The Caretaker's Children Pt. 02

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The plot unfolds for Amy and Kate.
4.6k words

Part 2 of the 4 part series

Updated 05/28/2024
Created 04/06/2023
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Not long after Amy found her note Kate had to leave to go to her classes. Sitting in her lecture hall, the course material was barely registering after the revelations they'd uncovered. At every moment her thoughts were turning to Amy.

The next day was a lot like the first, with every task and commitment performed as if in a dream. She could feel her hidden reservoirs refilled with sexual potential, and with each passing hour her cravings increased. Her normally easily hidden cocks felt vital now, ready and threatening to emerge for action even in Amy's absence. It was distracting, and without any outlet for her desires also quite frustrating.

Later that evening she decided to try to solve the problem with exercise. Her adoptive parents had a home gym which over the years had become her own personal sanctuary, a place to calm her troubled mind and strengthen her body. Again however, she found herself completely unable to focus on her intended task. Below the steady rise and fall of her tattooed forearm as she worked her twenty pound freeweight she pretended she couldn't see desire's presence. Alone in that gym she'd given up on trying to control them, and they were now filling out the right leg of her yoga pants, yearning for use. It was a good thing mom and dad were away on their boat cruise, it would be a real upset if they were to walk in on her looking like that!

It had never been an issue before, Kate could easily just tuck her pair away when it was time to workout. She set her weight down and just looked at them, wondering how she was going to have to adjust her life if they'd keep being as they were. From the way the tight material clung to them as they snaked semi-hard along her thigh, revealing every vein and the rim around each head near her knee, it was evident it would demand a major update to her wardrobe.

She wiped a bit of sweat off her brow, then stood up. The shift in posture caused her yoga pants to rub on them, equally bothering and pleasuring the sensitive skin. In a mirror on the wall she looked at herself, the toned perfection she'd created over the years, with enviable abs showing below her neon green sports bra. Her long, scarlet hair was bunned up on top of her head.

She raised her right leg slightly, presenting the ridiculous features breaking up an otherwise familiar sight. Was it something to be proud of? It certainly was erotic, as much as it was bizarre. For all her life she'd been ashamed, and for all that time she'd been able to hide them. Now that they were operational was it something worthy of her pride?

She pulled her waist band down slightly and tugged them out of her yoga pants, then let them flop down to swing freely. That felt a lot better. Then on an impulse she went over to the laundry room nearby, where her dad had let some tools pile up, and picked up a tape measure. Amy had been wondering...

The open air and her persistent thoughts were sending more blood down to her cocks, and they were getting stiff, as if they were proud that she'd decided to get a measurement. With the tip of her thumb she pinned the end tab of the tape against her crotch, while the rest of her hand cupped her shaft and held it horizontal. She drew the tape out, out and out some more. Fifteen inches. She let it drop, and the tape snapped back into its carrier. Repeating the process with her lower one, it was almost as ridiculous at roughly fourteen.

"Okay, well, now we know." She tossed the tape measure back into the pile. "But how do I get them to go down?"


Hi Kate, how's it going?

Kate could hear the noise of a busy bar on the other end. "I'm okay Amy, how about you?"

Oh my god, so busy. It's Thirsty Thursday...

"I guess people couldn't wait for the weekend."

That's basically it, yeah. They never can. So I can't really talk for long, but I'll be off work at 1 AM.

"Okay, sure. Do you want me to call again around then?"

Sure... or, we could... just meet up?

At such a simple offer, Kate stifled a moan. "Uh, I have school early tomorrow morning, but... mm..." Her cocks, still hanging out of her down-pulled yoga pants, were progressing from long and limp to stiff and free standing at the thought of seeing her that night. "I think I'd really like that."

You said you live at the end of the blue line, right? In her state just the sound of Amy's sweet voice was euphoric and maddening. Kate was caught deep in the heat of desire.

"Yeah, but I actually have my parents' car right now. They aren't home all week."

Not... home? All week?

Kate was shuddering at the implication. Amy, in her house, all week! "Yeah, a-actually. So I could pick you up from the pub... and then... if you like, you could stay over."

Yes, definitely. I' can't wait.

"Okay! See you soon, then!"


