tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Camera Never Lies Like I Do

The Camera Never Lies Like I Do


I like how it feels to be watched. I like my fingers deep within my hot, wet, bald pussy knowing that so many eyes are enraptured with every move they make. I look up at my cam window and my folds are splayed open, my legs hooked back over the arms of my chair.

I'm in a daddy/daughter chat room, precious few daddies have cams on, but the few that do are on. Some are stroking in time to my motions, some aren't comfortable with that and are only showing their faces. Oh the looks on their weathered faces! Such adoration, such complete admiration for my efforts, it makes me gasp in pleasure.

A few new windows pop up on the screen and I have to move my fingers away to answer or close them. Can't they see my hands are busy? I stop a moment to lick my fingers, tasting myself. I love to clean myself, though. Some women find it disgusting, but I enjoy the sensual feeling and taste of my own arousal.

I have to leave the room, my cam counter says there are 30 horny men watching me and I cannot allow any more on my system. Leaning forward, I grab a vibrating dildo. My other fingers are doing their best to keep me spread, to show these lusty daddies what they want. I've talked to just a few of them, role playing as their slutty daughter, or daughter's friend, or whatever they fancied.

It was almost palpable when I offered one of them a view of my face from cam. Then another. Soon they all saw that my cam was available and there was a flurry of approvals to give and questions to answer. But I had gotten what I needed from typing, now it was time to finish the show.

The small round cam was down on the chair between my legs. I could feel my cunt pulsing and begging for more than mere exploitation and finger exploration. Setting the vibrator on my thigh, still out of view, I moved my other hand back down. I love to watch my own fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, and I love watching the row of cams all react. Daddy's faces moved in closer, cocks jumped, windows lit up their approvals.

I glanced at the words popping up. There were requests, wild words of encouragement, and begging for more. I whimpered in spite of myself, I had 30 men all in my thrall. And as much as they wanted from me, I wanted them to have. I moved one hand up my thigh, keeping my now pulsing opening wide for them and slid the dildo into view. Perhaps it's a little dramatic to show it like I do, but I can't help that I want them all to have a good show.

My toes curl as I tease my opening with its buzzing smooth head. It goes in slowly, centimeter by centimeter. My clit longs for it to be in and pulled up to it, but I will not shortchange my daddies from a proper viewing of my tight pussy lips gripping around this modest-sized toy. Oh but I want to. I want to plunge it in and fuck myself silly with it. I want to close my legs and enjoy the full fruits of what I know this toy does to me. But I can't. I can't spoil the fun for my audience.

I shift back a bit so that I have room to slide it in and out without knocking over the cam in my excitement. The daddies are watching. One has already blown his load. Poor daddy, I think, but I'm smirking to myself, pleased that I got him off. His cam goes dark and I look at the others. A couple of them have shifted back in their seats. I still only see their faces but it's clear that their hands are also occupied elsewhere. Reading over the messages, one is asking me to show my breasts. Sorry daddy, I'm not moving the cam just now, breasts were earlier in the show.

But there is one daddy, one with brown curly hair and his eyes are fixed on me, not wavering, I can barely tell if he's blinking. I double-check that his cam isn't frozen and he moves to flick something away from his face. He is mesmerized and I am ready to explode myself.

I slowly slide the dildo back out and then back in again. I move it to different angles, watching the cam to see which shows up best. All of them make me quiver and shift; longing for release. Finally I find one that pleases me. I see another daddy go off for my casual masturbation. It is officially now too hot for me to fuss with the technical aspects of this.

Gently I start to slide a more steady rhythm into myself. It feels too good; I'm too worked up. Dialing down the speed of the vibration, I see my favorite daddy still watching so intently. There is another tinge of arousal and I get back to it. At first it's slow and careful. I tilt it up a bit, the shaft of the toy rubs against my clit. I picture this in close range in my head and then open my eyes to see my skin so bright and stretched over my dildo. I bite my lip and work it faster, feeling the vibrations touching me inside and at my clit.

There he is again, my daddy with the brown hair. His mouth has moved open and he is watching in sheer amazement, as if he's never seen such a thing. Another daddy's cock spurts up and I lean forward a bit. The lighting is no longer optimal, but there is no stopping this orgasm. The hand that's spreading me releases and moves up to my lips as I am now frantically fucking myself with this vibrating dildo. My legs are shaking and my abdomen is taught as I reach out to touch the pixels representing his face as he moves closer to the screen. "Yes, daddy... yes... " I groan and finally release thinking of the expression on his face, such a mixture of adoration, admiration and lust.

My body shivers and then shudders against it. I fuck myself harder almost violently now, shivering in the odd cadence of the final throes of orgasm. I'm still tingling so I stop for a moment and then give a few more odd strokes to make sure that another one isn't right behind it. The juices slide out in a gentle rain over the invading dildo and slicken the insides of my thighs. It shines in the cam and I watch myself pull it all the way out.

It is at this point that I know I'm never going to talk to these men again, unless we happen to meet up in another room. But I rarely go into the same one twice. It's a shame; I would have liked to see my brown-haired daddy again. However I don't like to repeat performances to the same people on another night. Then it becomes routine and boring, which won't get me off. I smirk at the proposals as I cover the lens of my cam with the palm of my hand and return it to its spot on top of the monitor.

When I uncover it again, it's on my face. Time for clean up, and I do enjoy my clean up. Turning off the vibrations I move the toy to my face and lick myself off of it after inspecting how much of my leavings are on it. This was a good night and I smile at it. First I lick it off gently, and then I move it into my mouth, sucking it as I would a cock. One last daddy had not blown his load until this and I smile at him and the other daddy. My cam count is down a bit now as two have left. You can't please everyone.

Finally I give a little wave and blow them all a kiss and shut the system down. But tomorrow I will be back with a different name and in a different room. Perhaps tomorrow I'll see what the mommies want of me.

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