tagGroup SexThe Bridge Club Ch. 11

The Bridge Club Ch. 11


Carmen insisted on making the arrangements with Emily, because she still felt responsible for helping Massimo get ahead. Beth wanted to help me by acting as an intermediary with Christina, but that was something I had to do myself.

- "I'll come with you." said Beth.

I had called first. Christina didn't seem surprised when I told her that there was something we had to discuss. She agreed to meet me at a coffee shop downtown.

She was already there when we arrived, sitting at a table. Christina was wearing 'sensible' work clothes, loose enough to conceal her figure. She had on very little makeup, and her hair was pulled back into a large, tight bun. To me, though, she looked wonderful. Christina, for her part, did not seem pleased to see Beth.

- "What are you doing here?" she asked, abruptly.

- "Umm ... moral support?" said Beth.

- "Moral support for who?"

Beth had no answer for that. Christina was clearly in a temper.

- "Could you give us some privacy, Beth?" she asked. "Norm has something to tell me."

Beth nodded and gave us some space.

- "She just wants to help." I suggested.

- "She wants to help you." said Christina.

- "Is that so bad?" I asked. "She feels partly responsible for the mess we're in."

- "You mean the mess you're in?" she retorted.

I sighed. "Christina, why are you so upset?"

Her eyes were blazing now. "Maybe because my friend is clearly on your side."

- "Wait a second - there are no sides here, Christina. The only other side is Massimo's."

That seemed to work. She was still angry, but she began to calm down. Slowly.

- "All right. So that's why you wanted to see me? It's about the bet?"

I nodded. "Yes. We - I found a girl who's willing -"

- "Marina." said Christina.

- "You knew?"

- "Marina came to see me at work today. She asked my permission to have a threesome with you. Somehow she got the idea that you and I were in some kind of 'open' relationship, as long as we didn't keep secrets from each other."

- "Christina, I'm sorry. I didn't tell her anything like that."

- "I know." she said. "Most of it came from Carmen. The rest she probably made up herself. She's a cute kid. You know she's gay?"

- "Yes."

- "Is there anything else you need to tell me?" she asked.

- "Just that Marina wants to go out on a date, to a fancy restaurant, like Carmen did. I agreed to take her out to dinner. But that's it."

- "That's it? Except for having sex with her and Emily."

- "Uh - yes." I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say.

- "And what have you told Massimo?" she asked.

- "Nothing. Yet." Truth be told, I was looking forward to that.

- "Tell him that Marina is part of the bridge club." said Christina. "Then, when you've slept with her and with Emily, you'll win. You won't need to sleep with me anymore."

My face dropped. I had not considered that angle.

Christina looked me right in the eye. "Our deal still holds, Norm. It just means that I no longer have to participate for you to win. I am fully aware that by the terms of your agreement, if I did sleep with you before the year is up, it would mean another thousand dollars from Massimo." She took a sip of her coffee. "Was there anything else?"

- "Not at the moment." I said.

- "One more thing." said Christina.

- "Yes?"

- "Be nice to Marina. And let her know that Massimo will be after her again. He will be persistent. Unpleasantly so. Forewarned is forearmed."

- "I will."

- "Can I talk to Beth now?" she asked.

- "Sure." I got up to leave. "See you, then."

Again, she looked me right in the eye.

"We'll see." she said.


I had changed my schedule at the fitness club, to minimize the chances of running into Massimo. He preferred Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the occasional Saturday morning; I switched to Mondays and Wednesdays, Sunday mornings, and the occasional Friday evening.

It wasn't hard to find him there.

- "Normie!" he exclaimed.

- "Massimo." I replied. "Buy you a beer? I have something to tell you."

- "Beth finally gave it up, did she? But you didn't manage to score with Emily, did you? You know, for an older chick, she's got a pretty hot bod. And she knows how to use it, too."

I wanted to hit him. Massimo still had the ability to set my teeth on edge.

- "Yeah, it's about the bridge club. And the bet." I told him.

- "OK. Guess I have time for a brew." he said.

I had to play this right.

- "You're right about the score. It's 4-3 now." I told him.

- "And that's as close as you'll get, Normie." said Massimo.

- "There's something else you should know, though. Another girl joined the bridge club."

- "What?"

- "When the girls decided to ... go on without you and Jake, they asked me to try to find a couple of guys to replace you. I only found one. A guy named Pete - he works with me."

