tagFetishThe Camping Trip

The Camping Trip


Warning! This story contains content not suitable for people under the age of 18. If you didn't know that, you're an idiot. If you're under 18, get off the damn site and go play with your friends, unless you don't have any. This story contains kinky elements that involve fart fetish as well as normal sexual acts. If this isn't your thing, stop reading and go back. If you're looking for peeing and all the other disgusting shit, stop reading and go back. Otherwise, enjoy the story!


"Alright! Looks like that's it," I said to myself after gathering the last of my gear for this very long weekend in the woods. I never thought about the possibility of going camping for Memorial Day, but people do it all the time. Even still, I was nervous about being out in the middle of the woods for a few days with semi-familiar people, and wild animals.

There goes my over active imagination again, I thought. After taking one last look around my dorm room, I silently double checked everything coming with me: Bug spray? Check! Tooth brush? Check! Razor? Check! PSP? Check! IPod? Check! Camcorder?

"Oh shit! I can't forget you." I said

If I forgot this, then my entire weekend would have been ruined because there were going to be many uses for it. A devious smile crept onto my face as I thought about the many uses it's already had and the future things that it would record. As I looked at my watch once more, a familiar sequence of knocks permeated through my door letting me know that my beautiful friend/fuck buddy Kyanna was on the other side of the door to signal that she was ready to leave for the trip.

"I'm almost ready to go just doing one last check around the room." I said while grabbing my camera and hitting the record button on it.

I walked over to the door and opened it to this miniature Filipina. She was a year older than me at 22 and very beautiful. She was born here in the U.S., but her parents emigrated from the Philippines several years before she was born. She stood at a tiny 5'2", but was very well developed for an Asian girl, especially in the rear. Kyanna's 130+ lbs was very well distributed in her 38C breasts, a tiny 21 inch waist, thick yet very shapely thighs, and the most perfectly shaped 44 inch bubble butt that I've ever had the pleasure of penetrating in my life. If anyone saw it from the side, they would notice how far that it pokes out and how perfectly round it is. She had long black hair with dark blue streaks, a heart shaped face, and very thick lips that were often wrapped around the very thick head of my dick sucking like a Hoover vacuum until either swallowing copious amounts of my cum or pulling away to let it blanket her face.

"Oh good! You remembered to bring it!" said Kyanna while entering my room carrying her bag. "We're going to record a lot of stuff this weekend. There's a problem though."

"What kind of problem? It doesn't have to do with your friends being around all the time during this trip? I'm sure they're gonna be doing other shit," I asked while panning the camera up and down her body to capture what she was wearing.

"No. We can't have sex this weekend. At least not vaginal sex. Monthly visitor." said Kyanna with disappointment. She walked further into the room and shut the door, which allowed my camera to capture the very short and tight grey shorts that just ended at the bottom of her cheeks. She knew that those were my favorite shorts for her to wear next to the dark blue ones that fit her the same way.

"Well, that's a shame, but you only said vaginal sex of course. It's not like that's the only stuff we do." I said with a smile.

Kyanna twirled and did a mock pose for the camera. I panned the camera up and down her body some more to capture her feet encased in black flip flops, her thick and well muscled calves, her thick thighs, her pierced navel and rounded breasts encased in her white tank top.

"Damn CJ! You can't get enough of me! Anytime I come in here, you're always recording." she said with mock anger.

"Yeah, well, I consider myself an artist. The camera is my tool and you are the masterpiece that I wish to capture." I said while rubbing my now engorged crotch through my baggy jeans.

"That's the biggest line of bullshit that's come out of your mouth...for now." said Kyanna while taking a step forward and rubbing my crotch. "Well, make sure you get everything." She took a few steps back and turned away from me slowly, just the way I liked it. As she turned, I panned down to her waist to capture the beauty of her booty as it jiggled with each step her body made. It still amazes me how her butt can be that loose and jiggly, yet still maintain it's perfectly rounded shape.

"I am in love. Seriously. I'm absolutely in love with your ass. I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life...well, besides your face I mean." I reached out and squeezed her ass, which prompted her to clap them together like a stripper does for eager customers.

