tagBDSMThe Chair: Amy's Story

The Chair: Amy's Story


It had been a very hot day, one that the air conditioner in my shop had only just coped with. At 8.55pm I was weary and ready to close for the day when the door alarm buzzed the arrival of a late customer.

My grimace of annoyance was soon replaced with a smile when I saw the lovely young lady enter the shop. Dressed for the heat in a light tee shirt, with shorts and sandals, she had long blonde hair almost to her waist, a very pretty face and a slim figure.

"Good evening, can I help you?"

"Um, yes I hope so, Nikki sent me," she replied with a concerned expression on her face and worry in her voice.

"Nikki sent you, well she has been busy, and what did she tell you to ask for and what is your name? I inquired.

"Ah, the full service, she said to ask for the full service, and my name is Amy."

"Well Amy, do you know what the full service entails?"

"Um, Nikki gave me a few clues but said it would be best if I found out for myself."

"Ok, just wait there while I shut the shop."

I quickly locked the shop and changed the 'open' sign to 'closed', then I took Amy by an arm and ushered her into a back room. The room was bare except for a large chair that looked like it had come from an old fashioned men's barbershop. There was also a chest of drawers on castors and a large mirror on the wall opposite the chair.

Although the chair looked ancient it was actually only three years old. It had been purpose built by a lady engineer friend and we had much fun testing and modifying the chair to get it just right. An electric motor combined with a system of pneumatic hoses allowed the chair to be set in any position from bolt upright to absolutely flat. The headrest was adjustable and the armrests could be removed if necessary. There were also attachments that could be easily clicked into position if required.

"Sit in the chair Amy," I ordered, "And from now on you call me Sir, understand?"

"Yes Sir," Amy replied nervously as she climbed into the chair and settled into the leather seat.

"Where were you born Amy?"

"Um, in a hospital, Sir," Amy's voice showed the surprise of an unusual question.

"What city, town, suburb, Amy?"

"Oh sorry Sir, in Richmond, Sir."

"Good, then Richmond is your safe word. If anything gets too much for you call "Richmond" and I will stop. But don't use it unnecessarily or I will be very annoyed, understand Amy?"

"Yes Sir, I understand."

Quickly I took 2 velcro straps from a drawer and placed one around Amy's left wrist and another higher near the elbow, securing her arm to the arm of the chair. Then I pulled her tee shirt free from the shorts, slipped it off her right arm and up over her head. A flimsy summer bra quickly followed the tee shirt and with two more velcro straps I secured her right arm to the chair. Despite the air conditioning beads of perspiration were breaking out on Amy's forehead and her cute little boobs were heaving as she breathed heavily. I quickly stripped the velcro from her left arm, pulled the tee shirt and bra off, and refastened the arm.

Moving around in front of the chair I reached forward, unbuttoned the shorts and pulled the front zip right down.

"Lift!" I instructed and Amy raised her bottom off the chair enabling me to slip her shorts and panties down and off. Using more velcro straps I fastened her ankles to the sides of the footrest, she was now nude and completely open, the full service was now under way.

I moved back up to the head of the chair, trailing my fingertips over her smooth skin from her toes to her face. Grasping a hand full of hair I pulled her head back against the rest.

"Last chance Amy, if you want to you can leave now." I offered.

"N, no Sir, I want to stay, I'm as nervous as hell but I want to stay." Amy grimaced as I kept hold of her hair, "This has been a fantasy for some time and I want to stay."

"Perhaps need would be a better word than fantasy Amy," I said, still pulling on her hair. "I think this is a deep down need you have, not just a fantasy."

"Yes Sir, that is the right word, it is a need."

I let go of her hair and reached into the drawers that were out of sight behind her and took out a pair of hair dressing scissors. Amy jumped as I suddenly threw a silk cover over her body and attached it around her neck.

Amy's eyes widened with fright and shock when I stood at her side with the scissors in my hand.

"What are you going to do with those?" she asked, terror in her voice.