- "Whatever." said Massimo. "What's your point?"

- "Carmen found another person to play with us. A girl."

His eye narrowed. Massimo was thinking fast.

- "Doesn't matter. The bet is over." he said.

- "No it isn't." I replied. "Four and a half months to go."

- "It's over. I'm not in the club anymore." he argued. "No new girls."

- "Massimo," I told him, "I'm going to say this slowly, so that you can understand. The bet is still on. Whoever sleeps with the most girls in the bridge club wins. I still have the napkin with the stakes and our signatures. It doesn't say shit about us being in the bridge club - just that the girls have to be."

"When Emily played that one night, when I wasn't there, you convinced me that she was part of the bet. She wasn't even a member of the group - just an alternate. If Emily counts, then this new girl certainly does. Unless you want to remove Emily from the list of eligible women?"

He was glaring at me. Massimo wasn't enjoying what I had to say. Nor was he pleased with the way I was talking to him.

- "It's not fair." he insisted. "I don't have a fair shot at this chick. Who is she?"

- "Actually, you have a much better 'shot' at this new girl than I do. She works in your building."

- "Who? What's her fucking name?"

I told him.

- "Little Eurasian chick?" he asked. "In Personnel?"

- "That's her."

Massimo laughed aloud.

- "What's so funny?" I played dumb.

- "You picked a winner, Normie! She's a lez. She's gay. You aren't going to score there - not in a million years!"

- "Really? Are you sure?" I tried to look disappointed.

- "I'm telling ya. Queer as a three-dollar bill." He was still laughing.

- "What if I do score with her?"

- "Good luck!" Then Massimo frowned. "Wait a minute! Is this a trick? You setting me up?"

- "What do you mean?" I asked.

- "Did she go straight? Have you already banged her, and now you're trying to get her into the bet?"

Massimo suspected this kind of treachery, because it's exactly what he would have done - if he had thought of it earlier.

- "She only joined the club this past weekend. I came to tell you right away."

He frowned again. But Massimo had known me for years. He knew that cheating on a bet wasn't my style at all.

- "You haven't banged her?" he asked, just to make sure.

- "No. I just met her."

He hemmed and hawed a bit more, but eventually Massimo decided not to try to weasel out of the bet. He was probably thinking about the best way to get into Marina's pants.

- "Alright, Normie. I'll check her out. Anything else? I got things to do."

Mission accomplished.


Carmen came through.

- "You're on." she said. "Friday night."

I had already called Marina, to warn her that Massimo might come around to hit on her. Now I got in touch with her again to invite her out for dinner on Wednesday. This time around, I chose an upscale place on the edge of town. It was a bit trendy - they favored fancy presentation over decent portions, but it seemed appropriate for Marina.

She answered her door wearing a simple little black dress. She had minimal jewelry, and her makeup was understated; she bore little resemblance to the girl I had first seen at the nightclub.

- "You look marvelous." I told her.

It was a novel experience for me. I had never been on a date with a woman who had already agreed to have sex with me. It wasn't exactly a first date, either; I had no intention of taking her on a second.

But it was surprisingly pleasant. She looked great, with her tight little body, elfin features, and almond-shaped eyes. I told her so several times.

- "Are you flirting with me, Norm? You are making me feel very sexy."

She was also smarter than Carmen and Beth gave her credit for. Marina was young; there were gaps in her knowledge wide enough to drive a truck through, and some of my conversational attempts fell straight off a cliff. But she was good-natured, and had an excellent sense of humour.

Marina was also remarkably frank and curious about all things sexual. She wanted a blow by blow description of my first date with Carmen, from my perspective. She also asked about my experiences with Abigail and Beth, but I declined to share those, on the grounds that I wasn't sure they would want me to - whereas I knew that Carmen had already told Marina a great deal.

She was a true romantic. She wanted to know more about Christina. I was loath to give away too many details, but Marina seemed content to know why I was in love with her.

- "She is very angry at you? Because of the bet?"

Carmen, it turned out, couldn't keep a secret to save her life. She had told Marina virtually everything - including Massimo's attempt to pay Christina for sex. That immediately got me thinking.

- "You know, Marina - Massimo will be coming after you again, now that he knows you played bridge with us. And it's very likely that he will try the same thing: he could offer you money to have sex with him."

