tagBDSMThe Brothel Ch. 01

The Brothel Ch. 01


This work is my own and not to be republished without my permission.



"Come on, Gwen, it'll be fun."

"It's Wednesday." I have a test to study for tomorrow and a presentation on Friday to prepare for.

"And we don't have class until one tomorrow. It's a slow night. That's why they make it such a big deal. Ladies night. The first two drinks are on the house. Last week there were guys all over the place and they couldn't wait to buy us drinks either. Heather and Lisa are going too. It'll be fun. Come on... please." You'd think guys were the only important thing in the world. Gwen sighed more in resignation and Gina smiled in satisfaction. "Heather is calling for a cab to meet us down front of the dorm at eight. I'll come get you a couple minutes before. Don't forget your sister's ID."

Nora's ID was in Gwen's graduation card along with a note. "Put it to good use." Even though there was four years difference in their ages and Nora had two kids, they could pass for twins. Gwen had never been challenged.

At 7:50 Gwen surveyed the results of her efforts in the full-length mirror on the door. Tonight she wore makeup, but it was rare for her, and it failed to hide her natural beauty and vitality. She had her father's dark hair, skin and eyes, and tanned without even trying. The other three girls, she was sure, would be far less modest, but the mini skirt she had borrowed from Gina was more revealing than she was used to wearing. She had her hair pulled up in a playful bun and earrings, Gina's again, that dangled almost to her shoulders. She wore a spaghetti strap tank covered by a sheer blouse and her long legs were perfectly set off by the skirt. She was glad her mother couldn't see her now. Not that her mother would have expected anything more from her anyway.

Her mother. Her mother was a throw back from another era. She didn't even work. Prim and proper. Never wore jeans. Never went out without makeup and her hair done. PTA, church, social clubs, hospital volunteer. The house and yard were clean and well kept. The meals were fixed on time. Proper etiquette was observed. She maintained the perfect façade. It wasn't until Gwen was thirteen though, that she realized there was something missing. That was when her sister, then seventeen, got pregnant and was kicked out of the house. Then she realized how little interaction she had with her father or her mother and how much she relied on Nora.

Nora's boyfriend was twenty-six and she moved in with him. Gwen visited after school, before Nora went to her waitressing job, but as much as Gwen needed Nora, she was uncomfortable around Kevin. He couldn't keep his hands off Nora even while Gwen was around. She wondered if she was becoming her mother. She wondered if her mother even allowed her father to touch her when no one was looking.

Kevin left when the baby was two months old. Gwen helped Nora out babysitting while she worked, but when Nora started staying out all night with different guys Gwen told her she would have to find another babysitter. Nora was pregnant again just before her nineteenth birthday. She drank as a younger teenager, but now she was drinking fairly heavily and though she didn't do drugs in front of Gwen, she knew Nora was involved with them too. Nora didn't want to become their mother. Gwen knew she wanted more in a relationship than her parents had, but she also didn't want to become like Nora. Still Nora had been there for Gwen when she needed her.

And Gwen had definitely needed her. Even now it was a rare day that she didn't think of Brian.

Gwen opened the door at Gina's knock, grabbed her purse and locked her room. "The make-up looks good! You ready for some fun!"

Gwen smiled, "I am!" Once she had decided to go, she hit the books in earnest so that she wouldn't feel quite so guilty about partying on a weeknight. Now she could let herself have a reward for all her hard work, knowing that she was prepared for the next day.

They joined Heather and Lisa in the cab. She didn't know Heather well, but Gwen liked Lisa. She had a great sense of humor and an honesty about herself that was refreshing. She was her own person and if people liked her for who she was, fine. If not, she wouldn't change to suit them. Gwen admired that trait because she frequently found herself giving in to others in order to feel accepted by them. Like tonight. She had only given in because of Gina's persistence. By the time they got to the club she was feeling considerably more light-hearted.

The second look the bouncer gave her when she showed him her sister's ID was a full body appraisal. He smiled approvingly and she smiled back. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. They chose a high table and settled themselves on the stools. A waiter came to take their drink order.

"That's two bahama mama's, a coke and rum, and a daiquiri." Gwen got the same appraising look from the waiter. "Mmmm-mmm! We are going to be cooking tonight!" Lisa laughed as he walked away.