"I'm not going to hurt you Amy. I'm sure Nikki told you that you would be safe, just shut up and keep still." I placed the scissors at about the level of her chin and proceeded to cut her hair.

"Oh no Sir, please not my hair," Amy shrieked, "It's taken me years to grow it this long."

The sound of the scissors snipping away her golden locks was my reply. Slowly I moved around the chair, cutting her hair short as Amy sobbed quietly, knowing that she was in no position to argue. Years of hair cutting experience made it easy for me to give Amy a short and sexy hairstyle. At last I was finished and I brushed her hair and wiped the tears away from her face.

After removing the silk cover I went again to a drawer and took out two "bulldog" clips like the ones used for clipping sheets of paper to a board, squeezed Amy's breasts tight and attached the clips.

"Yeeoww!" Amy screamed, "Oh God, that hurts so much."

She did not use the safe word so I moved around to the front of the chair. Ignoring her sobs of pain I ran my fingers through her pubic hair.

"Mmmm, nicely trimmed Amy, but not short enough. I am going to shave you."

"Please Sir, remove the clamps, they are killing me," tears were trickling from Amy's eyes but she remained brave and didn't call the safe word.

I relented and removed the clamps, after all this was Amy's first session. From behind the chest of drawers I took a pair of stirrups, similar to those used by a gynecologist and attached them to the side of the chair. Amy's slim legs were soon resting and secured in the stirrups, wide apart for the shaving.

I left Amy quietly sobbing while I left the room and returned a few minutes later with some hot water and shaving gear. I sat down on the footrest between Amy's legs and pushed a towel under her tight bottom. After applying some foam to her bush I rubbed it in and took hold of a safety razor.

"Please Sir, please be careful." Amy pleaded; her sobbing had almost stopped although the marks from the clips were still on her breasts.

I held a finger in front of my mouth to silence her and set to work with the razor. It wasn't long before I was able to wipe the excess foam away revealing her lovely bald slit. I couldn't wait to taste her juices but stood up so Amy could see herself in the mirror.

Although she already had color in her face Amy blushed an even brighter shade of red and then looked worried as she saw a small bottle of green liquid in my hand.

"After shave lotion, Amy, I always use it after shaving." As I spoke I splashed a liberal amount of liquid into the palm of my hand and smacked it into her bald pussy.

"Aaaiiieee!" Amy screamed and then screamed again as I rubbed some into her hard nipples. The stinging effect of after-shave does not last long so when she had calmed a little I repeated the process on her shaven cunt. Another scream followed with more sobbing and tears, but she was a determined girl and did not use the safe word. After a third hand full that had the same reaction I took a cool, wet face washer and wiped her pussy.

My fingers spread her bald lips apart as I leaned forward and tickled my tongue across her clit. Leaning even closer I sucked her clit between my lips and sucked hard causing cries of passion from Amy. Alternately sucking and nibbling on the clit then pushing my tongue deep into the wetness soon had the desired effect and Amy was bucking against the straps as a huge orgasm swept through her body.

I rose and grinned at Amy, she managed a weak smile back at me as I adjusted the chair so that she was lying right back, her legs in the air and her arse fully exposed. I took the velcro off an arm, removed the armrest and then re-attached the velcro to a special hook at the side. After repeating the procedure on the other arm I walked around and stood beside her head; leant down and kissed her so that she could taste her cunt juices on my lips.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

"Oh wow, that cum was something else," Amy replied with excitement in her voice, "But I'm still as horny as hell!"

I reached back and took a leather strap from a drawer, then moved back to the foot of the chair. After moving the footrest out of the way I had clear access to her lovely tight buttocks and slim thighs. Amy moaned in anticipation as I raised the strap and, after a pause, brought it down softly across her cheeks. Amy remained silent as I continued to strap her, pausing between hits and gradually increasing the power of each stroke.

After about ten whacks I got a reaction, "Owwww, it's stinging, it's stinging," Amy cried.

