tagBDSMThe Breaking of Allison Ch. 01

The Breaking of Allison Ch. 01


Laying there in the oppressive heat of the room, her arms chained to the massive four poster bed, Allison let out a low moan as she felt the silver bullet pressed against her clit begin to start vibrating again. As soon as it did she tried to squeezing her legs together even tighter and pushed her hips off the bed desperately straining to cum.

"Oh Please," She whimpered knowing she sounded pathetic but unable to help herself at this point.

Allison tried to work her thighs up and down but to no avail. Her legs were tied together at the knees so tightly she couldn't budge them at all. Allison gasped however, as she began to feel the first welcome twinges of orgasm flow through her loins, her thighs started to quiver and she arched her back, wincing as this caused the chains attached to the nipple clamps to pull tighter. Oh, yes! She thought despite the added pain the vibrator was lasting longer and she was going to...

The vibrator stopped.

"Oh, nooo!" Allison moaned pumping her hips in vain.

Finally she gave up, slumping back into the bed. How long had she been left alone like this? That was at least the fifth time the vibrator had gone off. How long in between, fifteen minutes each? Allison had lost all track of time she swallowed hard; her throat was dry as a bone unlike the sweat soaked sheets she was lying on. The temperature in the room was close to a hundred degrees.

Allison pulled against the manacles that were holding her wrists hoping the sweat would give her enough play to possibly slide up a little. All this did was cause her shoulders to hurt more, at this point the aching in her shoulders was almost in perfect time to the throbbing sensation in her ass. Allison had been spanked so badly that she could still feel the stinging.

Opening her eyes, well as far as they would anyways, between the sweat dripping into both of them and what had been squirted into her right one, she was lucky to be able to squint. Looking up into the mirrored ceiling Allison saw herself lying there, and let out a groan, she was naked of course, her normally ivory complexion flushed red from the heat and her black hair plastered to her forehead and parts of her cheeks.

Even in the reflection Allison could see the bruising around her pink nipples from the clamps, as well as the twisting of them. She was chained with her arms as far out to the side as they would go and her legs wrapped together with a belt. Everything hurt including her pussy which had endured the hardest fucking she could have ever imagined; it had been more like an attack than a sexual encounter.

Allison knew this wasn't the end, not by a long shot, at some point when he felt her will was worn down even further Mark would come back and the games would begin anew. As if that thought had cued it the vibrator started to hum against her over stimulated clit. Allison moaned loudly, despite the pain and humiliation as she had endured her body was being forced to want to cum.

Allison closed her eyes trying not to push to cum it would do no good. What the hell was she doing here? More importantly why hadn't she quit yet? It would be so simple. All she had to do was say one word and it would be over, she would be untied and could go home. Go back to being the one in control. Who the hell needed this? This wasn't fun it was sadistic; trying to get Allison to break as she herself had broken so many boys. But she hadn't done it like this she...

"Ohhhhh," Allison whined as her orgasm once again approached just in time for the vibrating to stop. Slumping back panting once again, her parched throat burning Allison turned her head thinking she saw something move but realized it was a trick caused by the flickering of the half dozen or so candles that were lit on each side of the bed. It was still early afternoon or at least she thought it was but the one window in the room had been painted black. Allison jerked her head as she realized she was starting to sink into a daze of sorts and forced to herself to concentrate. To remember why she was here and what was on the line. Why she would not quit.

It had started two weeks ago at the office. Allison was doing well as an ad executive, last year bringing home close to sixty thousand, but wasn't getting much further. The boys club partners that were in front of her got all the big clients and kept it that way. Of course Allison with her long dark hair, emerald green eyes, and incredible figure, had gotten the "Give a little get a little" speech, but at this level she refused to whore herself so they could all talk about her. So she continued to work hard off and wait for her break.