They barely finished their drinks and ordered seconds when Lisa and Gwen were asked to dance.

Gwen's partner said his name was Mike. Blonde and cute, but he tried to put his hands all over her. She parried his advances glad it was a fast dance.

The waiter nodded to a tall Italian standing in the corner as he carried his tray with the order on the counter. The Italian followed him casually to the bar and leaned against it. "The rum and coke. Did you see her dancing with Mike?"

"I already had her picked out."

"She needs a little loosening up, but she's got some moves on the dance floor. I would love to see that one in the contest."

The waiter pretended not to notice as the Italian added powder to the rum and coke. The Italian pulled up a stool to the girls' table just before the waiter delivered their second round. He was strikingly handsome. "Do you mind if I join you?"

Heather was ready to roll, "Do you like to dance?"

"I love to dance. Would you like to join me?"


Gwen and Gina watched them on the floor. He was graceful and a masterful leader. He placed his hand on Heather's hip and gradually it moved lower as she responded. They ended the dance close together smiling, eye to eye. He took her hand and led her back to the table.

"And are there any other takers?"

Gina jumped up and turned around smiling as he took her hand and led her to the floor. Gwen was having more fun than she thought she would. She turned around in surprise as someone else asked her to dance. She was on the floor before she realized it and moving to the music.

When the music ended the Italian was behind her. He touched her lightly on the small of her back and she turned. He was smiling down at her. "Would you care to dance?" She nodded. "My name is Dominique, by the way. Dom."

"I'm Gwen."

"You are a very beautiful woman Gwen. You aren't Italian are you?"

She laughed, "I'm from the Nebraska cornfields. Little Caesars is about as Italian as we get."

"Nebraska. So what brings you to the big city?"

"Running away. Or running to. I wanted adventure. I wanted to be in a place where everyone doesn't know my business. I'm a student at Hudson. Are you from New York?"

"Born and raised. I know every nook and cranny. Even some places that natives don't know exist."

"Are you a student too?"

"No. I work."

"Doing what?"

He gestured nonchalantly indicating the room. "I work here and in other places. I contract for certain goods and services for my clients."

"It sounds vague and mysterious."

"It is mysterious. And adventurous. It is very rarely boring."

Gwen was beginning to think there was more rum than coke in the rum and coke. Her head was buzzing, but it was a pleasant sensation. The song was slow. Dominique was holding her close and she didn't even mind that his hand was straying lower and lower. He leaned down and kissed her and she kissed him back.

Dominique returned her to the table and took Lisa on the floor. He said he liked to make sure everyone got a chance to dance. Gwen and Gina worked on their second drink.

"What do you think of him?"

Gwen smiled. "He's a flirt... and nothing but trouble, but he's smooth and the best looking guy here."

"I saw you kissing him."

"Just flirting back. He's gorgeous."

"Would you go home with him?"

Gwen smiled, "No!" But she wasn't so sure. She wasn't into hooking up, but it had been a long time. She had only dated one guy since she had been at Hudson, but once they slept together he didn't want anything more to do with her. It was apparent that he viewed her only as a conquest and all the old pain had resurfaced with a vengeance. Since then she had sworn off men. She talked to them, smiled at them, but she wouldn't place herself in a position to be hurt. And she wouldn't have sex casually. She loved it if the feelings were right, but she didn't need it that badly.

She had finished most of her drink when he came and asked her to dance again. The music was fast and she let herself go, moving with the rhythm. Dominique smiled at her and took her hand. She followed his lead easily. Near the end of the song he let go of her hand and then just stood still admiring her moves. She came to him as the song ended and leaned into him as he put his arm around the small of her back. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt so happy.

"So what did you do for fun in Nebraska?"

"The usual. Slop the pigs, milk the cows."

"You lived on a farm then?"

"For a little over a year I did."

"It doesn't sound very exciting."

"We had a pond we could swim in."

"A pond."

"A pond... and a lot of privacy. Stars in a huge sky that wasn't washed out by city lights. Frogs croaking. Crickets chirping. Imagination."

