tagBDSMThe Breaking of Allison Ch. 02

The Breaking of Allison Ch. 02


As Allison replayed the events of how she had ended up chained to the bed like some pathetic slave, she cursed herself for being stubborn. Should have just tried faking it, it's not like Mark could have been any worse to her. But no! Not only had Allison not played along but she had openly defied him twice. Both times responding properly but while staring him in the eye showing Mark that she was playing along, that he had not broken her. Yeah, Allison thought as a drop of sweat mixed with worse dripped into her eye causing her to close both of them, she had shown him alright.

Her eyes remaining closed Allison lied there trying to tell herself it couldn't last much longer. The vibrator started to hum again. At this point Allison simply lied there not pressing for the orgasm she knew would elude her, even when her thighs started to shake again. This time she barely sighed as it stopped. Finally after what seemed an eternity Allison heard footsteps outside the door. As she listened closer however she felt her heart begin to race it sounded like too many footsteps, as if more than one person was approaching. This suspicion was confirmed when she heard Mark outside the door speaking to someone. The words sent a sinking feeling into her stomach;

"Okay here's the rules boy's it's one at a time but you can go as many times as you like. If you don't think you can get it up again just shove it in her mouth, she's a hell of a fluffer."

No! Allison thought horrified. He couldn't do this he said there were rules there were...

As the door began to swing open Marks voice was louder.

"Oh and by the way if she forgets to thank you, make sure you give her tits a good hard twist."

The door swung open and Mark entered then stepped to the side as four young men entered the room one after another all staring hungrily at her all naked; naked and ready.

"So who's first?" Mark asked.

"Cease!" Allison gasped out as the first man a tall well built blond that was hung like a horse approached the bed.

"What did she say?" He asked.

"She said Please." Mark told him. "Now get on the bed and fuck her like I'm paying you to."

"Cease!!!!" Allison wailed. "Oh please..."

Allison's eyes snapped open and she jerked so hard on the chains that she cried out from the pain it caused in her shoulders.

"Oh god!" She gasped her heart pounding in her chest.

Allison tried to catch her breath as sucking in mouthfuls of the hot air hurt her already raw throat. She couldn't believe she had nodded off like that but thank god that had only been a dream. Mark had threatened her with a gangbang and she was borderline delirious at this point.

"Bad dream?"

Mark's voice caused her to start again. Allison forced her head up to look and saw Mark standing at the foot of the bed or thought she did as when he stepped forward he disappeared. Allison blinked, and shook her head it had been his reflection in the mirror he must be behind or at the side of the bed. The room was so dark beyond the candles she had no idea how big it really was.

"Over here whore."

As he spoke Mark stepped out from the shadows but only halfway. As if drawn perfectly down the middle one half of his body was visible the other shrouded in darkness. Mark stared at her for a minute and Allison wondered how long he had been there and on the heels of that thought wondered if she had yelled the word "cease" out in her sleep which could mean this was over. All this would be for nothing.

"Actually to be dreaming you have to be asleep, you're eyes were half open." He said stepping out of the shadows.

Mark was naked and his hair was wet, as was most of his skin as if he had just taken a shower and not dried off. He was carrying a bottle of water, and as she watched him he walked over next to her. After taking a couple of swallows he placed the bottle on the nightstand next to her. Allison licked her dry lips wanting the water as bad as she wanted to cum. Mark walked away and stopping at the foot of the bed leaned over to undo the belt.

"Only three hours and hallucinating already," He grunted. "Hell I went a day and a half before I started losing it. Then again," He smirked. "This room does have that effect on soft little pretenders like you."

Mark removed the belt and put it on the edge of the bed his cool damp hands felt great on her hot flesh and Allison found herself hoping he'd run his hands over her.

"And it is pretty hot in here," He said, and then made a show of sniffing the air. "Fucking stinks in here too. Smells like your nasty pussy."

"Sorry master." Allison managed to whisper.

"And did you cum my little whore?" He asked.

"No Master." She whispered hoarsely her voice was fading.

"Well that's your fault I gave you enough chances." As he spoke he reattached the manacles then tugged on the chain pulling her legs open again. Mark walked over to the side of the bed and picked up the remote.