That's when Alex Warner owner of Orion software, and notorious lady killer had called the agency asking specifically for her. Allison had been quite surprised seeing she had met Warner at a charity function the week before and when he blatantly hit on her she told him he was too old for her. Warner had laughed and with a wink had said he had known she'd say that. Allison hadn't quite liked the way he had said that but afterwards didn't give it much thought. Warner gave her an idea of what he wanted and a deadline of a week to get it done.

Allison worked her ass off and met with him last Saturday. Surprisingly Warner barely looked through the proposal before signing the contract. A $5,000 commission just like that! Warner offered her a drink and they each ended up having three after which he hit on her again. Between the commission and the buzz Allison was feeling pretty good so figured why not? Alex was a good looking guy and next to the young boys, players like Warner were her favorite type to toy with.

Allison had smiled at him telling him that he could start at her feet and if he were good, she would let him work his way up to her pussy then maybe even let him fuck her. Warner returned the smile telling her that if Allison was a good girl she could start on her knees and if she were lucky he would let her swallow it. Their eyes locked and Allison could feel him trying to impose his looks, charm, and will on her, probably worked well on the young girls. Never breaking eye contact Allison flashed her killer smile, slipped off her shoe, and put her bare foot on the table saying;

"Okay but you first."

Warner had found this hilarious telling Allison she had not disappointed him. That's when things got weird. Warner told her that he had been watching her and that he knew about her "little pets" as he called them. Allison tried to play dumb but he then went on to name the last two boys she had been toying with. Warner assured her that he had no desire to tell anyone; to the contrary it was why she was here.

As Allison sat there feeling like she was in a story that started "Dear Penthouse", Warner explained to her that he belonged to a secret "Club" where all the members male and female alike were, at least thirty which Allison had turned last month, attractive, either very lucrative or with the potential of being so and the last requirement: sexually dominant. This club met once a month to have dinner then swap sex stories complete with home movies.

Allison had initially declined preferring to keep her exploits to herself. With a smile Warner dangled the ultimate carrot to Allison; advancement. Apparently the "Brothers and Sisters" of this club shared all their connections and could open doors for Allison that she couldn't on her own. According to Warner the average member's income doubled in the first year and from there? Who knew? Warner had said that the contract he had just given her was a drop in the bucket to what she could get further teasing by saying there was currently a member who could help her in her field directly and that Allison had even met her once.

Now interested Allison had asked the price. Nothing in life was free especially something like this. There was a catch of course. Each member must endure an initiation where they have to submit to a longtime member. According to the powers that be in this group a new member must prove that although dominate they can "know their place" and prove their worth. The goal of the initiation was to break the new member.

Allison had gotten a bit cocky telling Warner that if she needed to she could play demure and say "Sir" but break? Allison had been in the game a little too long for that. Warner grinned saying that's exactly the attitude that the initiation was to break her of. This initiation itself would consist of a "session" where she would be at the mercy of this member until she either quit or he felt that she "broke" sincerely.

Not liking the term session, Allison began to hedge after all she herself was what was referred to as a "Velvet Dom" the hardcore pain thing was not her scene. Sensing he was losing her Warner played the trump card; pulling an envelope from his desk he handed it over to Allison. When she opened it her eyes widened. It was a contract for her agency and Allison specifically to handle all of Orion's advertising. This contract alone was half of what she made all of last year. Warner told her he would sign it if Allison went through the initiation.

So at 8am this morning Allison started the five hour drive from New York to Providence Rhode Island for what would be a hardcore S&M session with a man named Mark. The only thing Warner had told her about Mark was that he was an attorney and that he had been in the group for several years. Her only contact with him had been a text message on Wednesday giving Allison a time of 2pm and the name of a bar; The Brass Rail.

During the drive Allison was alternately nervous, then upset at herself for being nervous. On the one hand she was not thrilled with the idea of submitting especially to someone that she didn't even know never mind whose sole purpose was to try to break her. Then again Allison was quite confident in her looks and her own brand of control.

She was far from the scared young girls this guy was used to handling. There was no way out of sex, however as far as Allison was concerned the type of sex was definitely still up in the air. Allison's plan was to be playful and demure, offer this guy a hell of a ride and forget about all this "Breaking" stuff. They could just be two attractive people enjoying each other.

