tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Cabin Ch. 01

The Cabin Ch. 01


"This is wonderful." Steven opined as he snuggled up to Lucia by the fireplace.

"Mmm it definitely is." she responded, sinking herself deeper under the blanket they had brought over to lay on the floor before the fire.

The young couple had rented the isolated cabin far from town for a reason. Although they had been dating only a few months, the couple shared a love of escaping the city and spending quality time alone. He had won her over after a long campaign in the workplace; Steven, the consummate gentleman, emphasis on the gentle. Though he was very different from her usual 'type', Lucia loved having him make her breakfast in the morning or rub her feet at night. Though many of her baser sexual urges were left unfulfilled, Lucia liked him enough that she was willing to overlook it, at least for the short term.

Though she was feeling more than a little aroused by the romantic setting, Lucia kept her hands to herself, knowing that her as the aggressor had a tendency to emasculate Steven. She sighed, knowing that after the blowjob she had given him in the car on the ride up to the cabin, he would be totally drained, and uninterested in sex until at least the next afternoon. She resigned herself to an intimate cuddle instead, and planted a kiss on his cheek before drifting off to sleep.

At some point in the night, they both awoke, cramped from the hard floor, and moved into the bedroom of the cabin to sleep through the rest of the night. Lucia was not asleep long before she was awakened by a noise. Unsure of what it was, she lay in bed listening intently. Suddenly she recognised it, the sound of a car engine, pulling up very near the cabin. Knowing there wasn't another town or settlement around for twenty miles, Lucia wondered who could possibly be arriving at their quiet retreat at three in the morning. She gently shook Steven awake, and got up to investigate.

Confused and mildly alarmed, Lucia wrapped a blanket around her naked curves before walking to the bedroom window to peer out between the blinds. Steven stood back nervously, asking what she saw. "Nothing, just lights." Lucia replied, straining for an angle that would allow her to see what was happening. Walking as swiftly as the swathe of blankets would allow, Lucia moved to the main room of th cabin to look out the front window and get a better view.

As they walked, Steven trailing a few feet behind Lucia, the distinctive sound of several doors closing in succession rang out from the front of the cabin. Lucia crossed the remaining distance to the window quickly, and swept the curtain aside. She let out an involuntary yelp of alarm, as she saw three men, two of them large burly goons, just outside the front door and approaching quickly. They came up short as they noticed the pale skin of her face and arms peering out of the window, highlighted by the moonlight against the background of the darkened room.

"What is it?" Steven asked, the nervousness unconcealed in his voice.

"Bolt the door Quickly " Lucia commanded, thinking fast. Hearing her through the glass, one of the men bounded quickly forward, reaching the door mere moments before the hesitant Steven, and kicking it open with a resounding *BANG*. The unfortunate Steven managed to scuttle backwards before the door caught him with its full force, but was still left standing holding an injured hand when the two bigger men entered the room. Lucia backed away from them slowly, towards Steven, trying to place the couch between them.

"What are you doing here?" She demanded, her voice wavering, just as the smaller man entered the room.

"I could ask you the same thing." He replied confidently. By the moonlight shining in the front door she could make out few features, but enough to see that he was an older man, though still upright and with a very confident bearing. The silver streaks in his hair gleamed in the low light, and she could tell from just the cut of his overcoat that it was expensive.

"We've rented this cabin for the night." Steven attempted to protest. "You can have it when we leave in the morning..."

"I think not." The old man cut him off. "We have business here tonight, and we will be completing it."

"Then we will get out of your way." Lucia offered. "We'll jump in the car and go."

"Again, I think not." He replied. "The nature of our business is not one which I would like to have the police preemptively interrupt."

"But we wouldn't report it Just a misunderstanding in the booking of the cabin I'm sure " Steven exclaimed.

"Alas, I cannot count on your cooperation." The old man replied. "It appears you two are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Lucia shivered at his tone, so cold and calculating. Despite the unexpected presence of the young couple, he seemed utterly unperturbed, and seemed to already have developed a plan in his mind to continue despite them. Steven babbled in fear as the two henchmen walked toward him at a motion from the older man's hand.

"Calma riggazo. Calma." The old man shushed. "You are not going to be harmed. You must simply be our guests for tonight, and as long as you stay quiet and do nothing stupid, you will leave in the morning without incident."