"No wonder." He said. "It was on low." With that he took his thumb and turned the dial all the way up.


The vibrator kicked in much faster than last time. Allison began panting, eagerly thrusting into it. A moment later it fell away as her legs were no longer holding it.

"Nooo!" She moaned.

"No?" Mark gave the screws a turn causing her to yelp. "It's my fault that it fell out of that loose pussy of yours?"

"O-of course not Master."

Mark walked back around getting onto the bed lying between her legs. Unable to hold it up for any length of time Allison's head was flat on the bed but she could watch him in the mirror. Mark stopped with his face inches from her pussy. Spreading her lips he leaned forward blowing lightly on her clit. Allison groaned her hips twitching.

"Someone's close to cumming. Wouldn't take much would it?"

"No Master."

"Mmmm." Mark sounded as if he were thinking. "Now isn't one of the games you play with your pets is that when your close you try to get them to keep you on the edge and if you cum quick they have to start over?"

"Yes master." Oh why did this not sound good?

"You know, when I was a lot younger, I used to have an older woman do that to me and if I screwed up my punishments were a lot harsher than simply starting over. Needless to say I became very good at it." He looked up into the mirror and winked at her. "Let's see if I still have the touch."

For what seemed like the next hour Mark lied between her thighs alternately fingering, licking and using the vibrator on her pussy. To Allison's chagrin he still had the touch. She was so close her thighs had been trembling continuously. Mark would suck her clit several times then stop, and place the vibrator on for thirty seconds or so. It was everything Allison could do to hold onto enough pride not to whine. The several times she had almost cum he had stopped her just in time. Whenever he stopped he would slide up and shove his cock in her mouth again, her throat was so dry it hurt every time he did. After that he would just lie there giving her body time to calm down before starting again. Allison was in a stupor, the heat, the pain but also the lust, the entire room did smell of sex, her sex.

Mark was back to slowly licking her pussy, he had an amazingly soft teasing touch with his tongue, and she could feel herself getting close yet again she wanted to beg to cum, but the time before she had and had received another turn of the screws. However this close she could not help moaning loudly, her thighs were trembling as she was straining, and trying to force the orgasm she had never need to cum so badly. Mark stopped again after she let out a long whimper he spoke;

"What's the matter Mistress don't like your own game?"

"I,.,OHH" Allison gasped as he flicked his tongue across her incredibly sensitive clit.

"Isn't this what you do to your little boys Allison? Tease the shit out of them?"

"Y-yes Master." She groaned out as he placed the vibrator on her again.

"You let them play with you, make you cum then keep teasing. Use your pussy and your mouth get them to the point their begging just like I'm doing to you isn't that right?"

Holding the vibrator to one side of her clit Mark used his tongue on the other side. Allison's hips jerked off the bed she had never had that done to her before and in her present state... Mark pulled away and reaching up flicked her nipple with his finger sending a wave of pain through her.

"Did you just move?"

"I'm sorry Master I..."

"Isn't that what you do Allison? Lie them back and use that pretty little mouth of yours and when they lose control like they always do, like they can't help at their age you punish them don't you?"

"Yes Master." She whispered softly.

Mark sucked her clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

"OHHHH Please Master." She moaned as somewhere in the back of her head the deviant side of her thought he really was fucking good with that tongue.

"Please Mistress is what they say." He said stopping again.

With that he looked up at her in the mirror and smiled.

"And do you let them cum my mistress?"

Oh no! She thought oh please at this point Allison was even begging in her head.

"Y-yes I..." She trailed off.

"But not all the time, isn't that right Mistress? Sometimes they have to suffer don't they?

He paused as their eyes met in the mirror. Allison let a long whimper knowing how this was going to end.

"Well?" He asked.

"Sometimes I don't let them." She whispered in resignation.

Mark nodded.

"Well then how does it feel Mistress?"

Saying that Mark made to push away from her, and Allison felt herself lose control.

"Oh no please Master please don't tease me anymore ohhhh!"

Mark began quickly licking her clit bringing her to the edge before stopping yet again.

"Nooooo!" She was practically sobbing at this point. "Oh please Masterrrrr!"

"Why should I? Why should I have mercy when you had none?"

"Because I..." Allison started then knowing there was no real reason simple groaned;

"Ohh because I need to ohh please have mercy Master please."