Allison was wearing a short red sundress that showed off not only her generous chest but quite a bit of her long shapely legs. Despite the heat she was wearing her long black hair down and was sporting her best slut red lipstick which matched her finger and toe nail polish. The finishing touch was a pair of 4" stiletto heels whose straps went almost all the way up to her knees. This ensemble coupled with her bright green eyes and her perfect full lips pushed out in a little girl pout would be more than enough to get her off the hook from the rough stuff.

Of course that was before she pissed Mark off. Allison arrived at the Brass Rail at 1:45 to find out that it was basically a hole in the wall biker bar. At 2:30 she was still sitting at the bar being ogled and pointed at by the half dozen or so hells angels types that were in there. Allison had been hit on twice while enduring several "you must be slumming." remarks. Having no way to get a hold of Mark Allison sat and did the best she could to ignore the stares, and lewd comments.

At quarter to three one of the guys playing pool sent her a drink then came and sat next to her. Unlike the rest of the crowd this guy was quite good looking albeit in the bad boy sense. Both arms shoulder to elbow were covered with huge tattoos of some type of demons and there was a pentagram charm hanging from the black chain around his neck. He was well muscled and despite a couple of days worth of beard Allison could see he had high cheek bones and his features were perfect, even a bit pretty.

Speaking of pretty, his eyes were a gorgeous shade of golden brown with greenish highlights Allison had never seen a color exactly like them before. Looking at him she thought that if this were different circumstances and if he was few years younger she might even take him for a ride.

Allison thanked him for the drink and after staring blatantly at her tits he thanked her for the view. After another hopeful look at the door Allison told him she was waiting for someone. He had smirked saying of course she was, why else would she be dressed like that in a place like this? When Allison didn't answer he told her he'd been watching her for an hour and she was obviously stood up so why not have some fun?

Not being able to resist Allison had asked him if he thought he could be fun. Flashing a surprisingly pretty smile he told her that he could give her exactly what she was looking for. Returning his smile with a perfect one of her own, Allison told him sorry but she liked her men a bit younger, not to mention better dressed, shaved and much younger. With that she turned in her stool to face the door. The guy then asked her if she thought she was better than him. Without turning she replied;

"No hon, just out of your league." As she spoke Allison picked up her cell phone to call Warner his answer stopped her in the middle of dialing;

"You really are a proud whore aren't you Allison?" He asked softly.

Oh shit! Allison thought as she turned to look at him.

"Mark?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"You drove a long way to insult me Allison." He told her.

"You're um... not what I expected." He gave her the smirk again, as he signaled the bartender.

"And what did you expect? Warner?" He snorted.

"Some smooth talking fag in a suit?" The bartender came over and Mark said;

"Three shots of jack."

The bartender nodded, as he moved away Allison looked at him smiling sheepishly.

"Look let's start over I'm..."

"A proud whore, who needs to be taught some manners." Mark finished.

He was surprisingly soft spoken and had said it calmly, but there was something in his tone that gave her a very uneasy feeling.

"Hey Mark," She began. "I'm sorry I really am."

"No," He shook his head. "You're not. Not yet anyways."

Allison sighed. She had played this game herself. Once the pet said something stupid it was all over she would have to try to play along for now. The bartender put the three shots down. Mark slid one over to her. As she picked it up Mark did his two in rapid succession.

"Um... Cheers." Allison poured the shot down her throat. The liquor burned down her throat helping to settle her nerves a bit.

"Ready?" He asked as he tossed a couple of twenties on the bar.

"Well shouldn't we talk about this?" She asked trying to stall.

"Trust me Allison you've said enough. I'm leaving, either follow me or take your sorry ass back to New York, maybe Warner's good enough for you." He sneered the name.

"I thought you guys were friends."

"Warner's a poser, he doesn't master his women, he buys them. Let's go."

