The Bride


I hear the tapping at the door and call out that it is open, knowing it is him. As he comes in... I see the look on his face change as he takes me in with his eyes, standing before him in my wedding dress. I feel the heat rise quickly to my face at the way he is looking at me.

"You wanted to see me?" he asks.

I look to the floor, seeing the tips of my heels peek out from the white floor length dress and while it seems as if I'm focused on something else, I ask: "Well I wanted to make sure we were okay before I walk down the aisle. There is no way I can get married if I don't think we will be fine."

Hearing the click of the door lock, I look up and he is walking quickly towards me. Soon I feel his hands move about my waist and he pulls me close to him. His lips search for mine and before I can let his kiss sweep me away, I remember what I'm wearing and place my hands against his chest, trying to push him from me.

I begged: "Please we can't do this now. It took me forever to get into this thing... my hair... the veil and my makeup. There is just no time for kisses or anything else that might be in that wicked mind of yours. So please, just tell me we are going to be okay and then you can go ask my sister to come in so she can do the finishing touches." Slowly I slip from his hands and take a few steps back.

He shakes his head back and forth, smiling like he had won the lottery. "You are so beautiful and all I want is a taste before you become an ole married woman. Also you said you still had a few finishing touches left... so how about at least.... hmmm..."

I start to get nervous as I see that look on his face that normally makes me weak in the knees.

Watching him take a step closer and I mirror him taking one back, he laughs at me. Holding up his hands he stops and says: "Okay, okay... I get it. To make sure all is well between us, I ask for two things from you. Then I will leave and head out."

My heart jumps to my throat.... and I cry out: "Oh... No, I said I was sorry about our fight last night. Please don't leave. I know we can work this out..." fresh tears start to roll down my face as fear grips my heart and I think I have messed up beyond repair.

Moving quickly before I can step away, I feel his arms wrap about me again and he comforts me with small kisses... His laugh is soft and soothing: "No, my dear.... all if forgiven, I only wanted to one; ask you if you still loved me and two; if I could have three very... very small kisses?"

"Oh yes" stepping up on my toes to give him a hug, I happily tossing my arms about his neck; "I love you so much, you mean the world to me and you can have your three kisses.... Here, here is one..." I move my hands to cup his face and lean forward to give him his first kiss. However his hands move up and grab my wrists to stop mine and he shakes his head slowly.

He moves my hands to go behind me, which brings me closer to him. His mouth finds mine and I feel his tongue trace across my lower lip. I love the way he kisses me and soon I'm pressed up against him, returning his kiss. Our mouths open and our tongues playing cat and mouse with each other. Soon I am panting and he pulls away. He starts to laugh and I see my lipstick smeared across his mouth.

"Soooo... two more kisses, Ready?" he asks me

My face flushed, my heart beating and before I have a chance to say anything, I am pulled back into a tense lip-lock and before I know it... We are trying to pull my wedding dress out of the way... I'm reaching up to un-clip the veil, since I keep feeling it pull my head back as our feet keep stepping on it. I toss it somewhere away from us... and concentrate back on his kiss forgetting everything else.

Now breathless, he leans back and asks if I am ready for my last kiss. I move towards him again, enjoying what he has been doing so far and I watch as he shakes his head. Puzzled I see a smug smile on his face and he is scoping out the bridal suite. There is a love seat nearby and taking me by the hand he leads me towards it.

"Okay for your last kiss, you need to sit down" he tells me. Thinking he is being considerate, since I didn't think I was going to stand through the last one. I happily sit down.

Watching him kneel near my feet, he starts to lift my skirts and quickly I am scrambling to snatch his hands but they are wrapped up the material of all the layers.

Quickly I exclaim: "Hey now... None of that, You said kisses and we are not going there, seriously there is no time." frantically looking about to find the clock.

Hearing his voice now under my skirt somewhere: "Well it is going to take longer if you keep fighting me, you already promised me three kisses and I get one more and I want to put it under here...."

Feeling his hands now on my legs, I quickly squeeze them together. His fingers slip between my knees trying to spread them. "Come on my little bride, let's get this last kiss over with so you can make it down the aisle on time." I hear him laugh as he knows I will give in.

Reluctantly I let my legs fall apart and I hear him give me a tsk... tsk... Beneath the billows of slip, satin and chiffon he gives an appreciative sound.

"What?" I ask him, now guessing he had found me out.

"Well it seems you were expecting me already my pure sweet bride" I hear him say a bit sarcastically, "I see the corset, the garters and the stockings but where are your panties my dear... hmmmm?"

"Someone wasn't suppose to be so late and wait till like 5 minutes before I had to walk down the aisle to come see me." I tell him with a sigh. All of a sudden I give a squeak as I feel his warm lips on the inside of my right knee. I try to close my legs, but with his arms wrapped around each one, holding them apart... he starts to lay little kisses going up along on one side of my inner thigh.

Reaching near the top where one of the straps of my corset connects to my stocking. I feel his teeth nibble on my soft skin and it makes me jump and squirm.

He has stopped for a moment and I feel his breath blowing gently across my pussy. I know he can see how wet he has made from his earlier kisses.

Waiting in anticipation, I soon feel his tongue start to tease my lips, tracing each side. My legs start to shake and I am soon squirming...

