tagBDSMThe Briefcase Ch. 05

The Briefcase Ch. 05


I should've known you'd be here... Jessica thought.

Eric took a deep breath, and his eyes dropped down inch by inch as if he was peeling the dress right from her body.

"They just give invitations to anybody don't they?" she smirked and then turned her back on him too grab another strawberry.

Eric let out a hearty laugh, "You weren't expecting me to be here huh?" he teased, as his fingertip was suddenly felt, tracing a line down her spine. The path it took was felt as far down as the back of her knees, even though the tip of his finger dropped off before meeting up with her dress which stopped at the lowest point of her back.

More like wished. I can't fight you off wearing this dress... her body screamed as she stayed silent for a moment.

"The thought never crossed my mind." She sarcastically shrugged her shoulders, a bit of a brush-off – she hoped.

Eric leaned into her ear as she was bent over the table, reaching for the grapes. "Jess... play nice now. We have the whole night ahead of us," he whispered, as his hand came down giving her quick pat to her ass.

Jessica stood suddenly, feeling the slight bite to where his hand had landed. "And just wha-" She turned to find him walking away, the masculine scent of him leaving a lingering trail behind him.

She turned back to the table and picked up another glass of champagne, and swallowing in gulps, finished the glass. I think I need another...She exhaled, setting the empty glass onto the table and picking up another.

Jessica turned to see the last of his leather vest, exposing his muscular shoulders, as he entered the large ball room. She squeezed her small purse under her arm and walked toward the door, gave a quick smile to the doorman and she stepped into the ball room.

Jessica stood in the ball room among the many people. Many conversations then led into others, everyone sharing the common bond of the club. She scanned the ballroom but Eric, nowhere in sight...Where did you disappear to Eric? she thought.

Jessica casually smiled at the lady in front of her, "Would you like more bubbles...?" a gentleman's voice interrupted her thoughts, from behind Jessica's shoulder. The lady's eyes had went wide, catching a glimpse of him before he spoke.

Jessica turned ready to show the waiter her still-full glass. "Or would you prefer another massage?" The surprise was immediate. "Ohh... wow!" Jessica gasped.

"Need a little help with your choices?" He chuckled, and then leaned forward cupping the top of her shoulder with his hand, giving her a soft kiss on the side of her cheek.

"Both!" Jessica snickered, and then he stepped back to look at her. "Jessica...." She held her hand out, ready to shake his.

"Justin, your favorite client." He chuckled again, squeezed her hand in his, enjoying the look of shock that covered her face.

"Nikki..." the woman beside her interrupted the conversation, holding her hand up.

"Nice to meet you." Justin winked. "I don't believe you're a client of mine," he teased, kissing the top of her wrist, letting her hand slide from his.

"I'm open all next week, just call Tickles." Nikki smiled, crossing her hands together in front of her. A wallet-size purse dangled from its thin straps, bouncing against her satin dress, as she rocked back and forth on her heels.

Justin cocked his head to the side with a look of wonder, undoubtedly thinking of a place he could touch Nikki that wouldn't make her wiggle all over the place, as he flashed a charming grin.

Jessica looked around at some of the singles, couples and groups of people that filled the ball room. A beautiful melody came from a grand piano that sat near a large picture window. A man played, captivating scattered couples, and they swayed to his musical piece.

The casual conversation continued with Nikki and Justin, as Jessica slowly scanned the room. She peered beyond Nikki's shoulder and then up the long staircase where she found Eric, leaning against the railing, halfway to the top. His unmistakable intensity was seen even from across the room. He caught her looking at him and it sucked a breath from her lungs.

She lifted her glass taking a generous swallow, smiling into the rim of her glass. What do you want from me Eric? Her thoughts ran deep.

Justin and Nikki kept a steady conversation, although Jessica never heard a word of it, even though she had pretended too. She would let out a short, fake laugh now and then, but her attention always returned to Eric.

Eric raised his hand and then hooked his finger, curling it up toward his chest, as he mouthed the words... 'Come here'. "Can you guys excuse me?" Jessica smiled, her eyes still locked with his.

"I'm going to take a quick tour," She added, looked in their direction for a moment, and then left them standing there.

"Sure... see you a little later maybe." Justin winked, as Nikki smiled, happy to keep Justin to herself.

"Don't have too much fun." Nikki giggled.

Jessica arrived at the first step of the long staircase. She glanced up at Eric, taking the last drink from her glass. The arm of a waiter appeared, as she turned and dropped her glass onto his passing tray. She leaned forward and gathered the material of her gown into her hand, holding it just above her thigh, and she began to climb the stairs toward him.

Eric stood like a statue until she got close enough to touch, and then held his hand out, waiting for hers. "Come with me." He said, looking down into her deep, brown eyes.

"Where are you taking me?" Jessica asked, placing her hand in his. He squeezed her fingers and walked up the steps in front of her, leading the way.

