shit, why am I so nervous?

"Right now, I'd say about 4." Her chin dropped a little and then she looked at me intently from under the strands of blonde hair draped across her face. "Is that it? Is that the information you needed?"

"Well, yes," I said, "but it would really help if I could see first-hand just how aroused you are."

"What do you want me to do?"

"If you don't mind me rubbing the lingerie against your nipples," I said, licking my lips and putting my hands on the fabric of her bra, "I can examine how that affects your level of arousal and add that data to my research statistics."

"Oh sure, go right ahead!"

As I massaged her heavenly breasts, I asked, "Does this help with your level of arousal?" Because I have to tell you, I find this amazingly helpful to the erection in my pants right about now.

"It certainly does," she told me. "I'd rate this about a 6 now." Did her apartment just turn into a sauna? Or is it just me?

"And what about this?" I reached down and stroked the fabric of her panty. She leaned in and moaned softly in my ear, "And now it's a 10."

"I see," and then gulped audibly, which made her giggle.

"So that's what you needed for your research?" she asked while taking a step backwards.

"The numerical ratings are all very helpful," I said smiling but a little sadly, "but collecting some qualitative data would be enormously helpful." Normally this is the time when I would worry about going too far, failing miserably, blah blah blah. But I think the time for worrying about that is long past.

"Oh sure, I..." her smile morphed into a look of confusion, "uh, what does that mean?"

"Well, it means measuring your level of moistness, how engorged your bosom becomes, the time it takes to stimulate you into orgasm, your willingness to give oral pleasure, things like that." I've seen the wide-eyed look of shock on your face before, don't worry I've got plenty of bullshit ready to go.

"Hrmm... that all sounds kind of... y'know... like sex." You bet your smooth, round, scrumptious ass it is.

"Oh it definitely is, and I don't want to make you uncomfortable. But given the intensity of our exercises up to this point, I had hoped you would be amenable to supporting this scientific endeavor. Remember, this isn't sexual per se, rather this about collecting a series of data points that will maximize the scientific benefit of the study and establish a baseline that all future research could be based upon." I told you I had a shitload of bullshit ready to... wait, that was a stupid metaphor, shitload of bullshit. Never mind, just keep going.

She thought about it for a second, "Well, since it's all for science and it's not about sex, then that's ok." And with that, she hugged me and wrapped her supple legs around me as I carried her into the bedroom and threw both us down on the bed.

I unclasped her bra as she tore my shirt off, then I pulled her thong off as she clawed at my pants. We were like a blur of teenager arms trying to take off our own clothes and the other's clothes and not knowing what to do first. But it didn't take long before all our garments were aimlessly scattered across her bedroom floor and furniture.

She spread her legs wide apart as I put my throbbing cock into her wet pussy and began slowly sliding in and out of her. She groaned in pleasure as I bent down and bit her erect nipple. Within minutes, I was squeezing her breasts as hard as I could and thrusting forcefully into her dripping wet cunt.

But right before I climaxed, she slid out from under me and playfully pushed me down so that my back was leaning against the headboard. She turned around and straddled me, with her back to me, and slid her moist pussy over my erection. She then proceeded to bounce up and down on top of my cock as hard as she could. She gasped each time she came down as her breasts shuddered uncontrollably from side to side.

I watched in amazement as this gorgeous goddess with gargantuan gazongas pummeled my cock for a few minutes. Yeah yeah, sometimes I talk in alliteration when I'm horny, like I fucking care. All I'm saying is that it took a few moments before my wad of jism exploded inside her.

She kept humping my still erect dick for another minute before she let out a groan of contentment and slowed down. Now that we were both finished, she leaned back, rested against my body with a smile on her face, and let me play with her tits for a long time as my drained cock slowly deflated.

That was the first night of my "research," and I guess I should use air quotes around that. Well, you're reading this, so I guess I can use actual quotes. At any rate, that was fucking terrific, so nothing wrong there.