"And they say Asian girls don't have ass? I've got more than some black women." said Kyanna with a laugh. "I could donate and give it to some of your sistas."

"Yeah...you could...but I would never want that to happen." I said while still playing with her ass and recording it simultaneously. "How long do we have?"

"Not enough time for your thick black dick to paint my face with cum, especially with how long you take to get there. But we have time to for one of my favorites." said Kyanna turning around to look up at me with a smile.

"What would that be?" I asked with an inquisitive tone in my voice. Smiling, she patted her stomach a few times and pointed to the floor. "Alright." I said with a smile while walking over to get my tripod in preparation for this activity.

Over the time that we knew each other, Kyanna and I experimented with various activities, one of which involved her wearing tight clothing such as these shorts and pressing her butt onto my face and farting. She first brought it up to me four months ago after recording a session that involved her choking down one of my usual super thick loads of cum that nearly overflowed from her tiny mouth. We had hours upon hours of material from the both of us having sex, eating her pussy, or her sucking my dick to various endings, which usually ended up with her face getting covered in several jets of cum. After the vigorous fuck session, we were lying on the bed, when she said,

"I was surfing the web and came across these videos online where this couple films some crazy shit that they do with each other."

"What kind of crazy shit?" I asked still recovering from the amazing blow job that occurred a minute prior.

"Well, the husband apparently has a fart fetish and well, he records his wife farting in his face at home and in public. It's some crazy shit! The wife is this really petite white chick that really enjoys farting in her husband's face." She turned to look at me with a smile. "I have really bad gas right now and I figured that since you like my butt so much, you wouldn't mind it."

"Uh, no thanks. I'll pass on that." I said giving her a weird look.

"Well, how about you take your mind off that and think about my soft ass pressing on your face and how good it feels. Will that help?" she said while looking at me like a child does to a parent when wanting to borrow the car.

"Seriously? You want to do this? You want to fart in my face? Girl, you are a bigger freak than I could have ever imagined." I said shocked.

"If you do this, then I'll bring my friend Leila in and we'll have a threesome. Come on CJ! I know who much you like her. I really think it'll be hot!" she said.

This was true. I thought her friend Leila was hot, but that's another story. Never in my life had the possibility of a chick farting on me ever crossed my mind. I pondered it for a couple of moment, thinking about how soft good her ass feels before finally saying "Alright. Let's do it."

"Can we record it too?" asked Kyanna with a wide smile on her face. "We record everything else."

"Yeah, sure." I said while getting down on my knees in front of the camera. I hit the record button and said, "I can't believe that I'm doing this."

Kyanna stood up and teased the camera for a second by clapping her cheeks together and then moved towards me until my face was completely engulfed by her round and fluffy ass. For several minutes, Kyanna erupted some of the biggest and loudest farts that I've ever heard and smelled in my life, especially from someone her size.

Present Day

As I kneeled on the floor in front of the camera, Kyanna took her place in front of me. I grew accustomed to smelling her farts over time by simply blocking it out and focusing on the softness of her butt pressing into my face and embracing the warmth it created. "Are you ready CJ? I hope so because I feel a really big one coming on." she said laughing.

"When are they not? Seriously, how does someone your size make them that big?" I said with a laugh.

"Good eating. Alright, put your face in between my cheeks. You like these shorts?" asked Kyanna as she pulled my face deep into her cheeks.

"Girl, you know they're my favorite." I said in a muffled voice while grabbing hold of her hips.

"What? I didn't get that." she mocked.

As she pulled my face in deeper, I felt and heard a large blast of air hit me in the face that lasted for at least five seconds. I inhaled deeply as a garlic-like smell filled my nostrils.

"Ahhhh... Keep inhaling." said Kyanna with relief. I kept inhaling for several seconds and then pushed her away so to get fresh air into my lungs. "That was a huge one! Are you alright?"

"Holy shit! What did you eat?" I asked breathing hard trying to get the smell out of my nose, making her giggle. She patted my head and turned around.

"Pasta from last night. I ate some for breakfast thinking about this moment. Garlic always gives me gas." she replied.

"Alright, I'm ready for another one." I said, making sure to take several more deep breaths into my lungs. For five more minutes, Kyanna released at least ten very loud farts, one of which included an eleven second bubbly sounding one that made both of us laugh for a bit.