"Did you have a boyfriend there?" Gwen looked at him and he saw her mood shift and the pain that flashed in her eyes before she could mask it. He put his other arm around her waist and looked into her eyes as a slow song started. "Shhh, don't say anything." He kissed her on the forehead and pulled her against his chest. He held her close swaying with the music. She slipped one arm around his waist and curled the other against his chest and sank into him. It frustrated her that those emotions were still so close to the surface, yet she was strangely comforted by his perceptiveness. She closed her eyes and listened to the beat of his heart and felt his warmth. When the song was over she looked up at him and he cradled her chin in his hand and kissed her gently on the mouth. She responded slipping her arms around his neck and pressing against him. They were still kissing as the next song began with a raging percussive beat. She smiled at him and he gestured at the floor. Gwen really cut loose this time. She couldn't believe how happy she felt.

When the song was over the DJ got on the mike, "Did everybody like that?"

The crowd screamed.

"Is this a party, or what?"

The crowd screamed again. Gwen had turned to watch the DJ and Dominique cradled her to him as she leaned back against him.

"Who's ready for the wet t-shirt contest?"

The crowd screamed with male voices continuing to chant.

"I can't hear you! Who's ready for the wet t-shirt contest?"

Gwen almost wanted to cover her ears the crowd was so loud.

"Well, we have six girls signed up. Is that enough? Come on up here girls!"

Gwen watched as girls began walking up onto the stage. Guys were clapping and whooping. Dominique began leading her over to the table. Gina was already there with Mike.

"I say, is that enough, or do we have any more nominations from the floor?"

Mike yelled, pointing to all four of them, "Right here! Right here!" The crowd went wild encouraging them. The DJ spoke into the mike. "We have four lovely ladies nominated at the table over there. What does everyone think? That would make it an even ten." The noise was deafening. "Come on, ladies, don't forget, the winner gets $500!"

Gwen spun into Dominique's arms as the other three consulted with each other. They were all in agreement. She looked up at him and he smiled down at her. "I think you should! I know, for one, I would love to see you in a wet t-shirt. It sounds like everyone else would too. It would be fun!" He kissed her again and her body responded almost instinctively. He felt her need and ran his fingers up the side of her ribcage. She picked up her drink and downed it before kissing him again.

Gina was pulling on her arm, "Come on Gwen! Live a little! What can it hurt? It'll be fun!" Gwen allowed herself to be pulled along.

The ten girls were led into another room where they were given waivers to sign, 'just routine acknowledgement that you are doing this of your own choice and not being forced into it by anyone else' and a bio to fill out. Then they were each given a t-shirt and a temporary tattoo number and left in the room to change. Gwen couldn't believe she was smiling. The t-shirt ended an inch above her belly button but it wasn't too revealing dry. It was almost like starched gauze. It couldn't be too bad wet. She couldn't believe how good she was feeling. It was just like it used to be. The others were laughing and egging each other on as they dipped their tattoos in a bowl of water and then put them on their arms. Two of the girls were kissing each other. Another was fondling herself so her nipples would stand out. Gina elbowed her, "What do you think? Are you ready for this?"

Lisa laughed, "Ready or not, here we go! I am so hot! I can't believe we are doing this! You remember last week?"

Gwen was surprised, "They did this last week too?"

"Every Wednesday! That's why there's so many guys! We just watched last week, but Heather and I wanted to do it this week. We were hoping you would too, but we were afraid you wouldn't come if we told you. Whoever wants to be a judge puts a $20 bill in the pot with their name on it and then they draw ten names. They go in order of the draw and pick which girl they want to wet down."

Some of the girls squealed as the DJ stuck his head through the door. "Everybody ready?" Some of the girls yelled that they were. "Come on then. Line up shoulder to shoulder and remember to keep your hands behind your thighs. They're ready for you! Make sure you stand up straight and show them what you've got!"

Gwen's heart was pounding as she followed the others up the two steps onto the stage next to the DJ. She was standing between Heather and Gina. The crowd was yelling and clapping as they came out and lined up.

The DJ picked up an ice bucket from the console. "All right! And the first judge is... Dominique Vituro. Come show us who you think is the most lovely lady!"

Gwen didn't think her heart could pound any harder until he walked directly up to her and stood looking down on her smiling. "You were my pick from the moment you walked in." He put his hand on her waist as she looked up at him.

"Does this mean I have to be first? Before all the others?"