After what seemed like an eternity of waiting at home Kate went to drive her parents Range Rover over to the pub. She showed up at 1 AM sharp and parked the large vehicle on the side of the street, then texted Amy to let her know she was there.

I'll be out in twenty mins, need to close down the bar still.

Kate groaned in frustration and sank into her seat. She hadn't changed out of her sports bra and yoga pants, and though they weren't fully hard anymore she was still dealing with a pair of burdensome semi erections pressed tight against her right thigh. Another twenty minutes of torture!

When finally Amy was finished she came out of the pub wrapped tight in a long coat, scanning the area with a hopeful gaze. She didn't look like much other than very well covered, though still the magnificent swell of her breasts and glow of her orangey hair in the street lights was impossible to miss. Kate lowered a window and called to her, and in instant Amy was bouncing over to the passenger door and hopping in. It only took a moment for her to notice, her gorgeous blues properly bugging out at the sight of what was going on against Kate's leg. "H-hello," she said, choked up.

"Hi." Without hesitation they kissed, quick but with just a flash of tongue. The air in that SUV was instantly roiling with desire.

"You look like you've been... working out,"Amy murmured, "you're very, mmm... 'pumped up'." Her legs were clamping tight together as she stared.

Kate giggled slightly as she started to drive away from the pub. "Ahh, yeah. Um, I'm still learning how to deal with them, now that you've... you've made them work. And also, um... I'm just excited to see you again"

Amy was clearly the same, her eyes still glued to the twin cannons that were so blatantly displayed under stretched material for her. Her heart was aflutter. The sight made her want to reach out and fill her hand with some of that shaft, stroke some more life into them, maybe even pull one out and just be a complete slut for Kate as she drove them to her home! She fought to control herself in the moving vehicle.

Amy's attention was finally pulled elsewhere once they were entering Kate's neighborhood. It was a beautiful little enclave within the city, and the home they were arriving at was a far cry from the humble little apartment she rented. Around them were charming older houses, not especially large but all renovated to modern standards, with the shelter of fully grown trees overhead. Clearly, Kate's adoptive parents had plenty of money. "Oh wow. This is beautiful."

Kate opened the door and stepped down out of the huge SUV. "Yeah. I'm so lucky that this is what I was adopted into..."

They both moved purposefully to the front door. They were giggling softly as Kate frantically struggled with the key, and once the door was open they burst inside.

In an instant Kate pinned Amy to the wall, and their lips came crashing together. Amy was moaning with surrender into her throat, then shifting to more wanton utterances as she felt those restricted members bumping against her, throbbing as they began to fight harder for freedom. Clearly Kate wanted to do all sorts of things to her, and knowing what she was capable of she couldn't help but feel a little frightened, a little thrilled.

Kate wrenched open Amy's coat and whipped it down off of her shoulders. She wore under a button up sweater which was strained shut around her chest with the button holes stretched into ovals at each connection. In an instant Kate got to having that off of her, revealing a chasm of cleavage within a little maroon colored top.

Immediately she was squeezing and lifting each massive, outward jutting sphere and groaning with lust. She could feel yet more barriers beneath her touch -- bar napkins, between Amy's top and her bare skin. "Are these for um, that problem you had?"

Amy nodded. Her breasts tingled delightfully at the attention. "Mmm, yes. Sometimes they're leaking now. It's weird, I know..."

"Not much can be too weird between us, after what we've already seen."

Amy nodded, and she got off the wall behind her to pull her top up and off. "Sure." Her breasts came tumbling out, huge round and high against a slim hourglass figure, and as she dropped the discarded top to the floor Kate was taken by a sight so visceral, so pornographic that undeniably, it was time to get her yoga pants off. "Oh my god... your body."

"No, yours," Amy countered as they both quickly began wrenching the yoga pants down. Her cocks swung out in tandem, horizontal and aggressively hard, eliciting moans of excitement from the busty strawberry blonde. Kate tilted them up so they could get close together again, the upper extents cozying into Amy's cleavage as they rejoined for more heated kisses.

"I've been craving this so bad," Amy whispered against her lips. Her hands were sliding up and down each lower bit of shaft beneath her tits. "A day was too long to wait."

