The Car Ride


"Oh my god this is the longest drive." Kerry moaned in the most pathetic voice she could muster. Her small body lay sprawled as much she could in the back of the car. She had on a little red sundress which came down to her mid thighs. She was a petite girl, short and thin, with small but perky breasts and a tight, round ass. She made a sad face at her boyfriend.

Dan smiled as he looked down at her. No one could look so sad but still so beautiful as Kerry. Her dark hair was a sharp contrast to her pale skin. She had these big brown eyes which melted your heart, a little upturned nose, a shining smile. Her exaggerated expression made him giggle. "And we still have four more hours to go, so get comfy."

"She looks plenty comfy." Remarked their friend Jim, who'd offered to drive the rest of the way back. He'd always found Kerry beyond sexy, but kept his distance for Dan's sake. That didn't stop him from the occasional flirty remark. "Better keep those legs together or I'm going to have to leave a tip!"

"Hey! Back off my woman!" Dan laughed. He knew Jim liked her, but he was respectful so Dan didn't worry. Kerry liked to take advantage of it from time to time. Used him to get some free food or a ride to work when Dan was busy. She liked to tease too, which he pretended to roll his eyes at, but really he encouraged. Sometimes they'd plan out ways to tease his friends, or he'd let her do something if she had the sudden inspiration to show off. It was one of the kinkier aspects of their relationship. This was one of those moments where she had developed ideas of her own. Kerry winked at Dan and lifted her dress a bit while letting her legs fall open. In the rear view mirror Jim caught a glimpse of her lacy neon blue panties. He felt his cock begin to harden in his pants. She bit her lip in the mirror. Jim hated tearing away his eyes but he had to look at the road. When he looked back the panties were hidden again, but his dick stayed hard.

"Gosh," Kerry said quietly, her pouty face returning, "this drive is sooo boring. I wish there was a way to make it more interesting." She sighed and bit her lip, looking expectantly at Dan. She knew she'd be able to get something out of him, at least a good few minutes of making out. She wondered how far he'd be willing to take it. Her brother's friend had seen Dan give her a hand job once, just putting his hand down her pants. That was the farthest they'd gone so far with an audience. They fantasized and talked about more but had yet to go through with it.

Dan saw the look in her eye and knew where she was headed. Her little displays turned him on so much, she could have gotten him to do anything. Her perfect lips called to him, and he found himself giving in before she even asked. He grabbed her head and pulled her lips to his. After a few seconds her tongue began to probe into his mouth, and he allowed his to meet it. Their breath was loud and heavy through their noses as their tongues swirled around each other. Kerry let out soft moans every few seconds. She sat up in the seat and leaned over Dan, her hands beginning to roam and explore his body.

Dan unbuckled his and Kerry's seatbelts so that they could get at each other more easily. He traced his fingers across the tattoos on her upper arms. He loved her tattoos, they alone could get him half hard sometimes. Her upper arms, lower back, and up her right side were all covered. The colors made her pale skin seem stark white. His most favorite was the one that was scrawled across her back, just above her ass. "Daddy's Little Girl," it said in flowing script. Kerry swung one leg over and straddled him. She slowly rocked her hips as they kissed, lips now finding their way across necks as well.

Jim watched in the mirror as Dan's hands made their way across Kerry's body. He had no intention of protesting their actions. Fully intended, in fact, to encourage them if needed. Anything for a fleeting glimpse of Kerry's body. He wondered if she sounded like he imagined when she was at the heights of bliss. He had a feeling he was going to get to find out. He watched as Dan ran his hands up her thighs, her light sundress coming with it. Daddy's Little Girl. Damned tattoo gave him a boner every time he saw it, imagining her say it in a sultry voice as she fucked him in his dreams. He continued to watch as Dan massaged her hips as they made slow circles, rubbing her damp crotch across his hard bulge. Jim was now only using one hand to drive, the other mindlessly rubbing his own hard on through his pants.

Kerry's cheeks were now flushing red. She had just been playfully horny before, but the situation had gotten her going even more than she'd expected. A throbbing need had developed between her legs, and she was going to have it satisfied. She leaned back and pulled off Dan's shirt, exposing his defined torso. She pawed at it and ran her nails across. Dan raised his hands, running them up her sides, pulling the dress up over her head. Her small breasts looked perfect in the sun, since she wore no bra with that dress. Her skin looked reflective in that midday light, her tattoos like shadows across a bank of snow.

