tagBDSMThe Chair Ch. 2

The Chair Ch. 2

byMark Adams©

Walking through to the bedroom I again had the opportunity to admire Paula's smooth buttocks and her sensuous stride. She may have been the one teased for the preceding week, but she had not been the only one hotly anticipating this night's activities.

On entering the bedroom she stopped to admire the decor - I had been busy that afternoon preparing this scene for her. Bach's cello suites played softly from the concealed speakers - calming and darkly erotic. Almost all available surfaces were decorated with candles of different shapes, sizes and colors. None were scented, but an incense holder on the chest of drawers released a thin curl of sandalwood into the warm air. The bedside cabinet was topped with a wooden tray, covered by a silk cloth which tantalizingly revealed only the vague shapes of the objects beneath. The four-posted king-size bed was draped as usual in soft dark red sheets. Many pillows festooned the surface which was uncluttered by blanket or duvet. From the posts dangled long silken ties - their purpose obvious and exciting to us both. Paula looked at me and smiled. "You have been creative Master - it is a beautiful setting in which to show you what I have learned."

I set my drink on the small table next to the reading chair, and sat. "I am pleased you like it Paula." Looking at her as she stood before me in her usual pose - erect, legs together, one slightly bent, arms at her sides, shoulders back - I wanted to see her nude. "Take off your bra Paula."

She smiled, and reached for the front fastening. Slowly she unclipped it and peeled the cups away from her full, firm breasts. Her dark brown nipples were already hard, the areola crinkled. The light sprinkling of freckles served to accentuate her beautiful pale skin. She dropped the bra onto the other chair and stood, waiting.

"Sit on the bed." She obeyed - positioning herself directly in front of me, legs spread wide. Stockings and heels attracting the eye towards her crotch. I could see a dark spot of moisture, and smiled as she saw me looking. "Now, I would like you to show me how you have been playing with your breasts this last week."

Paula nodded, and slowly ran her hands up her sides towards her swollen breasts. "Well Sir, I tried to touch myself the way you touch me. So, I would move slowly and very gently. First, I would cup them like this - and then I would graze my fingertips round and round, ignoring my nipples."

Lightly scratching the skin, she ran her fingertips around and around the circumference of her breasts. Slowly spiralling towards the areolas, but then at the last minute spiralling away again. "I love it when you do this to me Master, and so I would try to do it to myself. But it's so hard to tease myself when i sooooo want to caress my nipples." She continued her stroking - her eyes closed, her head leaning to one side. "And then I would stop."

She moved her hands so that the tips of her forefingers were centered on the very tips of her nipples. Barely touching, she moved her fingers in the tiniest of circles. Moaning, her hips started to writhe slightly. "You know how very sensitive my nipple tips are Master. So I would focus on them for a while. God, this always makes me want to cum. But I knew I wasn't allowed, so I would just keep going - teasing myself for you - thinking how I could beg you for release."

Her fingers widened their circle, moving now onto the areolas. so gently I was surprised she could feel them , they caressed the crinkled brown circles. Her nipples, already so stiff, seemed to get even longer and harder. Her breath was becoming more ragged, and between sentences she was moaning her pleasure. Without pause, she grasped both nipples between thumb and forefinger. Now, the movement of her hands was pulling her nipples in small circles. This elicited a groan from her. "I love it when you pinch, pull and twist my nipples Sir. Doing this drives me crazy, because it is almost the same sensation, but it is not enough. Oh, I can never do this for long because I so want to pinch them."

Paula stopped rotating, and more firmly squeezed her nipples. Harder she squeezed. Her breathing became more rapid, and on each exhalation she moaned, "Nnngh, nnngh, nnngh". Maintaining the squeeze, she pulled away from her body. Her nipples putting each breast on stretch. Her head dropped backward on her neck as she held her breasts extended towards me. She held for a full count of ten, and then released - grunting as the pressure and tension was released. Immediately she returned to her nipples, and harshly twisted them. "Agh - Master I am so excited to do this in front of you. When alone I would fantasise that you were watching me as you are now." Twisting. "Normally by now I would be clenching my thighs together trying to ease the itch in my clit. But I will, of course, hold my position." Twisting her nipples in alternating directions. "I can feel a connection between my nipples and my clit. Each twist is like a little flick on my clit." She smiled. "I used to pretend it was your tongue."

