tagErotic CouplingsThe Case Of The Damaged Roof

The Case Of The Damaged Roof

byMike Franklin©

A few months after LeAnne moved in she came to me with a request.

"Hun, my mom called and asked if you would be willing to do her a favor. In that last storm some of the shingles on the garage got damaged and she's worried that another storm could do some bad damage. She was going to call a contractor to have come and fix it, but I told her that I would see if you would look at it before she calls anyone else. Would you be willing to take a look at it?"

I had worked a few summers doing construction while I was putting myself through college and replacing a few shingles was a simple procedure.

"Yeah, no problem," I said. "I'll take off Friday, grab some shingles at Home Depot and take care of it. Won't take me but a few hours and I'll have it good as new."

"You don't mind? Your boss won't care that you take a day off?"

That was a joke, since I moved back to the area and started working at the law firm, I hadn't had a single day off. I was at the office, reviewing contracts, updating briefs and trying to iron out some procedures every day for at least ten hours including Sunday's.

"I need a day outside the office," I said. "I'm starting to forget what the sun looks like!"

She kissed me on the lips. "Thanks baby, you are the best. Mom says she'll cook you a nice dinner for payment."

"Then it's settled. Let her know I'll be there first thing Friday morning."


Friday morning came and the day was perfect. I was glad that I was getting a quick start on the roof though because the forecast called for a scorcher. I packed my tools in my Benz (Is that even allowed? Isn't there some sort of law about using a car like that as a construction vehicle? If there isn't, there should be) and kissed LeAnne good bye.

"Mom will be home about six and I should get there right after her. We'll have dinner and make a night of it. Don't forget to pack your swim trunks, you'll want to hop in the pool if we get the heat they predicted. Thanks again baby!"

After a quick stop at Home Depot for some shingles and a box of roofing nails, I pulled into LeAnne's moms' house just after eight. There were no cars in the driveway, her mother and sister having already left for work. I let myself into the house and found a note on the kitchen table:

"Mike, thanks so much for taking care of this. Help yourself to anything in the house, there is lemonade in the fridge and some lunch meat so you can have a sandwich when you get hungry. Feel free to use the pool, towels are in the pool house. I'll be home at six and I'll start dinner then. Call me at work if you need anything."

I took a few moments to walk around the house. It was a big place, much bigger than you would expect a single woman to own but LeAnne had told me that she had gotten it in her first divorce. She had raised her two daughters here and they had both moved back in with her after college. Now it was just Debbie and LeAnne's sister Carolyn living here, since LeAnne had moved in with me.

The walls of the family room were covered in pictures, most of them people that I didn't know. There were also a lot of pictures of the three of them, the girls and their mother. Debbie was a beautiful woman and she had passed her looks onto her daughters, both of whom had inherited her blonde hair, striking blue eyes and slender figure. Even in her forties, Debbie was still one hot lady.

I went out to the garage and mounted the ladder, hopping on the roof to survey the damage. It wasn't bad, a few loose shingles that had broken away and some plywood that had gotten wet and was going to need replaced. I gathered the tools that I needed and set to work.

The work was going easy and I was enjoying the sun on my back. A little after ten I took a break to get some lemonade. I stood in the kitchen looking out the back door, contemplating a dip in the pool. The crystal clear water looked cool and inviting, but I figured that once I got in I wouldn't want to get back out and I still had a few hours of work to go before I could call it a day.

I had put the pitcher back in the fridge and was rinsing out my glass when I heard a car pull into the drive. A car door slammed and the front door of the house opened. Footsteps approached the kitchen and in walked LeAnne's sister Carolyn.

Carolyn is a couple of years younger than LeAnne and is just as sexy – but in a different way. She was blessed with her mothers' blonde hair and blue eyes too, but where LeAnne's body was the well muscled type that one associates with cheerleaders, Carolyn had the slender figure of a dancer. Her eyes are very large in her narrow face, and her hair was cut short and was hung down to her chin in tight little spiral curls, a perfect match for her bubbly personality. Her chest was smaller than her sisters but not unappealing and her legs were long and lean from her year as a ballet dancer. I'm totally a leg man and as nice as LeAnne's are, her sisters are about the most perfect pair I have ever seen.