They arrived at the top and without a word, silently he turned to the right, leading her down a long hallway. Stopping at a closed door, where silver hand cuffs hung from its handle. "A little more adventure...Jess." He whispered, drawing his finger along her jawline.

Jessica swallowed hard from the anticipation of what was waiting behind it.

Eric turned the handle, and the cuffs rattled against the panel of the door, as they entered walking into a spacious living room. A large sectional wrapped around the room almost completing a full circle. At the center of the carpeted floor, a woman was knelt down on her knees, sitting on her ankles with her hands placed in her lap. Her dark, long, brown hair laid flat against the curve of her spine. Firm and nude, her body quietly held still.

Jessica was amazed by the sight, as Eric tugged her hand, leading her around the sectional. He sat her down on the cushion seat, slipping in next to her. Raising his arm, he encircled her shoulder, moving her back against his chest, his breath now at her ear.

There was a deepening sound in the room and she waited for the first sign of anything that was about to happen. Jessica's ears began to pound, her heart racing. She was sure that Eric could see the skin of her semi-exposed breasts pulsating hard. Eric was testing her limits and Jessica knew it.

Click, Click.

The door they just walked through opened. A man and a woman walked around the sectional, sitting down at the opposite side. The woman smiled at Jessica and then turned her focus toward the center of the floor. Shortly afterward, two ladies entered the room, taking their place at the center of the sectional. A steady amount of people continued to appear, filling the sectional with more faces while others stood behind the high-backs of the seat cushions of the couch.

The door shut, the sound was deafening in the quiet room. Eric's steady and controlled breath whispered past her ear and the steady rhythm of his chest rising and falling against her shoulder blade sent shivers down her spine. She folded her hands together and played with her thumbs, nervously biting at her lip.

"Have you ever hungered for a man's touch that it caused you to push your limits...?" Eric whispered and then grasped her fidgety hands with his. "...making you want to try things that you could never see yourself doing..."

Jessica tensed at the thought, suddenly desperate to get away from him, desperate to clear her head of his scent and his warmth, to make sense of the emotions she couldn't seem to get a handle on. She shut her eyes for a moment, feeling her weaknesses overwhelming her, as his voice soaked into the very core of her body. Her juices began to gather, flow, and slowly trickle down into her swelling entrance.

"Let me see your pleasure. Your need, give in to it." A low, rough growl of rising hunger, teased at her ear like the heat of a warm blanket.

Another door opened, and a man appeared, walking in from another room. He was tall and well built. His chest was bare, but covered with soft curls, the rich color of his nipples unhidden. The faded blue jeans he wore wrapped around his legs tightly, the buttons at the top left undone. His hands looked rough and were broad, one of which held a white cord, tangled in his fingers. Now standing before the woman at the center of the floor, he knelt down and then brought her to her feet. He tipped her chin up and smiled, placing her wrist behind her, and he tied the cord, binding them behind her back.

Jessica couldn't control the eroticism that rose inside her, as she watched the man grip the firm underside of the woman's ass and then strike it with the flat part of his hand. Flares of sensation tore through Jessica, clawing across her nerve endings in violent hunger. She watched the tightened expression of the woman's face and then her mouth dropped open, as the man smoothed his hand over the reddened print he'd left. He clutched the woman's neck firmly with control, and then licked at the corner of her lips.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked, staring deep into her submissive eyes.

"Yess, Sir," the woman muffled, quietly.

"I didn't hear you..." he demanded another answer.

"YES, Sir," she repeated with a much stronger voice.

He pointed down at the floor and she went to her knees, without hesitation or question. He leaned forward, catching the nipple of her right breast. Without mercy he tugged it outward, rolling it between his fingertips. She let out a small cry and shut her eyes, whimpering.

Eric let go of Jessica's folded hands and began to run his hands along her thigh. She sucked in a breath and turned to see the two women at her right, kissing quietly, both grasping at the material that covered the other's breast.

The broad hand of the dominant man, grasped her other nipple, and another cry left the woman's lips, filling the room with sound. He knelt down in front of her, cupping her jaw. His fingers made slight pressure marks from the grasp of his hand, forcing her to look into his eyes. He kiss suddenly came. It was hot and savage, taking her lips, tasting them, and then biting them until they were reddened.

Jessica looked at woman lips as he pulled away, and wondered if she'd ever been kissed in a way that made her lips burn deep with color.

Eric clutched Jessica's hand, cupping her fingers tightly. "I'm so hard watching your body react..." Eric breathed, placing her hand over his steel-hard erection.

Ohhh...god... she screamed inside.

"...I love the way your body responds to pleasure," he whispered hotly and squeezed her hand around his cock, moving it against the fabric that separated his skin from hers.

"Spread your legs and get your ass up in the air so I can see that beautiful, wet pussy," the dominant man demanded.

The submissive parted her legs, one on each side of his body, planting her feet on each side of his hips. She braced her bound hands against the floor with her fingers spread apart for balance. Digging her nails into the soft threads of the carpet, she raised her hips flat like a table within inches of his mouth.