Jim had to jerk the car back into the lane, having begun to drift. He heard Kerry's playful laugh and glanced in the mirror again. She was looking over her shoulder at him with those big brown eyes, a smile on her face. "Jim!" She admonished. " you should be keeping your eyes on the roaoooooh..." Her eyes rolled back as she drifted off into a moan, Dan's tongue having found that special spot just above her collar bone. Jim saw her crawl off of Dan and begin working at his belt and pants. She pulled them down, his boxers with them. Dan's cock stood throbbing in the air, and Kerry wasted no time taking it into her mouth.

Dan leaned back and groaned. "Ohh fuck yes!" Her warm mouth felt like heaven around the sensitive head of his dick. Her tongue massaged along the bottom of his shaft as her lips made their way down. She moved her head back and forth, mouth filling with his cock, then using her lips and tongue to toy with the head. Suddenly she sank it deep into her throat, until the short hairs around the base tickled at her lips, causing him to moan loudly again. She held it there for a moment, massaging more with her tongue, when she gagged. She slid it out of her with a ragged breath, followed by a cough. A thick stream of saliva dripped down off her chin and across Dan's crotch.

Jim watched her small breasts rise and fall as she caught her breath. He couldn't believe she had just deep throated his best friend right in front of him, on his back seat. He felt a small damp spot on his pants where he was leaking precum. Seeing her cover Dan's throbbing erection with her spit had been a delight he hasn't expected. She was gripping it in her hand now, stroking as she caught her breath. Dan reached down to slip off her panties. The crotch briefly clung to her pussy, her wet juices making it stick. Dan did it slowly, they inched down her thighs, over her knees, then finally she slipped her feet through them. She sat in the middle of the seat, her eyes fixed on the mirror. When Jim looked again he watched her open her legs, exposing her sex. It was clean shaven, baby smooth. The pink lips were small and compact, visibly glistening with her arousal.

One hand still stroking Dan, Kerry decided she'd play for Jim a little. She traced her fingers across her tight stomach, over her little pink nipples, then down again to the skin just above her waiting pussy. Her clit was pounding, screaming at her to get satisfaction. She brought her fingers right up next to it on either side, and used her index and ring fingers to open up her dipping lips. Slowly she curled her middle finger down and barely flicked it across her clit. "Shhhit," she breathed. She began to touch it ever so slightly, each time making her body shudder a tiny bit, eliciting a little gasp of pleasure. Jim and Dan both had their eyes fixed on her, and she thrived in the attention. She began to go faster and faster. She let go of her lips and used all the fingers to rub at her clit. Her hips began to buck and her ass lifted off the seat as she felt herself tense up. Her eyes screwed shut and her breath got heavy and fast. Her fingers worked furiously and her legs began to quiver. She let out a long moan and suddenly she felt a hot splash hit her fingers, her thighs, and spatter across her feet. Her whole body shuddered, every muscle spasming. She took away her hand as she continued to shake. She collapsed onto the seat, breathing heavy as her body calmed. She looked at Dan, then at Jim, an embarrassed smile on her face. She'd never squirted by her own hand before, it took her by surprise. The boys stared with their jaws hanging open.

Dan was amazed. He'd never seen her go off like that. He touched her arm and she jumped a little. Her eyes caught sight of the throbbing rod of meat standing up from his crotch. She smiled and leaned close. He felt her warm breath against his ear. "Ready for a ride?" She giggled at how vigorously he nodded his head. She swung her leg over again. He felt the warmth of her skin against his chest. She kept her pussy hovering just barely off the tip of his cock. He could feel the heat radiating from it. She kissed him deeply, moaning as she did. Dan felt a drop of wetness on his cock as her arousal leaked from the lips of her pussy. He couldn't bear it anymore.

Jim saw Dan's fingers grip Kerry's waist. She let out a yelp of pleasure as he jammed her down. Jim could only fantasize about how it felt for his cock to split those lips open and sink inside, to be completely enveloped by her warm, wet pussy. He unzipped his pants, not able to hold back anymore. He reached in and pulled out his iron hard dick. He began to stroke it as he stole glances in the mirror at his friends' heaving bodies.