Without waiting for a reply Mark got up and walked out. Allison followed him outside to where he was standing next to her red infinity.

"Get in your car. I'll be around in a minute."

"Yes sir." Allison said with a bit of a tone. Mark's smile sent another round of butterflies through her stomach.

"Oh, I am going to enjoy showing you your place Allison, yes I am."

He walked away once again leaving Allison cursing at herself. She had to remember she was on the other side. The trick was to say whatever she would want her pets to say, not smart off. Although they had started badly she was still holding out for a chance to get to him. A minute later an old but perfectly restored grey firebird pulled up alongside of her. Mark made sure she saw him before driving away.

Allison followed him through the unfamiliar streets of Providence until they came to a building called the Promenade where Mark turned into the garage with her close behind. Mark parked and waved her into the spot next to him. As Allison pulled in, Mark got out of his car and walked away not even looking to see if she was following. Allison had to run to make the elevator that he was standing in with no intention of holding it for her.

"Thanks." She said sarcastically. Then realizing she had done it again added, "It's not easy to run in these."

As she said it, Allison bent her leg up to adjust the strap giving him a great shot down her dress. It didn't matter when she looked up he was staring off into space. They got off and Mark walked down the hallway without looking back. As Allison followed a sense of the surreal came over her. Was she really going to do this? It's not like she was a stranger to kinky sex by any means, but she was hundreds of miles from home about to enter the apartment of a man she didn't know and had already pissed off. Think of the contract she told herself as she had a dozen times in the days leading up to this.

The fact that Mark lived in a luxury condo building settled her nerves somewhat, he couldn't be that much of a maniac. Mark stopped at the last apartment on the left and after unlocking the door opened it standing aside for her. Allison took a deep breath and walked past him.

"Thank you sir." She said softly.

The apartment was large and well furnished with a huge eight foot window overlooking the city it was also quite cool, the air conditioning must be cranked all the way up she thought. Allison walked over to look out the window hoping Mark would check her out. Once again however he was looking everywhere but. Another standard trick letting her think he had no interest. Okay she told herself it's just sex maybe a little rougher than she was used to but still just sex. Walking over to the coffee table Allison removed her watch and bracelet, putting them down on the table.

"Take your shoes off." Mark said quietly.

Allison bent over slowly unlacing them giving him another great shot of her full milky white tits. This time she didn't look up to see if he were watching. When she finished she kicked the shoes under the table and looked up at him. Mark was looking this time straight down at her feet with their deep red nails. He wasn't just looking down, he was staring. Foot Fetish? Taking a chance she playfully wiggled her toes. Mark let his eyes wander up her legs to eventually linger on her tits.

Allison raised her arms over her head taking her long hair up with them.

"All yours sir." She said in her best little girl voice. "Would you like me to turn around?"

Mark nodded. Allison turned in a slow circle as she did she gave her skirt a little flip up giving a glimpse the curve of her ass in her black lace thong . She turned back to face him and put her head down demurely this was her chance.

"I'm ready when you are sir."

"Then follow me." Mark said and walked down the hallway. They stopped in front of a door that had two symbols carved into it.

"Pleasure and pain," Mark said softly. "They can both be found behind that door it's just a question of which comes first." As he spoke he stared intently into her eyes.

"Now," He began, "I am required to tell you the rules. Once in that room you will refer to me as Master any other response will lead to pain. Understood?"

"Yes." Pain. Butterflies again.

"The safe word is cease. Say it and it ends, you will not pass but I will stop. You can only say it once, we will not start over."

"Yes." Allison replied. A safe word! This was not sounding good.

"This continues until either you quit or I feel you have been properly broken. Any questions? It's your last chance to speak freely."

Allison looked away from his eyes, and gave him a shy smile. Reaching up she put her hand on his arm.

"Listen Mark," She began as she lightly ran her nails up to his shoulder. "I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I was just a little nervous."

"Understandable." He said, looking down at her tits. Oh yes, she thought I can do this.

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