What about the second night? Let's see, next I brought her a dark purple negligee that barely extended down to her thigh with no additional bra or panty. She eagerly put it on as I casually looked at the pictures and diplomas she had on the wall, as well as all the photographs she had spread throughout. When she came back out, I asked her about her level of arousal and willingness to have sex. She answered me as she led me over to her bedroom. "Let's see, I would rate my arousal at... 5. And my willingness to have sex at... hrmm, I'd say 9." And with that she pushed me down on top of her bed so I was lying down.

"And... uh.. how about your willingness to perform... oral stimulation?"

"Oh, I would rate that as very high. Like a 9. Do you need me to show you?"

"It would be helpful, if you don't mind." I watched her bend over me and grab my penis. She smiled as she rubs up and down a few times, and I became nearly erect. Then she leaned over, her hair falling over her head and onto my stomach, and I felt her put her soft, wet lips around the tip of my penis. As she slowly moved her head over the top of my shaft, my erection was complete.

I reach out and pull her hair to one side so that I can get a good look at her face and what she's doing with that succulent mouth of hers. She moved her head up and down a few more times and I could feel her spittle has moistened my entire cock.

When she puts her head all the way down so that the tip of my penis is halfway down her throat, I can feel the intense throbbing of my cock against her neck and mouth. Oh my fucking god, she is maestro of cock sucking, and I tell myself that I should make a commemorative plaque that displays that title to give as a gift to her before I remember that is a stupid, fucking idea.

She lifted her head and smiled at me again, and then she climbed on top of me on all fours still wearing her negligee. I reached up and squeezed her tits through the fabric which made her sigh with arousal. Soon she just slid her hips over my crotch and put my already erect cock into her damp pussy. She moaned as she rocked back and forth, and I grabbed her chest to hold her tits steady, which with no bra support were already swinging above me inside her negligee.

After a few minutes, she sat up and pulled the negligee off her beautiful body so she was naked. I tried to reach up to grab her, but she held my hands firmly in hers and kept fucking me. She laughed playfully as I tried to free myself, but I couldn't help but laugh as well. She interlocked her fingers in mine, and I was powerless to free myself. Not that I would, mind you.

I have stood on mountaintops reveling in the majestic view of a horizon more spectacular than words could hope to describe. I have gazed into a starry night sky so clear that I could visibly see the remnant haze of the entire Milky Way too immense for my mortal brain to comprehend. I have seen works of art that have literally brought me to tears with their beautiful insight of the human soul. So believe me when I tell you that all of this pales in comparison to watching the wondrously huge tits of this woman bouncing in front of me while using her drenched pussy to fuck my throbbing cock.

She was slamming herself on top of me harder and harder, her thighs slapping against my groin, and breathlessly whispered, "yes" with every plunge. "Yes! Yes!" I wanted to touch her so bad, but with my hands held back, all I could do was watch her, "yes." I watched her skin jiggle with every thrust, "YES!" I watched her tits shudder as she crashed her body into me, "YES! YES! YES!!!"

Even after I unleashed my load of cum into her, she continued slamming herself down on me harder and harder. I could feel her soft, cum-soaked vaginal walls enveloping my dick and swelling with dampness. I would even say she caressed my dick with jism-covered happiness, and as weird as that may sound, I totally believe at that very moment her happiness was indeed covered in jism.

Within a few minutes, she let out a groan of complete gratification and then collapsed on top of me, and I held her for a long time until her gasping eased into a peaceful sigh of contentment. I know I said "complete gratification" on her part not knowing if that's true or not, but that's what I like to think, so just let me have my moment, ok?

So anyway, is that what's wrong with me now? Nah, that second night of "research" was fucking fantastic, no problem there either. But something is most definitely wrong with me now. I have this weird feeling of dread that I can't shake, this nervousness that screws up my thinking. So something must've happened at some point. Ok, keep going, maybe it'll come to me.

