tagMatureThe Bridge Game

The Bridge Game


Josh looked at his cards again, confused for the umpteenth time that evening. And the first game had only started twenty minutes ago. He remembered all too well the circumstances that had led him to being stranded here at home, with his mother and her ladyfriends, playing a game of Bridge. His car breaking down, and being in the shop over the weekend. His girlfriend going all the way to California to do college, and dumping him in the process, though she still wanted "to keep in touch." He had used the slip of paper with her new email address on it to light the cigarette he had needed so badly after he'd finished crying his heart out over the loss of what they'd had.

However, on the bright side, a couple of his mother's friends were rather pretty, in a Mrs. Robinson way, and Robin, a busty redhead, had smiled at him when she had caught him stealing glances at her impressive endowments. Tonight, she was sitting next to Josh, and was wearing a musky, primal smelling perfume that inflamed the young college man's senses. As she explained what Josh could do with his cards in hand, she brushed her breasts against him, and his eyes dropped to see the wonderful, milk-white cleavage that her blouse showed off. "Is that three buttons undone, or four?" Josh wondered to himself absently, trying to draw his leg up to hide the erection that threatened to tear through his jeans. Robin was a magnificent tease, being able to entice him and keep up with the flow of chatter at the table at the same time.

As the game progressed, noone thought anything of the fact that Robin had switched her cards to her left hand, and only rarely brought her right up to take a sip of wine from her glass. What went unseen was her long, slender fingers stroking Josh's thigh and groin, making him shift and fetch deep breaths in through his nose. His mother, thinking it was from frustration, just smiled at him, offering the advice that he should relax, and just have fun.

He gave her what he hoped was a smile, and wished he could tell her what was causing the delicious tension. But that would ruin this wonderful thing that Robin was doing, and it would have her mad at him to boot. Soon, Robin got up to excuse herself to the bathroom. Josh slid out of her way, disappointed that her fingers had stopped stroking his steely cock through his tight jeans.

"Hey, you're out of toilet paper!" Robin yelled out a minute later, and Josh hopped up to go help her. His erection had wilted considerably, and he moved quickly enough that noone would have noticed it amongst the gossip and laughter anyway.

Coming to the bathroom door, Josh saw it was cracked open, and Robin was peering out at him from it. She beckoned to him, and he stepped closer. Opening the door, she pulled him in with her, and quietly shut the door, hearing it click behind her. She stepped up to him, peeling off her blouse and exposing a lacy green bra which struggled to contain a pair of breasts that heaved in lush, heavy motions with her quickening breaths. Josh's jaw dropped, and his cock rose. He unbuttoned his jeans and hiked them down quickly as Robin knelt before him, not saying a word. Her hands and mouth were on his cock, warm and soft. Soon, his erect member was slick with her saliva, and she slipped it under her bra and in between her huge, milky breasts, holding them tightly around his throbbing tool to form a vise-like tunnel.

She started to rock then, sliding him back and forth in that wet, tight grip. He took his cue from her, and started to fuck her tits, holding onto her shoulders for support. The sensations were exquisite. The wet heat of her flesh squeezing his cock, the band of the bra pressing against his pubic hair as he moved, and her hot, heavy breath on him were all like something from his wildest dreams. As his breath quickened and his hands tightened on her shoulders, she squeezed her tits around him tighter, and began to milk him faster, looking up at him with lust-glazed green eyes. She licked her lips slowly, her tongue a wet, erotic sight.

"Give it to me." was all she had to say, in a throaty whisper, and he blasted his cum, helpless to resist her power over him. She bobbed her head down, catching the head of his cock just before the first stream jetted out, and she sucked every drop of hot juice out of him lovingly. His body jerked and his knees threatened to buckle, and he leaned against the door, breathless and panting. Robin licked up a stray dollop of his cum from her lower lip, smiling up at him.

"Yummy." she said with a suddenly cute giggle, and rose to her feet, gathering up her blouse as she did so. The two of them dressed and straightened themselves, then went to rejoin the game one at a time, to keep off the suspicion radar.

A couple of hours later, the game broke up, and everyone left. As she closed the door behind the last of her friends, Josh's mother commented on his improvement at the game, and Josh made a simple reply that meant more than she could ever have guessed.

"Well, Robin's teaching me all of her tricks, Mom."


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