"How do we know if you're telling the truth?" Steven blurted out petulantly.

"Ah. You do not. But as I see it you have little choice but to trust me, capire?" The older man spoke this sentence with a tone of finality that conveyed further protests would not be met as kindly. "And now," he followed up "you sir, will go with my associate Paulo, and he will secure you in the next room. Do not struggle, and he will not harm you. If you do..." He let that thought linger in the air as Paulo approached Steven.

"What about Lucia?" Steven asked weakly, as if compelled by societal ideals to at least inquire after her safety.

"She will not be mistreated. We will keep you separate only to prevent you from trying to plot escape. No go." This time he was less than cordial in his command, and Paulo grasped Steven firmly by the arm just about his right elbow, leading him away. Steven looked back over his shoulder only once, locking eyes with Lucia and shrugging helplessly.

"What a gallant hero." Lucia muttered to herself, pondering Steven's less than virtuous defence of her honour.

"What was that?" The old man asked, eyes now taking in Lucia's silhouette in the darkness.

"Nothing." Lucia replied. "Which room will I be locked in?"

"Not so fast, not so fast " The old man protested with a grin, half hidden in the shadows. Snapping his fingers at the remaining thug, the old man indicated a lamp on the coffee table. Deftly pulling out a matchbook, the man lit the lamp, and a warm orange flame flickered to life, bathing the room with its glow.

Lucia blinked as the light strained her eyes. Taking a better look now, she saw that the old man had a lined face, with the consistency of leather from years spent in the sun. His face had a hard edge that made him looked older than his years, which Lucia guess at early-60's. When he smiled, as he was now while he appraised her in return, his face cracked with a spider web of wrinkles. Despite his age and hard looks, there was still something decidedly attractive about him, Lucia determined, likely a result of his self-assured confidence and the air of dignity with which he held himself.

"Ah. This is much better, in the light." the old man said with his cracked grin. "So bella, tell me, what is your name?"

Lucia paused before answering. She felt as if he was testing her, and she had the distinct feeling that her answers could effect the outcome of this night, and make the difference between her escaping alive and well, or... the alternative.

"Lucia." She replied curtly, meeting his gaze.

"Oh What a beautiful name " the old man exclaimed. "And tell me, bella Lucia, where is your family from in Italy?"

Lucia was slightly taken aback by his question. Did he already know something about her, or was it mere an educated guess. Seeing her hesitation, he probed further.

"I ask because you have the beautiful curves of an Italian woman " he said with gusto. "Not Sicily though, or the north. You have the look of a southern bella " he flourished his guess with a lewd wink and a confident smile.

Lucia, mildly bewildered, stammered to answer. "You're right, my family actually comes from Taranto. I have only visited once though, as a teenager."

"What a shame You would make an excellent statue on the beaches, sunbathing that magnificent form of yours "

Lucia blushed at his over-the-top compliments and looked at the floor, not wanting to spur him on. By now, Paulo had returned from the bedroom, and he and the other goon stood watching, leering as the old man questioned Lucia.

"Oh come bella You cannot be as shy as all that A beautiful Italian woman like you knows how irresistible she is She exists only to torment men with her sultry gaze and spectacular curves "

At his comment about her curves, Lucia held the blanket closer to herself, suddenly very aware of her nakedness underneath it. Oh a warm summer night in the un-air conditioned cabin, she had slept in the nude, and was now regretting that choice. She did not respond, but stood looking uncomfortable and nervous before the old man.

"Oh but how rude of me " He exclaimed. "I have not yet introduced myself to you. You may call me Mr Barroni, or Angelo if you prefer. After all, we will be spending the entire evening locked in this cabin together No need to stand on formalities."

He reached out his hand, offering it to her. Shuffling forward a step, Lucia reached one hand out, her other grasping the blanket tightly to her neck. She was surprised, when rather than simply shaking it, he grasped it in both hands and bent low, planting a wet kiss on the back of her hand. He held on, and looked up at her, his aged lips still hovering over her knuckles.

"Ah, what a pleasure to meet such a stunning young Italian girl, bella Lucia. Your complexion is so perfect, your hands so soft. You invigorate me " He added, with a lusty grin.

