tagLesbian SexThe Cat's Whiskers Ch. 04

The Cat's Whiskers Ch. 04

byadam applebiter©

Chapter 4: Sorority sisters are doing it for themselves

"Matt, this is Rae, my college roomie. Rae, Matt's my new lover." Kat made introductions in the garden. The two women had been sunning themselves when he'd turned up to cut the grass. He hadn't seen Kat for a fortnight, since the last time the grass needed cutting, and had been looking forward to a pretty hot afternoon until he saw she had company. Hearing Kat own up to their -- call it a relationship -- their relationship, Matt's jaw dropped. "Relax Honey." Kat said to him, gently squeezing the crotch of his shorts. "Rae's from Alabama. She's visiting while her husband's on a fishing trip with JJ. She doesn't know anyone in this town to tell. Our secret's safe with her. Besides, we fooled around a fair bit in college. We girls have no secrets from each other." Kat felt Matt's dick twitch at the mention of her sexual relationship with Rae. So predictable. Guys loved the idea of bi-sexual girls. She let go of his shorts and stepped away from him. "Lemonade?" The question was addressed to both Matt and Rae.

"I'd love some, Mrs B." Matt answered, glad to have something to discuss other than... Well, just glad of the change of subject.


"What? Oh, sure. Lemonade would be great. Want a hand in the kitchen?" Rae had been shocked by Kat's blatancy too.

"Nah. You two relax. I'll be a minute. Two at the most." Kat walked into the kitchen with Matt's eyes following her Lycra clad ass the whole way. When she disappeared into the shadows, he realized his hand had strayed to the bulge in his shorts. Instantly, he let go of himself, like his dick was an electric eel. He caught Rae's wry smile and blushed. The silence was most definitely of the uncomfortable kind. Matt struggled for something to say to break the ice but "So you're from Alabama?" was too banal after the way they'd been introduced and he wasn't about to say, "So you've eaten Mrs B's pussy too." And that was precisely what he was thinking.

The fact the silence was uncomfortable is not to say they didn't take the opportunity to check each other out. Rae could smell the perspiration that leant a sheen to Matt's bare arms and legs and appreciated the bulges in his t-shirt almost as much as the bulge in his shorts.

Matt had the better part of the bargain. There was a lot more of Rae on view than there was of him. She was wearing a tiny yellow bikini of the sort only wearable if you have basically no pubes to cover. His gaze lingered on the tiny WW label on her crotch and the clear profile of her labia. The thoughtful manufacturers had put a seam right up the middle of her briefs so that camel toe was compulsory.

"Lemonade." Kat handed him a tall, cold glass, snapping his attention away from Rae. Kat had noticed but chose not to notice, so to speak.

"Thanks, Mrs B." Matt emptied the glass in two long swallows. "I'd better get on with the grass." He turned and strode back to his mower. "I'll do the front first." Matt disappeared back around the house. About a minute later they heard the mower cough into life.

When Kat was certain Matt couldn't hear them, she asked "Well?"

"Well, he sure as hell beats my vibrator."

Kat almost sprayed lemonade everywhere. "Ain't that the truth?"

"Don't you feel guilty, though? Cheating on JJ?"


"Not at all?"

"No. Matt does things to me that JJ's never shown any interest in. You don't feel your cheating on your toaster when you use a waffle iron."

"What sort of things?"

"Well he eats pussy until I come, not just until I'm wet enough to stick it in. That's a real treat."

"Ok. I can see that. What else?" Rae had decided if she had to know Kat's guilty secret, she wanted to know all of it.

"Well, the first time... Matt caught me riding the washing machine. He likes to watch me get off. JJ would have thrown a fit but Matt just got his dick out and started jerking off too."

"Riding the washing machine?"

"On its spin cycle. It vibrates like you wouldn't believe."

"And Matt caught you at it?" Rae was having a hard time picturing all this.

"And jerked off."

"Kat, you are one sick little kitty."

"If I'm so sick, how come your nipples are crinkling? Huh?"

"'Coz it is kinda sexy listening to you. It's like reading porn, 'cept I know you really did all this kinky shit. What else have you two got up to?"

"Anal. Matt really likes that. Tit-fucking, blowjobs of course. About the only place he hasn't fucked me so far is my belly button, though sometimes it feels like he's trying to burrow back out through it." Kat smiled as she recalled the ferocity of their last fuck.

"Jesus Christ on a bicycle!"

"JJ's bigger in the pants department, but Matt really knows how to use what he's got. It's like... Would you prefer three scoops of vanilla or two scoops of Chunky Monkey?"

"More hunky than chunky, from what I saw."

"And the best bit is JJ pays him by the hour. It's nice to have such a thoughtful husband." Kat said. They were both still giggling when the mower went silent. "We'd better move off the grass." Kat stood and gathered up her things from the lawn. Rae followed her lead and they relocated themselves on the deck by the kitchen door.