- "I have dealt with Massimo before - and with men like him. I don't need money. And I choose who I want to sleep with." she said.

We ate a fine meal, and enjoyed a decent bottle of wine.

- "You are a wonderful dinner companion, Marina." I told her.

She giggled. "I have already said that I would sleep with you. You don't have to compliment me so much."

- "I am overwhelmed by my good fortune. But that also means that I have no need to flatter you. It's the simple truth."

- "You are a nice man. I am nervous, but I am also looking forward to Friday evening." she said.

- You and me both."


I was a bit disappointed when I picked up Marina. She was dressed fairly conservatively. As we drove over to Emily's, Marina told me what had happened that afternoon.

- "You were right." she said. "Massimo asked me out again. Then he asked me for sex. Just like that. I said no, but he was very persistent. Very rude."

- "I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Marina." I told her.

- "Oh, you warned me. I knew it was coming. Like I said - he did it before. So I recorded every word."

- "What?"

- "I recorded what he said." Marina smiled. "If he does it again, I will have to decide: do I play it to my brothers, or do I file a sexual harassment suit?"

I had to pull the car over. Only then could I turn and stare at her open-mouthed, in awe.

- "Marina." I said. "You're wonderful!" I kissed her on the cheek.

- "Sometimes." she said, with a giggle.

As we drew nearer, I had another attack of the qualms. I had only met Emily a couple of times, and barely knew Marina, though I was beginning to like her. Yet I was planning to fuck them both tonight. What red-blooded male could possibly have a problem with that?

I could. There was no question in my mind. I would rather have been playing backgammon with Christina, with no hope of sex whatsoever. I was feeling guilty, too. Not only did it feel like cheating on Christina, but it seemed pretty unfair to Marina, too.

Emily and her husband had a massive old house, with ivy-covered stone walls, and a roof measured in acres - at least it seemed that way to me. They must have had a groundskeeper to maintain the lawn, the hedges, and the extensive gardens. If they had a staff on the inside as well, Emily must have given them the night off.

As we came up the walk, I realized that Carmen had come up here with Massimo. And that did it for me: there was no way I was going to let that prick win our bet. Win or lose with Christina, this had to be done. There was a job to do this evening. I might as well do it right.

She greeted us at the door, wearing a silk robe which covered her from throat to knee. Beneath that, she had on fishnet stockings and 3-inch heels.

Emily seemed a little disappointed at Marina's rather unexciting clothing; I could see it in her eyes. Still, she invited us into a luxuriously-carpeted room, dominated by a large stone fireplace with a fire blazing away. There were a dozen colorful cushions and pillows strewn about, and a thick futon which doubled as a couch. It looked like an awesome place for a shag.

She offered us our choice of champagne, or a variety of liquors. Marina declined, but I chose to accept. A few drinks would do wonders for my endurance.

I'm sure that Emily had some sort of script, or plan in her head. She may have known in advance exactly what she wanted. After all, she was the only one here with experience of threesomes, and it was her house. But whatever Emily expected, it didn't work out that way.

- "Ooh, you have such a beautiful house!" gushed Marina. "Outside and inside. And this room - it's wonderful!"

Then she stood up. "Is there somewhere I can change?"

Emily looked a bit confused, but showed her to a powder room. I was a bit perplexed, too: Marina had only a purse with her. What the hell was she going to change into?

Emily and I found out a few moments later.

Marina came back to us barefoot, wearing a short see-through nightie - a peignoir, really. It was orange, and came with a pair of sheer matching panties. She had let her hair down, and put on an unusual tangerine shade of lipstick. The peignoir concealed very little of that delicious little body. Her tits were small, but round, and her nipples were dark. I had to remember to breathe.

Emily was also struck silent. Marina posed for us, the little coquette. She stood on her tiptoes, and clasped her hands behind her back. Then she did a slow pirouette, before sinking her bare feet into the thick carpet.

Marina took charge. She glided over to Emily, and kissed her on the cheek.

- "Thank you so much for inviting us to your house." she whispered. Then Marina kissed her gently on the lips. Emily didn't move. She just stood there, frozen, as the tiny Eurasian girl did as she pleased.

They kissed for quite a long time. Marina broke it off, but only for a moment. She turned to me and smiled.