Lucia chose to ignore the implications of his last comment, and shuddered inwardly at his advances. Determined not to show weakness, she attempted, and failed to maintain an imperial gaze downwards at him. He facade broke as she flinched while he launched a second barrage of kisses on her hand and wrist, kissing up higher than decorum would normally allow. Determined to set boundaries, Lucia tugged her hand away gently. He looked up and met her gaze, a mocking hurt look on his face.

"Thank you for the compliments. They are very kind." she began. "You are a gentleman. Lets keep it that way."

"Oh-ho You have fuoco, the fire in your belly." he grinned widely, seeming to approve of her attitude. "You are a strong lady in public, yes? And then in private..." he grinned even wider, his face a mask of cracking lines.

"Which room do you want me to stay in while you do your... business?" Lucia asked again, this time with a tone of finality. She was desperate to remove herself from the situation, and hoping that out of sight, she would remain out of mind until his business was completed. She could only hope and pray that after that, she and Steven would be released unharmed.

"There is no rush, bella." he responded with a wave of his hand. "Paulo and Giovanni are more than capable of handling the details while we chat for a while. Besides, I would not deprive myself of the opportunity to enjoy the fortuitous luck of your company." He added with a wink.

Lucia stood awkwardly, unsure how to proceed. Not wanting to do anything that might provoke his baser passions, she gripped the blanket tightly around herself and shivered despite its warmth. She kept her eyes low, and glanced around only briefly while Paulo and Giovanni appeared to get to work, unpacking equipment from duffel bags, and making a quick search of the room with some sort of electronic wand. She almost stifled her gasp as she saw Paulo pause to place a large pistol on an end table while he crouched on the floor and unzipped another bag. Angelo's eyes lit up at her surprise, and he grinned widely at her.

"Do not be nervous, bella. As I said, you will not be harmed. This is only for our self defense, in case our associates choose to do business in a less than ethical manner."

Lucia gulped and nodded, returning her gaze to the floor. Angelo seemed content to merely stare at her from where he had seated himself on the couch while the other two men worked, taking her in with his lingering gaze. Wordlessly, Paulo and Giovanni headed outside, and Lucia heard the car doors opening and closing as they worked. Now alone in the room with Angelo, Lucia looked up again briefly, eyeing the bedroom door for any sign of movement from Steven. Silence and stillness reigned, and Lucia began to feel a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. As if reading her thoughts, Angelo injected.

"Your friend; boyfriend? No matter. He is alive. Paulo would not go against my word and harm him. He is merely bound and gagged to prevent any untimely outbursts or foolish attempts at heroism. Though from that one, I would not expect any." He added with a smirk.

Lucia blushed slightly at the implied criticism of Steven, but given his behavior so far that night, she really couldn't disagree with Angelo's assessment. Steven hadn't proven much use in a crisis.

"Enough about him though my bella Lucia." Angelo showed his teeth in a pseudo-smile as Lucia looked up to meet his gaze. "I have decided. I must have a better look at what you are hiding beneath your blanket."

Lucia's mouth moved, but no words came out. Her mind raced furiously for a way out of the situation, to no avail. Angelo merely watched her internal struggle, clearly both amused and pleased to see her so flustered. His tone had conveyed no room for argument or negotiation. It was a statement of intent.

"There is no use in stalling young lady." Angelo said in a calm, even tone that conveyed his cold logic with a harsh certainty. "I have all night, and you really do have no choice. I would much rather enjoy this time alone with you, rather than be forced to have Paulo and Giovanni encourage your participation."

His use of the word 'encourage' in a threatening way sent shivers down her spine, as she realized how easily it rolled off his tongue. She did not doubt that he was both capable and experienced at 'encouraging' people to do what he wished. Lucia felt tears begin to well up in her eyes, and in feeble protest, her hands reflexively gripped the blanket even tighter about her. She shook her head in a silent refusal, even while her mind realized what the logical end to this would be.

"Unfortunately, bella Lucia, refusal is not an option available to you." Angelo's face took on a much harder look now, his weathered face shifting from his thus-far constant smile to a narrow-eyed look of intensity. "Now. As I said, I want to have a look at those luxurious curves. Lower the blanket, slowly. I want you to tease me, and show me that innate style and grace of your Italian blood."

