tagNonHumanThe Bunnycat

The Bunnycat


This is my first time writing such a story. All comments are welcome.

I plan to write more about the Bunnycat Series as I like bunnycats, also depending on readers.

Please enjoy!


It was pouring rain, the sky clouded in grey.

The creature shivered in coldness as it staggered along the road, hoping it could find food, for it was starving. There seemed to be nothing edible.

Its hopes diminished, the creature walked over to the trees, shivering as it pulled its tail to cover part of its legs. Not long after, footsteps made the shivering thing look up. A figure loomed over it, saying something it could not understand...

"Good morning, master!"

Emi wagged her tail happily as her master got downstairs. A tall, good-looking man with short black hair and Asian features, he nodded and hugged her. "Good morning bunny, did you wait long?"

Emi nodded, smiling. " I was bored the entire day!' 'she said. Her master, Shin chuckled.

He sat down on a sofa, looking at his pet. Emi was a rare creature, known as a bunnycat. Bunnycats could look like normal people, with the exception of having rabbit ears and a cat tail on them. Such creatures were highly prized by the society as bunnycats were very cute and gentle things. Shin was glad he had found a lost and starved Emi a month ago at the forest nearby. He decided he liked her enough and planned to keep her, instead of selling Emi away.

Emi came back with a tray -- there was French toast, butter and tea. She placed the tray on the table before him and sat on the floor watching as he ate. " Your baking skills have improved, " he said to her. Emi gave a delighted gasp. " Really, master? "

"Yes, its good enough to eat. "

Emi clapped her hands together and wagged her tail. " Well, thats because master trained me! " She said with enthusiasm. Shin nodded, finishing his breakfast. " Thats true. You always seem to improve in something and you love me training you, don't you? Such a good pet you are."

Blushing, Emi said, "I wish to serve master at my very best! What shall master train me to do next? "

Shin said nothing. He seemed to be in deep thought. " Come and sit beside me, bunny, " he finally said.

Emi tilted her head to one side, curious. She waddled over and sat beside him as he asked for. Then without a word, he reached out and grabbed her breasts, cupping them.

Emi was so surprised; she squeaked and pulled away, blushing. "M-master..! What..?"

Shin grinned and leaned towards her. " Bunny, this is your new training. Be a good pet and don't move, okay? You'll like it. Trust me," he whispered in her ear.

The bunnycat blushed harder but she nodded. " Take your dress off, " Shin ordered. Emi hesitated. What was master planning? She wondered. She pulled her dress off, revealing her small round breasts and white lacy panties. Shin smirked and silently reached out, massaging her breasts. "So cute you are, bunny.."

Emi closed her eyes tightly, letting her master fondle with her breasts. It was something new to her, but the way he touched her made her feel so good... Why did she feel so hot down there?

Shin moved his hands down to stroke her thighs and leaned forward, sucking and biting on her nipples until they were erect. Emi gasped and shuddered, her arousal making Shin excited. "Time to take these off, bunny, " Shin whispered, tugging at Emi's panty. Her eyes flew open. "Master, but thats..!"

Shin pushed her down on the sofa and looked down with a disappointed face. "You shouldn't be questioning me, bunny. I'll have to punish you if you do that again!" He pulled her panties off and twisted her nipple, licking the other. " Do you understand? " He asked, twisting harder. Emi cried out in pain and nodded quickly. Shin turned to her pussy instead and chuckled. "My my, bunny is so naughty... Look at that, you're wet!" He exclaimed. Horrified and ashamed, Emi squeaked and held her legs together to hide her pussy from his view. "Please, don't look! " She wailed.

Shin raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Bad bunny, thats rude and disobedient. I have to punish you so soon."

He smacked her thighs, making Emi cry in pain. As she still refused to open her legs, he pulled hard on her furry tail. This time she whimpered and let go. "Thats better," Shin said. He turned back to her glistening pussy and rubbed on her clit; Emi gasped again. She had never been touched this way before and it felt so incredible. What was all this?

Shin moved down and positioned his face before her pussy. He started by licking her pussy as he continued rubbing on her clit, enjoying Emi's breathing becoming heavier by the second. Then he sucked on her juices, tasting them as he stuck his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy. Emi trembled and moaned softly. She had never imagined that she could feel so good, that her master could make her feel so incredible.

When Shin made sure she was really wet and aroused, he covered his finger in her fluids and thrusted it into her, moving it in and out slowly, gaining speed. Emi arched her back and moaned louder , overcome by waves of pleasure. " It feels so good, master!" She cried out, shaking. "Thats good to hear..." Shin said, pushing another finger into her. Soon enough, her pussy seemed flexible enough for another and he pounded her wet slit with three fingers, enjoying his pet's loud moans.

"Something is coming... Master, master please don't stop..!" Emi felt her pleasure heighten to the max; she couldn't take it anymore. Her body stiffened for a moment before she came hard, still writhing and shaking when her orgasm subsided.

Shin pulled his fingers out of her, listening to her ragged breathing. "Did you enjoy that, bunny? " Shin asked. He didn't get a reply; Emi had gone unconscious.

Over the next few days Shin trained Emi whenever he was in the house. He would finger her until she came and made sure she sucked his fingers clean. He tried patiently to stretch her pussy to accomodate as much as possible, soon being able to fit four fingers in. Before Emi knew it, she was eager for each round of "playtime" as Shin called it.

Shin prided himself over training his pet and was proud of how obedient and fast she was trained into something. It had been 3 days and she already seemed to be in love with it. Today was going to be the next step.