"Heya Mike," she said bounding up to me and planting a kiss on my cheek. "How's the roofing going?"

"It's going well. I just took a break for some lemonade, it's getting hot out there!"

"Yeah, I begged the afternoon off from work. It was just too darn nice to stay cooped up inside. Figured I'd catch some rays and work on my tan!"

She was wearing a sun dress that fit her perfectly; her sister had tastes that ran to classy but Carolyn always had a little ‘flower child' feel to her outfits. She opened the fridge, going for the lemonade and I stood there admiring her tight backside and her thin but well muscled calves; when she turned back around she caught me looking at her and she smiled. I felt my face flush with embarrassment and quickly excused myself to get back to work on the roof.

I was hard at work, trying to stop my imagination from thinking about Carolyn's hot body and all the things that I would like to do with it. After a while I managed to return my concentration on the work at hand and was really getting some good work done. Sweat was rolling off me now in the hot mid-day and I took off my shirt to get some sun on my back.

The back door opened Carolyn emerged, wearing a little candy blue bikini. It didn't cover enough to be worn out in public but it was perfect for laying out and soaking up rays. She sashayed over to the pool, her little ass in her little bikini swinging seductively with each step. She put her towel down on one of the lounge chairs and dove into the pool. She swam a few lazy laps in the pool and then hopped out and laid down on the lounge chair.

From where I was working I had a perfect vantage point. Her stomach was flat and tight, running down to her slender hips. I knew that she wore a size zero because her sister bitched about how much thinner her sister was, even though LeAnne was a slender size two herself; I've come to realize that no matter how nice a girls body she is always jealous of someone thinner, especially when that someone is her sister.

Her long legs stretched out and seemed to go on forever, tapering to slender feet with slender toes, which were painted pink. She obviously laid out a lot because her entire body was perfectly tanned. I tried to concentrate on my work and not on her, I only had a few more shingles to nail down, but it was no use; those last few shingles took me almost as long as all the previous work had.

Eventually I finished and cleaned up my tools. I gathered all the remaining building materials and stacked them in a back corner of the garage, Debbie would be pleased that she would no longer have to worry about her roof in the next storm.

I went inside the house and got some more lemonade, made myself a sandwich and settled into a seat at the kitchen table to eat it. The table looked out the back window and I could see the pool, and Carolyn, from where I sat. She was now laying face down, sunning her back. She shoulders were slender and so was her back; her perfect little ass was barely hidden behind the material of her bikini and I stared at it, studied it, as I ate.

My lunch finished I put on my swimming trunks and headed out to the pool, too cool off and to get a closer look at the beauty sprawled on the lounge chair. The water was cool and refreshing, perfect on the hot afternoon. I was swimming around aimlessly, never taking my eyes off Carolyn for more than few seconds. Her body was even more stunning up close and was having really naughty thoughts as evidenced by the erection in my shorts. I was thankful that it was hidden underwater because there would have been no way for me to conceal it outside of the pool.

Eventually Carolyn had gotten her fill of sun and she got up and headed back inside, he little ass swayed past me as she headed into the house. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me; for the second time that day she had caught me checking her out. As the saying goes, I hated to see her go but I loved watching her leave.

I was now alone in the pool and got to some serious swimming, putting myself through a good work out, pacing laps back and forth. When I was tired I got out of the pool and toweled off. Inside I put on some shorts and a tee shirt, grabbed a drink and settled on the living room couch with a book. It was just after three in the afternoon, another three hours until anyone else would be coming home.

I was lost in my book when Carolyn bopped into the living room. She had changed out of her bikini (bummer) and was now dressed in short flowery skirt and a tiny top that she had tied up between her breasts, leaving her midriff bare and exposed. She plopped down on the couch beside me, pulling my attention away from the story I was reading.

"Whatcha readin'," she asked?

"Grisham. Legal thriller."

She looked at me incredulously. "Don't you lawyers ever stop thinking about the law and have some fun. You need to lighten up!"

"Hey," I replied. "I happen to like the law, thank you very much."

Carolyn took the book from my hands, opened to a random page and read. "Mitch nodded and knew for certain he had never been within a hundred yards of Nathan Locke. He would have remembered. It was the eyes, the cold black eyes with layers of black wrinkles around them. Great eyes. Unforgettable eyes."