Lucia trembled with fear and rage, wanting so badly to defy the arrogant old man, but knowing that she could not bear to live with the consequences. Though the thought of making the choice sickened her, Lucia knew she would far rather be ogled and groped by Angelo than be beaten and raped by his goons. With shaking hands, she slowly loosened her grip on the top of the blanket, and then let it fall away from her chest.

Lucia didn't raise her eyes, even when she heard Angelo's sharp intake of breath in response to her unleashed breasts. Looking down, she saw her own large round globes, bathed in the orange glow of the candle. Her nipples slowly hardened as they were exposed to the cool night air, and the flickering light cast long shadows into her cavernous cleavage. She took a deep breath to steady herself, and raised her eyes.

The old man sat, eyes wide, smiling ear to ear as he took in the creamy complexion of her 36 D's, wondering at her dark pink nipples, areolas the size of quarters with a nearly dime sized hardening nub in the middle. He found his mouth watering, and licked his lips as he staring intently. He nodded his approval.

"As I said. You are a perfect specimen. The prototypical Italian goddess. To see you on the beach, lounging before a crowd of young men, would be divine." he gushed. "And now, I show me more! Show me your wondrous hips and thighs and bum!"

Resigned, and disgusted, let go of the blanket all together. I fell in a swirling pattern as it slid from her shoulders, tumbling down off the curve of her hip and onto the floor around her feet like a puddle. She stood, in all her naked glory, bare in the lamp-light. The slight tremor of nervousness in her legs translated into a general quaking of her curvaceous body, setting her tits, love handles, and butt a-quiver. Placing her right hand on her hip, Lucia thrust her hips to one side, and stood staring into Angelo's eyes. Spur of the moment, Lucia decided to appease the old man, and play up to his game in the hopes that he would be quickly satisfied. She grimaced with satisfaction as she saw his jaw drop, and his face momentarily lose its air of superiority and confidence in the face of her spectacular showing.

"Dio santo..." Angelo whispered to himself, his hand twitching reflexively as if to cross himself after a lifetime of Catholic upbringing. "Che bella regazza, you are a truly magnificent woman."

While Angelo watched, awestruck, Lucia began to pose for him, shifting her weigh from side to side with her hips, locking eyes with him, and puckering her lips. She strained to hold in tears and maintain her composure as she debased herself for his enjoyment. Reaching above her head, she piled her long brown hair on top of it, holding it there with both hands, accentuating her breasts with the position. She paused for some time there, shaking her tits slightly from side to side, their heavy fullness swaying in time with her hips.

"Come closer." Angelo urged in a deep insistent voice. "Come closer so I can see you better."

Hesitantly, Lucia took a couple paces closer, carefully stepping out of the blanket piled at her feet. She could see that Angelo was now breathing deeply and rapidly, and a bead of sweat was visible on his brow. He paused his leering for a moment, just long enough to remove his over coat and suit jacket, so that he sat in an expensive dress shirt and slacks, a bulge now clearly visible in the front of his crotch. Not bad, for an old fella, Lucia mused sardonically.

Standing a foot away from where he was slouched down on the couch, Lucia felt powerful, as even at 5'7" she found herself towering over the seated old man. The feeling was a fleeting one, as Paulo came back in through the Cabin's front door. Looking back over her shoulder in alarm, Lucia saw him pull up short and stare are her wide bare bum that was facing him.

"Wow boss, you really didn't waste any time here did ya?" Paulo asked with a loud guffaw.

Angelo's anger was as instantaneous as it was ferocious. Sensing Lucia's discomfort with his presence, and enraged by Paulo's familiar tone, Angelo let loose a torrent of profanity in Italian, gesturing for Paulo to leave at once.

"Testa di cazzo! Get out!" Angelo shouted with a final flourish of his hands towards the door.

Paulo quickly retreated under the intensity of his boss's anger, sheepishly returning outside to the front of the cabin. Turning his gaze back to Lucia, he smiled.

"You see bella, there is no need to fear. You continue to play nice and I will protect you from gorillas like Paulo. That philistine could never truly appreciate your beauty anyway. He was born here in North America, and likes his silly bleach blonde sluts. No respect for a real woman. And what a woman!" Angelo exclaimed, taking in Lucia's body for the hundredth time.

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