tagBDSMThe CEO's Pet Ch. 02

The CEO's Pet Ch. 02


I didn't have weekends off. I didn't even u of it. I barely had time to sleep let alone take the weekend off. But at least I made time to work out. The gym I went to was mostly women. The owner was a die hard man hater and frowned upon mixing the sexes in a work out situation.

It ended up being a lesbian gym after a while. And honestly I kinda enjoyed it. Having all the looks and stares without the incessant need to show off your testosterone level felt a lot better than being at a regular gym.

I was doing my last mile on the treadmill and felt like a cool down. I went into the locker room for my towel. I had a drink and was ready to get some weight training in. After doing the bench press reps for a while I was ready to leave.

I had a quick shower. Well not so quick. This really sexy tatted lesbian was gawking at me from across the shower and it made me very horny to tease her. As I showed off my ass and breasts she had to pick her jaw off the shower floor.

I felt my upper thighs become slippery and it wasn't from the soap. I kept bending over to gingerly soap up my legs. Each time I did I'd hear a grunt from her. It took everything in me not to giggle.

You have to leave your fans wanting more so I gave her a wink and left the showers. After I was dried and dressed I walked out and a got ready to go. Now I don't know if it was the fact that the clientele here are women or the fact that I was thinking dirty thoughts about this person all damn day. But what ever the reason I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Brad.

He was talking to the owner and what really surprised me was she made no effort to make him leave. She was actually happy to see him. They hugged each other and talked as if they were old friends.

I didn't want to be obnoxious and stop their conversation so I just looked to the ground and walked towards the exit.

"Ms. Cortez?"

I stopped and sighed. This is going to be awkward. I turned around and smiled at Brad. The owner was looking at us back and forth and I started to question how they knew each other.

They weren't screwing were they? The owner is a lesbian. It was just common knowledge. I guess no one actually asked her. Maybe she was bi. But they differed so greatly. She was at least 5 inches taller than he was. And although he had a great body she was a lot more built then he was.

"Hi Brad. I didn't know you went to this gym."

The two of them came closer and all I could think about was leaving.

"Yeah. I haven't been in a while. Then they switched buildings and I just never found the want to go looking for it again."

"Until I called you. I can't have you getting lazy on my watch."

Brad laughed and turned toward the owner.

"Ms. Cortez this is my sister Isabelle. Izzy this is my boss Ms. Cortez."

His sister? That's better than lover. I smiled at her politely. She sent me a smirk back and clapped Brad on the shoulder.

"You've got a beauty like this as your boss and you didn't tell me? Brad, Brad, Brad! You're keeping all the good ones to yourself."

I chuckled at that. Watching Isabelle's eyes move up and down me was weird. Normally I'd love it but with Brad standing there I felt incredibly guilty. We all just stood there for a moment. Each person assessing the others. Finally I got uncomfortable and had to get the hell out of there.

"Well it was a pleasure meeting you Isabelle. And Brad I'll see you at work."

I turned around and started to walk off but before I could reach the door I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Wait Ms. Cortez. Are you doing anything important later?"

I smiled at him. If I could choose anything I'd probably be doing you all over my living room floor. But that's hopefully for a later time. Truthfully after the gym I take another shower when I get home and go to sleep. I'd wake up with some time to eat and get dressed.

I didn't go out to bars after the gym like most people. I didn't go out much at all. I left my party girl days back in college. And some very wild days they were. But looking at Brad I realized I didn't want to tell him I didn't have plans. He expected me to be doing something exciting after this.

"I did but I can cancel it."

Brad smiled. He ran his hand through what looked like sweat dampened hair. He must have been working on the outdoor equipment since I hadn't seen him inside.

I took a second to admire him. He had on a sleeveless body armor shirt that hugged him so good. His light muscles were traced along the shirt and made me want to touch his chest. He was wearing black basketball shorts that displayed beautiful hairless legs.

All the images of what I would do that this body flashed before my eyes so quickly I could feel myself getting a little light headed. Brad was looking at me like he was waiting for me to answer him. He had probably asked me a question and it didn't even register.

"What did you say Brad? I'm sorry I kinda spaced out."

"I said I didn't want to get in the way of your plans."

"Oh don't worry about those. I feel like you'd benefit more from the company. Plus it's always pretty boring with my crowd."