By this time her cheeks and breasts were flushed, her nipples red and very hard. Her breathing was ragged, her hips sinuously writhing as if of their own accord. For my part her display had aroused me even further than the video and my memory. My cock was throbbing and twitching - hard with the enjoyment of her performance and with the thought of what the rest of the night had in store.

"Paula, stop." I said. "Make yourself naked for me."

She smiled, and stood. Her hands slide beneath the sides of her panties. Slowly and sensuously shimmying them over her hips, her breasts moving in time, Paula removed her panties. Turning, she bent at the waist, legs straight, and unfastened the straps on her shoes. In this pose I could admire the curve of her hips and buttocks - her aim of course. She stepped out of the heels, and stepped closer to where I sat. Her right foot came up onto the left arm of my chair,and she began to slide the stocking from her leg. In this position her closely-trimmed pussy was open and exposed to me. I could smell her arousal and easily see the glistening of her lips. She loved to show herself to me, and this position was exciting her even further.

Once both stockings were removed, Paul stood before me - gloriously naked and awaiting my instruction.

I stood and moved to the tray by the bed. I retrieved some long, thin silk ties, and returned to her. Automatically she held out her hands to me - palms uppermost - and looked into my eyes with anticipation and total submission. I smiled and softly bound her wrists firmly but comfortably.

As commanded she sat in the middle of the bed. I pulled her hands behind her head, and she lay down - the ties emerging from beneath her body by her hips. I moved her feet so they were beside each hip, and bound the ankles to the other end of the ties. Now, she was helpless for me. Her arms were immobile behind her head, tightening and pulling her breasts upwards. Her legs were spread, her feet drawn up and held by her hips. As she moved her arms or legs, they tightened the bonds on the other. She was open, available and deliciously mine.

Paula's breathing had gradually become more shallow and rapid throughout the tying process. Soft moans were issued periodically as I tested her bonds - and when I slid the blindfold over her eyes she groaned softly "Oh Master!".

I stood back and smiled. The evening, so far, had been everything I had wished. Paula was responsive, submissive and inventive - the perfect sub. Now, we would see if she had learned anything in the last week.

"Paula it seems to me that your nipples were a major cause of your arousal last week."

"Oh yes, Sir."

"I wonder if we should do something to dull their sensitivity somewhat."

"Whatever you wish my Master."

I reached for one of the candles, Paula obviously unaware. Holding it above her full breast, I slowly and carefully tipped it.

"You may feel some heat now, Paula" I warned. Too late to prepare, she realised my intent, and as the hot wax droplet struck her nipple she inhaled sharply. As it rapidly cooled she exhaled with a groan, and arched her back towards the candle, wanting more. I waited. She moaned, anticipating. Again, a drop on fresh flesh. Searing heat, then pleasure. Again and again. Pausing between drops - magnifying the sensation through delay. Over and over, until both nipples were coated with a shell of hard wax, and Paula's breathing was rapid and ragged.

"There, that should serve to minimize their stimulation." I said.

"Oh God Master, you must be joking. They have never been so stimulated - so hard and aching. Please Sir, please - I need you to touch me - I beg you."

"As you wish Paula."

I climbed onto the bed, and moved between her spread legs. She could feel me move, and was well aware of my position. Her moans were almost constant now, and her hips were writhing - seeking some contact.

I bent over her - my face close to her core. I inhaled - the smell of her arousal filled my head, and i wanted her more than i thought possible. Closer I leaned - she could feel my breath and began to whimper. Her juices coated her thighs and outer lips, and it was here that I began to lick. At first contact she groaned aloud - my tongue on her inner thigh providing much desired contact. However, it was so close but not close enough, and as I continued to clean her thigh her pelvis arched towards me. I could see her clitoris protruding well beyond its hood - aching for attention.

I stopped licking. "I'm going to lick your pussy now Paula."

"Oh thank you Sir, thank you."