"I have to say Allison that wasn't bad. You sound just like one of those pathetic little kids."

Mark blew lightly on her clit.

"Tell you what the next time you get close. I want you to start thanking me. If it sounds sincere maybe I'll let you. If it doesn't I'll quit and fuck you again instead. You get one chance."

Mark roughly shoved two fingers into her sore pussy and began pumping them in and out rapidly; as he did he started sucking her clit in and out of his mouth in the same rhythm. Oh yes!! Allison could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching and started thanking him in advance.

"Oh thank you Master!" She cried out. "Thank you for letting me cum!" The hell with pride!

Mark sped up as the strongest orgasm of Allison's life began to flow through her, arching her back so hard her arms and legs tightened against the chains enough to lift herself off the bed. Her shoulders throbbed and it caused the nipple clamps to tighten but the pain seemed to add to the pleasure. Between the power of the orgasm and the fear of him stopping in the middle Allison was screaming as loud as her sore throat would let her.

"Thank you!!! Oh Master thank youuu!! Thank ohhh!!"

The orgasm lasted for well over a minute wave after wave of pent up pleasure crashed though her she had never cum this hard! Mark continued to lick as Allison pumped her hips into him not caring if she'd get punished for it, another smaller orgasm exploded after the first one. Allison tried to get out another thank you but her voice was all but gone. When it was over Allison went limp, collapsing back onto the bed, panting and so dizzy from the heat and the orgasm she felt as if she were going to pass out.

Mark got off the bed and walking over next to her picked up the bottle of water. He took a sip then held it up to her.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Yes." She croaked out her voice all but gone. "Yes please Master."

"Well then let me give you one."

Mark took the bottle, poured some of the water onto his cock and grabbing the back of her head shoved it into her mouth. His cock was cold in her parched mouth and Allison found herself eagerly sucking the water off of him. Mark pulled his cock out most of the way and poured some water onto it letting run down the length of his shaft into her mouth. Allison was drinking from his cock and could care less how bad it was all she knew was how bad she needed it. Mark took it away from her.

"Want more?"

"Yes please Master."

"Here you go."

Mark held the bottle up pouring the water onto her face. Allison sputtered as the water got into her eyes and nose, but she couldn't believe how good the cold felt. Mark took the last few sips himself then smirked at her.

"I get no thank you?"

"Master I'm sorry I.."

"I'll show you sorry." He reached down and gave another turn to the screws.

"Oh god!" She cried out "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry"

He looked at her shaking his head in disgust.

"Sorry is right. Actually a fucking mess is what you really are. Your stinking up my fucking bedroom aren't you?"

"Yes master." She agreed.

"Dirty little slut." He said. "Now I'm going to have to clean you up."

Reaching down he removed the clamps. Allison's breath hissed as the feeling started coming back to her nipples. Moving around the bed Mark released the cuffs from her.

"Sit up." He told her.

Slowly Allison sat up she was sore, dizzy, and still reeling from the power of the orgasm. She was unsure if she'd be able to walk. Mark grabbed the leash from the end of the bed and clipped it to her collar.

"Get on your hands and knees, were going for a walk."

Allison stared at him. There was no fucking way.

"Master, I don't want..." He cut her off.

"Don't want to?" He reached down with both hands twisting her extremely sore nipples making her yelp again.

"Let's try again."

Allison glared at him shaking her head. She would not do this. Mark pulled on the leash; she held herself back and didn't move. He rolled his eyes

"The floor or the door slut it's your choice."

Mark held the leash up again and after staring briefly into his eyes Allison let herself slide off the bed onto her hands and knees.

"Let's go."

With a tug Mark began to walk, with a slight whimper Allison began to crawl next to him. Oh god, she thought what the hell am I doing? This was too much; just say the fucking word Allison told herself. Instead she continued to follow him to the door. When they left the bedroom the air conditioning struck her like a slap. God that felt good. Mark tugged on the collar and walked her down the corridor. Allison could feel how red she was, crawling naked across the floor on a leash. Mark stopped.

"Up on your knees."

As Allison obeyed, Mark reached down grabbing his cock. Taking her cue Allison obediently leaned forward to suck on it; he became hard quickly and after a minute pulled his cock away.