My crowd? That's pretty funny. I didn't have a crowd. I had three people in my phone. My mom, my dad and, my brother. I don't have friends because I don't have time for it. It did get lonely sometimes. Having an empty bed. Being alone on the weekends after work.

Going out with Brad couldn't hurt. Maybe drinks or something. It was innocent.

Just like he was.

I mentally kicked myself. Thinking about his corruption had caused a tingle to erupt between my legs. I guess teasing that woman in the shower was a bad idea after all because I could still feel my excitement. And it was incredibly distracting.

"How does drinks and dinner sound? I really want to thank you for your talk."

I smiled warmly. He was such a sweet heart. I'm sure he'd be just as sweet squirming beneath me.

"I'd like that. Did your sister bring you here?"


A blush erupted in his cheeks. How fucking adorable. He was embarrassed. His eyes shifted downward and he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don't worry. I'll drive you to which ever bar and home."

His eager eyes lit up and he smiled.

"Ok. Let me just tell Isabelle that I'm leaving."

I watched as Brad said good bye and hugged his sister. They seemed to have a good relationship. I was a little envious. My brother was much younger then I was. My parents had him when I was 14. He was the spoiled baby. And I was just the big sister.

Brad gave me the directions to a bar and grill. It was a little loud when we walked in. Most people were watching football games on several screens around the room. We were seated and waiting for our waitress. While we waited Brad and I talked.

Mostly about random things. The conversation got a little awkward when the topic of Brad's family came up. But we skipped over it and he asked me about mine.

I told him all about my mother and father and younger brother. The conversation rolled onto the company and Brad told me some hilarious stories about his co-workers. I was laughing pretty loudly and when I stopped I saw Brad was staring at me.

Did I have something on my face? I had a couple freckles maybe he was staring at those.

"Is everything alright Brad?"

That seemed to snap him out if it and his face turned it's deepest red. He looked at the table.

"I feel kinda jealous of your boyfriend. He's a really lucky guy."

I sighed. My boyfriend. Cheating bastard. Some young blonde tramp was more special to him then I was. Or maybe neither of us were.

"Yeah he's lucky alright. Lucky with that slut he cheated on me with."

Brad's eyes grew big.

"He cheated? On YOU, Ms. Cortez?"

I chuckled, he sounded so surprised.

"Yeah. For some girl his own age. I guess men don't really like the whole older woman thing."

"Older woman? You can't me more than 30. I think that guy was fucking crazy. I'd kill to have a girlfriend like you Ms. Cortez. You are an amazing woman. Unless he's got you no man is lucky."

Brad looked deep into my eyes for the first time. I could sincerity and a bit of anger in them. I had had enough. Brad was clearly expressing interest and I needed to get laid bad.

I smirked and pulled on my most seductive face. I took off my glasses and leaned in slightly. My voiced dropped down to a low husky voice that I knew Brad would like.

"Well I suppose it was because we wanted different things. He always wanted control. But I believe in the woman being on top. If he's thankful for me then he should prove it. By obeying me. And surrendering to my wants."

I could see Brad's body spasm. He was fucking enjoying this. We were just staring heatedly at each other. But the waitress broke the silence.

"Hi I'm Emma and I'll be your waitress. Would you like to start off with drinks?"

I had to catch my breath. A drink sounded good. I'd need one to mellow out or I'd jump over this table onto Brad.

"Can I get a martini dry and the olives in a little bowel please?"

"Ok. And you sir?"

Brad ran his fingers through his hair and let out a deep breath.

"A Bud Light please. Thank you."

The waitress wrote it down and then left. Leaving us alone together. Brad gave me the same stare as before but the bit of anger was replaced by lust.

"Ms. Cortez, I'm not a blunt person. I've never been. But I am captured by the intense need to complicate our business relationship."

I chuckled. How could someone be so dirty yet not have said one dirty word. Fuck his sweet little mouth. I bet it'd feel so good. If not good at least very eager.

"Brad. If it were anyone's decision to complicate this relationship it would be mine. I hope you understand that."

Brad nodded like an attentive little pet and it really chipped away at my control.

"But now that you mention it, I have found playing with you to be an amusing way to spend my time. I'd like to ask you some questions though. To see if you could truly be of use to me. Are you ready?"