They were just settling back down on the sun beds when Matt trundled the mower round the corner. His shirt was draped over the handles and his tanned torso was glistening in the sunlight. He glanced across to them, nodded and pulled on the starter cord. The mower drowned out everything else and effectively ended the conversation.

The girls contented themselves with watching Matt push the mower up and down the lawn, pausing periodically to empty the grass box into a sack. When he got close to the deck, Kat nonchalantly reached over, putting her hand behind Rae's neck and tugging open the bow of her halter. Rae instinctively cupped her own breasts to keep them covered, which Matt noticed. When Kat undid her own top and pulled it down, freeing her tits, Matt's shorts started to look distinctly too tight.

"What the hell." Rae said to herself and let her hands drop, taking the yellow bikini with them and baring her boobs. Her nipples were, she had to concede, bullet hard.

Kat and Rae watched Matt walking behind the mower with a major erection tenting his pants. By the time he cut the engine, there was a dark spot where pre-cum had seeped through his shorts.

What shocked Rae most was not the situation but her part in it. She'd been what Kat called vanilla since college but two days in Kat's company and she was flashing the gardener and didn't care that he'd probably be jacking off thinking about her later. Kat was a bad influence, that's all there was to it.


When Matt had finished the lawn, he came and sat with them, still sporting a conspicuous erection and, having given up on surreptitiously peeking at Rae's tits and bits, openly ogled them. He felt optimistic about his afternoon after all.

"What do I owe you, Matt?... Matt?" Kat had to raise her voice to be heard over the throbbing of testosterone in his ears.

"What? Oh. Thirty bucks." His eyes only momentarily left Rae. He was looking at her crotch again by the time Kat reached the house.

Rae had never been so objectified. She knew she should be really offended on behalf of women everywhere but she just wasn't. There was something pleasingly arousing about being so blatantly wanted. She was gaining a greater understanding by the minute of what Kat was getting out of this relationship.

Kat was back very quickly with the money. "There you go, Matt. Thirty dollars." She pressed the folded bills into his hand and, unseen by Rae, tucked something else into his pocket. "And a little something extra." She winked. Matt realized with dismay that he was being dismissed.

"Thanks Mrs B... "He paused, hoping to see some hint of an invitation from Kat. Nothing. "I'd better be getting along. Lots to do."

"Oh? Won't you stay and have lunch with us?" Rae said, thinking she was doing Kat a favour.

"I wish I could, but I've work to do." Matt lied.

"Thanks Matt." Kat said brightly. "I'll see you soon. The fence needs painting."

Matt got up. "I'll check my schedule but I think Friday's free."

"Friday would be just fine."

"It's been a pleasure meeting you Rae." Standing over them, Matt took a last good look at Rae, from crotch to smile, bent to buzz Kat, grabbing a handful of soft tit as he did so and trundled the mower away.

As he got to the corner of the house, Kat called. "Matt!"

"Yes, Mrs B?" He paused, turned and dared to hope she'd only been teasing.

"Sorry you can't stay for lunch. We're having your favourite." She reached across and cupped her fingers over Rae's gusset and licked her lips as she gave Matt her best saucy smile. "See you on Friday." Kat dismissed him but, this time, with a mental picture that was bound to help him out in the privacy of his truck.

When Matt had gone, she took her hand away from Rae's crotch without a word.

"Kat, can I ask a favour?"

"Sure Honey. Anything." Kat turned on her side, the better to face Rae.

"Don't touch me like that unless you mean it." Rae was ok with her ex lover taking liberties but there should be boundaries. That was then, this is now and right now she was still pretty wound up by Matt's lechery.

"Ok Honey." Kat's hand went straight back to Rae's crotch and she moved close enough to kiss her. After a few seconds, Rae moaned softly against Kat's mouth and pulled back a fraction.

"Can we go inside?" Rae asked in a whisper.


There was a heap of swimwear on the floor of the guestroom and two naked bodies twining around each other on the bed. Kat was ferocious as she pinched and kneaded Rae's breasts, eliciting gasps and squeals that were swallowed up by Kat's eager mouth. Kat opened her legs wide as Rae's hand found its way between their bellies and probed the soft, hot flesh she'd barely thought about for three years. She could feel that Kat was already very wet and her slick fingers were soon delving into her friend's pussy, two knuckles deep. She could feel her own arousal seeping out of her body and oozing over her perineum too. No point in trying to convince herself she didn't want this.

"D'you think you can still take it all?" Rae gasped between kisses.

"I hope so." Kat husked, squeezing the intrusive fingers inside her and remembering what it used to feel like when it was Rae's whole hand wrist deep in her pussy. Kat rolled onto her back without dislodging Rae's hand, spreading her fleshy legs wide and beseeching Rae to do it.