"And it's going to sting more," was my reply as the criss-cross red marks on her skin became redder and redder.

Amy was crying out at every stroke now, begging me to stop but still not using the safe word. In between two strokes I heard the back door close, I knew it would be Nikki, she always called in to see how her "recommendations" were going. Amy was too involved with the punishment to realize that Nikki had entered the room, I grinned at Nikki and continued the strapping.

"Stop, stop!" Nikki suddenly cried, "Stop strapping her like that!"

Amy jumped with fright against her bonds as she heard the voice and turned her head around to look at Nikki.

"I don't hear Amy using the safe word Nikki," I said with more than a hint of annoyance in my voice. "Do you want me to stop Amy?"

"No, please don't stop Sir, it hurts like hell but I love it!"

"I said stop strapping her," Nikki replied with a grin Amy could not see, "I think you should use this crop!" Nikki cradled Amy's head, "Six strokes Amy, take six strokes for me sweetie."

Amy swallowed hard, nodded and watched as Nikki handed the wicked looking crop to me. I swished it through the air a few times to let Amy hear the noise and then took up my position.

"Swish, whack" A bright red mark appeared across the pink skin.

"Owwwww," cried Amy.

"Five to go," Nikki said as she cradled Amy's head.

"Thwack," - "Ohhhhhh, God."

"Whooosh," - "Aieee."

"Whack" - "Ahhhh, I can't take this," Amy was sobbing with the pain now.

"Only two more Amy," Nikki said, nodding to me as she wiped away Amy's tears.

"Thwish" - "Yeowch."

"Swish," - "Aiiieeeeee, oh Richmond, Richmond!" Amy squealed as she burst into tears.

I grabbed some ice and rubbed it over the red marks as Nikki consoled Amy. Gradually she calmed own and the sobbing grew less as Nikki and I soothed away her pain. Nikki was stroking Amy's forehead with one hand while the other slipped between Amy's legs.

"Oh, this girl is so turned on right now, I think she needs a good fucking!" Nikki cried, "And I'm as horny as hell too."

I stood between Amy's legs and dropped my pants to the floor at the same time gesturing to Nikki that Amy's head was available. Nikki grinned at me as she slipped off her skirt; as usual she was not wearing any panties. Nikki mounted the head of the chair with her legs straddling Amy's head, then slowly lowered herself onto Amy's face saying "Eat me, Amy, eat me" as her fingers played with Amy's hard nipples.

As I watched Amy's tongue working it's way into Nikki's pussy I pushed my hard cock into Amy's cunt. She was so wet and excited, it was easy to slowly fuck this lovely, sexy girl while I watched the two girls play right in front of my eyes. Both girls were moaning with passion as I continued to push my cock in and out of Amy while Nikki writhed on Amy's face. I was now fucking Amy hard as I could, my cock slamming in and out of her cunt and it didn't take long before I was ready to come. I felt and saw Amy's body arching against its ties as she started a series of orgasms. Nikki too was crying out with passion as Amy's tongue had the desired effect and I too came, withdrawing and pumping cum over Amy's damp skin.

Nikki slowly dismounted from Amy's face, then bent and licked and kissed the juices from her sticky and sweaty cheeks. Amy returned the kisses as a final orgasm shuddered through her body. I helped Nikki back into her clothes and she returned the favor to me.

We helped the still secured Amy to drink some iced water and wiped her body with a cool sponge.

I slipped a large vibrator into Amy's cunt and put it on the 'low' setting, we could hear the quiet whirring as Nikki and I headed towards the door.

"See you tomorrow Amy," I called. "That vibrator should keep you amused for about an hour or so, have fun."

"Please Sir, don't leave me here." Amy cried.

"You'll be alright Amy," I laughed, "I'll leave a note for the cleaner and if he gets here before me he may let you free, after he has some fun of course!"

As we closed the door behind us I could just hear Amy call weakly as the vibrator did its work, "Richmond, ohhhh my God, Richmond."

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