"Wow, I really feel so much better," she said while bending over to open her bag. I pressed stop on the camera and turned it off to stow away in my back pack. "I hope that didn't make you sick at all." Kyanna put on a small and tight black sweater over her tank top that still clinged to her curves.

"Nah, I'm used to it by now. I figure all the stuff you do for me, this is the least I could do." I lied.

"Yeah right. You never pass up on any possibility to be in contact with my ass." she laughed.

After making sure we had everything, we grabbed our gear and left the room. The both of us walked across campus and until reaching the parking lot where everyone was supposed to rendezvous. Upon reaching the lot, I saw four of Kyanna's friends, whom I've met on a few separate occasions at parties and bars in the area.

"Hey everyone." she said while I followed in her wake. They all replied with a "Hey," while proceeding to hug her. There was one white couple, one Asian couple in the group, and Kyanna and I who were simply friends with serious benefits. "You all remember CJ, right?"

I greeted everyone and shook their hands in a friendly way. It felt weird being the only black person for a brief second, but that moment quickly vanished as everyone seemed friendly and focused on the trip.

"Are you all ready to go?" asked Kyanna.

"Not yet. We're waiting on my friend Megan to get here. She'll be here in a few." said the one white girl named Amy.

"You guys got the food and drinks packed up in the car, right?" asked Kyanna while staring at Amy's boyfriend Dave.

"Yeah. Believe me that was the first thing that I packed. I'm not going into the fucking woods without some alcohol. Not a fucking chance in hell." he replied in his thick Jersey accent.

"I hear you man. I've seen all those movies with white people going into the woods doing stupid shit. If someone comes after me or a fucking bear attacks me, I'd rather be passed out when it happens." said Jim, Asian guy standing next to him. His girlfriend Kim rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Hey, Megan just sent me a text. She'll be about ten more minutes...argument with her ex," said Amy while responding to the message.

"Great! Now she's gonna be in a fucking mood the whole trip. Now, I'm definitely glad we're bringing alcohol. There's no way in hell I'm dealing with her ass sober." said Dave looking around for support. Jim nodded his head in agreement.

"You're all heart babe. Really." said Amy shaking her head.

"I'm just saying. If she ruins this trip, I'll make sure to leave her ass in the woods for all the bears and shit." said Dave.

"Yeah, well, in that case I'd have to cut you off for at least two months." said Amy glaring at her boyfriend. I drowned out the group for a moment as I whispered to Kyanna,

"Do they know about us?"

"No, they don't know about all the crazy shit we do. Only Leila does, remember? And they don't know her." whispered Kyanna.

"Cool. Too bad she can't come on the trip." I said thinking about the fuck session with that thick Puerto Rican goddess from two nights ago which didn't include Kyanna. The two of them messed around without me as well, so there were no secrets between us.

"Yeah, I know. I would have loved to film the two of us taking a facial from you in the woods." she whispered.

I looked up and saw a thick and tanned white girl walking towards the group with a scowl on her face. She was average in height at 5'7" with long brown hair and eyes. What immediately drew me to Megan were her huge breasts and shapely hips that were encased in a black tank top and tight black workout pants. I watched in silent awe as her breasts bounced up and down in the shirt that could barely contain them. She seemed alright until opening her mouth to speak, which immediately snapped me back to reality

"Yeah, can we get going now?" she said abruptly looking at Dave.

"Hi Megan, happy to see you too." he replied.

"Whatever." muttered Megan with a sneer.

"Wow! I can't wait for the car ride!" said Jim with mock jubilation that made me laugh. Megan looked at me in disgust, which Kyanna saw as well. This was going to be an interesting trip, I thought.

Every one loaded their stuff in the back of Dave's Chevy Suburban before piling inside and taking off for the cabin. During the whole trip, Megan thankfully remained silent as everyone else talked and laughed the whole way. Periodically, Kyanna would reach over and tease me by rubbing my cock through my jeans unbeknownst to everyone since we were sitting in the very back of the truck. This drove me over the edge as I desperately wanted to thrust my cock deep into her ass since her pussy was off limits for the next several days.