"But you must not cum when I do so. Will you hold it for me Paula?"

She groaned. "Oh Sir, I have been so close for so long, and I sooo want to cum. It will be very difficult; but, for you, I will not cum until you say."

"Excellent, my sub." So saying I bent my head and softly ran my tongue along the length of her pussy lips.

"Aaaaaaaaagh Sir - oh thank you Master! Sooooooo good"

Again and again - running the length from pussy entrance to clit - I licked, tasting her. She sighed, moaned, arched and writhed as my tongue gave her what she craved - almost.

I moved my tongue higher, concentrating on her clitoris - flicking it, rubbing it. She began to moan rhythmically, her hips bucking in time with my tongue. I ran my tongue round and round in circles on her clit. Alternated with flicks and circles. Driving her higher with each touch.

"Sir, please, I am so close to cumming. I beg you, please allow your sub to cum."

I stopped licking and paused. She moaned and arched towards me. "Well Paula, that was better than just saying please, and I commend you - but I'm not ready yet."

I moved higher on the bed, between her legs. My hips brushed her thighs, and again she arched towards me. The head of my swollen cock rested against the swollen entrance to her wet pussy.

"Oh my Master - I can feel you - please, please let me feel your cock inside me. I implore you, take me, fuck me. Please Sir."

I slid a little more inside. Paula was grunting now with each breath - teeth clenched, fighting back her orgasm. Slowly sliding inside I relished every inch of her tight, hot pussy spasming around me. She, moaning and grunting, arched up at me as I filled her.

Once inside I stopped - held still. She groaned in disappointment as I paused.

"Paula", I whispered.

"Oh yes Master".

"I'm going to let you cum soon."

"Oh thank you Sir - I am so very close - it is so hard to stop - thank you."

"But first, you must make me cum."

"Yes please Sir - I love to feel you cum inside me. Thank you."

"But I want you to do it without moving your body. You must squeeze me with your pussy muscles."

"Oh God, Sir. That will be so hard to do without cumming. Please let me move my hips Sir - I will make it good for you, I promise."

"No Paula - just your pussy. You may begin."

"Oooooh, yes Sir" she groaned.

The pre-orgasmic spasms I had felt earlier took on a more deliberate and rhythmic feeling, as Paula contracted her pelvic muscles around me. It obviously was pushing her dangerously close to the edge, as her breathing became even more ragged, and her moans more plaintive.

Holding myself up with one hand, I ran my other forefinger over and around her waxed nipples - accentuating the difference in sensation between the exposed flesh and her encased nipples. This served to wind her even higher, and as she spoke her head moved side to side and her neck arched. "Please Sir, fill me - give me your spunk - I am so close that it may make me cum, but, ooooh, I am willing to take my punishment for to feel your orgasm, Sir. Please, fill your sub's pussy. I beg you."

Her words inflamed me, and my cock began to twitch. "Are you ready Paula?"

"Oh yes Sir - please, please."

My cock grew yet harder, fuller, and my balls contracted. "I'm going to cum - but you had better not."

"Mmmmm, I know Sir, but... oh God.....please Master."

I spurted, my cock spasming, jetting my heat inside her. My back arched, and she screamed as she felt me fill her. Pulse after pulse I came and her pussy clenched me tightly. Her teeth ground together as she held off, and my cock gradually relaxed.

I leaned down close to her ear. I licked. She moaned.

"You have done very well Paula. You must be sooooo close."

"Nnnnnngh" she was beyond words.

"Well, Paula..." I ground my pelvis against hers, mashing her clit. "...I think it may be time..." I nibbled her earlobe. "...for you..." Grinding constantly "...to cum."

"Oh Sir, may I please?"

"Yes Paula - cum for me."

"OH God, thank you Sir, thank yoooooooooouuuuu", this last as she arched her back and i felt her pussy clamp hard onto my cock. Her hips bucking, face slack, breasts flushing as she came and came and came on my cock.

Her orgasm seemed to last for hours, but finally she was done, and i slowly pulled out of her and untied her. She relaxed into my arms, and i stroked her hair.

"Did i please you Sir?" she asked.

"Always Paula, always."

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