Kerry was in heaven. Dan's cock had never felt so impossibly hard within her. She used her hips to move it around inside her, hitting every spot she loved and some new ones on top of those. She moved her hips in circles. Her hands gripped tight to Dan's hair, like she needed to hold on or he'd disappear. She felt his hands on her too, one tracing from her hip up her ribs and back, across her tattoo. The other massaged her breast and pinched at her nipple. She began to use her knees to lift herself up and down too, felt her pussy empty of his powerful member, then filled it with him again. Her moans grew wild. "Oh fuck fuck fuck. Holy fuck! Oh mmmmm oh shit! Fuck yes. Fuck daddy's little girl! Yes! YES!"

Dan realized Kerry had never felt so amazing before. Her tight pussy was by far the best he'd experienced, but this time she was a whole new animal. It felt like it was squeezing his cock with the strength of a hand. Every wet movement felt like a new aspect of heaven. Her warm skin drove him crazy, a light pinkish tinge to it now as her whole body flushed with arousal. He was mesmerized by the movements of her body. He watched her abs tighten every time she brought her hips forward. Her chest rose and fell with every gasping moan. Her head fell back, eyes rolling, then forward again to look him in the eye, disbelieving pleasure on her face. She gritted her teeth and a high pitched wail sounded from her throat. Dan felt his hair being pulled hard as she held on, and suddenly there was a warm, wet sensation across his lower body. He looked down to see more of her squirt spreading on the seat around him.

Kerry took a moment to catch her breath, she needed it after that one. She heard a rapid slapping sound behind her. She looked over her shoulder again and saw that Jim had his cock out and was jerking away. She smiled to herself. "It's so nice of you to drive us all the way back Jim," she said with a soft smirk, "I think you deserve a better show."

As Jim watched in the mirror, Kerry leaned back a bit and swung one leg up and over Dan's head, then the other across his legs, all without letting him leave her. She now faced the front and Jim had a perfect view of her pale, flushed body. Her mouth hung open just a bit as she breathed, her eyes locked to his in the mirror. She began to rock her hips again. Forward and back, side to side, then in a slow circle around. It was the most erotic thing Jim had ever seen, better than he had ever dared to imagine. Dan tried to fondle her as she worked him, but she grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the seat. She used her arms to lift herself up and down. Jim watched the lips of her pussy open to take in Dan's wide shaft. Everything below their waists was damp and sticky. Her hips began to buck faster as she took the cock as deep as she could. Her face was more beautiful than ever to Jim. Makeup smudged, hair wild, face screwed up with pleasure, he'd never seen a more perfect specimen of a woman.

Kerry lifted herself up and held there, waiting for Dan to catch the hint. He wasted no time. He started lifting his own hips in order to fuck her. She held herself high and he began to penetrate her as savagely as he could. He'd sink into her with a wet slap of their bodies. He fucked her as hard and as fast as he was able. Their pleasure began to reach such heights they could no longer form words. The air was filled with grunts. "Uh uh uh uh uh," punctuated every thrust. Nobody was even sure who was doing it. Kerry's small breasts were bouncing rapidly with every movement, the frantic pounding of her pussy jerking her whole body. She watched Jim's hand work furiously at his own erection.

They all came at once. Kerry arched her back and screamed, her body convulsing. Dan squeezed her tight to him, his arms newly free. He felt his cock pumping load after load into Kerry's hungry pussy. He'd never cum so much or so hard in his life. His jizz filled her hole and began to leak out the sides, into his soft hairs and down onto the seat. Jim was too focused to care where his cum went, so he shot up and all over his steering wheel and himself. The car was filled with a symphony of moans and groans, Kerry's now a bit hoarse after her scream of pleasure.

The couple collapsed on each other in the back seat, completely exhausted. Their breath slowed as they lay there, eyes closed. Dan began to snore softly. Jim had tucked away his cock, but he still stole glances back at Kerry's still naked body whenever he could. Her flush had faded, a painted ivory goddess if one could ever exist. One time he thought he caught her looking at him, but she quickly shut her eyes. She couldn't help a little smile appearing. Jim thought he knew what that meant, and looked forward to what new adventures with his best friends awaited back at their apartment.

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