"Believe me, every moment." Kate was sliding Amy's jeans and panties down her legs, the last step in unwrapping a gift she'd wanted desperately since their last time. Her hips were already rocking in anticipation, spurred on by the feel of her lengthy members reaching up into her girlfriend's melon-like tits while stroked by grasping hands.

Amy looked down into her cleavage, where she could see the pink head of a cock peaking into view with each rock of her hips. Her legs began to quiver, threatening to fail as her entire body screamed for what was pressed against her. "Mmh! Are we going to do it right here?"

"N-no..." Kate's head flicked around, searching for the closest sensible place for them. There were so many options -- the couch in the living room, the weight bench in the gym and beyond, and they had the whole week to explore them. She decided she'd start things off conventionally. "Come with me." She led Amy by the hand.

As they traveled through the hall and up the stairs to Kate's room the rigid waving of her dual studly members and the jostling and swinging of Amy's chest was both erotic and ridiculous, exceptional against the norm, like a freakshow of beautiful, lusty blessing. The girls were practically dying with excitement as they went, over eager to again experience the perfection and extremity that had been bred into them each.

Quickly Amy moved to sit on the edge of Kate's bed. As Kate arrived to stand before her she instantly got to work with one of her poles, giving wet smacking sucks and polishing its length with a dainty hand. With some difficulty Kate got to kicking her yoga pants off of her ankles and pulling off her sports bra. The bun in her hair came loose as the top lifted away, dumping her long scarlet hair down her back.

"Oh my god. I never thought I'd be a girl who thinks about big dicks. But yours are so beautiful. You've awakened something in me."

Kate was moaning at the tension building, those strokes triggering the powerful veins that circled her cocks to pump them to their maximum throb. "Mmmm... and there's plenty for you. Fifteen inches each."

Amy grasped the other as well and offered it some sucks as she began to stroke them in tandem. "Oh god yes." It was madness, that sort of size, and two of them too! She knew it was going to hurt, just like last time, but she needed it badly.

Kate also could have wanted nothing more than to sink them both into her right then and there, but that would have been asking a lot of Amy. That she knew to be true, with how extremely worn out that had left her their last time. Watching her stroke one while dragging her lips along the gratuitous length of another was heavenly but she needed much more.

It was with great relief for Kate when eventually Amy pulled away to shimmy further back on the bed, then lie down spread out, with both her beautiful little holes angled wantingly toward her. They were definitely on the same track.

"For sure?"

"Uh-huh. Do it to me like last time."

Kate knelt on the bed and aimed her swinging saliva soaked members for use. Amy was shivering with excitement as soon as they touched her, while Kate was confident and steady. The lower hole was more resistive, causing Kate's member to bow slightly before bursting past its barrier, eliciting Amy's pained cry. Her pussy was next to push back, more resistant as she began to sink herself in to youthful tightness. Kate gave a few shallow pumps to warm Amy up, then pressed for more depth.

"Ohh shit they're so huge!" It was definitely not comfortable but every nerve in Amy's body wanted it, so despite her loud reactions each of Kate's insistent strokes were opening her up for more. Their faces were growing closer with each motion, until as Kate fully sheathed her massive cocks within her they were able to kiss.

Amy was utterly subdued beneath the powerful futa, just as she wished to be. She was in love with the feeling of being completely stretched out and filled by her. Kate held her head in her hands, her firey locks spilling out between her fingers. Her tongue invaded her mouth with an intensity to rival the short yet incredibly deep stabs of her cocks. At that moment Amy was her possession to make love to.

Amy needed to scream: "oh god I love it, fuck me Kate! I'm yours!"

"Yes," Kate murmured. She reared up off her, hands moving to pin her shoulders down. "I will!" With much longer thrusts now she rocked Amy's world, sending her for their second time to that distant white hot realm of overstimulated pleasure. It was incredible to behold -- her beautiful face contorted in ecstasy, her massive breasts jumping and revolving against her slender figure with each smashing pass.

"Huuu!" Amy was starting to paw at the sheets, grabbing randomly at anything nearby as explosions of pleasure continued to flood her senses. She was completely, helplessly overpowered, a state she was learning to love. There was no way Kate would stop.