She tossed the book on the floor. "Boring," she said in a sing song voice and rolled her own eyes. "You're all alone in this house with me and you want to read? No one else will be here until six and the best thing you can think of to fill the time is a book? I saw you looking at me, Mike, in the kitchen, at the pool – that all you want to do Mr. Lawyer, look?"

"Um…" I said, not sure where she was going with this, not knowing just what my response should be. A lawyer has to be ready to spar in the legal arena at a moments notice, but this girl with the blond curls and the perfect little ass had me back on my heels.

"I thought that you would follow me inside, I waited for you in my room but when you didn't show I figured it was going to be up to me to make the first move." She pushed me against the back of the couch and straddled me, her short skirt riding up her thighs leaving her panties exposed. She grabbed the front of my shirt and looked hard into my eyes. "So what if you're fucking my sister, from what she says you have more than enough cock to go around," and she put her other hand in my lap, massaging my stiffening cock though my shorts.

"Um…" was still all I was able to get out. I definitely wanted to screw Carolyn, but I didn't want to chance ruining things with LeAnne. I had waited so long to finally get her, the thought of throwing it away over a random piece of ass seemed silly. Of course, the girl currently straddling me and playing with my cock was no ordinary piece of ass.

A wry smile spread across Carolyn's mouth. She seemed to be reading my mind when she said, "You're worried about my sister, aren't you? That's so sweet, really, but if you don't fuck me I'll tell her you did anyway and then you'll be fucked in a totally different way. So whaddaya say we stop this bullshit and get down to business?"

Some choice, fuck her and hope LeAnne doesn't find out or don't fuck her and have to try and convince my girl that I didn't. I did the only reasonable thing I could do, I slid my hands under her skirt and grabbed her ass, pulled her close to me and kissed her.

I have to pause here and tell you something. Up to this point I have tried to accurately portray to you just how perfect this girls' ass is, telling you how tight and round it is, how it sways seductively back and forth with each step she takes. None of it however even comes close in comparison to how unbelievable it was to have it in my hands. It was perfect in everyway, small and muscular – not an ounce of fat on it anywhere. It fit into my hands perfectly, its tanned skin smooth to the touch. As we shared our first kiss, a long passionate kiss of the type often credited to a certain prominent European country, I simply held that ass and concentrated on the feeling of it in my hands.

Carolyn broke our kiss and slid off of my lap, rising to stand before me. She walked a few steps away from the couch, swinging her hips seductively. Each step she took made the material of her short skirt swish back and forth, causing it to rise and show the bottom of her ass where it met her thigh. She stopped a few feet in front of me and bent at the waste, going all the way down until her hands were flat on the floor in one of her dancer stretches.

I could now see the entire lower half of her body in that sweet pose. My eyes started taking her in, starting at her slim ankles, moving to her trim calves, then up to her lean thighs and finally her ass. She was wearing a tiny black g-string that hid so little of her pussy that she might as well have not even had it on. After letting me get a long look at her, she stood and turned back to me.

Her hands fiddled with the knot in her shirt and when that was undone she pulled her top up and over her head, revealing her small but perky tits. They weren't very big at all, just a small mound of flesh topped by perky red nipples which I now saw were both pierced with small gold hoops. I had never been with a woman who had piercing in her nipples and the sight of them only turned me on more.

Carolyn was putting on a seductive show for me, rubbing her hands up her flat stomach and over her breasts, pausing there to tug gently on each ring in turn. She licked her lips and put her finger in her mouth, sucking on it and I imagined her doing the same to my dick. Her hands moved to the zipper on her skirt and she let it fall to the floor at her feet. She was now standing before me, totally naked save the small bit of fabric that one could barely call panties.

Her body was just amazing, it was long and lean – the very picture of a dancers figure. She had looked amazing in her bikini but seeing her totally nude was even better. Carolyn turned her back to me again and made a few movements that caused her ass to move to and fro in a most pleasing way and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She walked over to an arm chair and put her knees on the cushion, leaned forward and stuck her ass in the air. She looked at me over her shoulder and winked at me. "Get over here and lick my pussy," she commanded.