Again the fast nod from him.

"Yes ma'am."

Hmm. Ma'am. Not really my cup of tea. I'd prefer 'his Domina'.

"How important is your pleasure compared to mine?"

"It's never as important as YOUR pleasure ma'am."

His voice was soft and his eyes had met the table again. This infuriated me.

"LOOK at me Brad! I want to see the resolve in your eyes melt as you fucking surrender to me. Drop your gaze again and I'll have to punish you. Got that?"

His eyes shot up wide and an even deeper blush covered his pale cheeks. Brad nodded for the 100th time tonight. Just for me. And ONLY for me!

"Now on with the questions. Could you ever sustain yourself with only pleasuring me?"

Threw him a trick question. Most don't get this one.

"Doing as you said would be my ultimate goal. It would give me pleasure to pleasure you."

I smirked. I knew this one was smart.

"How open are you for wearing a cage? To keep you from soiling your body. That's my job."

Brad closed his eyes and a chill wracked his body forward. He let out a groan so soft I'm sure I was the only one who heard you.

"I will wear a cage for you Ms. Cortez."

For me. He'd do it for me. Very, very good. This one was going to be so much fun.

"Last question. And this is very important. Do you trust me enough to do as I command without hesitation? Do you trust me enough to know I would not hurt you?"

Brad bit his lip. I could see that he didn't trust me yet. He was very attracted to me, that's obvious. But something in him was hesitant to fully trust me. Perhaps he was mistreated. Someone didn't take care of his delicate nature. How cruel.

"I would like to be taught how to trust you Ms. Cortez. I am eager and willing to be taught."

If it was possible my heart skipped a beat. He was truly precious. And he wanted to be mine. Of course I wanted to the same thing.

"Well then. I think I just might have use for you. Would you like to be my sweet little pet?"

Brad smiled wide and his eyes sparkled for a moment.

"It would be an honor Ms. Cortez."

That just reminded me.

"When we are in public and at work Ms. Cortez is just fine. But when I call you my pet you will respond by calling me Domina. Understood?"

"Yes Ms. Cortez."

Right on time the waitress came with out drinks. I sipped mine, not in a real rush to leave. I wanted to light a bigger fire under Brad. It would be perfect. To watch him get excited for the moment I allowed him to truly be mine.

I wasn't in the mood for food now so we just ordered another round of drinks after the first ones. It was close to 8 when I was ready to leave with Brad.

"Get ready Brad. It's time to go."

Brad finished his drink and I left a hundred dollar bill on the table.

The ride back was silent. I could feel the electric tension between us. If I could I'd pull over and fuck right in the back seat. But Brad should know what a real woman could do to him. What she could make him feel. And this was not the place for that.

We pulled up to my house. I always took pride in it. There was a garden and a pool and it was far enough away from the world that I could make Brad scream as loud as I want and no one would disturb us.

I led Brad upstairs and into my bedroom. I loved deep dark colors so my walls were a dark red and the floors were polished hardwood. If I was gonna have the best times off my life in here I wanted to be comfortable.

There was a chair in front of my bed and I told Brad to stand in front of it. I plucked the crop from the wall and twisted it in my hands. Just holding it made my excitement flow down my legs. It was finally time.

I sat down and just stared at his form for a little while. Finally I became impatient.


I let out the order in a harsh bark. Brad started with his shirt and as he took it off he folded it and dropped it beside him. Next his shorts. The same thing. He reached up for his briefs and I stopped him.

"Leave those on. Turn in a circle slowly."

I played the maddening game of trying to memorize every curve and bulging muscle on his body. Soon my mind was spinning just like Brad was.

"Stop. And kneel."

I stopped up and stared down at him. He did as he was told not once looking away from me. I pulled off my shirt and pants. With my flats I wore a pair of stockings. Those came off too. My lavender bra and panty set came in handy. I felt incredibly sexy with Brad looking up at me in awe with his mouth hanging open.

I sat back down and crossed my legs. I then slowly dragged the crop against my bare thighs. The cool leather wracked my body with chills.

"Now pet after a long day of work I'm aching. Massage my feet."

I lifted my left foot to his chest expectantly. Brad held it in both hands and pressed his fingers into the sole of my foot. The tense muscles spasmed under his skillful touch. I bit my lip and rewarded him with a moan.