Within the fog of mad fucking, with whispers of gratification approaching, Kate saw the moisture appearing upon each rolling breast. It wasn't sweat, though there was plenty of that on them as well. No, once again it was Amy's milk! Amy didn't seem to notice, or was simply in no condition to acknowledge it, but clearly it was flowing from each gorgeous nipple!

Kate just powered on unphased, still solely focused on satisfying the need that had burdened her all day. It didn't matter if it the milk was going to mess up her bed -- there was going to be plenty of something else to do the same.

Amy's cries reached their crescendo, and her back was arching tense off of the bed. The glistening film of milk shone on the surface of each breast as it sputtered from each nipple and dripped down each grand curve onto the sheets beneath them. As Kate began to explode within her her thrusts didn't stop, and the impacting motions had her cum splashing out with each movement until finally the pleasure had grown too great. She sank herselves to the hilt one more time and became still, pumping Amy full.

"Ohh god... yes Kate, give me it. You're so amazing!"

As cum continued to issue into Amy Kate dived downward, with both hands bringing one of Amy's jiggly prizes to her mouth. There was no thought or hesitation involved, she simply was acting upon her lustful impulse. She so wanted to taste it.

It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before, an indescribable flavor that demanded she continue to drink. Amy's milk was delicious, and absolutely addictive.

"Mmmmh Kate! What's happening?" Amy finally took notice of the milk shining wet upon her bosom, and the sensation of it being extracted by Kate's persistent sucks was a new dimension of pleasure to experience. In the madness of their rut she hadn't noticed the building warmth within them, but now that it was their focus there was no denying what she felt while releasing her strange milk into Kate's mouth. It was simultaneously erotic yet also euphoric in a broader sense, like a great massage. It sent gentle tingles down her spine.

Kate's throat was rolling as she drank it down. It tasted divine. Being with Amy just brought surprise after sexy surprise, and the unfolding scenario struck her so erotic that no hardness had left her shafts as they beated out their last ribbons of spunk. Slowly she began to resume their lovemaking, as an afterthought against her main task of drinking Amy deep.

"Ohhh my god," Amy sighed. She lifted her other breast, which felt heavier in comparison to the one Kate had been focused on. "My other one also."

Kate traded for the other, drinking with no decrease in her hunger. Her tummy was starting to fill up -- Amy had a lot of milk in those incredible breasts of hers! In blissful release, Amy simply melted beneath her. To release it freely while Kate slowly continued to stuff her with hardened cocks was a heaven she didn't want to leave.

This went on for a while until finally Amy's flow stopped. Dreamily Kate pulled away from her nipple and they shared a look. Things between them just kept getting stranger.

"Mother's milk will flow when salvation's key opens your lock," Amy whispered.

Kate nodded. "Yes, I remember. That's what was on your card, from the caretakers. I guess I opened your lock."

Amy nodded slowly, grateful that Kate's keys were still hardened and buried within her. "It must be a caretaker sending us these messages."

It was indeed that, and to do so with such impeccable timing and placement the caretaker would have to have been watching them both closely and constantly. It would have been a source of worry if the girls could take the time to properly think about it, but that simply wasn't happening. Completely high off each other, their thoughts were only pleasure and desire.

At that very moment, confident that they were busy, the caretaker wasn't even bothering to hide himself. He stood out in the open on Kate's driveway looking up to Kate's bedroom window, knowing that the culmination of their work was taking place inside.

Simply knowing was not enough. The caretakers needed to see for themselves what their girls could do.


She sat quietly on the grass green and lush from May's spring rains. Atop that hill Ginny could see every acre of land on Dr Lipinski's ranch. The many other little hills around her were rippling subtly like rolling waves of viscous fluid. She chuckled softly, nervous yet also elated, and let her head fall back against the tree trunk behind her, knocking her cowboy hat off her dirty blonde head.

The doctor would have been amused at the very least if he knew what she'd done that morning with the week's worth of microdoses. There was nothing 'micro' at all about what she'd just been through, and heightened thoughts were still racing through her head. The craziest part was over and now she was just basking in the wisdom revealed after the ordeal.

She raised her hands up, palms toward her face like some stereotype of a tripping teen, but doing so there were no longer any distortions to be seen. Her tanned, toned forearms were completely perfect. Her skin would not keep a single scar, despite the hundreds of incisions she'd carved into them over the years.