As he came home from work, Shin slumped down onto the couch, frustrated. His boss was being mean as usual and he wasn't getting promoted anytime soon. Emi's head peeped out from the kitchen and she meeped happily. ( Bunnycats meep, just like how cats mew and dogs bark )

"You're home!!" Emi cheered and pounced onto her master. Shin caught her and sighed, the sight of his precious pet making him feel much better. "Yes bunny. Missed me?" Shin asked, managing a smile. "Mhmm!! Of course, like everyday! " exclaimed Emi, wagging her tail.

Shin patted her and admired his pet. Today she was dressed in a light orange apron matching the colors of her furry ears and tail, nothing else. Emi was beautiful and Shin liked what he saw.

"We're going to try something different today, bunny."

Her eyes glowed and ears perked up. "Playtime? Something different? Will it be fun too? Will it, will it?" She asked hopefully, wagging her tail.

Shin laughed. "Yes bunny, " came the reply. He patted her head again and scratched her behind the ears. Emi purred softly.

"Today, I'll be making you suck on my cock," Shin told her. Emi blushed and meeped. She had been doing some research on sex during her free time when the house didn't need cleaning the past few days while her master was out working. So far she had more knowledge on the matter and knew the body parts of a man and woman , what a blowjob was as well as fingering. She also discovered a little about the different types of penetrations but did not read any further as instructed by her master.

Shin started unzipping his pants. "Do you know what to do, bunny? "

Emi gulped and nodded as she saw her master take out his cock. She had never seen a real one before and felt excited. It was bigger and longer than she had expected , probably around six inches. "Show me what you have been learning and reading from the internet, bunny. "

Emi kneeled before Shin as he lay back against the couch. Her hands shook as she reached out and held his cock in her hands ; it felt hot and smooth. She stroked his shaft slowly and kissed the tip.

Shin's breathing grew rapid and shaky. "Thats not getting us anywhere, bunny. You need to stroke harder.. Put it in your mouth and suck on it. "

Emi obeyed, growing bolder. Her hands shifted over to his balls and she played with them as she took Shin's dick into her mouth and began to suck on it. Shin groaned, his dick growing in her mouth. Soon she was making slurping noises and tasting Shin's hard cock, her own pussy becoming wet with her juices. "Mmm, its so good..." Emi muttered, moaning softly around his cock. Ocassionally Shin would wince and moan, assuring Emi that she was doing well and that he was enjoying it.

"I'm going to cum, bunny..." Shin murmured after awhile. Emi continued, sucking and moving her head back and forth, working tirelessly on his cock. Without warning hot cum spewed out and filled her mouth; Emi pulled away, choking and coughing. Cum splattered all over her body and the floor.

Before Emi could say another word, Shin grabbed her head and forced his dick into her mouth again, going all the way down her throat, making Emi squeal in shock and gag. "Bad bunny, such a waste of cum! " Shin scolded with a hint of anger in his voice. He started thrusting into her throat hard, his hands forcing her head. Emi was unable to pull away. Her eyes becoming teary , she held onto his legs as he moved his hips, fucking her face. When she was able to stop gagging and started sucking on his cock, Shin went faster. "Swallow it all!" ordered Shin finally, cumming down her throat. Emi was forced to swallow every drip of cum, her eyes widening. As soon as he was done, Shin moved away and leaned back against the couch again.

"Next time, I'll punish you much more harshly if you waste all that good stuff I give you, " warned Shin, panting from the ordeal. Emi was recovering too. " I'm sorry, master, it won't happen again," she promised. Shin grunted. "So, did you like it bunny? Did it taste good?"

"Yes, it was delicious..." Emi admitted sheepishly. Shin looked down at her. " Bunny looks unsatisfied though," he mused. Emi blushed, standing up. "Its time for dinner, " she said.

"Dinner can wait," Shin said. " I want you to bend over the table," he added.

Surprised, Emi stared at her master.

"You heard me bunny," Shin said, raising an eyebrow. Was master going to give it to her now? thought Emi, excitement filling her. She eagerly bent over the table nearby and Shin got up and walked over. He grabbed her tail and held it up high so it would not block his view of her pussy. " Bunny is wet, " Shin pointed out teasingly, rubbing her clit. Emi winced and blushed.

"Was sucking on my cock that good? You seem to have been so turned on by it."

Shin's cock kissed the entrance of her pussy; Emi squeaked. He was going to pleasure her with his dick this time!

"It might hurt because this is your first time," Shin warned gently. With one hand holding Emi's tail he placed the other at her waist and tried to push into her tight pussy. Emi shook in fear and excitement, her knees growing weak. With a sudden thrust, Shin forced his dick into her and a sharp pain made Emi cry out as her virginity was taken.

After a moment, Shin started moving his hips slowly, thrusting in and out of the bunnycat. "Stop, master.. It hurts!" Emi pleaded but to no avail, the pain accompanying each thrust. Shin kept fucking her, going deeper and faster each time. "It will feel good soon, " Shin promised, breathing heavily. He stroked her clit as he continued, letting Emi feel pain and pleasure together.

After a few minutes the pain subsided and pleasure fully took place just like Shin had said. As he fucked Emi against the table, his pet began moaning in pleasure, shaking and shuddering. "Faster, faster please, " Emi begged, her body overcome with lust. Shin gladly did so, pounding deep into her womb and soon both were drowning in pleasure, their moans filling the room.

Suddenly Shin stiffened and exploded into Emi, who gave a scream as she came. Both of them panted non-stop, Shin leaning on Emi's back, exhausted.

When both of them had recovered , Shin weaved his fingers through Emi's shoulder-length hair, smiling. "Did my pet enjoy that? " He asked softly.

"Of course, " replied Emi. Shin smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Thats good..." Shin whispered in her ear.

Emi smiled back, happy that she could have such a great master like Shin.

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