Last night was the third night of my "research," and I gave her a ruby-red bra and panty set with beige-lace trimming that was so thin you could see everything through it. So when she walked in wearing that set, I could see that her dark nipples were erect and I could practically count every hair in her crotch.

As we walked towards each other, I asked her my research questions and she answered, "I give these an 8 in arousal, and a 10 in willingness." When I asked her if she felt especially sexually eager, she said, "Most definitely!" and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close while I buried my head in her neck and lightly bit her. Ok, maybe it was more than lightly.

Anyways, she moaned in appreciation, and I ran my hands all over her body. By the time we reached the bed, we were both already naked. I don't even remember how we got each other's clothes off. All I remember is throwing her down on the bed cover and pushing her legs apart to get at that wonderful pussy of hers. I could tell she was already drenched with arousal, so I held her legs apart as I carefully shoved my cock inside her. She didn't resist me at all, in fact she put her arms over her head and let me knead her tits and nipples with my hands as I moved in and out of her wetness.

I squeezed her breasts and held her body down as I shoved myself into her harder. She gasped "ungh" with a huge grin on her face. I shoved into her again even harder, and she screamed, "OHH!" There is something about that sound, that loud "UNGH" that she unleashes when she's reaching orgasm which makes me crazy with... I can't even describe that terrific timbre with a touch of titillating... I told you, I alliterate when I'm horny, get over it.

I let go of her naked chest, already glistening with perspiration, and dug my fingers into her luscious hips so I could propel myself into her as hard as I could. She gasped in appreciation with every thrust, and her breasts shook with each impact.

Within a few thrusts, I heard her scream "UNGH!" in orgasmic pleasure, but I wasn't done yet. I continued to pummel her body, and she wanted me to keep going. As I watched her body writhe and her tits tremble with excitement, she screamed again with another orgasm. This time, I soon followed, as warm cum filled her damp chasm.

She rolled me over so that I was underneath her now. She was on all fours on top of me and she pressed her sweaty breasts against my chest. Then she slid her body down, continually pressing her massive chest against me. She used her hands to push her huge tits into my body and rub them against my skin. She was smiling as she used her breasts this way for a couple of minutes, and then I realized she was giving me a tit massage. For another ten minutes, she rubbed her massive bosom all over the muscles of my appreciative body.

Afterwards I reached up and massaged her tits in return. As I squeezed and tugged on her nipples, she moaned and gasped. I put my mouth on her erect nipples and sucked as hard as I could, and soon she was screaming "YES! YES! YES!" When I felt her entire body tremble and shudder, I realized that she had achieved orgasm simply from my playing and sucking on her tits. I didn't realize she could orgasm through nipple stimulation alone, maybe the tit massage had put her in the mood. At any rate, she collapsed on top of me exhausted and my head was buried underneath her chest.

Yeah, that was REALLY fucking awesome! Three nights of "research" so far, and all of it was fantastic, nothing onerous anywhere. So that's what's happened for the last several days, and I am no closer to figuring out what's wrong with me. Ah well, I'm at her apartment now, so I guess I'll knock and figure this out later.

She greets me at the door with a smile and invites me in. "Ooooh, what do you have for me tonight?" she asks as she closes the door behind me.

I hand her a set of ivory lingerie with a paisley design. Along with the bra and panty, I give her some ivory stockings and an ivory choker. "Try this on and see what you think." She grinned and went into the back room.

I was idly scanning the books on her bookshelf and admiring the variety of authors when I heard the door open behind me. She walked in wearing the ivory choker and stockings, and nothing else. I gulped audibly as she walked up to me. "You, uh, you forgot the bra and underwear," I said nervously. Good lord, why the fuck am I so nervous? What the hell is wrong with me?

"The underwire was digging into me, so I didn't put them on. I hope this doesn't mess up your research."

"It's fine, we can discuss how the stockings and choker feel. How aroused do you feel?"

She giggled, "10. But I think it might be because I don't have any other clothes on."

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