Rae twisted around to straddle Kat, just like the old days. Pressing her oh so needy pussy down onto Kat's open mouth, feeling that quick tongue plunging into her, she moaned with delight and replaced two fingers with four, reaming Kat's twat while she teased her clit with her other hand, feeling her own insides churn as her climax approached. Kat's tongue had always got her off fast.

Rae had all four fingers all the way in when Kat started to come, clenching down on the hand with her vaginal muscles as she wailed with ecstasy. Rae strummed Kat's clit, making the woman writhe under her as waves of pleasure rippled out from the epicentre of her positively seismic orgasm. As Kat started to relax, Rae pushed that bit harder, watching with satisfaction as the rest of her hand slipped in. The sight of Kat's vulva stretched around her wrist was so sexy... She wiggled her fingers inside, setting Kat off again. This time, Rae sucked hard on Kat's clitoris, pinching it with her teeth until Kat howled like an animal.

Moving her knees slightly, Rae shifted her position to smother Kat's mouth before she had the neighbours dialling 911. Kat was way too lost in her own climax to do more than nuzzle the streaming pussy that muffled her cries but Rae didn't mind. Her turn would surely come.

Kat's climax finally subsided. Rae mercifully released Kat's clit and let her relax, easing the buried hand gently back out into the daylight. After a few moments' rest, Kat's tongue snuck between the folds of Rae's pussy again, lapping up the juices that were already slick over most of Kat's face. As Rae moved again, Kat found the tiny bud of Rae's clit, peeking shyly from its hood. The tip of Kat's tongue flickered around it, teasing Rae to the brink of release. A finger dipping into Rae's twat was eagerly received but unnecessary as the dam broke and Rae climaxed loudly, squirting over Kat's face.

Rae had always been a wet one.


Meanwhile, in a truck, in a suitably secluded spot to park up, Matt had one handful of hard-on and one handful of pleasantly musky cotton underwear. He held the balled up panties under his nose, inhaling deeply as his fist pumped up and down the length of his dick. Kat had put the panties in his pocket but they were far too small to be hers. He breathed in the aroma of Rae's gusset as he closed his eyes and imagined what those two girls were up to right now. It was an easy image to jerk off to and the olfactory stimulation was just a bonus: A really sexy bonus. He grunted as he blew his load in three great spurts.

He used Rae's panties to clean off his dick and his sticky fingers then found an old rag to wipe the white stuff off the roof of the truck, the steering wheel and his chest.

If he thought about it, for a guy with a hot girlfriend and a positively filthy mistress to be jerking off in his truck was quite pathetic, but if all his manual orgasms were that good, so-fuckin-what? And he'd get his own back on Friday. Oh yeah. Mrs B was in for a stormy time on Friday all right.

Matt wrapped the panties in the rag, stuffed them both into an empty coffee cup, started up the truck and drove home.


"You're a mess." Rae said with a grin as they kissed and cuddled in the post-coital afterglow.

"Says the bitch who just pissed on my face."

"It's not pee." Rae blushed slightly. She'd had a lot of embarrassing first fucks at college because of her propensity to squirt.

"And I can feel a draft on my cervix. Did you leave the door open down there?" Kat was only joking, though Rae used to spend ages watching Kat's gaping vagina slowly contracting to normal size, back in the day.

"Y'know Kitty Kat, I thought we'd outgrown all this. I never missed it after college... never looked at another woman and wanted to bed her."

"Me neither."

"But I'm really happy we haven't outgrown it. Promise me this isn't a one off."

"Honey, I promise. Every chance we get, from now on, we'll take."

"Good." Rae kissed her again and put her head on Kat's ample bosom. "What d'you think your gardener's up to now?"

"Jerking off probably... and sniffing your panties."

"What?" Rae sat up, in shocked surprise.

"I dug them out of the laundry basket for him. He likes to sniff undies while he jerks off."


"And while he's sniffing up the aroma of your sweet little pussy, he'll be fantasizing about sticking his lovely dick in here." Kat's finger delved between Rae's buttocks and touched her anus.

"Not in this life."

"You know that and I know that, but in his fantasy, you're on your knees with your ass in the air and he's just watched me lube you up ready for him to buttfuck you."

"And you invited him back on Friday? I'll still be here then."

"I know."

"I'm not up for that you know? I'm happy with my husband. This..." Rae ran a demonstrative digit along the fissure of Kat's labia. "This is different. Doesn't count as cheating."

"Fair enough. But y'know I'm gonna work on you 'til Friday?"

"I expect nothing less, but you won't make me change my mind."

"Maybe not, but it's gonna be a lot of fun trying."

"Kitty Kat, you're a bad bad girl."

"Ain't that the truth?"

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