"Oh... God! That feels so awesome... oh.. please, don't stop"; I cry out and as his tongue starts to run up and down my cunt, I begin to make small moaning noises. My hips moving up to reach his mouth so he can delve deeper. Then I feel him find my clit and then a finger enters my pussy and I cry out... "Oh ... oh... if only we had more time... I wish you time to fuck me... oh.. damn... Please don't stop..."

Then I hear it, I hear his zipper and my legs slam shut as I try to wiggle out from underneath him. 'Oh no... we don't have time... "I cry out, trying to scrambling up and away from him on the couch. My hand moves the layers of my skirt and I am trying to smooth them back down and about me as I try to cover myself and get around him so I can stand.

Now that I can see him, his jacket is off, when he removed it, I don't' remember. His shirt is un-tucked and his pants are down near his ankles. I see the lustful smile on his face and his hard cock standing at attention that is only for me. he reaches out for me. "You want this.. I know you want this or else you wouldn't have asked me to come see you and you wouldn't be running about with no underwear. So we can either do this the easy way or the hard way... The easy way would be for you to come over here... turn around so I can lift that pretty skirt, toss it over your head and fuck that sweet pussy of yours. Or... I am going grab you by the nicely arranged hair, pull you near me... rip that dress up and still fuck you. So either way your going to let me do it but it is your choice how we are going to ... tick tock, time is running out."

I see him look over his shoulder to the clock that I can't see and he turns back towards me and says: "Tick... Tock again"

"Fine... Help with this thing and lets get it over with..." I say flatly as I start to get mad cause he is not giving me any choice.

"Now don't be that way" he says: "you know you want this... here let me help."

He holds out his hand to me and feeling that if I am to get down the aisle on time, I couldn't dilly dally and take his hand. Pulling me closer to him, he pulls at the top of my dress and seeing that it will not budge a bit, I hear him sigh; "I guess I won't be playing with those but I will get to fill you."

Soon I'm turned about, with my knees on the seat, my dress practically tossed completely up and over my head as I am grabbing the back of the love seat for support.

One hand on my hip, his other reaching around me to run his fingers across my pussy... I feel him flick my tender nub and still being very wet. It makes me shudder and a small moan escapes my lips. I feel his fingers dip into my pussy and I'm spreading my legs a bit wider to give him better access.

Then releasing my pussy, I feel his hand move back behind me and he is positioning himself to enter me. I feel his cock at the entrance of my cunt. Then it starts to fill me.... I gasp at his size and move my hips back onto him... wanting all of him inside me. Skin finally meeting skin, he moves his hips from side to side to bury his cock as deep into me as he can. I move to stand up straight and his hand pushes me back down.

"No... Don't stand or else you will dirty your dress" I hear him say as he starts to move in and out of me.

Soon his thrusts become harder and faster... I am making small moans of desire and beginning to meet his thrusts, when all of a sudden we hear a knock on the door. I"m surprised we haven't been interrupted before now and we hear them call out that I got 10 minutes. He doesn't even miss a thrust. Hands on my hips he pulls me toward him harder... I cry out... trying to muffle it and the voice at the door asks if I'm okay. I try to focus for a moment as I tell them I'm fine, just stubbed my toe and will be ready.

He laughs as he can see how hard it is for me to do just that and I feel his hand slip down between my legs as he searches for my clit and I feel his thumb rub across it a few times and soon... you can hear the beginning cries of my orgasm... and with that, his groans as we both begin to climax together.

Panting, him leaning over my back... I feel him pull back some of my skirt to see me and I see the shit eating grin on his face... I hope your walk down the aisle is a very wet one... Now let's get you ready. He pulls himself out of me and reaches over for something to help clean him up a bit. I turn about and carefully try to sit so I don't get my dress wet and wait for him to hand me something as well.

As he is done, he tosses the cloth over my shoulder to have it go behind the couch and I watch him fix his pants and shirt. He then reaches a hand out to me to help me stand.

"Wait, I need to clean up. I can't go down the aisle like this... I will leak out and down my stockings." I tell him

He smiles at me and kneels down near my feet. I feel him reach and start to pull the layers of my skirt straight and hear him say; "But my love that is what I want to have happen. Let me go get your sister and have her help fix your veil. I will see you at the end of the aisle." Then he stands and moves towards the door, unlocking it and within a few minutes my sister walks in... Telling me I look so flush and beautiful.

Within in seconds my veil is back on, my father is in the doorway and I am being rushed out the bridal area to walk down the aisle. As I wait for my turn to come, sure as the sun is shining... there he is. I wait for the music to start and as I slowly walk down the aisle with my arm on my father's. I begin to feel the wetness between my legs. I hear quiet comments on how beautiful I look and rosy my cheeks are. If they only knew... Then at the end we stand with the minister asking who is to give the bride away. My father gives his proper response and places my hand into my future husbands. My groom leans close to me so he can whisper, just for only us two to hear: "You are so beautiful."

In return, I lean towards him as well to reply but gaze over his shoulder to my lover and quietly say: "Your best man just filled my pussy, would you like to feel how wet I am?"

Standing back and with love in his eyes, he says calmly; "I do."

You can hear the chuckle in the crowd and the minister clears his throat as he tells us both that he has not gotten to that part yet...

*** I can't wait for the honeymoon...***

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