I was instantly off the couch and on my knees behind her. My hands started on her ass and moved them all over her body, touching all the parts of her that I had previously only gotten to look at. The feeling of her was amazing; her skin was smooth to the touch all over. I kissed the back of her thighs, tasting her sweet skin. I moved my kisses down her thighs and to her calves before licking a trail back up her long legs stopping at her pussy. I could smell her scent, the musky scent of a woman who's very wet.

I didn't bother to pull her panties down, I simply grabbed them where the two thin pieces of fabric met at the top of her ass and ripped them. I threw them aside and took a moment to admire her pussy. She was shaven except for a thin blonde ‘landing strip' that ended just above her clit. Just like the rest of her body, the lips of her vagina were thin and dainty; they were covered in her wetness.

Carolyn reached back and pulled my head to her, silently demanding to be eaten. I gladly obliged her desires and began to eagerly lick her soft pussy. She tasted amazing and from this angle I was able to fully access her tunnel. I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could, feeling her muscles contract at my touch. Her pussy was small, wet and very sensitive. After licking her hole for a while I moved my tongue to her clit and found it totally engorged, standing fully erect and sticking out from the folds it usually hides behind.

I sucked it into my mouth, feeling her legs shudder at my actions. I moved a hand from her ass, down to her hole and inserted a finger inside her. Carolyn certainly wasn't a virgin, no virgin comes on like she did, threatening to claim she was fucked unless she got fucked, but she was still as tight as the couple of girls I had deflowered in my college days. I slid one finger in and out of her and when I tried to fit another one inside her I found that I couldn't – I knew I had better spend some time making sure that she was good and sloppy wet before I tried to stick my cock inside her.

Carolyn was also helping me please her, rotating her hips back and forth on my tongue, pushing into me when she wanted more pressure on her clit. I did everything that she wanted to and it paid off when she started to orgasm - this little girl was loud! She pushed against my face hard and screamed with pleasure. "I'm cuming," she screamed. "I'm fucking cuming. Don't stop licking my pussy, don't stop. Holy shit, holy fuck… I'm cuming," that last word drawn out and prolonged as her orgasm reached crescendo.

My cock was rock hard and I needed to be inside her now. I disengaged myself from her pussy and flicked my tongue across her exposed ass as I stood. I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor. My dick stood at full attention, ready to slide inside Carolyn's tight pussy.

I placed my hands on her thin hips and pressed against her, feeling the warmth radiating from her pussy. She was wet, sopping wet and that is the only reason I got inside her. Her pussy was so tight I felt like I was ripping her in two, but she never objected just let out a satisfied moan as the full length of my cock settled inside her. I fucked her slow at first, wanting to give her time to adjust to having my cock inside her. After a few strokes she loosened a bit, as much as her tiny pussy was going to anyway, but it was still the tightest pussy I have ever had my dick inside.

Carolyn was a sexual partner in every sense of the word, too. Not content to just sit there and let me fuck her, she moved with me on every thrust. I held her narrow hips tight and pulled her to me again and again, never taking my eyes off her perfect ass. She started to push into me harder, encouraging me to fuck her faster which I did. I pushed into her with all I had, pulling her beautiful bottom to me with each stroke, feeling my entire cock crash into her forcefully. She screamed, cuming again. Good thing the house was empty, this girl could never have what we called in high school ‘stealth sex,' where you would get it on with your girl when her parents were down the hall or in the next room.

I pulled out of her wet pussy and laid her down on the chair on her back. Carolyn's legs were spread far apart and I traced a path from her calves to her sex with my hands, enjoying the feeling of her muscular legs beneath my fingers. I bent and flicked her clit a couple of times with my tongue before positioning my cock at her entrance again. I pushed inside her, all the way inside her, in one motion feeling her pussy stretch to take all of me. As I moved my cock in and out of her I bent my head to her small breasts, to the rosy nipples with the gold hoops. I sucked on them, her nipples hard and rubbery in my mouth. I took her nipple ring in my teeth and pulled gently, feeling her breast move up with my movement. Carolyn hugged my head to her chest and I sucked on her nipples in turn while my cock continued to piston in and out of her vagina.

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