- "Why don't you sit down, Norm? You can watch us for a while." she suggested. Then she returned to necking with Emily.

Marina's hands began to wander, as she stroked Emily's flanks, or gently cupped her ass cheeks. I watched, entranced, as she fondled Emily's breasts through the silk robe.

- "May I?" she whispered.

Emily seemed powerless to resist as Marina opened the robe, and slid it from Emily's shoulders. Underneath, the older woman wore a black bustier, most of which seemed to consist of fine mesh. She also wore a black g-string, with tiny red ribbons at the corners of the triangle of fabric which covered her pussy.

Somebody moaned. It might have been me.

Why had I expected Marina to be shy and inexperienced? With men, perhaps. But with another woman, she was a temptress, a succubus.

Emily crossed her arms and pulled the bustier over her head, revealing a fine pair of tits. Though not as firm as a younger woman's, they were full and well-shaped. There was a gentle swell to her belly, but in every respect, Emily was in spectacularly good shape.

Marina lowered her head to worship Emily's nipples. I couldn't see perfectly, but Marina seemed to have insinuated her fingers under the g-string, to judge from Emily's reactions. She began to moan.

The little Eurasian seductress finally lowered her victim to the futon, and removed her g-string, leaving Emily with only her fishnet stockings and heels. Marina kissed her way down our hostess' body until she took up position between her thighs.

It was most instructive to watch Emily's reactions as Marina worked on her.

The room was getting warmer. I peeled off my shirt and pants, and re-filled my drink before resuming my front-row seat. Emily shuddered and gripped Marina's head as she reached orgasm.

- "Oh my God. You're incredible!"

I took advantage of the brief interlude to rise, and then pull the strings of Marina's peignoir. She turned to grin at me. I peeled the translucent garment from her, leaving her with only sheer panties. Her nipples were hard, sticking out like enormous pencil erasers.

- "Would you like to take over?" she offered, reaching out to run a finger down Emily's slit.

I knelt and took her place. There was no way I could match Marina's technique, but it wasn't a competition, anyway. While I began to gently explore Emily's pussy with lips and tongue, Marina stood and removed her panties. I noticed a landing strip, but she was otherwise clean-shaven.

Emily's crotch was entirely devoid of hair. She was well-lubricated now, so I licked and slurped noisily, hoping that she would enjoy the audio effects as a bonus. Meanwhile, Marina climbed on to the futon, and straddled Emily's head. The older woman reached around to grab Marina by the ass, and pull her in closer.

We ate in tandem, and I believe that Emily was on the verge of a second orgasm. But she lifted Marina off her mouth, and looked at me from between Marina's legs.

- "Now! Fuck me now!" she said.

I had my underwear off in a moment, and skinned on a condom. Emily was sopping wet, so I entered her quickly, in one long thrust. She groaned as I began to thrust in and out. Emily pulled Marina back down, her fingernails digging into Marina perfect little ass cheeks.

I was quite excited, but Emily was extremely wet, and with the de-sensitizing effect of the condom, I was able to give her a thorough fucking. She continued to eat Marina's pussy. Then our hostess shivered and began to come. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her, fucking her through her orgasm and reaching my own as I shot my load inside the condom.

Marina and I let Emily recover for a moment. I got her a drink. Marina was staring quite openly at my flaccid cock. She pointed at it.

- "May I?" she asked. "It has a been a long time for me - since I have had one up close."

- "Please." I told her. She took my member in hand. Marina weighed my balls, rolling them gently between her fingers. She ran the tip of her finger around the head of my cock, then traced the large vein on the underside. By then it was quite hard, pointing right at her.

Marina looked up at me, as if for permission. Then she stuck her tongue out and began to tease me, barely brushing the head of my penis. It was tantalizing, delicious torture. That lovely face, those delicious almond-shaped eyes, and that cute little tongue, so close to the tip of my cock ... finally, she slipped her lips over the head and took me into her mouth.

- "That is so sexy." said Emily, who had assumed the role of spectator.

I let Marina experiment for a few minutes. Truth be told, she was not very good at it. But it was a very sensual experience, and I enjoyed it immensely.

I moved her on to the futon, and reversed the roles, going down on her instead. She tasted sweet. Even though Emily had been eating her out, there were still traces of some kind of flavour in Marina's pussy. She had prominent outer lips, and a sizeable clit. It was a delight to lick and suck.

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