"Back on all fours"

"Good little puppy." Mark told her and resumed walking down the corridor.

Allison crawled alongside until they reached the bathroom. Mark pointed at the toilet.

"Go if you have to."

Mark turned to the shower starting the water. Totally humiliated but unable to help it, Allison sat on the toilet going quickly hoping he wouldn't turn around. Without looking he said over his shoulder.

"Don't bother wiping. I have to wash that filthy thing anyways."

Allison stood up as Mark gestured to the shower. When she got in the water was shockingly cold. Mark removed the leash from her collar but grabbing both her wrists expertly wrapped it around them and reaching up over the showerhead placed the loop on a hook he looked down to see Allison was still on her feet he grabbed the chain again lifting a few more inches so that she was on her tip toes then locked it in.

"Owww." She groaned, her shoulders hurting as well as her leg muscles from staying on her toes. Mark stepped in behind her and began washing her not sensually but quickly, roughly with a harsh wash cloth that hurt her skin as he scrubbed. Allison winced as he scrubbed her pussy scratching her clit with the cloth. When he reached her tits he was just as rough giving each nipple a pinch through the cloth. Mark spun her on the chain to face him and pulling her directly under the ice cold water rinsed her off.

Mark then pushed her back away from the water sliding the chain further along the hook so her back was up against the wall. As she stood straining to keep her toes on the floor to take the pain away from her shoulders, Mark got under the water and washed himself. He took his time seemingly unaffected by the cold. Allison on the other hand was shivering badly. Finishing rinsing himself Mark reached down and grabbing Allison underneath the knees lifted her up and onto his cock.

Mark began fucking her up against the wall driving into her as hard as he could. Stepping back he pulled Allison with him until her arms were stretched against the leash. He was fucking her almost sideways easily holding her weight up.

"At least I can't get your stink on me like this and you finally got that cum off your face." He told her, then leaning forward put his mouth on her incredibly sore right nipple and began to suck on it.

Allison moaned then yelped as he used his teeth on her nipple and drove into her harder. Mark let her down spinning her around so her back was to him. Once again lifting her by her thighs he placed her feet against the wall so her knees were drawn up to her tits and entered her from behind.

"Oh my god!!" Allison yelled as he started to fuck her. Oh he was fucking deep like this. Mark pinched both her nipples again.

"Stop your whining." He snapped in her ear.

Mark continued to slam her then suddenly pulled out and let her drop back onto her toes, sending a searing pain through her shoulders. Shutting off the water he reached up, unhooking her from the wall then handed her the leash. Taking her cue Allison hooked it back to the collar and got down on the floor adding;

"Thank you for cleaning me Master."

"I did it for my own benefit." He said "You were stinking up the bedroom."

Mark walked her back to the bedroom where he told her to get back onto the bed on her hands and knees facing the mirror at the foot of the bed in that mirror she could see the reflection of her ass in the headboard mirror it was still sunburn red. Getting on the bed behind her Mark grabbed her wrists, putting them behind her back and wrapping them with the leash. Then grabbing her ankles tied them with the belt. Letting her go Mark came around to the edge of the bed.

In this position Allison couldn't hold her head up she was face down on the bed. Mark lifted her up by the hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Holding her head still he slowly pumped it in and out several times.

"Get it nice and wet." He told her. "It's for your own good if you do."

Mark pulled it away and got onto the bed behind her. Reaching out he pulled on the leash just over her wrists lifting her up to face the mirror. As she watched Mark took his huge prick and put the tip directly against her ass.

"No," Allison whispered. "Please no."

Allison had worried about this, she hadn't had anal sex since college, and that had only been a couple of times with a boyfriend. Now as he was right there she realized he had not touched it at all, hadn't wanted to stretch it out. Between her being tight and his size she knew it was going to;

"Oh that hurts." She moaned as he pushed it in a couple of inches.

Mark looked at her in the mirror.

"Then say it."

"Please master just not this anything but ohhh," Mark slid his cock all the way in. Allison tried to put her head down so he couldn't see her face but he was holding the leash. Her eyes were all but bugging out of her head. Oh that hurt so badly! She could practically feel herself tearing. Allison bit her lip so she wouldn't say it.

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