After an hour and a half, we finally reached the camp ground, which I was thankful for, because Kyanna had me on the verge of busting a nut from her relentless teasing. I climbed down from the truck and stretched my six foot frame in relief. I looked around and took in the beautiful scenery around me as endless trees seemed to form a perimeter around us.

"Alright everyone! Get your shit outta my truck!" said Dave, which broke my reverie. What a call back to reality, I thought as everyone walked to the back of Dave's truck and helped unload, that is except for Megan, who grabbed her own bag and walked away from us.

"Thanks for your help!" Jim called to her retreating back. She responded by giving him the finger. My eyes followed her wide backside which jiggled erratically in those spandex pants. How could a woman so beautiful be such a bitch? I thought to myself before grapping a cooler full of the one thing that would make Megan bearable to be around: alcohol. After everything was unloaded, Dave left to go pick up the key to our cabin in the woods.

"Hey CJ, could you pass me a beer from the cooler man?" called Jim to my left.

"What kind?" I asked.

"Hand me a MGD if it's at the top." he said pulling on his shirt to create an air flow for himself. It was pretty hot out here, I thought.

"You're in luck, it's right at the top." I said while passing him the beer.

"My man!" he said happily while taking the cap off and chugging it down thirstily.

"I wonder what this looks like inside." I said.

"It's really big in there. I've been coming up here with my family since I was eight. This belongs to a friend of theirs." said Amy while sipping a bottle of water. She looked over at Megan, who was sitting farther away staring off into space. "Sorry about her attitude. She's usually really nice, it's just the whole break up is fucking with her."

"No worries. I know how that can be." I said looking at Kyanna who was tying her hair into a pony tail. After a few minutes, Dave returned in his truck and jogged toward us.

"Sorry about the wait. The fucker was in his back office jacking off and shit. Don't worry, he washed his hands." he said matter of factly to everyone's shocked faces. "What?"

"Seriously, I'd rather have not known what happened." said Amy.

"We all got needs babe. He just picked the wrong time," said Dave laughing as he unlocked the door. We all piled inside with our belongings and looked around the cabin. It contained a living room, dining room, full kitchen, and an upstairs as well.

"Now this is a cabin!" I said enthusiastically. I really hadn't seen anything like this before and it really was awesome.

"Alright, let's get the rest of the stuff before the bears come and eat it." said Jim.

"I thought there were no bears out here?" said Megan finally talking after a long silence.

"She speaks!" said Jim in a feigning shock.

"He's just being an asshole. There's nothing around here." said Kim slapping him in the back of the head.

"Him? Being an asshole? What else is new?" said Megan while walking towards the bathroom.

"Seriously babe? I know you're her good friend and everything, but why did she have to come? We- I mean, she- aw fuck it! Everyone would have been better off without her coming here, especially her since I'm really tempted to throw her ass in the lake." said Dave.

"I second that." said Jim raising his nearly empty bottle of MGD.

"I thought it would be good for her. I know she's being a pain in the ass, but you gotta understand why though." said Amy. Dave shrugged and walked back outside to get the rest of the stuff. After everything was inside, we all unpacked our supplies and put the food in the refrigerator and freezer.

"I'll grill the burgers tonight," I offered while we all sat down in the living room.

"You want help man? There are a lot of mouths to feed, namely mine," said Jim.

"It's all good man. Don't worry about it," I replied.

"Cool. Now that we've got that settled, I'm ready to go jump in the lake." said Dave jumping up to his feet.

"Sounds good." said everyone in agreement. We all got changed and walked out to the lake. During the walk there, I admired Kyanna's swim attire which consisted of a silver bikini that complimented her tanned skin and abundant curves very well. Whenever people were preoccupied during the walk there, I took the opportunity to squeeze her ass or slap it.

We stayed down by the lake for a couple of hours drinking, tanning (everyone except me), and swimming. After a while, I got out of the water to send some people a text back home. When I finished, I set my phone down on the pier next to my towel and jumped back in the water. I looked up and saw Megan coming back down the pier. As she approached my towel, I heard a splash as my phone fell into the water.

"SHIT! What the fuck? You knocked my phone in the water!" I yelled. I swam toward area where it fell to get it out the water.

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