He pressed harder and worked my entire foot. Including my ankle and my toes. I was in heaven. This little thing was truly under my command. And happy to be.

"Show it love Brad."

He scooted closer and began to kiss the sole of my foot as he was massaging. I smirked as his warm lips caused a shock to run up my leg. He was very good at this.

"Now the next one."

Brad took the right foot and gave it the same lovely treatment. I was nostalgic and almost needy from it.

"May I speak Domina?"

Hearing his soft voice speak my title truly affected me. This sweet little bastard is making it harder and harder to keep control. He wouldn't be happy until I just attack him.

"Yes you may pet."

"Your feet are so soft and delicate Domina. I am honored to kiss and service these feet. Truly no one compares."

His compliments were going straight to my head like wine. The effect was a dizzying feeling. I wanted to fall straight into everything. I wanted to take it roughly because I knew he'd give it to me.

"You're flattery is very dangerous, pet. Your Domina has very little control when you do that."

A little spark went off behind Brad's eyes. Almost like a light bulb. His hands traveler higher up my legs, caressing and massaging them with his hands. I stared at him directly and saw that his eyes looked almost devilish.

Perhaps he did want me to exert some of my power over him. I could definitely do that.

"Brad, stand up. And go lie on the bed."

Brad rose without a second thought and laid on the bed on his back. I wanted to question him a bit more though to find out what exactly he had done before and how much he could take.

"Brad, tell me about your past relationships. Did you have any like this?"

There was a bit of silence before Brad finally spoke.

"When I turned 18 my best friend's mother took a special liking to me. A very wealthy older women. She was 42 at the time. It was the closet thing to a role based relationship I've ever had. She wanted a toy. And I was smitten by her because she knew so much and wanted to teach me."

"How many older women have you been with? Sexually and relationship wise."

"Three relationships including the first. And there were no sexual encounters. Most of the women I sleep with casually are girls my age."

"Do you get tested regularly? Do you wear a condom?"

"At least once every six months and every time. Even in my relationships."

I was impressed. I don't understand what the idea is with young people today. Being unprotected isn't sexy. What is sexy is a person with enough sense to respect their health and everyone else's.

"Are you willing to be my companion as well as lover?"

"Yes please Domina."

I smiled at that. I couldn't have found a more eager pet.

"What is your pain tolerance like? Give me your softest pain experience to your hardest."

"My softest would probably be rough nipple play. And my hardest would be full-on hitting. Like slaps and punches. I don't like that."

I stopped for moment and thought about it.

"Brad. Has anyone ever hit you? One of these women?"

Silence. Longer than before.

"It's ok Brad. I just want to know. Your comfortability is everything to me."

"When I messed up or was disobedient I would be hit. A slap or a punch to the face. It was one of the reasons I had to end that relationship."

"One of the reasons? There were more?"

"I knew I wasn't the only young thing running around. There were others. And I didn't like it. I wasn't allowed to dip into anything else. It wasn't what we had promised each other. And she was controlling. What I wore, where I went, who I spoke to, even where I worked. She was like a female version of my father."

I could feel the sting behind my eyes. He sounded like a kicked puppy. It made me very sad and incredibly angry. Someone had hurt this little prince. Someone had mistreated him.

But I wouldn't do that. I'd show him how a woman is supposed to treat the people they give themselves to. It's a mutual thing. Each person gives the way they feel comfortable giving.

"Last question Brad and this is very important. Do you like being blind folded?"

Brad's breath hitched. It was so soft I barely heard it.

"Yes Domina. "

"Good, the first bit of fun is a sensory exposure test. Are you ready?"

"Yes Domina."

I rose from my chair and went to a small wardrobe against the wall near my bed. Inside is all my toys hanging and in the lower drawers. I pull out 2 pairs of wrist cuffs. I loved the suede feeling inside of the cuffs. They looked like connected punk style wrist bands which I found very sexy. Next was a flogger. And my favorite part of the play set was a group of large scented candles.

I was absolutely in love with candles. The glow, the smells, the wax. They were such a strange turn on for me. I picked up some new candles and started to check the labels. I needed a few. I picked some run of the mill easy scents for Brad. Since he would be sort of new to this. I found a good lighter and made my way back to the bed.

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