He nodded. "Are you brave enough? You are the most beautiful, I'm pretty sure... I will check first just to be certain. I won't let them see you until you are ready... Would you like a kiss for luck?"

She nodded and reached her arms around his neck bending into him. She hardly heard the crowd and the catcalls. He took his time with her and then took her hand and backed away. They watched each other as he reached back blindly and was handed a pitcher.

"Are you ready?" She nodded and held her chin up as he poured the water across her shoulders and breasts. It was cool and she knew what it would do to her. Someone took the pitcher from Dominique and he broke her gaze to look down at her breasts. He breathed in deeply and his eyes rolled slightly as he sighed. Then she felt his thumbs on her nipples. "Look at them, Gwen... Look how beautiful they are!" She looked down to find that the material of the t-shirt when wet stretched and clung to every tiny contour and was almost clear. She found herself perfectly revealed, as though she had no blouse on at all. She gasped and watched Dominique's thumbs work little circles on her nipples and then looked up at him again. "They are beautiful, aren't they?" She half closed her eyes from the feel of his thumbs. Her heart was pounding like a drum. It had been so long since she had felt like this. "Are you ready now?" She nodded in a daze and he took her hand and led her in front of the others to a spot center stage. The crowd was screaming and it was all for her. She leaned back in his arms and he cradled her as he had done on the dance floor only this time he bent down and began to nibble on her neck. She tilted her head to allow him better access and felt his fingers entwine with hers behind her back. She nodded slightly as he whispered into her ear, "Are you feeling good?" She felt his breath tickle her ear. There were layers of sound outside the feelings. His voice was the most prominent even though the others were louder. She could barely hear the screaming and cheering on the periphery. "This is your chance to win them over... you are out here all by yourself... I know you're feeling hot. Work the crowd.... " She opened her eyes and the other voices came in along with an overwhelming need. She felt Dominique's fingers squeeze her hands as her body writhed. She made eye contact with whoever would look at her and smiled. "Make as many of them as you can feel like it is just you and them in the room." The DJ waited for the crowd to calm down before drawing another name and all that time she was alone in front of them.

When all ten contestants were lined up Gwen was separated from her friends. She could see that Gina felt as giddy as she did. All the judges did the same as Dominique and were holding the girls' hands behind them.

The DJ spoke again, "Now we pick the five lucky judges for the kissing contest. Who's it going to be?" The DJ pulled five more bills out of the ice bucket and five more guys stood in front of alternating girls. "Twenty seconds each, boys. Hands have to stay above the waist... Lips too. Sorry about that. When you're done, you'll each pick your two favorites. The top seven stay.

Gwen watched as the first of her judges approached her. She thought Dominique would drop her hands, but he kept them clasped in his and she allowed it. She smiled in anticipation as the judge approached her. He was probably a college student - most of them were - in his early twenties and hungry. She responded more than she expected as he began to fondle her and French kiss. She moaned and leaned into him, spreading her legs as his thigh came between. She vaguely heard a buzzer sound, but the guy had to pull away from her. She sagged back into Dominique feeling his lips and tongue behind her ear. She couldn't stop writhing and tried to turn to kiss him, but he tightened his grasp. "Don't forget. You want to win. Look at yourself and then show them how badly you want them." She nodded and, need burning, turned to make eye contact with the onlookers. She saw that they were reaching out toward her and moved to tease them. She watched the couple next to her while she waited. It was Mike and she couldn't believe that she had objected to his advances when he danced with her earlier. She sighed in relief as the buzzer sounded and Mike approached her with a grin. Dominique was still holding her hands and Mike was staring at her.

"I think you definitely picked a winner tonight, Dom."

Gwen begged, "Please!" He placed his thumbs on her nipples as Dominique had and she writhed with pleasure under his touch. Dom and Mike moved her in front of the line and turned her sideways so the crowd could see. Both pressed into her, Mike fondling her and then kissing her breasts, Dominique moved his hips to her fingers and she tried to fondle him, but he held himself just out of her grasp so that the crowd could see that she wanted him as she craned toward Mike to kiss him. When the buzzer sounded again Dominique released her hands and she hugged Mike to her French kissing him, desperate for relief. He shook his head as he reluctantly pulled away from her.

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