"Now hold it there, don't drop your hips or you'll suffer my punishment," he ordered, an erotic slap sounding as his hand met with the underside of her ass.

Jessica could feel the throbbing of Eric's cock in her hand, pulsating, waiting for her to move it, but she was frozen. "The pleasure is in your face, Jess. It's so gorgeous, so damn gorgeous." Eric bit at her ear, as she fought to keep her eyes open.

Back on the floor, the dominant man engulfed the open and wet folds of his submissive. His tongue sliced at her opening, and he smacked his lips together; approving growls from the taste of her. He watched her body wrench as it tried to stay steady under the repeated strikes of his tongue. Her hips jolted and then her ass contracted. Lowered slightly, her head hung back beyond her shoulders, as the pressure of his demanding tongue thrashed against the seen taut, little bud of nerves.

"Get them up," his hand made contact again, and the submissive bucked her hips back up with a whimper. "Don't move them again or I won't let you cum." The sharp pinch of his order caused Jessica to squeeze Eric's cock in her hand.

"Mmm...yes, you want to cum too, don't you?" Eric teased her by returning the sensation into her hand, flexing his cock, not once, but twice.

Jessica gasped, sucking in the cool air of the room and dropped her head back into Eric's shoulder, her eyes pressed together tightly. Dazed, almost drunk, she was lost in the cries of her body. Her tightening nipples sent a wave of helpless pleasure racing through her. "Ohh..." she breathed.

The submissive began to whine and then beg. Her flexed stomach quivered under the pressure, as she fought to keep his flicking tongue against her. "Can I cum, Sir? Pleassse... can I cum?" her voice sounded as though she was in pain.

"Not until I say." His evil chuckle filled the room when he pulled his mouth away and then returned it, flicked at her opening with his tongue. She opened her legs further, offering more of herself to him, and she rolled her hips up, pressing them higher and higher toward his tongue.

Jessica shifted her hips, trying to gather any friction that she could by rubbing her knees together. She was shaking, feeling the tremors racing through her body, helpless beneath the astounding wash of hunger that the dominant man's words evoked.

Suddenly, frantically, Jessica pulled at her dress, hiking it up to her lace stockings. Her hand sank down into the junction of where her thighs pressed together. Her fingers found their way in between the soaked fabric of her panties and then she began to stroke the heated flesh. "Yes!" she finally gasped, and writhing against Eric.

"Show me. Show me how badly you want to cum." Eric licked her ear, biting down on it this time causing a small measure of pain.

She grasped his cock again, as her opposite arm moved in a sawing motion, grabbing for the orgasm that awaited her.

"Cum now, my little pet," the dominant demanded from his submissive. His fingers were now filling her, pumping her, as his tongue flicked roughly over her clit.

"Ohh, urgghh!!!" the submissive cried, as her legs started to give out. With his wrists turned up, his palms captured her, holding her right there at his lips, as his tongue continued to thrash against her clit, teasing her orgasm from her jolting body.

"Good girl, that's my good girl." He breathed his rewarding praise with an open mouth and then continued to lap at her juices.

"When you cum, I'm only going to want to make you come again." Eric flexed his cock under Jessica's hand, "...and then again, until you tell me to stop, over and over." He squeezed his hand over hers, as the soaked tip of his cock rubbed against the fabric of his slacks, dampening the palm of her hand.

Jessica felt a stab of pleasure, tingling, building in sweet agony, waiting just at the end of her clit. "Cum for me Jess... cum right now, cum hard," Eric demanded, filling her ear with his hot breath, thrusting his hips upward, pushing his cock roughly against her hand.

Her eyes shut and then sprang open as she looked up at the ceiling, rocking her hips. Eric dropped his other hand down from her shoulder, filling his hand with her breast, and then gave it a firm squeeze. She jerked and shook from her moving fingers, as the tingling sensation seized her breath.

"Mmm, yes! That's it, all for me," Eric growled heatedly and he bit the side of her neck.

"Uhh! Uhh!" her trembling voice suddenly burst, sending wave after wave of shaking pleasure through her body, as the white heat spilled into her hand.

The room might as well have been empty, except for Jessica and the couple. Eric felt a possessive need to feel all of her. Her sweet body and scent engulfed his senses. He craved the feeling of her squeezed around him so that there was nothing else but their breath and the cries that they would both share.

The dominant picked up his submissive and carried her away from the center of the room, disappearing behind the door that he'd come through. Others, except for the women who still lay wrapped in each others arms, kissing, and now shedding the last of their clothes, began to leave the room.

Eric felt Jessica's body stop moving, softly panting against him. He moved from her side, coming to his feet. He pulled her up against him, wrapping an arm around her weakened body. Jessica clenched her purse, unsteady on her feet, as Eric leaned down, scooping her off her legs. She laid her head against his shoulder, cradled in his arms. He moved toward the open door and then walked through it, carrying her off down the hall to another room.

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